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The Babel Podcast

The Babel Podcast

By Henry Zhu

You probably use Babel. Do you ever wonder who made or works on the software you use, especially in open source? Or maybe it's in your dependencies and you don't even know.

Henry Zhu chats with other members of the team, TC39, and the JS community about the future of JavaScript, open source, and how it's all maintained. Join us in babbling about Babel!
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Core Team Chats: Nicolò Ribaudo

The Babel PodcastNov 23, 2020

Core Team Chats: Nicolò Ribaudo
Nov 23, 202022:29
4: Fred Schott on Breaking Changes
Aug 13, 202052:20
3: Jason Miller on Compiling Your Dependencies
Feb 28, 202045:19
2: Jason Miller on Modern JavaScript and the Future of preset-env
Jan 16, 202001:06:07
1: Sebastian McKenzie on Babel and the Road to Rome
Jun 25, 201901:21:28