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By Badger Finance

Badger Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) application built on Ethereum smart contracts that enables users to bring their Bitcoin to DeFi and start earning yield today. Badgercast will breakdown the complexities of building a DAO as we collectively build the new future of finance. In addition to educational segments, we will be sharing recordings from community events including Office Hours, Treasury Talks, Badgers Never Hide and more. Buckle up and join the ride as we traverse through the world of DeFi together.
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"The Curve Wars"

Badgercast Nov 04, 2021

"A Deep Dive on APY's"

"A Deep Dive on APY's"

Wasabi, Jintao and Alex discuss the complexities around surrounding APY display, Badgers approach and some innovative new tech solutions Badger is actively using.

Main topics include:
- The challenges with returning the most accurate number

- Why this shouldn't be the only factor one considers when exploring earning opportunities

- Badgers approach to calculating the most accurate APY

- How Badger Ninja enables users to verify the math themselves

- How innovative tech solutions help to monitor harvest performance

Nov 04, 202256:22
"bveCVX: The Incredibly Hard Sell"

"bveCVX: The Incredibly Hard Sell"

Wasabi and Tritium make the case for bveCVX as the Great Convex Unlockening approaches on June 30, including:  

- What is bveCVX and who is it for? 

- Our best guesses on which way CVX whales will swim after the unlockening 

- How the bveCVX bribes processor works, and helps deepen liquidity 

- A breakdown of bveCVX fees and how they help the product run 

- Future plans for development / leverage

Jun 29, 202247:29
[Office Hours] "Introducing Gravity"

[Office Hours] "Introducing Gravity"

Tritium discusses Badger's latest moves in the ve- influence wars with the launch of Gravity, a project built on top of the Aura / Balancer ecosystem. We cover: 

- Badger's learnings in the CVX and Solidly projects 

- How ve tokenomics have evolved in recent months 

- How graviAURA could become a 'done-for-you' way for DAOs to build up their Balancer liquidity 

- Possible ways to play the Aura launch

Jun 14, 202201:08:52
"The Badger Maxi's Guide to Citadel"
May 06, 202201:06:55
"Get Paid To Learn Smart Contract Development: Badger HackMoney 2022 Bounties"

"Get Paid To Learn Smart Contract Development: Badger HackMoney 2022 Bounties"

Alex the Entreprenerd and Wasabi talk:

 -  How one developer went from bounty to full time at Badger 

- The most pressing engineering problems at Badger today 

- The future of yield farming strategies and Badger's code mixes 


May 05, 202247:49
"Upgrading bveCVX"

"Upgrading bveCVX"

Tritium and Prince Tok reveal Badger's latest moves in the Curve Wars and how we are applying our learnings to defi's newest yield influence ecosystem: Solidly. We cover:

- How Badger boosted our CVX deposits amid March's surprise mass unlockening 

- Turning bveCVX into a major profit center for the DAO

- The changing game theory of our CVX voting strategy

- How Badger is rolling out the CVX playbook in the Solidly ecosystem

- What's next in DeFi yield influence games

- Exclusive alpha on crypto, love, and life from an OG Badger

Mar 31, 202201:24:41
"Degen DD: How to Assess the Risk of New DeFi Protocols"
Mar 24, 202201:15:36
"How to Become a Web 3 Developer Fast (PLUS: Badger's Gitcoin Bounties are LIVE)"

"How to Become a Web 3 Developer Fast (PLUS: Badger's Gitcoin Bounties are LIVE)"

🚨 Check Out Badger's Gitcoin Round 13 Bounties  🚨

Wasabi chats with Alex the Entreprenerd about the fastest ways to spin up as a Web3 developer and what path he recommends if he had to do it all again.  PLUS:

- What areas Alex would invest in in he had a billion dollars to fund crypto startups 

- Suggestions for starter Web 3 projects to build 

- How you can get paid to learn with Badger's Gitcoin Bounties 

- A TON of suggested resources to get you started in Web3 fast

Web 2 Path

- CS50

- React

- Ethers.js

- Next.jw

Web 3 Path

- Solidity

- Austin Griffith

- Patrick Collins Solidity Course

- Solidity by Example



- Chainlink Hackathon

- EthGlobal

Mar 11, 202201:28:00


Gas is too damn high! Alex, Hal, and Wasbi break down how gas pricing works on Ethereum and a number of steps you can take to take to save on your DeFi transactions.

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Mar 01, 202201:06:34
"Better Know a Badger Vault"

"Better Know a Badger Vault"

Alex and Wasabi talk through the different yield farming strategies in Badger's Ethereum mainnet vaults. If you've ever found yourself wondering "where does the yield in DeFi come from?" or had questions about how individual vaults operate, this is a great starting point.   

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Feb 16, 202201:12:27
"bveCVX Roooadmap"

"bveCVX Roooadmap"

In this pre-ETH Denver micropod, Wasabi and Tritium talk about the upcoming improvements to Badger's Locked Convex Vault (bveCVX). 

We cover: 

- The pending governance proposal to re-direct yields to the LP Vault 

- Adding bveCVX to Badger Boost 

- The parameters for adding bveCVX as collateral in Badger's Rari Fuse pool 

- How to meet up with Badgers in ETH Denver

Feb 11, 202218:19
"How ZeroDAO will Accelerate Bitcoin Flowing into DeFi"

"How ZeroDAO will Accelerate Bitcoin Flowing into DeFi"

Mitch and Jonto talk with Wasabi about the Badger-incubated crosschain utility ZeroDAO. The project allows users to speed up their cross-chain bridge transactions from the Bitcoin blockchain into DeFi. We explore how it works, the current state of development, the Zero-Badger relationship, and our glorious crosschain future.   

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Feb 09, 202258:19
[Badgers Never Hide] "bveCVX Roadmap & Citadel DAO Update"

[Badgers Never Hide] "bveCVX Roadmap & Citadel DAO Update"

Spadaboom, Jonto, Tritium and Wasabi dig into the bveCVX Roadmap and give an update on the launch of Citadel DAO.

Feb 07, 202201:02:47
"Badger Security Upgrades"

"Badger Security Upgrades"

Badger devs Mitch and Alex the Entreprenerd talk security upgrades to Badger's frontend and Web 3 architecture. We discuss new open source tools Badger has released to help other Web 3 dapps monitor for suspicious approvals and the path towards fully decentralizing Badger's front end. 

We Cover:  

- Tips for dapps to harden their Web 2 infrastructure 

- Badger's open source Redwall tool that monitors for suspicious approvals 

- Discord security for users and protocols 

- The path to a fully decentralized frontend for Badger 

- Steps that funds and institutional investors can take to stay safe while using DeFi 

- How Badger's internal smart contract auditing system has evolved 

- Where does hacking end and MEV begin? And will ETH miners and stakers be the ultimate winners of this game?

Feb 04, 202256:27
"Latest on the Curve Wars"

"Latest on the Curve Wars"

Badger devs Tritium (@Tritium_DAOist) and Cookies (@cryptoCookies) talk Badgers' Curve Wars strategy and how our latest moves created exclusive yield for ibBTC. We talk: 

The game theory (goals, options, and payoffs) for BadgerDAO, BTC holders, and CVX holders.   How Badger's Interest Bearing Bitcoin (ibBTC)  manages to capture CRV emissions from more than one pool to create yield only available on Badger.   How Badger has used its CVX votes to create a new stream of yield for our bveCVX vault.   What's next in the Curve Wars and how Badger plans to optimize the strategy going forward.   PLUS: Exclusive alpha from Tritium and Cookies on crypto moves they are making outside of Badger, Cookies' sportsbook play, and more.  

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Jan 26, 202201:28:17
[Badgers Never Hide] "Citadel DAO Alpha"

[Badgers Never Hide] "Citadel DAO Alpha"

After a short hiatus, Badgers Never Hide returns. Spada and Jonto give a year end recap, talk about the future and drop some sweet sweet Citadel DAO alpha. 

Jan 24, 202258:06
[Office Hours] "Bootstrapping ibBTC"

[Office Hours] "Bootstrapping ibBTC"

On this special edition of Office Hours, Jonto, Tritium and set the record straight on Boostrapping ibBTC, the benefits to this approach and the various ways users can get involved.

Nov 20, 202150:03
"Interest Bearing Bitcoin"

"Interest Bearing Bitcoin"

Spadaboom lays out Badger's not so secret plan to make ibBTC a $5b asset and turn it into the leading tokenized Bitcoin in DeFi. We look at where the yields in ibBTC come from, what this means for BadgerDAO, and how it will affect the DeFi landscape.

Nov 10, 202101:15:46
"The Curve Wars"

"The Curve Wars"

We unveil Badger's latest moves in the Curve Wars and how enabling liquidity for locked Convex will boost Badger's power in setting DeFi yields. PLUS: Tritium and Jonto review the strategies of Yearn, StakeDAO, Abracadabra, and other players at the DAO poker table.

Nov 04, 202101:14:56
"The Badger Flywheel"

"The Badger Flywheel"

Tritium, Jonto and Wasabi discuss Badger's plan to boost Bitcoin yields in DeFi through Convex voting power. Plus how these yields will fuel the rise of Badger's Interest Bearing Bitcoin (ibBTC) product.

Nov 04, 202148:11