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Barbarian Rhetoric

Barbarian Rhetoric

By Nathan

Savage thoughts from men, fathers, brothers and friends, all working to provide helpful insight to assist others on their journeys.
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#28 "Barbarian Banter 003"

Barbarian RhetoricDec 16, 2020

#141 Barbarian Banter - Sexy Tesla
May 17, 202301:10:21
#140 Barbarian Banter - Spending to zero
May 10, 202301:11:30
#139 Barbarian Banter - Tell me who I am- Documentary
Apr 26, 202301:14:19
#138 Barbarian Banter - John Wick is not a good guy
Apr 22, 202301:11:47
#137 Barbarian Banter - If women were to become a men for a day
Apr 05, 202301:23:12
#136 Barbarian Banter - What would you have in your Olympics
Apr 01, 202301:00:56
#135 Barbarian Banter - 15 Min Cities
Mar 09, 202301:19:28
#134 Barbarian Banter
Mar 01, 202301:19:06
#133 Barbarian Banter - Are you Intelligent
Feb 23, 202301:17:58
#132 Barbarian Banter - Businesses that didn't make the cut
Feb 17, 202301:44:22
#131 Barbarian Banter - Are superhero's bad guys in disguise.
Feb 05, 202301:26:35
#130 Barbarian Banter - If hunger games was real who would win
Feb 01, 202301:25:14
#129 Barbarian Banter -If you were a action figure
Jan 19, 202301:30:12
#128 Barbarian Banter - A body building conversation
Jan 01, 202301:09:56
#127 Barbarian Banter - When the conversation flows
Dec 26, 202201:32:32
#126 Barbarian Banter - The curious nature of human beings
Dec 14, 202201:16:14
#125 Barbarian Banter - Skills men should know part 4
Dec 09, 202201:29:07
#124 Barbarian Banter - Skills men should know part 3
Nov 28, 202201:05:04
#123 Barbarian Banter - Skills men should know part 2
Nov 20, 202201:27:49
#122 Barbarian Banter - Skills men should know part 1
Nov 15, 202201:33:01
#121 Barbarian Banter - Money or Knowledge
Nov 02, 202201:28:19
#120 Barbarian Banter - Inspiration from gamers
Oct 30, 202201:22:57
#119 Barbarian Banter - Knowing your own worth
Oct 12, 202201:31:19
#118 Barbarian Banter - Choose Your Mascot
Oct 05, 202201:22:26
#117 Barbarian Banter - How much money puts you in the top 5%?
Sep 21, 202201:18:56
#116 Barbarian Banter -Going back to a abuser.
Sep 17, 202201:21:20
#115 Barbarian Banter - BR Presidential Administration
Aug 31, 202201:23:31
#114 Barbarian Banter - Who does what
Aug 24, 202201:20:03
#113 Barbarian Banter - Terminator vs Aliens
Aug 17, 202201:27:53
#112 Barbarian Banter- Hysteria of current events
Aug 10, 202201:38:13
#111 Barbarian Banter - Diversity vs Culture
Aug 03, 202201:26:31
#110 Barbarian Banter - Is anxiety a good thing?
Jul 27, 202201:32:32
#109 Barbarian Banter- Complimenting women
Jul 21, 202201:17:25
#108 Barbarian Banter
Jul 14, 202201:39:16
#107 Barbarian Banter
Jul 08, 202201:24:06
#106 Barbarian Banter
Jun 22, 202201:15:21
#105 Barbarian Banter
Jun 20, 202201:08:28
#104 Barbarian Banter
Jun 01, 202201:28:17
#103 Barbarian Banter
May 25, 202201:18:48
#102 Barbarian Banter
May 18, 202201:20:07
#101 Barbarian Banter
May 09, 202201:20:17
#100 Barbarian Banter
Apr 27, 202202:16:21
#99 Barbarian Banter
Apr 14, 202201:19:03
#98 Barbarian Banter
Apr 09, 202201:14:15
#97 Barbarian Banter
Mar 30, 202201:22:30
#96 Barbarian Banter
Mar 24, 202201:23:57
#95 Barbarian Banter
Mar 17, 202201:27:38
#94 Barbarian Banter
Mar 10, 202201:30:26
#93 Barbarian Banter
Mar 02, 202201:26:48
#92 Barbarian Banter
Feb 25, 202201:34:57
#91 Barbarian Banter
Feb 16, 202201:44:28
#90 Barbarian Banter
Feb 11, 202201:30:58
#89 Barbarian Banter
Feb 03, 202201:22:41
#88 Barbarian Banter
Jan 26, 202201:32:25
#87 Barbarian Banter
Jan 19, 202201:43:39
#86 Barbarian Banter
Jan 14, 202201:50:13
#85 Barbarian Banter
Jan 05, 202201:37:21
#84 Barbarian Banter
Dec 29, 202101:47:25
#83 Barbarian Banter
Dec 22, 202101:51:36
#82 Barbarian Banter
Dec 16, 202102:04:18
#81 Barbarian Banter
Dec 09, 202101:38:32
#80 Barbarian Banter
Dec 01, 202101:38:07
#79 Barbarian Banter
Nov 23, 202101:24:53
#78 Barbarian Banter
Nov 21, 202101:42:29
#77 Barbarian Banter
Nov 19, 202101:26:06
#76 Barbarian Banter
Nov 17, 202101:51:31
#75 Barbarian Banter

#75 Barbarian Banter

Been going down deep rabbit holes of late, so this week back to some fun stuff from the internet.
Enjoy and a laugh along with us. 

1. Would you rather have Cheeto fingers or wet socks for the next 24 hours?

2. Does it bother you if a girl you’re dating makes more money than you?

3. Would you rather have to tell your mom everything sexual you’ve done, or have to show her your entire porn history?

4. You have to pick one food for your best friend to chew up and spit into your mouth, what food do you choose?

5. If you could have an endless supply of anything, what would it be?

6. Who would win in a fight to the death: The Rock or John Cena?

7. For $10,000 would you spend two days carrying around a human shaped robot that you had to introduce as your girlfriend?

8. Would you rather have a tiny hot leprechaun you can fuck whenever or have a leprechaun’s gold worth a quarter of a million dollars?

9. Would you rather bet the best looking person in the world or have the ability to read minds of the opposite sex?

10. Would you rather be the world’s tallest man or the world’s shortest man?

11. If your girl had to wear a mascot head during sex for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

12. Would you rather fuck a goat and nobody knows or not fuck a goat any everyone thinks you did?

13. If you could erase one thing from your mind so you could relive it for the first time again what would it be?

14. If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?

15. Do lesbians use the same bullshit excuses straight women use with men in order to get out of sex?

16. If you’d old have a coach from any sport standing next to you and coaching you as you have sex who would it be?

17. How honest is your feedback on blowjobs/oral sex?

18. If you hook up with a person who stays absolutely silent during sex, do you say anything? Do you continue hooking up?

19. You meet up with someone from a dating app for sex, and it turns out they have a colostomy bag. What do you do?

20. What do you do if you fart in the middle of sex?

@HeavyMetalCJ IG @heavymetalcj

Twitter @JimeeGee IG @thejimeegee

Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Nov 16, 202101:35:58
#74 Barbarian Banter
Oct 25, 202101:26:51
#73 Barbarian Banter
Oct 12, 202101:40:27
#72 Barbarian Banter w/Cooper
Sep 29, 202101:38:53
#71 Barbarian Banter
Sep 23, 202101:49:40
#70 Barbarian Banter
Sep 15, 202101:36:25
#69 Barbarian Banter
Sep 08, 202101:38:27
#68 Barbarian Banter
Sep 01, 202101:30:24
#67 Barbarian Banter
Aug 25, 202101:55:46
#66 Barbarian Banter

#66 Barbarian Banter

Roosh V published an article entitled 9 Signs You’re a Barbarian. Naturally, as barbarians, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review and react.

This is part two of our response.

Twitter @HeavyMetalCJ IG @heavymetalcj

Twitter @JimeeGee IG @thejimeegee

Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Aug 18, 202101:13:28
#65 Barbarian Banter

#65 Barbarian Banter

Roosh V published an article entitled 9 Signs You’re a Barbarian. Naturally, as barbarians, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review and react. 

This is part one of our response.

Twitter @HeavyMetalCJ IG @heavymetalcj

Twitter @JimeeGee IG @thejimeegee

Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Aug 14, 202101:35:45
#64 Barbarian Banter
Aug 07, 202101:29:57
#63 Barbarian Banter w/Tex
Jul 29, 202101:58:25
#62 Barbarian Banter

#62 Barbarian Banter

Back with some questions from ask the internet.
Rapid-fire questions keep one on your toes and you have to think fast.

1. Would you rather have sex with a blind person or a deaf person?
2. What are the hardest things to do offhanded?
3. Which group is worse: the people who clap during a movie or at the end of an airplane ride?
4. Would you have sex with a dead person for 5 minutes if you get your laundry done and folded magically? (Everyone knows you fucked the dead person)
5. If there was stats available about every aspect of your life, what 1 stat would you want to see?
6. Would you rather ever time you fart have a flock of geese swarm to where you just farted or never use a phone or computer again?
7. Would you rather always feel like. You have to shit or never know when you are going to shit? (Always shitting your pants)
8. Would you rather have dustpans for hands or sweat out Smucker's jelly?
9. Would you have sex with an amputee that is a total smoke show?
10. Would you kill a random homeless person to get to fuck Kate Upton?
11. For $3000 would you get your face photoshopped into a gay porno? (Aren’t actually doing the fucking)
12. If you were in a beauty pageant, what would your talent be?
13. If you could die and come back as an inanimate object, what would it be?
14. If you could live anyone’s life with anyone’s body who would you be?
15. Could you beat Tom Cruise in a fight?
16. If you could wipe off one group of people off the earth who would it be?
17. Would you rather change genders every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a donut and a baby?
18. There’s a full-grown lion and 30 little people in a battle royals, who wins?
19. Who is the hottest celebrity that you would have a chance with if they got to know you?

@HeavyMetalCJ IG @heavymetalcj

Twitter @JimeeGee IG @thejimeegee

Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Jul 21, 202101:20:20
#61 Barbarian Banter
Jul 18, 202101:28:20
#60 Barbarian Banter w/Anthony Migliorino
Jul 03, 202101:55:16
#59 Barbarian Banter 27

#59 Barbarian Banter 27

A few quick-fire questions this week for a change of pace and some fun

Answer the Internet by Barstool Sports

Would you rather wear cargo shorts every day or no socks ever again?

If you were in an open field with an aluminum baseball bat, how many ten-year-olds with bike helmets could you take down before they got you?

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

If you could see a sex tape with nay two movie characters, who would it be?

If you could make any two people fight in a no-rules cage match, who would you choose?

Would you rather the world lost all women or all sports?

You go to your girlfriend’s house and meet her father for the first time. He hands you the AUX cord, what song do you play first?

If you could pick any character from TV or movies to be your college roommate, who would it be?

Would you rather give: A) the first 99% B) the last 1% of a blowjob?

Would you rather your girlfriend get a notification every time you watched porn (with a description), or notification of where you are at all times?

Would you rather have to watch either only soft-core porn or only minor league sports for the rest of your life?

How many rats would it take to overwhelm and kill you in a fight?

Which fictional character would you love to beat the shit out of?

Would you rather have teeth where your hair is or hair where your teeth are?

Would you rather wake up every morning with the TV channel numbers randomized and no guide, or have your keyboard layout switched every morning?

Would you rather have a good handjob from your grandmother or a bad handjob from your grandmother?

Would you rather be a pig and be able to orgasm for 30 minutes, or be a lion and be able to have sex 60 times a day?

Marry, Fuck, Kill: Italian food, Mexican food, Chinese food

Two buttons, you can only press one: A) instantly get a million dollars or B) have a 50/50 chance you get one hundred million dollars?

Do you think there are more pornstars or murderers in the world?

If you had to get a lip tattoo, what would it say?

If you had to pick one person to be the ambassador for the human race to meet aliens, who would it be? Would you rather be drunk 24/7 or never be drunk again?

What do you think is the oldest someone’s been when they’ve had sex?

If you could only watch one actor’s movies for the rest of your life, who would it be?

If you could be the patron saint of something, what would it be?

If you could get access to one person’s phone and look at all their shit, who would it be?

If every time you got a boner the same song would start playing, what song would you want?

Would you fuck a pornstar if afterward, she had to hold a press conference on your performance?

@HeavyMetalCJ IG @heavymetalcj

Twitter @JimeeGee IG @thejimeegee

Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Jun 28, 202101:24:53
#58 Barbarian Banter w/Cooper

#58 Barbarian Banter w/Cooper

This week on Barbarian Banter we had the host from The Flame Within Podcast  Cooper Jakes

He is a powerful and intense man, bringing his knowledge to men.

A good friend that is always only a phone call away, and there when you need him no matter the problem.

His insight into the questions this week will get your brain thinking.

Plus plenty of banter 


1. What exotic car would you buy if money was no object?

2. If men need to demonstrate value, how does that align with internal/external validation?

3. What does it take to know who you are/accept who you are? Can you do that earlier in life or is that something that’s only possible later in life?

4. If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only three words?

5. What is your favorite childhood meal your parents cooked for you (mom/dad/grandparents, whoever)?

Cooper Jakes
Twitter @MasculineLife
Podcast The Flame With In

Twitter @HeavyMetalCJ IG @heavymetalcj

Twitter @JimeeGee IG @thejimeegee

Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Jun 19, 202101:46:18
#57 "Barbarian Banter 25"
Jun 09, 202101:42:06
#56 "Barbarian Banter 24"
Jun 08, 202101:41:46
#55 "Barbarian Banter 23"
May 29, 202101:57:03
#54 "Barbarian Banter 22"
May 22, 202101:24:45
#53 "Barbarian Banter 21"
May 17, 202101:33:32
#52 "Barbarian Banter 20"
May 05, 202101:49:44
#51 "Barbarian Banter 19" Part Two of The Snowflake Test
May 02, 202101:49:54
#50 The Good and Evil of Power
Apr 25, 202102:02:55
#49 "Barbarian Banter 18" Snowflake Test Part One
Apr 21, 202101:48:40
#48 "Barbarian Banter 17"
Apr 15, 202101:23:10
#47 "A wandering conversation" w/Cody Chappel
Apr 11, 202101:36:47
#46 "Barbarian Banter 16"
Apr 08, 202101:30:04
#45 "Thinking in ones and zeros" w/Chris The Beard Report

#45 "Thinking in ones and zeros" w/Chris The Beard Report

This week on the Barbarian Rhetoric Podcast, I sit down with Chris, who is the man behind

Strength, Discipline, Integrity, Leadership

His first article on binary mindset caught my attention; we dig into some of his thoughts of where he is coming from in his first transmission. Talk about his Tenets, making decisions, and moving forward in life. 

Guest Chris 

Twitter @thebeardreport
IG @the_beardreport


Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Apr 03, 202101:03:35
#44 "Barbarian Banter 15"
Mar 25, 202101:45:44
#43 "Barbarian Banter 14" Special Edition On Marriage
Mar 19, 202101:56:60
#42 "Barbarian Banter 13"
Mar 11, 202101:44:10
#41 "Barbarian Banter 12"
Mar 07, 202101:42:41
#40 "Barbarian Banter 11"
Feb 22, 202102:20:57
#39 "Barbarian Banter 010"
Feb 20, 202101:45:32
#38 " Barbarian Banter 009"

#38 " Barbarian Banter 009"

Recently CJ and I made it out to JimeeGees house for some good fellowship in person.

We pushed each other in the gym.

We enjoy some cigars and drinks.

Then we sat down, removed the digital pixels, and had some fun in person. If you notice a bit of echo or not our usual sound quality, let's say that after several tests, we finally were able to record something.

Come laugh along with us, because we had fun. There is a different dynamic when in person.

We started with a doozy of a question and went from there.


Questions we answer this week.

What is your favorite sex position, and your least? 

Would you rather get a hand job every day or a blow job once a week? 

What is the most annoying catchphrase? 

What was the worst teacher you had like? 

What harsh truth do you choose to ignore? 

You have to name your penis after the last movie or tv show you watched. What's your dick called now? 

Is it better to do your goals in small increments or to have one large goal?

The Barbarians


Twitter @HeavyMetalCJ

IG @heavymetalcj


Twitter @JimeeGee

Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Feb 12, 202101:01:60
#37 "The Most Interesting Man" w/Scott Ortlip
Jan 31, 202155:32
#36 "Barbarian Banter 008"
Jan 27, 202101:36:37
#35 "Barbarian Banter 007"
Jan 20, 202101:29:06
#34 "Rolling Rock Brothers 4" w/ Cody, Jerry, & Scott
Jan 16, 202101:50:12
#33 "Barbarian Banter 006"
Jan 12, 202101:23:46
#32 "Barbarian Banter 005"
Jan 09, 202101:02:34
#31 "Buying A New Car" w/Doug McCoy
Jan 09, 202137:53
#30 "Barbarian Banter 004"
Jan 09, 202101:38:35
#29 "Time to Prepare" w/Kevin Comer
Dec 21, 202001:08:40
#28 "Barbarian Banter 003"
Dec 16, 202001:12:35
#27 "Powerhouse' w/ Joel Blanton and Joseph Shoemaker
Dec 11, 202001:18:20
#26 "Barbarian Banter 002"
Dec 09, 202001:16:46
#25 "The Face Man" w/ Cody Carter

#25 "The Face Man" w/ Cody Carter

I was able to sit down with the newest full-time member of Rolling Rock Radio Cody Carter.  We got to know each other a bit before I wandered back over to R3. He is a man with a mission. Sit back and enjoy.


Cody Carter
Facebook cody.carter.589
Twitter @MrCodyCarter
IG  @mrcodycarter


Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Dec 04, 202048:47
#24 "Barbarian Banter 001"
Nov 29, 202001:32:04
#23 "Kiwi Adventure" W/Damon - Graeme - Mark
Nov 07, 202001:37:07
#22 " Journey of a Father" w/T Wayne Hicks
Oct 31, 202049:55
#021 "Rolling Rock Brothers" w/Scott & Jerry

#021 "Rolling Rock Brothers" w/Scott & Jerry

Not long ago, I started a conversation with Scott & Jerry over on their podcast Rolling Rock Radio
You can grab Episode 18 Here with yours truly.

In this episode, we continue with our wandering chat of what got them started in Jiu-Jitsu, what is their plan for the next decade, then down the rabbit hole of taking pride in your work.

Sit back and enjoy.

Scott: Twitter @GileadBays IG @gileadbays

Jerry: Twitter @jerryajr365 IG @armentroutjerry


Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric


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Oct 24, 202001:10:37
#020 "Turning Wrenches Round Two" w/ Doug McCoy
Oct 18, 202001:31:17
#019 "Music Madness" w/Mike

#019 "Music Madness" w/Mike

Mike has a love for music. With his wife Ginger, they started a youtube channel, Play It Again with Mike and Ginger, with well over 100 videos.  They showcase a lot of candian music groups that you may never have heard of. Along with giving honest reviews of newer groups.  We dig into favorites, some dislikes, how music quit being good for a while, and now starting to make some comebacks. We hit on a few other subjects as well as we wander through this conversation. 

Guest Mike - Check out the youtube channel Play It Again with Mike and Ginger

Follow Nathan on Twitter @SteelJanz & Ig @barbarianrhetoric

Website to get Savagely Clean.

Oct 11, 202048:35
#018 "Mathematics and Muscles" w/ Damon Whitten and Graeme Smith
Oct 02, 202001:07:34
#017 "Legacy Story" w/Mike Polnik
Sep 26, 202001:03:44
#016 "Environmental Mythology" w/ Mark
Sep 19, 202058:33
#015 "Turning Wrenches" w/Doug McCoy
Sep 13, 202001:25:55
#014 "Elder Knowledge" w/ Joe Shoemaker & Scot Ortlip
Sep 06, 202055:12
#013 "Philosophy's Labrynith" w/ Michael Cooper
Aug 29, 202001:02:05
#012 "The Russian Connection" w/ Avtoritet
Aug 22, 202001:09:42
#011 "Beast Mode Engaged" w/ Joel Blanton
Aug 14, 202001:19:19
#010 "Bold & Adventurous" w/ Nick Lowary
Aug 08, 202048:25
#009 "The Endless Cycle" w/ Jay L
Aug 01, 202048:37
#008 Round Table Discussion 2 "Fathers & Daughters"
Jul 25, 202056:22
#007 "The Christian & the Pagan" w/ Joe Shoemaker & Joseph Smith
Jul 18, 202001:33:57
#006 "Is It All Speculative?" w/ Neovictorian & Graeme Smith
Jul 11, 202058:32
#005 "Rise of the Argonaut" w/ Jayson the Argonaut
Jul 04, 202001:02:55
#004 "Fathers & Sons" hosted by Nathan
Jun 27, 202001:06:58
#003 "Looking to the Future through Peaceful Fatherhood" w/ Anthony Migliorino
Jun 21, 202001:03:42
#002 Sanity & Reality w/ Neovictorian
Jun 13, 202001:21:44
#001 Round Table Discussion 1 - World Decline
Jun 06, 202001:11:60
"Do You Know Your Final Death Song?" by Steel Janz

"Do You Know Your Final Death Song?" by Steel Janz

Do you know what's coming, and more importantly, are you prepared for it?

May 23, 202004:52
"To Him Who is in Fear" by J. M. Shoemaker

"To Him Who is in Fear" by J. M. Shoemaker

A powerful write-up on fear, how it affects us & how to go forth in spite of it.

May 04, 202007:49
"If You Are Miserable, It Is Your Own Fault" by Padre

"If You Are Miserable, It Is Your Own Fault" by Padre

The first in a series of audio blogs from the writers behind Barbarian Rhetoric.
May 02, 202002:52