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Brian Lutz Podcast

Brian Lutz Podcast

By Backhand City

11-Love: Pickleball vs Tennis
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Taking Lessons at Private vs Public Tennis Courts

Brian Lutz PodcastSep 19, 2023

Taking Lessons at Private vs Public Tennis Courts

Taking Lessons at Private vs Public Tennis Courts

Brian dives into the disadvantages of playing at private tennis clubs and taking lessons. He also discusses Simon Halep's four year doping suspension. Laver Cup without the "Big 3" and things he hates in tennis after the US Open.

Sep 19, 202310:47
US Open Prize Money: Pickleball vs Tennis

US Open Prize Money: Pickleball vs Tennis

If pickleball is so hot why is it so far behind tennis in prize money when comparing respective US Opens? Brian dives into the numbers and how long it takes to build market share in sports. With the digital economy and new leagues like Major League Pickleball you might be surprised how far pickleball has come as a sport.

Aug 14, 202306:40
Miami Nights. A Magic City Masterclass on How To Play Tennis

Miami Nights. A Magic City Masterclass on How To Play Tennis

Want to know what Brian's tennis classes are like? Take a 9 minute listen to what you can learn in his tennis class.

Jun 18, 202310:07
Varsity Tennis Team
Apr 11, 202307:51
Why Do Most Rec Pickleball Players Have Non Existent Backhands? 207 Players Give Me Their Feedback
Jun 19, 202209:00
Student Interview with Priscilla: Quit Smoking. Play Tennis.
Feb 25, 202205:51
There Is A New Number 1 in Tennis!
Feb 24, 202208:24
What's In The Water in Mexico?
Feb 24, 202208:03
Serve Bot Defeated at Delray Beach Open

Serve Bot Defeated at Delray Beach Open

Reilly Opelka is taken down two tie-breaker by Cameron Norrie in Delray Beach 6-7, 6-7.

Host: Brian Lutz / Backhand City

Feb 22, 202209:35
Murray Gets Dumped in Doha
Feb 17, 202205:41
Super Sports Weekend: UFC, NFL, ATP
Feb 14, 202212:27
Did Coach Brian Flores Leverage Victimhood Too Far?
Feb 10, 202209:17
Tennis Loses Its Biggest Gentleman

Tennis Loses Its Biggest Gentleman

Juan Martin del Potro plays his last career tennis match in front of his fans in Bueno Aires, Argentina.
On Court Farewell Speech (In Spanish)
Rocky Balboa
Match Highlights
Last Game Overcome with Emotion
Tennis Lessons Questionnaire
Host: Brian Lutz / Backhand City
Feb 09, 202206:33
Del Potro Nears The End
Feb 08, 202206:57
Let's Get Ready for Humble.
Jan 31, 202208:48
The Speech of a Lifetime
Jan 30, 202207:47
Medvedev Explodes To Reach Final Versus Nadal
Jan 29, 202208:52
Medvedev's Balls of Steel
Jan 27, 202206:15
Nadal Is On A Mission in Oz
Jan 25, 202207:05
Why Where Australian Open Tennis Fans Asked To Remove Peng Shuai T-Shirts?
Jan 24, 202205:38
Erroneous Balls From The Australian Open
Jan 18, 202206:20
TV Watching Strategy for the Australian Open 2022 and MLK Tribute
Jan 17, 202207:06
Blind Spots Send Djokovic Home From Australia
Jan 16, 202206:30
Visa Decision Looms for Novak Djokovic (Again)!
Jan 13, 202205:43
On Court Student Experience: Stop Playing Scared As A Practice Habit
Jan 11, 202206:35
Down Under Turned Upside Down
Jan 10, 202207:22
Will Mob Rule Keep Novak Out of The Australian Open?
Jan 10, 202206:39
What If McDonalds Was The Only Food You Ever Tasted?
Jan 09, 202206:59
The Student Dilemma: Would You Rather Be Right or Good?
Jan 07, 202207:28
Novax Down Under
Jan 06, 202208:38
Is The Tennis Customer Always Right (2 + 2 = 5)?
May 31, 202006:48
How To Teach A Tennis Lesson Without Saying a Word
May 30, 202006:13
10 Tips on How To Play Tennis in High Heat and Humidity? (Tip #9 Will Surprise You).
May 29, 202009:02
The Unique and Beautiful One Handed Backhand
May 29, 202006:30
The Comparison Trap in Tennis
May 28, 202005:43
Is Practice Makes Perfect The Best Way?
May 27, 202007:34
How To Give A Tennis Lessons To Someone On Their Cell Phone?
May 23, 202005:22
Close Your Eyes. Let's Play Tennis
May 22, 202006:44
Why Are Milestone Important For Your Tennis Game?
May 22, 202007:06
How Often Should You Work On Your Volley?
May 20, 202008:32
How To Self-Discover Your Aha Moment Playing Tennis
May 20, 202007:47
Is There A Right Way To Play Tennis?
May 19, 202006:24
Is Less More When It Comes To Scaling Your Tennis Game?
May 18, 202006:58
How To Set Up Your Camera For Video Analysis of Your Tennis Game
May 16, 202007:24
How To Install Your Tennis Game In 4 Steps
May 15, 202006:29
What Is The First Step To Reach Your Tennis Goals:? The Beep Test
May 14, 202006:29
Why Is YouTube A Messy Place for Tennis Advice?

Why Is YouTube A Messy Place for Tennis Advice?

Brian helps your decipher the world of internet tennis lessons on YouTube.


1.  It's not targeting you. 

2. Camry vs Formula One

3. Perspective of the Blogosphere

4.  The language barrier of English

5.  Systems Are The Key


Example of how hard it is to teach tennis to a new player with bad tennis instruction.





"I help aspiring tennis players with inconsistent shots by giving them a practice plan to become better tennis players".

Brian Lutz

Are you ready to begin? Join Here To Get On The Waitlist Here for Backhand City Membership.

May 13, 202008:41
What Happens When You Serve The Wrong Tennis Ball?
May 12, 202007:34
Are You Ready For A "No Brainer" Tennis Offer?
May 11, 202008:02
The Value of Distraction During A Pandemic
May 10, 202008:23