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Baja Bytes

Baja Bytes

By Baja Bytes

Weekly Baja Peninsula Sportfishing Updates from Border to Tip by That Baja Guy-Gary Graham
Gary Graham turned his passion for all things fishing into a profession.
Whether it's boats, destination travel, adventure experiences, vehicles, tackle, methods, or just the spinning of a good outdoors tale, Graham has evolved into the go-to guy.

Award-winning photojournalist and speaker, Gary Graham has published 1,600-plus weekly editions of his Baja California fly and conventional fishing reports, two DIY books on saltwater fly-fishing, and feature articles.
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Baja in May is Good

Baja BytesMay 10, 2023

Baja in May is Good
May 10, 202310:24
Baja Roosters Tease
May 02, 202312:34
Baja Bytes from Surface to Bottom
Apr 26, 202307:06
Baja Bottom Fish Rock
Apr 20, 202307:38
Baja Roosters Begin to Crow
Apr 11, 202306:47
Wahoo top Baja Catch
Apr 04, 202308:05
Baja Spring on the Horizon

Baja Spring on the Horizon

Captain Jose Antonio “Pepe” De la Peña Castillo and mates Arturo Peralta and Ulises on the 62 ft Viking “Chasin Tail” had heard some rumors that a few swordfish were seen finning at the 1150 Spot during the past several days. After tacking back and forth searching for the swordfish tail and dorsal, often referred to as a “two-finner,” they finally spotted some commotion on the surface, creating a large patch of white water. Suddenly the fish appeared near the top, confirming it was a feeding thresher shark...More

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Mar 29, 202308:31
Mar 08, 202312:14
FONMAR declares to protect Sportfishing
Feb 28, 202308:30
Fonmar Sportfishing Forum
Feb 21, 202309:41
Baja (Norte) Tournaments Announced

Baja (Norte) Tournaments Announced

Baja Btes Sportfishing

Baja (Norte) Tournaments Announced

That Baja Guy - Gary Graham

Feb 15

Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update February 14, 2023

2023 Sportfishing Tournaments offered in the upper section of the Baja Peninsula has something for everyone – from fishing the shore to chasing bluefin tuna on the high seas.
The various events offer fishing opportunities in Ensenada, San Felipe, Punta Bunda, San Quintin, Bahai De Los Angeles, Cedros Island, and the many destinations, beaches, and lagoons.
Visiting anglers can compete in events with entry fees that range from very reasonable to very dear.
In addition, when visitors and locals meet, they share their passion for sports fishing, comparing the ultra-new equipment to the techniques handed down from generation to generation

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Feb 15, 202312:24
Baja Sur Spring Sportfishing Tournament Dates announced
Feb 08, 202311:46
“Annual Sport Fishing Forum in BCS”
Feb 01, 202311:33
Whale Watch Season Begins
Jan 25, 202311:49
899 marlin released!
Jan 17, 202311:40
Stripers and Snook kick-off 2023
Jan 10, 202312:29


How did we get to this fantastic number? Well, some boats headed to the Finger Banks, a little over 50 miles from Cabo and had non-stop, muscle-cramping, action-packed days that put them into double digits on marlin catches. “La Chingona,” a beautiful 46 ft Viking Billfish, led the pack this week, with 111 marlin in the 60 to 100 lb class released by anglers Adam Carlis, Charles Harris, and Kerry Stritt from Houston, Texas. As if this were not enough, they also caught 6 dorado. Definitely a fishing day they will never forget. On the same day, December 17th, “BBII,” another Viking Billfish, only a bit smaller at 37 ft, did a fantastic job of finding 61 marlin and 6 dorado for their guests, using a combination of live mackerel and frozen ballyhoo...Rebecca Ehrenberg, Pisces Sportfishing

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Jan 04, 202309:33
BajaBytes Wrap for 2022
Dec 28, 202207:31
Cabo Billfish still on fire
Dec 21, 202208:59
Baja Sur Fonmar at WORK!

Baja Sur Fonmar at WORK!

In operation FONMAR-CONAPESCA boat and equipment are retained for fishing in protected natural area

  • The crew were surprised in the vicinity of Isla Cerralvo fishing with oxygen tank

Fisheries in the State (CONAPESCA) carried out the retention of a boats and diving equipment for carrying out underwater fishing in a protected natural area without having the permit to do so.

On instructions from the Director General of FONMAR, Martín Inzunza Tamayo, the team from the Coordination of Management, Inspection and Surveillance in the Municipality of La Paz, headed by José Lizandro Olachea Burgoin, moved to the vicinity of Isla Cerralvo to carry out a joint surveillance operation with CONAPESCA personnel on December 1 and 2.

In the place, a boat with five people on board carrying out the underwater fishing activity was identified, which, upon noticing the presence of the authorities, fled, catching up with the FONMAR boat and requesting the CONAPESCA authorities to show the permits. corresponding.

The crew members could not prove that they had the corresponding permits, in addition to being scuba diving with oxygen tanks, which according to NOM-017-PESC-1994 must be done only with the lungs.

In the act, the federal officials of CONAPESCA carried out the retention of the boat, an outboard motor and fishing gear consisting of complete diving equipment, compressor, oxygen tank and diving hose.

FONMAR will continue to work in coordination with the surveillance authorities in response to the indications of the State Governor, Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, to ensure the safeguarding and correct use of South California fishing resources.

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Dec 13, 202208:09
Billfish Explode at Fingerbank
Dec 06, 202208:21
Snook and Wahoo Show in Baja Sur
Nov 30, 202209:44
Baja Thanksgiving Sounds Fishy
Nov 22, 202207:12
Yahoo Wahoo a Snapping
Nov 15, 202209:32
Big Tuna-Big Money

Big Tuna-Big Money

Congratulations to all the winning teams taking home those big checks tonight at the #cabotunajackpot2022 awards ceremony - and thanks to everyone attending this evening, what a party!!!

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Nov 08, 202206:29
Big Fish-Huge Checks
Nov 02, 202211:32
Bisbee Cabo Tournaments Continue
Oct 25, 202210:54
Cabo Tournament Time!
Oct 18, 202214:11
Los Cabos Million Dollar Tournaments Begin!
Oct 11, 202212:02
Yahoo Baja Wahoo…Finally
Oct 04, 202209:16
Sep 28, 202212:22
Cabo Billfish & Dorado On-Fire
Sep 20, 202208:55
Sep 13, 202207:54
IGFA Dorado Record Nearly Broken
Sep 06, 202210:35
The Copa Baja California 3rd round
Aug 30, 202209:19
Baja Wahoo Worth 50K and New Car!
Aug 23, 202210:45
Baja Sportfishing Turns Fishy!

Baja Sportfishing Turns Fishy!

This was a fish well deserved!

@j_willfishin put in days and hundreds of casts for this one fish!! Plus, the bite was so satisfying because it was a feeding fish. This, combined with all the practice, knowledge, and skill of a surf fisherman, into ONE "make-it or break-it" cast! - HOOKUP!!!

No better feeling!! We got this fish back in the water, and it swam off strong! What a great time to experience this with a good friend! Congrats, brother!!...Cabosurfcaster

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Aug 16, 202211:28
Bisbee ECO AWARDS $1,614,425.00

Bisbee ECO AWARDS $1,614,425.00

Bisbee begins the 2022 season with a record-shattering $1,286,385 winner (Team Stella June, angler Hugo Pina) in Bisbee East Cape Offshore. The first Million Dollar Winner in the ECO!

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Aug 09, 202209:59
Monster Dorado in Cabo
Aug 02, 202218:12
Jul 29, 202209:55
Jul 28, 202200:38
Baja Bisbee ECO Begins

Baja Bisbee ECO Begins

The 23rd BISBEE EAST CAPE OFFSHORE IS HERE!!! Registration is next Tuesday, August 2, 2022, at the Buena Vista Oceanfront & and Hot Springs Resort.

According to July 26's  CatchStat, 72 Teams have already signed up. So could 2022 be the year the Team count swells to over 100? Stay Tuned!

Is last week's record-breaking 57-pound dorado caught by none other than Esual Valdez in the Dorado Shootout Tournament an omen? Local Captains are chattering about additional monster blue marlin spotted recently.

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Jul 26, 202210:40
Baja Tournaments Highlight Week
Jul 13, 202211:55
Baja Bull Dorado are back…
Jul 05, 202210:13
It’s All About the KIDS!
Jun 28, 202215:49
Jun 21, 202211:19
Big Baja Fish in June…You Bet!
Jun 14, 202213:59
Jun 07, 202218:43
BIG Baja Roosters
May 31, 202211:29
Over 100 Baja Kids Attend IGFA Passport Clinic
May 24, 202209:50