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Balance Your Hormones

Balance Your Hormones

By Madison Dohnt

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Teaching you the science behind natural medicine and clearing your hormonal symptoms (such as acne, fatigue, weight gain, irregular periods, painful periods, pcos and more) naturally using reliable science-based health tips. Our mission is to empower women in their health journey and teach them how to support their health correctly for the rest of their lives.

Your host: @MadisonDohnt
The Science-Backed Naturopath (BASc, BHSc, PGEd)
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15: Choosing A Hormone Test

Balance Your HormonesMar 29, 2023

15: Choosing A Hormone Test
Mar 29, 202305:24
14: Is Hormone Testing Necessary?
Mar 22, 202305:39
13: Do You Have A Hormonal Imbalance? (Signs & Possible Root Causes)
Jan 02, 202314:37
12: Test Results Normal But Still Have symptoms? Here's What To Do About It!
Nov 01, 202210:40
11: My DHEAS are high but I don't have ovarian cysts - Do I have PCOS? ANSWERED
Jul 06, 202210:35
10: Clear Your Symptoms Faster With Journalling (+3 MUST-HAVE Journaling Tips)
Jun 23, 202215:09
9: PCOS Basics: Understanding & Diagnosing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Jan 24, 202213:44
8: Food Restriction Is HURTING Your Hormones
Jan 18, 202214:38
7: Goodbye Period-Pain & Bloating (ft. Mina Romero)
Jan 12, 202201:09:12
6: Ditch The No-Carb Diet - Carbs Are NOT The Enemy!
Jan 09, 202213:50
5: Is Your Acne Hormonal? (How To Know!)
Jan 03, 202211:39
4: How To STOP Food-Guilt & Binge-Eating! (Mastering Your Relationship With Food & Exercise)
Dec 21, 202114:50
3: BEST Way To Heal - The Root Cause Approach (Pros & Cons)
Dec 19, 202121:01
2: Why Your Symptoms Keep Coming Back... (The Bandaid Approach Pros & Cons)
Dec 15, 202111:11
1: How To Heal - The Bandaid vs. Root Cause Approach
Dec 09, 202109:11