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Bard on the Plains

Bard on the Plains

By Mike McPeek

A podcast where I tell stories of growing up on a farm on the plains of South Dakota
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Lessons Learned from Barn Cleaning

Bard on the PlainsMar 28, 2021

Hazy Shades of Winter

Hazy Shades of Winter

I start out discussing the long winter we've been having, then reminisce about the last 4th of July and finally talk about my ag teacher who passed away and the impact that he had on my life.

Mar 15, 202318:53
My video Introduction

My video Introduction

I talk a little bit about myself and my podcasts
Mar 11, 202301:57
My Nerdiversary
Oct 31, 202136:56
A Man for All Seasons...(But Mostly Summer)
Sep 24, 202120:44
10-4 Good Buddy
May 02, 202108:47
Lessons Learned from Barn Cleaning
Mar 28, 202110:35
Listen to the Music
Mar 17, 202113:14
Garden of Eatin'
Jan 17, 202113:43
January 1st in the Year of Our Lord is This Year Finally Over 2021
Jan 02, 202115:35
Fall Brings the Fruit of Your Labor
Sep 26, 202008:47
Vote Like Your Freedom Depended On It
Sep 19, 202009:53
Small Town
Sep 05, 202011:40
Baby You Can Drive My Car
Aug 24, 202013:59
Row Row Row Your Boat
Aug 15, 202007:16
Two Flew out of the Cuckoo Nest
Jul 25, 202013:07
Hard Times Make Better People
May 04, 202009:15
All Work and No Play...
Mar 22, 202014:12
I am Captain Chaos
Mar 02, 202009:49
Memories of the Blue and Gold
Feb 26, 202010:00
(Sim) Farm Livin' is the Life for Me
Feb 23, 202009:00
Time Stands Still
Feb 10, 202009:45
Tv Time
Feb 03, 202013:27
View from the Pew
Jan 29, 202018:24
December 29, 2019

December 29, 2019

Dec 29, 201900:47
Baskets and Caskets

Baskets and Caskets

[From Feb. 17,2013} Sometimes working at school at school it's not just things we do for the living. When a funeral is too big for the church they will have them in the high school gym. I have taken part in 3. This is my reflection on those and the things I have learned from them.

Dec 29, 201906:24
Sunset on the Prairie

Sunset on the Prairie

[From Jan. 13,2013] My cousin Bob McPeek tells how he discovered the poems that his Dad wrote during WWII and how he used them to write the song "Sunset on the Prairie". This is a tribute to his dad and to the people who fought in the war. Please check out the song and video.

Dec 29, 201950:40
You Wear It Well

You Wear It Well

[From Dec. 29,2012] I talk to Julie Kuehl, my co-host on the SciTech Talk Podcast, about some of her accomplishments. From martial arts (with swords) to motorcycles to ham radio, we hear stories from her interesting life. We discuss Japan, Dakota weather and travel tips. So grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and have a listen.

Dec 29, 201955:47
Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

[From Dec. 15,2012] In this episode I recall some of my Christmas memories about our country church and my family. From waiting for people to come home to opening presents, this was a special time of year when I was a kid. Please come and listen to my tales of Christmas past.

Dec 29, 201918:01
Moved by the Spirit

Moved by the Spirit

[From Nov. 28,2012] Tina Peterson, a pastor's wife from Clark, South Dakota and a friend of mine, tells me about her trip to Israel. She shares her impressions of the culture and the food, and what it was like to be where Jesus had lived.

Dec 29, 201920:18
Geeks 'R' Us

Geeks 'R' Us

[From Nov. 24,2012] Kevin Allder and I sit down to talk about our early geekery and how we were able to do this while growing up in a rural environment. So break out the Twinkie's (if there are any out there), polish up your slide rules and listen to us trip down memory lane.

Dec 29, 201935:00
Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

[From Nov 4,2012] I shoot the breeze with Summer Hartzfeld about being blind, using computers and using the Linux and OSX operating systems.

Dec 29, 201921:25
Tales of a Farm Boy

Tales of a Farm Boy

[From Oct 28,2012] This time I do something a little different and tell some of my stories about growing up on the farm and the lessons I learned about birth, death and nature.

Dec 29, 201919:52
Domo Arigato

Domo Arigato

[From Oct. 14,2012] Where you are will help to shape the person you become. Whether it is going to another city to have your beliefs challenged or going to another country and being exposed to another way of life, location can be as important as the people you know. Join me as Scott Willsey talks to me about being a foreigner (gaijin) in Japan.

Dec 29, 201937:59
Stranger in Strange Land

Stranger in Strange Land

[From Sept. 29,2012] You live in a small town all your life and you end up seeing things from a certain point of view. That why it is refreshing to have some one new come to town especially if it is someone who has led a different life than you. This is the story of Josh Birrittier, a tattoo artist that moved to the town of Clark. Hear how he got his start, how he ended up here and what he thinks of the place where he lives. 

Dec 29, 201926:25
It's Hard to Watch Your Dreams Die

It's Hard to Watch Your Dreams Die

[From Sept. 2,2012] In this first episode I tell  the story of my rise and fall as a farmer. Coming from a long line of farmers, I had dreams and ambitions  but reality has this habit of doing what it wants. Listen to the podcast and see how my story comes out.

Dec 29, 201916:36