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The Balanced Medics' Handover Podcast

The Balanced Medics' Handover Podcast

By Balanced Medics

Are you a health professional seeking change in your work life? If so, this is the right podcast for you. The Handover looks to explore the journeys of people who have changed their life within health through beating burnout, changing specialities, going non-clinical or doing something completely different!

The options are limitless.

Your host, Isabella, has transitioned from clinical to non-clinical work and hopes to help in your transition to find a life that is right for you.

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Journey to best-selling author with Dr Sonia Henry

The Balanced Medics' Handover Podcast May 28, 2023

Journey to best-selling author with Dr Sonia Henry
May 28, 202331:53
Antidote to burnout: a portfolio career with Dr Emily Amos
May 21, 202333:53
All about fertility medicine with Dr Violet Kieu
May 14, 202331:60
No registration needed - medical science liaison with Rachel Clark
May 07, 202329:09
Residency drop out to digital nomad with Dr Chelsea Turgeon
Apr 30, 202333:19
What is a medical scientist? with Dr Antonia Reale
Apr 23, 202337:14
Healing through words with Dr Hilton Koppe

Healing through words with Dr Hilton Koppe

This episode we are lucky to speak with Dr Hilton Koppe: writer, workshop facilitator, podcaster and doctor living on Bundjalung land on the east coast of Australia. Hilton facilitates reflective writing workshops for doctors and other health professionals with the goal of deepening their compassion, overcoming professional isolation and reducing risk of burnout. Hilton’s memoir, One Curious Doctor, explores the personal impact of working as a country doctor.

We discuss

His experience of being diagnosed with PTSD The moment he was “done” with medicine - and all the difficult emotions that came with it (guilt, shame, feeling like a failure) Generational trauma Poetry His insightful memoir “One Curious Doctor” Witnessing the suffering of patients and people dying The power of creative writing for doctors and healing the self

For coaching:

Reach out to Hilton on his website

For more resources check out

Apr 16, 202332:53
Imposter syndrome with Dr Jo Braid
Apr 09, 202328:16
From intern to plant-based medicine with Dr Caitlin Gorry
Apr 02, 202337:28
Made for more: Living life on your own terms with Dr Una
Mar 25, 202342:57
Should I Go Locum? With Phoebe Bardsley & Dr Ed Stoios
Mar 18, 202335:04
Medical matchmaker: entrepreneurship with Dr Lara Hochman

Medical matchmaker: entrepreneurship with Dr Lara Hochman

Welcome back! This episode we're lucky to be speaking with Dr Lara Hochman, a family medicine physician and advocate for physician wellbeing. Dr Hochman created Happy Day Health – a boutique physician matchmaking agency that matches doctors with practices that align with their values & needs. Dr Lara Hochman helps medics transition from burnout to enjoying practicing medicine again.

She's also a co-author of the book Made for more: Physician Entrepreneurs who live life and practice medicine on their own terms which was compiled by Dr Nneka Unachukwu.

This episode we discuss: 

Dr Hochman's journey in medicine How physicians are the cavalry and change is happening in the culture of medicine All about the new book Made for more Dr Hochman's journey from primary care physician to entrepreneur What the requirements are for physicians wanting to journey into entrepreneurship Starting with WHY

For career transition coaching:

Reach out to Dr Lara Hochman, founder of Happy Day Health:

Website | LinkedIn | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter

Get the book here

For more resources go to

Mar 11, 202332:30
Skin cancer medicine and finding your niche with Dr Marjia Johns
Mar 04, 202323:01
Healing the healers with Dr Claire Noonan
Feb 26, 202326:52
Leaving residency for an exciting career in cosmetic medicine with Dr Gemma Woolley
Feb 18, 202333:37
Public Health Physician: what's actually involved? - with Dr Jess Wells
Feb 11, 202329:20
Designing a life right for you with Cath Nolan (Coach)
Feb 04, 202330:24
Beating burnout with Dr Amy Imms

Beating burnout with Dr Amy Imms

This episode we're speaking with our inspirational guest, Dr Amy Imms, a medical doctor, mother of 5, and founder of The Burnout Project

During her GP training, Dr Imms found herself in the midst of burnout with very little resources available. This experience pushed her to start a new mission of providing for others what she could not find for herself. The Burnout Project was born and for the past 6 years she has worked to raise awareness of burnout, reduce stigma, support burnt-out individuals, and create burnout-aware workplaces.

In this episode we discuss

What burnout is How to recognise the signs & prevent it Why junior doctors are most at risk of burnout How & why Dr Imms founded The Burnout Project Finding the career right for your life, beyond burnout

For coaching:

Join the Doctors Changing Careers Facebook group

Reach out to Dr Imms:

Social media: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

For more resources check out

Jan 28, 202336:23
Physician Burnout and its Effects on Relationships with Samu Carvajal (my husband)
Jan 21, 202330:28
Digital health, and creating a skincare & wellness brand with Dr Pras
Jan 14, 202326:22
People-pleasing and how to beat it with Dr Toni Liu
Jan 07, 202326:21
Behind The Handover Podcast
Jan 01, 202307:25