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Discussing Barsoom. New, analysis, speculation and more. Part of the Topic Podcast Network (TPN). Produced by Albert Chessa.
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Episode 1 - The Red Planet

The Barsoom PodcastOct 12, 2021

Episode 1 - The Red Planet

Episode 1 - The Red Planet

‘Mars. The Red Planet. Its true name…is Barsoom.’ 


On the first episode of The Barsoom Podcast, producer Albert Chessa delves into his boundless (and, as the years pass, ever-increasing) kinship with Edgar Rice Burroughs' genre-pioneering work, without which the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Dune, Valerian and even The Lord of the Rings would either never have happened, or become as popular they did, by making liberal use of its source material: concepts, aesthetics and themes that went on to shape our popular culture as as we know it (e.g. Jeddak/Jedi).

With 2012’s underrated masterpiece as our springboard, we’ll examine one minute at a time, exploring a range of related and adjacent subjects and tangents, analysing each frame’s symbolic and formal qualities, and speculating on what Barsoom’s future may hold.

Albert ponders on the sheer weight of responsibility that writer-director Andrew Stanton — a future guest of the show, Issus-willing (along with Michael Giacchino, Lynn Collins, Taylor Kitsch, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Haden Church, Ryan Church, Michael Kutsche, Vance Kovacs and many more) — his crew, and his cast must have felt during development, draws parallels and highlights polarities with the current reception of Dune, and concludes with a preview of the multi-year audiovisual journey that awaits listeners and viewers of the show going forward.

A special thanks to Bill Corso, creator of Barsoom’s intricate traditional cultural patterns and Academy Award-winning makeup designer, for your kind support. We look forward to having you on the show some day soon.

This episode is dedicated to friend-of-the-show Icechewer21 — its Jasoomians like you who are the reason I have faith we’ll all return to Barsoom some day soon. 

The Barsoom Podcast presents: The John Carter Minute — discussing The Mars Saga: John Carter, frame-by-frame.

Oct 12, 202101:02:09