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Aura Mystica

Aura Mystica

By Jaron Fund

A jovial, comedic and yet tectonic podcast of life and spirituality.
Join Jaron and guests explore our self-realization and the compelling implications within all aspects of human life, society and reality.
An ascension of knowledge with our science, the universe, and consciousness— but be aware listener! It is also far more, and far less than that.
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The Crystal All-Science

Aura MysticaSep 13, 2023

The Crystal All-Science
Sep 13, 202301:02:24
Non-Dual Awesome w/ Tan.T.Ra.Khan the Perceiver!
Aug 10, 202301:30:29
The Secret Destiny
Jul 27, 202301:07:07
The Spirit Bomb
Jul 04, 202301:00:33
Thunder Bluff Shaman MDMA w/ TheRealMrWyrd, Curator of Vibes
Jun 19, 202301:39:30
Planetary Invigoration
May 26, 202301:03:11
A Way Towards World Peace w/ Amy the Awakener
May 15, 202301:19:18
Open Relationships and The Game of Politics w/ D-Mike The Dream Pharaoh
Apr 20, 202301:10:09
Rokazulu, The First Spiritual Game Master
Mar 26, 202326:48
The Hall of Balance: Feelin' Good About Feelin' Bad
Mar 11, 202301:17:31
Cruisin' YOU Lightway
Feb 15, 202325:31
16 Petal Lotus Flower: You Were The Only One (To)
Jan 06, 202301:04:34
The Great Material Continuum: Prosperity Over Doubt
Dec 20, 202201:06:03
The Experience Is Real: Contact w/ Erin the Dreamer
Dec 12, 202201:18:13
The Human Potential Is Unbelievable
Dec 05, 202201:14:24
Spirituality In A People's Movement w/ Jake the Communist
Nov 29, 202201:27:28
Imagineering The Future
Nov 25, 202201:12:40
Raise Your Vibration w/ Andy Wang the Alignment Specialist
Nov 19, 202201:09:23
Know Free Will? And Strong Determination Meditation! w/ Alex the Arbiter
Nov 14, 202201:10:39
Extraterrestrials and Densities w/ Rob the Listener
Nov 08, 202201:57:11
An Ethereal Voice Of Guidance
Nov 03, 202201:09:08
Super Mystic: To Go Even Further Beyond!!
Oct 23, 202201:04:54
Perfect Level Of Renown w/ Derek Hales the Mattress Master
Oct 19, 202201:00:40
The More It Changes— The More It Stays The Same
Oct 15, 202259:09
The Esoteric Angle w/ Orion of "Thought Beings"
Oct 10, 202238:41
A Very Interesting Sunday
Oct 07, 202258:50
Nudging To Know Lie Self: w/ Jaylen of the Dharma
Oct 02, 202201:11:05
A Crushed Boulder—A Blooming Lotus Flower
Sep 11, 202259:26
Flying Lo-Fi In The Vortex w/ Cashlin the Psych Rapper
Aug 26, 202201:21:13
Spirituality And Entrepreneurship w/ John Henderson the Spiritual Business Coach
Aug 22, 202201:14:47
The Mercurius Energy w/ Cody Kuiack the Psychocosmologist
Aug 12, 202201:13:06
Nature Of Destiny
Jun 28, 202254:30
Spiritual Advancement: Path Of Ascension
Jun 02, 202252:41
Knocking On The Glass Wall w/ Raffael Kemenczy the God-Healer
May 26, 202201:39:37
Enlightenment: A Constant State of Being
May 21, 202201:08:00
UFOs Are Real And Unlocking Quantum Creativity
May 13, 202201:11:11
Google Is God! w/ Tee-Duhb the Data Analyst

Google Is God! w/ Tee-Duhb the Data Analyst

Liberating our shame with Nudism, A secret Count of Monte Cristo film?, Stopping war by playing video games, Daily Spiritual benefits, Extra-dimensional deviants. Jeff Bezos's Treasure Hunting Super Yacht and more!

Music Credit: ULTRA ウルトラ - 液体 DREAMS, SAINT PEPSI - Shakealong
Connect With Tee-Duhb:,


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May 07, 202201:05:04
Spiritual Awakening w/ Shanelle Powell the Artist

Spiritual Awakening w/ Shanelle Powell the Artist

With Guest Shanelle Powell! Meditation vision of a glistening red dimension, the beauty standards for women in the media, an extraterrestrial terrestrial helper, sexual manifestation, the first historical glimpse into pornography, initiation of DMT from a shaman and more!

Music Credit: Sword Search - Gamechops


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Apr 24, 202201:13:30
Fantasy To Reality, Journey Into The Astral

Fantasy To Reality, Journey Into The Astral

A daunting personal list of visions in meditation, astral-like/sexual encounters with extraterrestrials and other dimensionals, as well as unlocking meaningful cryptic dream symbolism.

Music credit: Gary's Synthesizer song by Regular Show
Audio: Emerald Tablets of Thoth by Altrusian Grace Media
Other Audio: Game Grumps 10 minutes Power Hour

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Apr 13, 202201:01:14
Creating, Passion, And The Machine w/ Akio Daku the Musician

Creating, Passion, And The Machine w/ Akio Daku the Musician

With Guest Bo Marcus (aka Akio Daku)! Society stacking the odds against pursuing our passion, Is most work useless? Content Creation vs Being an Artist, Collective ways to change, and more.

Find Akio Daku here:

Music Credit: Super Gran Turismo - Dreams West


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Apr 07, 202201:31:31
Lucid Dreaming: Self-Realization And Sexual Pleasure w/ TinRam of Estonia!
Apr 02, 202201:13:40
Moving The Train Beyond The Everlasting Dream w/ Steven the Accountant

Moving The Train Beyond The Everlasting Dream w/ Steven the Accountant

The struggles of the working environment, being a part of a team, unconditional basic income, and Steven's profoundly amazing dream that seemed to last for years.

Music Credit: Chocobo And Chill - Gamechops


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Mar 31, 202201:12:31
Serious Buddha; Laughing Buddha

Serious Buddha; Laughing Buddha

I talk about my second comedic performance, fame, money and the spiritual quandaries that go with everything else.

Music credit:
Streets of Rage Remix: The Streets - Gamechops
'Climb to the top' A Vaporwave/Officewave/Synthwave Mix


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Mar 29, 202252:50
Political Willpower w/ Kiel Corkran of the Green Party

Political Willpower w/ Kiel Corkran of the Green Party

Politics, my fear of politics, and hierarchy.

Connect with Kiel Corkran:

Mar 24, 202255:00
Freedom And Energy Work w/ Myko Vong the Healer

Freedom And Energy Work w/ Myko Vong the Healer

Everyone has their path in life. Why is it sometimes difficult to give money away to those that need it, and utilizing energy work for one's life.
Guest: Myko Vong

Mar 19, 202241:60
Trust In All Power

Trust In All Power

Transcending the low-density way we normally interact each other with, to a more awesome rainbow bliss kind of thing.

Music credit: LUKHASH and Ben Prunty

Mar 09, 202201:02:38
The World Tree

The World Tree

Creating the "World Tree" video game while simultaneously aiming for supreme Enlightenment, the paradox of conscious gaming or being mindful in our careers. Unconscious of the negative can allow the continual grind of a lesser positive.

Music credit: Psychokinetic II and Rifti Beats


Nov 25, 202101:03:21
The Fool Seeps Into Sweet Lotus Tea

The Fool Seeps Into Sweet Lotus Tea

The transcendence of mystics. A choice of bliss or pain. Being comfortable with any state of being you experience.

Music credit: Rifti Beats

Sep 25, 202144:07
My Initiation Into The Mystic

My Initiation Into The Mystic

Story of satori, astral visions and experience of my foothold gain of wisdom in the mystic world.

Sep 15, 202136:11
Living In The Future Society

Living In The Future Society

The evolution of our society, a constant state of meditation, creating my new video game, and more.

Sep 07, 202101:11:54