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Let's Talk Coast

Let's Talk Coast

By Australian Coastal Society

The Australian Coastal Society (ACS) is proud to present “Let’s Talk Coast” a short series that brings you conversations on coastal issues and projects from around Australia. Join host Gretchen Miller as she interviews coastal experts and professionals on important topics, that cover: beach management, beach access, private beach ownership, coastal policy, blue carbon, estuary restoration, Coastcare and coastal communities. ACS is a not-for-profit founded to promote coastal stewardship in Australia. To find out more about who we are, visit our webpage:
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Who owns the beach?

Let's Talk Coast Nov 11, 2022

Community caring for coast

Community caring for coast

Coastal systems are one of the most robust in the world, but human interference and development has made them fragile. One agency restoring resilience to our coastal ecosystems is Green Adelaide, which leads many coastal community restoration projects.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Coast, Tony Flaherty, Green Adelaide Coast and Seas Team Leader, talks us through the many coastal restoration projects and community outreach activities managed by his team and the benefits and challenges of working with coastal communities. These projects make up a jigsaw approach that together build a wholistic picture of coastal care and conservation.

This is an Australian Coastal Society podcast, produced and hosted by Gretchen Miller.

The recording of the Hooded Plover (also known as the Hooded Dotterel), Thinornis cucullatus, is thanks to Andrew Spencer through the Xeno Canto website.

This episode was recorded on the lands of the Kaurna people.

Let's Talk Coast, was created through the financial support of our donors over the years.

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Dec 21, 202229:45
Estuaries, blue carbon and climate change
Dec 14, 202241:03
Who owns the beach?
Nov 11, 202240:32