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Most People Don't... But You Do!

Most People Don't... But You Do!

By Bart Berkey

This podcast features conversations with PEOPLE THAT DO! These guests go "above and beyond" in their positions and in their lives. We talk about early influencers and what decisions led to their successes. These amazing individuals share thoughts on KINDNESS, LEADERSHIP, and BALANCE. Hear from a diverse group of ICONS and CELEBRITIES like Horst Schulze (Co-founder- Ritz-Carlton), Kara Goldin (Founder- HINT), Christine Duffy (President- Carnival Cruise Lines), and Claude Silver (Chief Heart Officer- Vayner Media) and other incredible human beings.
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#52 When the Word DIET fooled her, The Undaunted Kara Goldin Found a Solution & FOUNDED HINT (the leading unsweetened flavored water)

Most People Don't... But You Do!Jan 28, 2022

#115 Chip Rogers, Serving the Public to Serving an Industry (President of AHLA- The Association that will Save the World)

#115 Chip Rogers, Serving the Public to Serving an Industry (President of AHLA- The Association that will Save the World)

Today's podcast guest is Chip Rogers, president & CEO of American Hotel & Lodging Association. He holds one of the most influential roles in all of hospitality.

We discuss:

-Reading the newspaper as a young child, looking for the box scores, but inadvertently becoming educated on the world

-His love for broadcasting and communications

-The importance of coaching and using athletics for business lessons

-Serving the public to serving an industry

-Building teams through empowerment and encouragement

Chip Rogers joined the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) as President and CEO in January 2019. AHLA is America’s only national association dedicated to serving the interests of the entire hotel and lodging industry.

In his role as President & CEO, Chip has led the AHLA team and the lodging industry to achieve tangible results for AHLA members. Subsequently, he has received numerous awards and has been recognized as one of the 25 most influential by Business Travel News, as one of the most influential people in Washington D.C. by Washingtonian magazine, Top 50 Most Influential Leaders in Hospitality, USA, and Global by Hospitality Index, a Freedom Award recipient from ECPAT-USA and three times as a top lobbyist by the Hill newspaper.

Under Chip’s leadership, AHLA was named as “100 Associations That Will Save the World” by ASAE, was honored with the White House “Presidential Award for its Pledge to America’s Workers” and was recognized with the PR Week Purpose Awards 2020.

In addition to leading AHLA, Chip is a member of the board of directors for the United States Travel Association, Community Leaders of America, and the California Hotel & Lodging Association. Prior to joining the hospitality industry, Chip served in the Georgia General Assembly. He was elected to office six times and was unanimously elected twice to serve as Senate majority leader.

more about AHLA can be found at:

Nov 29, 202329:20
#114 What's the story with Bart? (As interviewed by a thoughtful friend)

#114 What's the story with Bart? (As interviewed by a thoughtful friend)

Today's podcast guest is.... me?

We turned the tables today. 

We did what “Most People Don’t”. 

My good friend, Doug Baarman, SVP with ConferenceDirect and Founder of Hospitality Lifestyles came up with this idea. 

“Bart, you’re always asking others to share their stories and are promoting them, how about if I interview you as you are growing your business?”


On today’s podcast we discuss:


-My father burying cans of cash and making sacrifices

-Learning kindness and acceptance from my mother

-Dunking in 9th grade with a 38 inch vertical jump

-Penn State Volleyball scholarship and internal drive

-Learning from coaches at an early age on how to inspire and lead with FUN

-Fitting in with Ritz-Carlton (a culture not a cult)

-Doing good and spreading kindness, as people need it now more than ever before  


Thank you Doug Baarman for asking me such relevant questions to enable our listeners to understand me and my intentions better. Grateful!

Nov 21, 202343:47
#113 Map Out Your Life, Not Your Career: Norbert van den Berg (President NW Europe, gategroup)

#113 Map Out Your Life, Not Your Career: Norbert van den Berg (President NW Europe, gategroup)

Today's guest has it figured out. He has a balance. He pursues his passion. He maintains a healthy lifestyle. Family is most important to him. He continues to learn and therefore rises on the corporate ladder. He is amazing.

His name is Norber van den Berg. We had been neighbors years ago and our children were very good friends. Naturally, we also became family friends and explored and adventured Northern Virginia together.

On today's show we discuss:

- Being a global traveler and cultural chameleon, and what he has learned to appreciate the most

- What has encouraged him to stay with the same organization for over 30 years, and how he continues to challenge himself

- Growing up in a family of 12 kids

- Improving himself and focusing on family

More about Norbert:

Norbert van den Berg is a Dutch national, living in Switzerland and is gategroup’s regional President and Managing Director. He has worked with gategroup for the last 30 years, currently leading operations and business entities in North West Europe. Prior to his current role, he worked as Chief Operations Excellence & Compliance Office for gategroup globally. He has a background in Business Science, Business Economics, an MBA in organizational behavior, Masters in International Law and is a lean manufacturing and 6-Sigma practitioner. During his career, he lived in many countries around the globe in continents such as Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America. As a cultural chameleon, he prides himself of his adaptability and appreciation of different cultures while working in a truly global company and industry.

Norbert’s experience in leading large operations in a global aviation and food manufacturing environment, led him to become one of the top leaders in gategroup’s business organization over the past 2 years. He was one of the founding members of the gategroup Operating Model and Operational Excellence standards and programs and uses his expertise to navigate compliance and operations programs through company changes and day-to-day operational challenges. It’s his role and aspiration to develop solid business results, though pragmatic programs and structures that keep an eye out on creating value for Operations and it’s thousands of employees.

His current focus is ensuring solid business results in a very complex European network with many languages and unionized workforce, while in an industry heavily impacted due to Covid. In addition, green field and Merger & Acquisition activities are prominently driven through Norbert’s organization to diversify the company into Food Solutions and make it less reliable on the aviation industry.


gategroup is the global leader in airline catering, retail-on-board and hospitality products and services. We provide passengers with superior culinary and retail experiences, leveraging innovation and advanced technology solutions. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, gategroup delivers operational excellence through the most extensive catering network in the aviation industry, serving more than 700 million passengers annually from over 200 operating units in over 60 countries/territories across all continents. In 2019, gategroup reached CHF 5.0 billion in revenues generated by approximately 43,000 employees worldwide.

Nov 17, 202338:48
#112 More than hard work; The Evolution of a Legendary Leader; David Kong (former CEO, BWH Hotels)

#112 More than hard work; The Evolution of a Legendary Leader; David Kong (former CEO, BWH Hotels)

Today’s podcast guest is David Kong, a legendary leader in hospitality. 

We discuss embracing challenges and figuring things out.

He shares that hard work and dedication is only the entry point for success in any career. 

The aspect of differentiation is key, which aligns with the Most People Don’t Message. 

David had to “figure it out” so many times and had the confidence to know he could and he would. 

Listen to his story, his life lessons, and his evolution into a legendary leader.


 David Kong is the Founder and Principal of DEI Advisors, an Arizona non-profit organization. David retired as President and CEO of Best Western Hotels and Resorts at the end of 2021. He led the company to unprecedented growth, transforming it and expanding its portfolio from one brand to 18 distinct brands in every chain scale segment and achieving successive new records in RevPAR and EBIDA growth. Prior to Best Western, David held leadership positions with KPMG Consulting, Hyatt, Omni and Hilton.


David has received numerous awards and accolades including the Lifetime Achievement Awards from Business Travel News, International Hotel Investment Forum and HSMAI. He was the recipient of the inaugural Arne Sorenson Social Impact Award in 2022. He was also recognized for his innovation by both Hotel Interactive and Guest Lab (Italy) in 2020. GBTA presented him with the WINiT Best Mentor/Male Coach award in 2021. David served as the Chairman of the American Hotel & Lodging Association in 2010 and was appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism Advisory Board for three years.

Nov 10, 202301:03:38
#111 Sales is Hard, He Makes it Easy; An Accessible Sales Celebrity named Matt Easton

#111 Sales is Hard, He Makes it Easy; An Accessible Sales Celebrity named Matt Easton

When he shares advice, I write it down.

When he talks, I take notes.

When he gives examples, I hit "share".

To me and millions of followers and fans, he is of celebrity status! Today's podcast guest is Matt Easton, founder of Easton University.

In a world when everyone is SO BUSY, he is incredibly and willingly ACCESSBILE. I sent him a note and he responded quickly. He gave me his number, so I called him, and he almost immediately called me back.

When I invited him to be my guest, he replied, "I am EXCITED to help you create your BEST episode yet." Even during this interview, he shares his mobile number and encourages people to get to know him. He doesn't want anything or need anything other than to help.

Yes, he is wildly successful. Yes, he is married to a supermodel. Yes, he has a $500K car parked in his garage... BUT what motivates him is HELPING OTHERS. He shares the story of a person that influenced him at a very young age and how he uses that as one of his foundations to teach others. Listen to his remarkable journey and how he is obsessed with and loving his current destination.

More about Matt:

Matt Easton is a catalyst for success in sales, business, and life. Having created sales coaching systems that have revolutionized the way people achieve business results. Through Eaton University and his social media @EastonUniversity, Matt helps people get better in minutes, where normally they had struggled for years. Sales is hard. Matt Easton makes it a whole lot easier, more predictable, less stressful, and more fun. Skip the guesswork, trial-and-error, and never-ending cycle of trying to figure everything out yourself. And instead, grow your sales with a proven step-by-step system for closing the deal. (not hopes and prayers).  

Nov 03, 202301:10:55
#110 From Wall Street to Wellness Entrepreneur; Shizu Okusa of Apothekary

#110 From Wall Street to Wellness Entrepreneur; Shizu Okusa of Apothekary

Today’s podcast guest is Shizu Okusa, Founder & CEO at Apothékary.

She shares her remarkable journey to seek and find joy and happiness through helping others heal.

Growing up was difficult for her as everything about her was different than others her age in Canada. Her name was unique and hard to pronounce. She looked unlike most of her friends.

Shizu has been able to use that “difference” to her advantage and to the benefit of the world, by using those feelings for motivation.

As she describes, she wanted to “redeem herself” against the bullies by being more successful and more ambitious than them.

We discuss:

-The difference between JOY and HAPPINESS

-How the idea to create herbal plant solutions came about

-Why developing a legacy to live beyond 100 years is so critically important to her heritage

More about SHIZU OKUSA:

Shizu Okusa is a Wall Street alum-turned-wellness entrepreneur. After leaving an intense finance career, she became inspired to live a more balanced lifestyle and revisit her Japanese roots and passion for herbal medicine. Shizu started her career on Wall Street, working until 4AM and doing late-night drinks with other coworkers, eventually experiencing severe burnout. “There are a lot of Buddhist traditions where death is at the forefront because when you think about death, you think about how you want to live. I was so focused on work, but not focusing on my eulogy virtues.” So she “traded” her life on Wall Street, for something more creative, starting Drink, a juice brand based in D.C. before eventually creating Apothékary. Shizu set out to help others regain their holistic health using traditions she grew up with and ones she learned along the way. Now, she proudly leads Apothékary in our mission to deliver natural herbal remedies that get to the root cause of health issues rather than masking the symptoms.

Oct 27, 202342:01
#109 A Lioness in the House and a Hyena in the Pool; ROAR AFRICA Founder, Deb Calmeyer

#109 A Lioness in the House and a Hyena in the Pool; ROAR AFRICA Founder, Deb Calmeyer

Today's podcast guest is the extraordinary Deborah Calmeyer.

She is the CEO and Founder of ROAR AFRICA. The company she started in New York in 2006 to answer friends’ and acquaintances’ questions about where to go in Africa and to keep her retired zoologist father in the place he was happiest, the wild, has taken on a life of its own.

We discuss:

-Surviving the 'concrete jungle of New York' after leaving the Bush of Africa

-Finding peace and restoration in the wilderness and exposing others now to these experiences, with convenience and ease

-Moving people (literally and figuratively) from the grind and harshness of daily life to joy and calm of safari

More about ROAR AFRICA: Now an ultra-luxe safari company changing the lives of its guests through learning journeys like Into the Wild with David Whyte, and The Greatest Safari on Earth, amongst others, ROAR AFRICA showcases Deborah’s home continent with sensitivity, pride, and unmatched insider access to extraordinary African experiences.

Twenty years seesawing from North America to Southern Africa and back again, reconciling her past with the present, and sharing Africa with curious minds, has taught Deborah one key truth: that yearning, that umbilical pull toward the stillness and peace of the wild never ceases. It’s embedded in our DNA. And without that primal access to the wild, we experience a profound loneliness of spirit.

ROAR AFRICA has received numerous awards, including Condé Nast’s 2019 - 30 Most Powerful Women in Travel, Travel & Leisure, A-List (2019-2023), Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Specialists (2017-2023), Robb Report’s “Best of the Best” award 2022, and Robb Report’s “Travel Master” 2023.

She has received recognition and awards as one of South Africa’s top 25 entrepreneurs (2015). In 2015 she was invited to speak by Lan Yang in Beijing on the illegal trade of wildlife, a speech viewed by 191 million viewers online.

more at

Oct 20, 202336:58
#108 Insatiable Passion to Make People Better; Jacki Marks (Apple Leisure Group)

#108 Insatiable Passion to Make People Better; Jacki Marks (Apple Leisure Group)

Today's podcast guest is Jacki Marks, Global Head of Trade Brands for Apple Leisure Group.

She has worked in the travel industry for over 25 years and has managed almost all aspects of package travel from the contracting, pricing and building of the vacation product to the marketing, brand strategies and sales and group team relationships.

We discuss:

-Proving that you can work hard, be a great leader, a great wife, and a great mom. It is possible to "have it all" with passion, balance, and dedication to each.

-The travel industry showed her that there was a "world wider than Wisconsin".

-She did not "do" what was "expected of her". She did what hear heart and soul directed her to do... you can't fake passion.

-Her team makes the opportunity to travel convenient.

-Her goal continues to be "bringing out the best in others". She leads not for the titles but for the teachings.

Her focus continues to be on customer value balanced with profitability goals and expectations in order to create lasting experiences.

Oct 07, 202342:30
#107 Emily Cole; Owner of Savannah Bananas- Scripting Fun Not the Sport

#107 Emily Cole; Owner of Savannah Bananas- Scripting Fun Not the Sport

Today's podcast guest is Emily Cole. Since 2015, she owns the Savannah Bananas along with her husband Jesse. They have disrupted the entertainment aspect of baseball to "cause fun" for these fans.

During her career, she found that she was having more fun pursuing baseball/sports related jobs during her 5-10 (5pm to 10 pm) as her 9-5 was not providing the same amount of purpose or passion.

She does what "Most People Don't" because she creates amazing customer experiences with her favorite people. In addition, their company contributes heavily to their community and has recently created the foundation to celebrate the foster care community.

"The Bananas’ 2023 tour involved games stretching from California to Maine, drew more than 550,000 fans, had a ticket waiting list of more than 1 million names, and boosted the team’s TikTok following past 7.6 million — more than doubling last year’s total and larger than MLB’s official feed."

Learn more about Emily, Jesse, and their creation at:

and follow them at @thesavbananas

Sep 29, 202338:56
#106 From Big Bad Boss to Teacher; Disney Alumni Lee Cockerell

#106 From Big Bad Boss to Teacher; Disney Alumni Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell (former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World) shares on today's podcast that he thought he needed to lead with just discipline.

After an employee's health experience, he realized that EMPATHY needed to be included and that there was a kinder way to lead and manage.

Listen to his remarkable rise from an Oklahoma farmer to an Executive Vice President leading 40,000 Cast Members, 20 resort hotels, 4 theme parks, and 2 water parks with Disney.

We discuss very humble beginnings. Not reading a newspaper until the age of 20, lacking confidence, and lacking direction. Hospitality not only provided a career, but a lifestyle and a future.

Lee now shares his leadership strategy of focusing on hiring, training, and treating well the RIGHT PEOPLE for business success. So grateful for his advice to me and to all the listeners that will hear his message.

More about Lee Cockerell:

Lee attended Oklahoma State University for two years before joining in the United States Army.

 Lee’s career includes eight years with Hilton Hotels, seventeen years with Marriott International and sixteen years with The Walt Disney Company. Lee Joined Disney in 1990 as Director of Food and Beverage, Quality Assurance and Vice President of the hotel division for Disneyland Paris.

In 1993 Lee became the Senior Vice President of the hotel division at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida and in 1997 was promoted to Executive Vice President of Operations for all of Walt Disney World Operations, serving in that position for ten years before retiring to start his own business, Lee Cockerell, LLC., a training and development company.

 Lee is author of six books on leadership, management and world class customer service.


Lee and his wife Priscilla reside in Orlando, Florida.  Lee enjoys teaching leadership, management and service excellence seminars, traveling, dining out and most of all spending time with his three grandchildren, Jullian, Margot, and Tristan.

Sep 22, 202338:01
#105 Choices Lead to Chances for Happiness; Donna Quadri-Felitti (Penn State School of Hospitality)

#105 Choices Lead to Chances for Happiness; Donna Quadri-Felitti (Penn State School of Hospitality)

Today's podcast guest is Donna Quadri-Felitti, who heads the School of Hospitality for Penn State University. She is a dear, supportive friend that continues to TEACH me and others not only about our industry, but also about life.

We discuss:

-How education and experiences lead to choices, which then can enable greater happiness.

-How their program sequencing changed to adapt to the needs of their students after the pandemic

-The role of her significant other in her success and work integration

-Being humble and a lifelong learner at the same time

More about Donna:

Donna Quadri-Felitti is the Marvin Ashner Endowed Director of Penn State University’s School of Hospitality Management (HM), one the oldest US. programs awarding B.S., M.P.S, and PhD degrees. Quadri-Felitti earned a Ph.D. in HM from Iowa State, a M.S. in hospitality industry studies, (Hotel Asset Management), and a B.S. in social studies education both from New York University (NYU). Prior to Penn State, Quadri-Felitti served as faculty in NYU Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism and academic chair.

Quadri-Felitti’s industry experience includes working for STR, Horwath Landauer Real Estate Advisors, Loews Hotels, Aramark, and benchmarking startup HotelRevMAX.  As the first faculty president of HSMAI GNY Chapter, she spearheaded the inaugural Special Interest Group and Award in Revenue Management.
Quadri-Felitti’s research involves improving consumer and other stakeholder experiences thought the tourism supply chain from destinations such as wine regions to boutique hotels. Recognized as a HSMAI Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in 2012 and one of “10 to Watch in 2016” by Hotel Business, she was awarded the
Stevenson W. Fletcher Award from the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (ICHRIE) in 2022.

More episodes of the award winning "Most People Don't...But YOU DO! Podcast can be found at:

Sep 15, 202343:09
#104 Alexi Khajavi; A Quest for Connections Fueled by An Indiana Jones Approach

#104 Alexi Khajavi; A Quest for Connections Fueled by An Indiana Jones Approach

Today's podcast guest is Alexi Khajavi, President of Hospitality & Travel for Questex, LLC, a global business intelligence company that informs and connects buyers and sellers across hospitality, travel, healthcare, wellness, and technology.

We discuss:

-How everybody is accountable to someone

-His adventurous nature, study of anthropology, and passion for travel

-That leadership is about how you live your life and how you make decisions

-The people you surround yourself with, regardless of their title, is critically important for your success

-His belief in the importance of conversing directly, openly, and often with customers. "Pick up the phone, hop on a plane".

-The trend of companies using external events for internal culture building

More about Alexi:

He is responsible for the overall management and development of the company’s global hospitality and travel communications properties and events including notable flagship assets like the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) Summit Series, The Bar & Restaurant Expo, Ultra Travel Summit, Luxury Travel Advisor, Hospitality Insights, HOTEC and the Destination Develop investment promotion arm.

Khajavi, who brings more than 20 years of travel, technology, hospitality, media and aviation experience to his position, joined Questex in 2014 as head of Hospitality and Hotel Investment.

Prior to joining Questex, Khajavi was senior vice president, global strategy, for MercuryCSC, a creative agency specializing in the travel industry where he helped design global marketing campaigns for hotel companies, tourism boards and active lifestyle brands. Prior to MercuryCSC, he was one of the founding team members of the travel consortium Nature Group based in Costa Rica and helped lead the airline and hospitality portfolio to be awarded the fastest growing travel company in Central America between 2003 and 2010 and the world’s first carbon neutral airline in 2005.

Khajavi has been a board member and advisor to a number of non-profits and tech companies including the Center for Responsible Travel at Stanford University, The Center for Health and the Global Environment at the Harvard School of Public Health, Sustainable Travel International and KERBspace an early stage startup in the revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging stations for the built environment.

Khajavi holds a B.A from the University of California Santa Cruz, graduating Magna Cum Laude, with distinction and honors.

Sep 05, 202349:01
#103 Back in the Jungle & Crisp Virtues; The Multiple Lives of James McBride

#103 Back in the Jungle & Crisp Virtues; The Multiple Lives of James McBride

Today's podcast guest is James McBride, PARTNER & CEO, NIHI Hotels.

We discuss:

-fundamentals, discipline, and standards

-his mother's mantra of "manners make it"

-how rejection can be your best friend

-embracing simplicity as the core to life

-celebrating local traditions and helping cultures thrive

He is recognized as “One to Watch” by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Bloomberg 50 and awarded Independent Hotelier of the World by Hotels magazine, James McBride is a global hotelier who has led some of the world’s leading hotels during his twenty-five-year professional career.

Known for his limitless creativity, clever marketing techniques, and exceptional hotel experiences, James has raised the bar in the hospitality industry, paving the way for inventive ideas and competitive spirit.


James McBride started his journey globally at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, where he remained for fourteen years. James McBride was then selected to run two of the most preeminent properties in quick succession: In 2002, James became General Manager of The Grosvenor House of London’s Park Lane, and in 2003 he was appointed by Rosewood Hotels as Managing Director of The Carlyle in New York.

James McBride transitioned to hotel entrepreneur in 2012 when he partnered with long-time friend and investor Christopher Burch on the acquisition of the Nihiwatu, a small surf destination on the Indonesian island of Sumba, later on was voted the #1 Hotel in the World for Travel + Leisure magazine’s World’s Best Awards.

James and Chris are enthusiastically planning an expansion of the brand to realize further opportunities grounded in its doctrine, “The Edge Of Wildness™” Soon, the expansion of NIHI Hotels will include the current model of a luxury resort that emphasizes ultimate services and endless experiences with the addition of NIHI Santo Tomas Costa Rica, a 1000-hectare property in Guanacaste characterized by a sense of tranquil seclusion and just a 2,5-hour flight from Miami, NIHI® Santo Tomás features two private beaches and the closest proximity to Costa Rica’s world-famous cult wave Witch’s Rock and NIHI Rote, a stunning escape on a secluded corner of Rote Island in West Timor Indonesia, with 24 thatched pool villas and highly sought-after world-class surfing waves in front of Bo’a beach.


Aug 25, 202352:54
#102 Wine and a Whiteboard; The Ingenuity Behind "Away Together"

#102 Wine and a Whiteboard; The Ingenuity Behind "Away Together"

What do you do on a rainy day on vacation at a resort?

Today's podcast guests created the solution during a tropical storm trip in the Caribbean.

Introducing Melanie Brewer and John Beuchert. An incredibly gifted, creative couple that founded Away Together.

A safer and more secure way for communication (even translated) between guests, within the hotel or venue, and including local service providers.

We discuss:

-What it takes to make that leap toward entrepreneurship

-Why sharing information between travelers enhances their experiences

-Stories of connectivity and connections as a result of their app

Melanie Brewer has spent over 18 years in the Marketing and Public Relations Industry, promoting products, managing people, and winning elections for political candidates. 

John Beuchert has served 25 years in law enforcement field both on the street, in investigations, and in corrections.  John has honed his ability to think quickly, problem solve, and communicate under high stress situations. 

Aug 19, 202335:26
#101 Foraging Forgotten Foods with Rachael West, "Eating the Ozarks"

#101 Foraging Forgotten Foods with Rachael West, "Eating the Ozarks"

Follow her into the forest to find foods that have been forgotten.

Today's guest is the pied piper of foraging. I met her during the Smithsonian's Folk Life Festival this summer when I was immediately drawn toward her personality, passion, and knowledge.

Before grocery stores existed, early settlers would bring seeds of their most resilient food staples from their homelands. 200 years later, many of these plants still exist all around us.

Rachael teaches people how to find and use these plants in the most delicious of ways.

She is not only educating others, but creating communities of celebration with her cooking classes and exclusive "cave dinners".

Listen to this discussion about "weeding and eating" and her philosophy that aligns with sharing and caring not only for people but also for our environment.

Rachael West is the Owner, Lead Instructor and Founder of Eating the Ozarks. She is an Expert Forager, Wild Foods Chef, Certified Herbalist and Author of Wild Foraged an educational culinary cookbook. She's taught wild foods in the Ozarks for the past decade. In addition, she customizes private customer events based on local foraged foods. and

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Team Baarman of ConferenceDirect. They can assist with providing resources to plan and ensure your next successful event. Doug Baarman and his group are excellent, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Aug 11, 202344:04
#100 Brian Gullbrants, COO Wynn North America- "Making It Better for Everyone"

#100 Brian Gullbrants, COO Wynn North America- "Making It Better for Everyone"

Today's podcast guest for EPISODE #100 is Brian Gullbrants.

As a leader, every day his mission is to MAKE IT (the experience) BETTER FOR EVERYONE (employees, guests, stakeholders). This is truly a noble approach but one that Brian executes daily.

We discuss his contributions to his family's restaurant business growing up. His dad convinced him that sweeping up the parking lot was a game called "Disneyland" - similar to the cast members that would use a pan and a broom to keep Disney's streets clean.

We also discuss:

-Remembering his initial learning about the culture of Ritz-Carlton and being called a gentleman for the first time

-His foray into management, working twice as hard for less pay, and loving it

-With his team at Wynn, they are "breaking records and winning awards."

For the past 15+ years, Brian has been writing messages to every employee every day to ensure everyone is walking the talk and living and breathing their values.

He suggests that problems need to be corrected and then "shaken off like an etch-a-sketch" to be fully erased to be able to move on.

More about Brian Gullbrants: He is the Chief Operating Officer - North America for Wynn Resorts, a position he was promoted to at the start of 2023, after serving as the President of Wynn and Encore Las Vegas. In his current role, Brian is responsible for all operations in both Las Vegas and Boston, while supporting all future developments in North America.

Prior to his return to Las Vegas, Mr. Gullbrants was the President of Encore Boston Harbor where he played an integral role in leading the final construction, grand opening, and stabilization of Wynn’s first integrated regional resort on the East Coast.

Before moving to Boston, Mr. Gullbrants served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, which he opened for the Company in 2008; his role expanded to oversight of both Wynn Las Vegas and Encore hotels in May 2011 as Executive Vice President and General Manager.

He led the effort to establish Wynn hotels and spas as the first in Las Vegas to earn Five Star awards from Forbes Travel Guide.

From 1988 to 2008, Mr. Gullbrants held significant leadership positions in operations, general management and corporate management at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. As Vice President of Operations, Mr. Gullbrants was responsible for overseeing all operational disciplines for The Ritz-Carlton Company worldwide.

THIS 100TH EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY: Team Baarman at ConferenceDirect

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Aug 04, 202331:59
#99 Top 5 General Managers in Asia; Mr. Chris Clark

#99 Top 5 General Managers in Asia; Mr. Chris Clark

Today's podcast guest is Mr. Chris Clark, an experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Luxury hospitality industry from pre-opening experience in 16 hotels (3 of his own, 13 as a trainer/task force).

We discuss:

-Challenging himself

-Setting goals and sharing them with his managers

-Finding the right culture fit with luxury and service excellence

-Holding himself accountable

-Facing fears and embracing the unknown

Additionally, he has led the team as the Pre Opening GM for the first JW Marriott in Japan as well as Nara's first Luxury Hotel. It is significant for the JW Brand as Nara was Japan's first ancient capital and has the most World Heritage Sites in Japan.

The first and only JW Marriott in the world to Achieve Forbes Four Stars.

Travel and leisure named Chris "The Top 5 GM’s in Japan" by their guest survey.

Jul 28, 202341:07
#98 The Heroics of Captain Behnam and Saving 381 Lives

#98 The Heroics of Captain Behnam and Saving 381 Lives

Today's podcast guest is a true hero. His name is Captain Christopher Behnam.

"On a fateful day in 2018, Captain Behnam was flying a 777 to Honolulu when it suffered catastrophic engine failure. Were it not for his amazing skills, the plane would easily have been lost."

Listen to his story of resilience, training, and discipline on this episode. It will enhance you life.

We discuss:

-At age 9 he knew he wanted to fly airplanes for a living

-He created an airplane simulator as a child with broom sticks, shoe boxes and a poster of a plane

-How someone made him promise to "make something of yourself" and to "become a force for good".

-Learning resiliency from his father who was a political prisoner

-Visualizing and professing as young student, "one day I will be a pilot and I will be going out of that gate bound for Honolulu"

-"The only way I can explain it is imagine an 18 wheeler going over railway tracks, railroad tracks at 200 miles an hour with no, with absolutely no shock absorbers."

-How his entire life's training in science, physics, martial arts, meditation, and discipline prepared him for that fateful moment

-Now Captain Behnam chooses to help others and live life without the afterburners on, enjoying the current speed of whatever comes his way

His first book will be released soon and details can be found on his social media channels. @CaptainBehnamOfficial

Jul 21, 202301:17:45
#97 Pocono Raceway President Ben May; Enabling 100K+ Experiences

#97 Pocono Raceway President Ben May; Enabling 100K+ Experiences

Today's podcast guest is Ben May, President of Pocono Raceway, one of the most celebrated and iconic tracks in the United States.

We discuss:

-The value of connections. His college freshman friend happened to be part of the family that started the raceway over 50 years ago.

-The importance of leaders to be available, honest, and authentic. There is no excuse to hide behind a keyboard.

-Adding humanity to the FUN business of experiences

-Empowering employees to fill gaps by finding needs and contributing their talents

-Controlling what you can control in your environment. The team at Pocono Raceway can't control what happens from race to race, from weekend to weekend. They can't control the competition, the drivers, or the sponsors. However, they CAN CONTROL how they make their race fans feel.

-Their goals is to offer an escape, to add to someone's quality of life for a weekend, and to enable attendees to create exceptional memories by having fun.

-While Ben states, "we are pretty good at it" as indicative by the full grandstands and in field, he'd like you to experience it first hand.

July 21-23, 2023 NASCAR Returns to Pocono Raceway

Jul 14, 202336:33
#96 Iconic Primanti Bros of Pittsburgh and their Idealized Leader, CEO Adam Golomb

#96 Iconic Primanti Bros of Pittsburgh and their Idealized Leader, CEO Adam Golomb

Today's podcast guest is Adam Golomb, the Chief Executive Officer of Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar.  He was named CEO, of the iconic restaurant chain, in January 2023.  Prior to being named CEO Adam served as Primanti Bros President and Chief Marketing Officer.

We discuss:

-The importance of "people before profits"

-Not looking at "what it would take to put our company out of business" but rather "how we can anticipate the future and remain successful over the competition".

-Using data to improve and drive better business results

-Enriching established culture with your own perspectives and contributions

-Enabling employees to use their own style for service without giving them a script

-Empowering team members to run with their "D- Decision"- allowing them to use their own judgement to decide without always needing to seek approval from managers/leaders

Adam shares that he had a competitive nature, influenced by growing up in Pittsburgh and having an older brother. He always had a drive to achieve and set the direction. He initially thought of pursuing entrepreneurship but ended up working for established companies. Adam's leadership roles in his fraternity and his ability to take control of situations from a young age helped shape his career. He acknowledges that sometimes his fast pace and vision for the future can make it challenging for others to keep up. The host highlights Adam's proactive nature and his willingness to step up to fulfill needs in various organizations, such as implementing technology in older companies. Adam was born into Primanti fandom. He grew up eating the iconic French-fry topped sandwiches with his dad – an honor he now shares with his three daughters.


With a background in strategic leadership in both the restaurant and grocery industries – Adam is responsible for driving Primanti’s growth strategy.


Prior to joining Primanti Bros Adam was with Giant Eagle, a $10b grocery and convenience retailer, in various marketing and product development roles including mostly recently running their $1 billion gift card marketplace.  Prior to joining Giant Eagle, he worked for Eat’n Park Hospitality Group in various marketing and e-commerce roles including being responsible for launching


He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University and a Master’s Degree from Pennsylvania State University. 


Adam was awarded the American Marketing Association retail marketer of the year and most recently was recognized by Nation’s Restaurant News as one of the most influential restaurant executives in the United States. 

More on Primanti Bros can be found at

This episode is proudly sponsored by AWAY TOGETHER. Experiencing Better Experiences.

A guest's experience is tied to their expectations. Away Together provides a customizable communication based platform that is a perfect marriage of the two.

"In 2018, on a very much needed trip to the Caribbean, we found ourselves in the midst of a tropical storm. It was during that storm, that Away Together was created. We soon realized that there was no platform that allowed for safe communication between all of the interesting people we met on the trip. Away Together was born."

Jul 07, 202331:16
#95 Music Is The Way Emotions Sound; Award Winning Writer and Performer Brian James

#95 Music Is The Way Emotions Sound; Award Winning Writer and Performer Brian James

Today's podcast guest is Brian James. I met Brian on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest where he was performing at the same venue where I was speaking. Immediately I senses his passion as "passerbys" were attracted to his talents and immediately became "stopper-ins."

(Enjoy a sample of his music during the intro and exit of this interview)

Born and raised on a farm in the small logging community of Montesano, WA, Brian is at home on the stage where his larger than life personality comes out with witty commentary and raw energy.

Brian penned songs for several TV, film, and commercial projects and for artists such as Taylor Hicks and Highroad Three. Brian's Music Received a CCMA nomination for Single of the Year. His song "Angel at the Crossroads" was nominated for Gospel Single of the Year.

Today Brian continues to write music for several projects and performs regularly as a solo artist with his three piece band and is currently touring the PNW region. His previous band Brian James and the Great Unknown released their album Journey of a Thousand Miles in September of 2019 and won⁠ Inside music cast album of the year⁠.

We discuss:

-Trying to understand how to best speak with people

-Why music is a beautiful universal language

-When you’re sad, you hear the melody, when you’re happy you hear the lyrics

The excitement of performing: "When you're confident about your ability and once you get to that place, Then all that's left is the enjoyment of it. All that's left is the, the pure, unfiltered excitement that you feel, and you, you want to share that excitement with other people because some people might not see it unless you do."

"When I hear 'em say it can't be done, why even try? They define their own limits, but they don't define mine."

 "Because what I hear when people say, you can't do that, that's impossible. You're incapable of it. What I'm hearing them say is, I can't do that. That's impossible for me. And I can't imagine how you could do that. But if you in your own head can see the vision, you can see the, the, the, the dream in reality, and you can see a path to achieving it."

Listen to his music and find out more about him here:

Jun 09, 202356:10
#94 Super Intentional or Partly Serendipitous? The Success Story of Daniella Landau

#94 Super Intentional or Partly Serendipitous? The Success Story of Daniella Landau

Daniella is the Co-Founder and Principal of HLP&R Advocacy. In my simplistic terms, she helps organizations interpret and maneuver around government regulations and public policy to help them achieve their business goals.

She became a "director of media" without any media experience. She was offered many opportunities because her friends said "you'd be great in this role." And she said "yes", more often than "no" to learn new things.

She exudes intellectual curiosity and believes in the power of helping others.

We discuss:

-Working on Presidential Campaigns

-The influence of friends that believe in you more than you may believe in yourself

-Figuring out trade agreements

-Government relations

-And creating her job of a lifetime

Daniella believes in karma and uses her resources wisely. She advises listeners to be curious, to learn, and don't worry if you don't have a map for a plan of attack. If you're doing the right things and you're enjoying the journey, its naturally going to take you where you want to go.

For more information on Daniella and her firm, please visit:

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by AWAY TOGETHER.

Away Together is a mobile application available for download to any device.  The mission of Away Together is to enhance the guest experience through advanced, focused, and efficient communication.  The app uses geo-fences and accommodation identifiers to add additional layers of privacy and security.  Accommodations have the capability to display and promote all that the location has to offer. This one-way communication method reduces calls to the front desk and frees staff to experience a more effective and streamlined workflow.  This capability can also allow a facility to address most issues before they are experienced and potentially turning a two-star moment into a four-star review.

Away Together also allows the guest to experience the greater location through the eyes of a local. 

Visit them at:

Jun 02, 202342:05
#93 Penn State's Maggie Mace; Gymnastic Student Athlete Tips for Teamwork, Balance, and Success

#93 Penn State's Maggie Mace; Gymnastic Student Athlete Tips for Teamwork, Balance, and Success

Most People Don't... start practicing their sport at the age of 3.

Most People Don't... earn a scholarship to compete in their passion.

Most People Don't... embrace humility and teamwork to find success.

Maggie Mace has done these things and more. As a student at Penn State's School of Hospitality, and as my former Social Media Intern, she continues to overcome obstacles and find ways to earn happiness as an individual and for her team.

We discuss;

-the role of mentors/coaches

-when others see talent in you that you hadn't discovered

-dealing with injuries and focusing on others

-staying positive

-absorbing all there is to learn, proactive communication, and curiosity

Maggie's LinkedIn profile can be accessed here: (6) Maggie Mace | LinkedIn More episodes can be found here:

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May 06, 202337:05
#92 Powerful, Successful, and Most Importantly...KIND; Chair Phyllis J. Randall

#92 Powerful, Successful, and Most Importantly...KIND; Chair Phyllis J. Randall

Today's podcast guest is Chair Phyllis Randall. She is making history and remembering history.

We discuss:

-Talking about things that are important, but not always popular

-The importance of how we treat people

-Giving back, serving, and making things better

-The traits of great leaders (admitting to what you don't know AND admitting to what you do know)

-Never making people feel “less than” even during difficult conversations


She is the first woman of color in Virginia's history to be elected chair of a county board (2015 and reelected in 2019, in the role of Chair At-Large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors).

In June of 2018, Chair Randall was selected as one of only twenty-five women in the country to be included in the 2019 class of Governing Magazine’s Women in Government Leadership Program. In addition, in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, the citizens of Loudoun County voted Chair Randall Favorite Public Official, an honor which she is most humbled by and proud of.  By profession, Chair Randall is a mental health therapist, with substance dependence as her emphasis area. She has worked with justice-involved populations, both in and out of incarcerated settings, a career she has enjoyed for over 20 years.

She and her husband Thaddeus (T.W.) have lived in Loudoun since 1993, and are the proud parents of two adult sons, Ashon and Aaron.

More about Chair Phyllis J. Randall here: Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis J. Randall | Loudoun County, VA - Official Website The "Most People Don't...But YOU DO!" Podcast has been recognized at the TOP 15% MOST SHARED PODCAST GLOBALLY.

More episodes can be found here:

This podcast is brought to you by Cozy Faux ( If you're looking for the softest and most comfortable faux fur blankets, look no further than Cozy Faux. They're dedicated to providing top-quality products in beautiful packages, making you the star of gift-giving or the recipient of true gratitude.

Cozy Faux offers a wide range of products, including robes, scarves, throws, baby blankets, and pet blankets, in addition to their signature blankets. These Cozy Faux Throws have been handmade using the finest luxurious faux fur since 2007, and each one is proudly made in the USA.

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Apr 21, 202332:05
#91 Eric Roseman, Chief Revenue Officer of Xeal- Using the Chip on his Shoulder for Motivation and Excellence

#91 Eric Roseman, Chief Revenue Officer of Xeal- Using the Chip on his Shoulder for Motivation and Excellence

Today's guest is Eric Roseman, the Chief Revenue Officer of ⁠Xeal⁠, a technology first electric vehicle charging company focused on supplying EV charging for the commercial real estate sector.

We talk about the power of Penn State, proving others wrong while being right, capturing weekly positive and negative accomplishments, and the importance of journaling and meditation.

He shares: "you've only got one choice. You can either be better than yesterday, you can be worse than yesterday, or you can stay the same. What's it gonna be? And it's just like, what are you gonna do today that made you better than yesterday?"

Like every single day you're racing against the person you are yesterday. So that's just how I've always been. I've just looked at every single day as like, you've got a chance to beat yourself from yesterday. Are you gonna be better or worse?

Eric spent nearly a decade at industry leader CBRE overseeing technology on the west coast and then Lincoln Property Company where he built out their technology investment division, LPC Ventures, before joining the Xeal team to grow their real estate relationships. He's primarily focused on bridging the technology gap for real estate owners and ensuring the future proof for the future of electrification. 

In addition he shares:

-I journal most days and even built a software platform that analyzes your journal entries - 

-As a sales leader I'm in the trenches super super deep on every deal vs. staying in the ivory tower. I don't believe in making high level decisions without living the job of the sales rep myself 

-I do a Sunday night (+ / - / > ) which is my lookback on what went well, what did not, and what I need to accomplish the next week

-I straddle two worlds, I can speak real estate fluently and -I can speak technology and so I'm viewed as that bridge where our clients feel like they're talking to a real estate expert even though I'm carrying the EV charging product line. My sales tactic is to be the chameleon in the room. 


Connect with him here:

Apr 04, 202339:50
#90 David Goldstone (Chief Sales Officer of World Cinema); Leading with Empathy & Selling with Service
Mar 24, 202342:07
#88 Mark Carrier, President of B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group

#88 Mark Carrier, President of B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group

Mark G. Carrier is a senior officer of B.F. Saul Company; the privately held diversified real estate and finance concern based in the Washington, DC area.  The hospitality group owns and operates a portfolio of business class hotels which are affiliated with Intercontinental Hotels Group, Marriott, Hilton, and The Hay-Adams.

Carrier is the past Chairman of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the nation's advocacy organization for the hotel industry.  He is also past Chairman of the IHG Owners Association, the global franchise owners association of Intercontinental Hotels Group. He was also names Virginia Hotelier of the Year by the Virginia Hotel and Travel Association. 

We discuss leadership, focus, and doing the right thing.  

He found an organization that supported his personal values and he continues to shine with them.

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Recruit Me App- helping individuals place themselves in the driver seat of their careers.  This app takes an authentic "this is me" approach similar to current dating apps that allow candidates to show their true self to find best career matches.  Available on Apples AppStore and on Google Play. 

Mar 17, 202338:46
#87 "You'll Never be in Sales" and "I was Never Right"- Meg Fasy, Founder of FazeFWD & eventsGIG

#87 "You'll Never be in Sales" and "I was Never Right"- Meg Fasy, Founder of FazeFWD & eventsGIG

When I first met Meg, she was in catering in Washington, DC.  We worked at the same hotel when I was in room sales.  A senior leader at one point told her "you'll never be in sales."  She used that objection and obstacle to prove to herself that she was quite capable of DOING WHATEVER SHE DESIRED.  

Growing up in Philadelphia, she was the youngest of 7 children and was forced to be "independent".  She also had to hear from her older brothers and sisters that she was consistently "wrong"!  (In a loving way!)

From Vice President of Sales with MPI, to PSAV, to Bellagio- she shined in sales and as a sales leader.

Fast forward, Meg created two companies to solve problems in the meetings and events industry:

"eventsGIG, is the online talent marketplace for the event marketing industry to find and post jobs. eventsGIG connects organizations to top freelance experts for anything you need to execute a live, virtual, or hybrid event.

FazeFWD, Sponsorship Marketing
With FazeFWD’s unique approach, deep insight and stunning creative; marketers, organizers, attendees realize greater returns on their event investments.
FazeFWD offers Prospectus Development, Pipeline Development and Sales service to ensure maximum sponsorship ROI."

Connect with her here:

More podcasts and motivational messages here:

Mar 10, 202336:02
#89 "Influential" not "An Influencer" - Jannes Werner, A 23 Year Old (Soul)

#89 "Influential" not "An Influencer" - Jannes Werner, A 23 Year Old (Soul)

Meet Jannes, slated to become a soccer superstar after 21 years of rigorous training (starting at age 2), who had to make a decision on how to react when he was forced to stop playing the game.  He moved to Rhode Island from Berlin, Germany because of the game.  Without a support system, he quickly had to learn how to communicate, how to learn, and how to adapt to life in the United States.  

He shares his perspective on "failure" and how he stopped feeling sad by reading and resources.

His mature approach to move forward and to "strategize, educate, and execute" has enabled him to become a social media "influential" person with over 130K followers on Instagram.  Jannes is now dedicated to pursuing his passion to encourage others to "live an active lifestyle" with only good intentions.  So many great lessons at such a young age.  The future is bright for Jannes Werner. 

Mar 03, 202334:06
#86 If You're Happy and You Know It... Mr. Fisher Life Lessons

#86 If You're Happy and You Know It... Mr. Fisher Life Lessons

Today's podcast guest is Stephen Fisher.  A remarkable gentleman whose talents have included running and owning multi-million dollar companies.  From Army veteran, to Sales Executive, to Entrepreneur, to School Teacher... He has seen and experienced so much.  

As a traveling sales leader, he would collect hotel keys and now has them proudly displayed in his art creation hanging them in the shape of the United States.  When I initially saw his collection of thousands... I was sad.  How could a person be away from family so much and still be successful personally and professionally.  He found balance and energy in his two girls when he would come home.  They would cook, clean, and do projects together.  Not unlike his responsibilities as a kid growing up in Pittsburgh and helping to operate his family's store. 

He now shares his life experiences with his children, son-in-laws, grandchildren, and now you.

He is always positive despite any obstacles.

He celebrates family.

He embraces challenges.

He is HAPPY and HE KNOWS IT... and more importantly, HE IS NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT.

These hands are clapping today for Mr. Fisher.

Feb 24, 202351:45
#85 Deserving to Blush; The Humble Leadership of Chris Flatt (EVP, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore)

#85 Deserving to Blush; The Humble Leadership of Chris Flatt (EVP, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore)

Before our first introduction, I was nervous to meet Chris Flatt.  I was intimidated not only by her title (Executive Vice President) but also by her responsibilities (proving 4700 hotel guest rooms in Las Vegas) and the brand she represented (Wynn).  She immediately disarmed me and could not have been more kind, gracious, and caring.  This are just a few of the reasons why she has RISEN TO BE ONE OF THE PREMIER SALES LEADERS IN THE COUNTRY.

When I had the pleasure to present to her teams in Las Vegas, her specialness shined even more.  There was such mutual respect.  She did not approach things with a "my way or the highway" attitude.  

As soon as this interview went live on LinkedIn, I was bombarded by "Chris is the best leader I ever worked for."  "She is the reason why I'm in hospitality".  "She sets an incredible example for female professionals." 

So grateful to know her and for all of her contributions to help mentor and lead others.

Chris Flatt currently holds the position of Executive Vice President of Hotel Sales and Marketing at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore.  In her role, she is responsible for all hotel sales and marketing efforts including meetings, conventions, leisure, hotel marketing and weddings.

Connect with her on LinkedIn here:

View more on her resorts:

Check out additional podcasts featuring individuals that "do" what "Most People Don't" here:


Feb 17, 202330:08
#84 Leadership is NOT Telling People What to do... Fred Huther of HEARD Global

#84 Leadership is NOT Telling People What to do... Fred Huther of HEARD Global

J Fred Huther, Chief Sales Officer for Heard Global, doesn't need to be the star of the show.  He doesn't need to have the final word on anything.

His focus is to get the best out of his team all while improving himself because of the people he surrounds himself with.

Find out what he was dreaming about in middle school and if it became reality.

Listen to his approach to SELLING and LEADERSHIP.

More about Fred:

A proud Penn Stater, Fred has years of successful experience as an entrepreneur and as a corporate leader in multiple industries. His work in the event management space is extensive. He brings a wealth of knowledge that augments the work of the legacy organization at Heard which has helped to create a true International Events Brand across the full range of the events industry by connecting the company’s multiple vertical capabilities.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Fred has traveled the world and has lived and worked in multiple regions and cities. He is married with 3 children and currently splits his time between Southern California and Denver.

Feb 10, 202329:27
#83 Creation for the Craft of Business - Michelle DeKeyrel, Founder of Eutemia

#83 Creation for the Craft of Business - Michelle DeKeyrel, Founder of Eutemia

Today's podcast guest is Michelle DeKeyrel, the Founder of Eutemia,  a small consulting firm dedicated to transforming healthcare..  

We discuss:

Getting more stickers than everyone else.

Seeking external approval from EVERYBODY.

Played the game and got promoted.  Played the game and got promoted.  Played the game and got promoted.

Started and CREATED a new company. 

A recovering PEOPLE PLEASER.

Working hard, achieve, and make others feel COMFORTABLE.

Listen and learn from one of the most disciplined and organized professionals that I know.  

More information on Michelle can be found on LinkedIn ( and her company's website:

This podcast has been recognized as the TOP 15% MOST SHARED PODCASTS IN THE WORLD.

Feb 02, 202336:53
#82 Catarina Matias- The Youngest Entrepreneur I Know; Founder of The Bite Company and Recruit Me

#82 Catarina Matias- The Youngest Entrepreneur I Know; Founder of The Bite Company and Recruit Me

Today's podcast guest is Catarina Matias.  We met about 9 years ago when I was presenting to her Penn State Hospitality class.

She came up and introduced herself after. 

She sent a handwritten follow up note to thank me.

She connected on LinkedIn almost immediately.

She remained in touch via e-mail.

In December, I received a holiday card from a New Jersey address that I didn't recognize.  It was from Catarina sending me good wishes and sharing her amazing news on her two companies.

Since then, I felt it was imperative to interview her for this podcast.  I am careful not to reference her age, but she is the YOUNGEST ENTREPRENEUR with TWO SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES that I know.  Driven, driven, driven.



RECRUIT ME: Changing How People Find Jobs

Catarina is a proud Pennsylvania State University Alumni, where she received her BS in Hospitality Management and a Minor in Business.  Her tenure with the hospitality industry started with Hershey Entertainment, and most recently continued with Hotels Unlimited.  She oversaw daily operations for each of the hotels in their portfolio, including a combination of full and select service properties with brands such as Marriott, Hilton and IHG.  Additionally, she was responsible for the devising of new business strategies, including recruitment, hiring, training, mentoring and development of all property level management personnel, and was involved in corporate compliance and budgetary reviews.  A member of the International Society of Business Leaders, in 2019 Catarina was chosen as one of Hotel Management’s 30 Under 30 top rising stars in the hotel industry.  In January of 2020, Catarina founded The Bite Company, a curated healthier snacking alternative with multiple options to help anyone snack a little healthier.  Most recently, the creation of an app called Recruit Me has been her newest venture.  An app designed to put anyone in the driver seat of their own hiring process and connect the right people with the right companies; much like a dating app for your career.  A respected voice in the hospitality industry, Catarina exudes all the qualities of a polished professional.

Jan 27, 202337:34
#81 Christine Marzano- Runway Model, Actress, CEO; Tired of Waiting on Others

#81 Christine Marzano- Runway Model, Actress, CEO; Tired of Waiting on Others

Today's podcast guest is Christine Marzano.  She is an extremely intelligent professional who is now creating her own future through the creation of BODS, a company dedicated to transforming fashion e-commerce through artificial intelligence and gaming technology.

An enthusiast for acting and the theater, she made the move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles to pursue the film industry.  Christine quickly had to find ways to deal with rejection of auditions that, in her words, didn't crush her.  

She became more resilient all while adapting to the factors that she didn't have control over... the next movie, TV show, modeling opportunity.  She became tired of waiting and CREATED HER OWN INCREDIBLE FUTURE. 

in Los Angeles, her career then exposed her to gaming and voiceover work.  She became fascinated by this space and started to pursue learning more about this type of technology.  Her creation (BODS) is now the bridge between fashion and technology, which allows shoppers to buy clothes with confidence knowing that "fit is not about size".  

She is using her years of experience in the fashion world (including 15 years as a runway and fit model for Dior, Saint Lauren, Balmain, and Gucci) entertainment, and technology space to now lead a world-class team of AI and computer graphics engineers, 3D artists, and technical fashion designers to pioneer the communication between deep tech and high fashion. A remarkable story that needs to be shared!

More can be found at:

Instagram:  and

Additional Most People Don't...But YOU DO! Podcasts can be heard here:

Jan 19, 202345:39
"See you tomorrow right?" - From Fear of Dying to Fearless (Bart's Personal Journey)

"See you tomorrow right?" - From Fear of Dying to Fearless (Bart's Personal Journey)

Grateful to Robin McKenna and her generosity to share stories like mine.  More of her podcasts can be found here:

She describes this episode as:  "Here A seemingly ordinary childhood sports accident left Bart Berkey with decades long anxiety and fear. In this episode Bart shares what he endured for way too long, the turning point that released his fear and anxiety, and how he is moving forward."

Everyone has something.  You just might not know what they are carrying heavy (in their hearts on on their minds).  Be open, share, ask questions, and realize that we all can help each other by sharing our vulnerability and knowing that we are not alone. 

Jan 05, 202332:05
#79 Direct while Kind; Creating Loyalty with HEART Leadership - Theresa Treat, Humanity Resources Exemplified

#79 Direct while Kind; Creating Loyalty with HEART Leadership - Theresa Treat, Humanity Resources Exemplified

Today's podcast guest is Theresa Treat, the Vice President of People Services for Ben Bridge Jeweler of Seattle. 

She is one of the greatest leaders that I know who is self-aware, appreciative of others, and can be kind while being direct.  

We discuss:

Being independent.

Taking initiative.

Exerting quiet influence.

Making a positive impact on the business while focused on impacting the employees. 

Not wanting to be anyone else than who she is.  

How having heart helps her translate the business piece with her employees. 

She shared as a middle schooler, "I want to take "shop class" during my free period.  I don't want to learn how to sew pants and I'll figure out how to cook on my own."  

Suggestions for other leaders:

-listen patiently

-set expectations for calls and HR related conversations

-you can still be a really good human being and share great news and you can still really be a really good human being and share horrible news.

More about Ben Bridge and the culture it has created:

"With over 100 years of experience, Ben Bridge has a unique history and heritage that no other jeweler can claim. Our heritage isn’t just a nice story to tell. It’s what makes us credible. We have cultivated a culture of learning throughout every department—to provide a level of service unparalleled within our industry.

The company is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and is managed by the Bridge family including CEO, Ed Bridge, and Lisa Bridge, President, COO. We have over 90 retail stores across 11 states as well as in Canada. This includes 30 PANDORA stores owned and operated by Ben Bridge ."

Dec 21, 202256:21
Two teachers, One Lesson; Her Grandmother and Zig Ziglar - Sue Falcone, Founder of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau

Two teachers, One Lesson; Her Grandmother and Zig Ziglar - Sue Falcone, Founder of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau

Today's podcast guest is Sue Falcone.  She is a giving person that was taught at a young age, the MORE THAT YOU GIVE TO OTHERS, THE MORE YOU WILL RECEIVE IN RETURN.  Her major influencers were her 98 year old Cherokee Indian Grandmother and Zig Ziglar, among others.  "You can be anything you want to be."  And she accepted the advice and flourished!

She took time out years ago to find herself and thus has become her "better and true self".

In addition to being an author and professional speaker, she has created Remarkable!  A Speakers Bureau to help organizations find tremendous speakers and trainers.   

Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau was founded by Award-winning, CEO- Sue Falcone. As a former AT&T Corporate Executive who hired speakers and trainers, to being a professional speaker and author being hired, and now creating a distinctive and unique speakers bureau representing talent for hire; Sue has gained the experience and expertise needed to give a full-service experience. Sue resides in Greensboro, NC,  and is married to Carmen Falcone, who is the CFO of her company, and together they have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. She loves Zumba, walking, dancing, music, and reading.

More information on her company can be found at 

Dec 16, 202240:46
#77 Creating in the Language of Humanity; Brett Lesher with STAFF Fellowship

#77 Creating in the Language of Humanity; Brett Lesher with STAFF Fellowship

Today's podcast guest is Brett Lesher.  A remarkable human being that is solely focused on "enhancing the school year for employees" by encouraging them to SHOW UP and find hope together in relationships.

He pursues people and leads with relationships without any hidden agendas.  He is authentic and real.

Brett meets individuals for "where they are" and "who they are".  They don't need to be anyone but themselves for him to engage.  When teachers put their heart and soul into their students, they may arrive early when it is dark and leave the building at night.  STAFF Fellowship brings sunshine to their day and creates opportunities for teachers and employees to gather, support one another, and learn. 


About Brett:

"I am passionate about the culture of education, and all who are connected. After graduating from Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville VA, I earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Liberty University and a master’s in educational counseling from Lynchburg College. During my career as a counselor within Loudoun County Public Schools, I formed relationships with other staff members and launched faculty Bible studies with those eager to read the Gospel aloud and pray for the specific needs impacting their campuses. Over time, I recognized that many faculty around the county were eager to connect in similar ways, and as a result, I took a leap of faith to leave my full-time position to create STAFF Fellowship Inc."

Dec 01, 202240:56
#76 What We All Can Learn from a Professional Actress (thank you Isabel Pollen)

#76 What We All Can Learn from a Professional Actress (thank you Isabel Pollen)

A focused ray of light that has been put on earth to help others communicate better and more effectively by using the skills learned as a professional actress.  This description is for today's podcast guest, Isabel Pollen.

I initially met her through a mutual friend and was drawn to her ability to take initiative and speak so effortlessly. 

With the combination of 26 years as a Professional Actress on stage and screen, and almost 13 years as a Professional Coach working around the globe across multiple industries, Isabel is uniquely positioned to facilitate the practice of confidence and connection with our audience and each other.

Isabel obtained a scholarship to attend RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) gaining a three-year Acting Diploma, and has worked extensively in the West End, Broadway. This includes her recent role as the lead in Emma Rice’s ‘Brief Encounter’ on the Haymarket and UK tour. Her work also includes TV, Commercial, Independent Film and BBC productions in this country as well as overseas.
Isabel was nominated for the prestigious ‘Carlton Hobbs’ award whilst at RADA and she continues to do regular voice over work.
Isabel is also the founder of her own work ‘Isabel Pollen’, as well as working with consultancies such as Fieri Leadership and Dark Swan.

Isabel’s clients include Wagamama, Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Group, Mizuho Bank, Smart Tech, Wipro, Hertfordshire University, Mitsubishi UFJ, Partners Group and Cote as well as numerous others.

Her work includes designing and delivering Leadership Development, Communication and Presentation trainings for 1:1 C-suite/exec clients, through to graduate level and teenagers.

Isabel uses performance and coaching techniques and to support and amplify physical, psychological, and emotional awareness.

When not delivering coaching or performing, Isabel is the mother of Jemima (6 years old) and step mum to 17-year-old Ben.

One of Isabel’s favourite quotes is from Dolly Parton:
‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose’.

More about Isabel can be found at

Nov 17, 202250:10
#75 Jim Lippens - The USE of Abuse to Protect Others

#75 Jim Lippens - The USE of Abuse to Protect Others

Today's podcast guest, Jim Lippens, is a remarkable being.  You must listen to his entire story.

What he does represents who he is... he helps and protects others. He even created a conference (HAPPINESS@WORK) to show belief in people at work.  He SAVES others.  He has a deep purpose.  

He shares on this interview, his rough childhood and the physical abuse that he suffered for 7 years from his father.  He was PROTECTING his mother and his brother from the age of 6 to 13.  By intervening his father stated, "I will remember what you did every day" and proceeded with the beatings for years.  Eventually he became immune to the physical abuse and became stronger.  He used the abuse for his growth and decided not to be a victim.

Jim joined a gang and remained with them for 20 years.  This is when he learned love and loyalty, something that he didn't receive from his father. 

Today, he stands up and encourages others not to allow others to abuse their power, position, or strength over anyone.

Jim is the Founder and Owner of 7G and the creator of the 4D Lean model. 

His purpose now:

"By 2035, I want to help 10 million people find their way to success, balance, happiness and themselves. I believe in everyone's infinite potential and endless possibilities. As a ‘Human Potential Expert’ I help organizations and people to become the best version of themselves. I am the inventor of the 4D Lean model and the accompanying 4D Lean Scan. For more than 20 years in various sectors (including 5 years as a plant manager) I figured out all secrets of Lean management. I brought the 'Harada method' to the Benelux, and started to focus more and more on personal leadership, employee engagement and sustainable employability."

His work is BRILLIANT and is shared more deeply on his website:



The Scan is based on the "4D Lean model", an awareness model that simplifies communication and offers insight into your status as an individual or organization. In the different stages of the model, organizations evolve from 0/1D (status quo/control) towards involvement (2D), connection (3D) and finally purpose (4D/+).

Nov 03, 202201:06:11
#74 Molly Clark - Everyone Deserves To Feel JOY At Work
Oct 25, 202253:01
#73 Rachel Druckenmiller- "Sliding Door Moments; Moving from Wellness to Wellbeing"

#73 Rachel Druckenmiller- "Sliding Door Moments; Moving from Wellness to Wellbeing"

Today's podcast guest is Rachel Druckenmiller.  She describes herself as a "keynote speaker who sings".  She is delightfully engaging and viciously authentic.  Immediately you will adore her.

Rachel is the founder of UNMUTED (, in which she delivers messages to energize and engage workforces.   

We discuss:

-The value of education

-The influence of entrepreneur parents

-Living in Europe and making decisions

-Being a curious observer

and other lovely stories.

As the CEO of UNMUTED, a training and development company, Rachel Druckenmiller is on a mission to ignite resilience, connection, confidence, and compassion in organizations, leaders and teams. Recognized by The Daily Record as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women of 2022, Forbes as a Next1000 honoree in 2021, the #1 Health Promotion Professional in the U.S. by the Wellness Council of America in 2015, and a 40 Under 40 Game Changer in 2019.

Oct 07, 202247:38
#72 Scott Marcus (Developer, Principal, CEO, Entrepreneur) - "Orangetheory Found Him and He Found More Fun"

#72 Scott Marcus (Developer, Principal, CEO, Entrepreneur) - "Orangetheory Found Him and He Found More Fun"

Today's podcast guest is Scott Marcus.  His professional journey started as a lawyer, before moving into real estate development where he co-founded RSM Development and Management, a company with a portfolio of more than 1 million square feet. In addition, Marcus and his partners own more than 4,000 apartments across Michigan. Scott is also the CEO of L5 Fitness and owns the state rights to Orangetheory Fitness in Michigan.  As he shares, the Orangetheory brand found him and immediately he became a huge fan.  He felt that the concept was right to be able to help people with their fitness goals and became passionate about its expansion.

We discuss:

-Starting a video business at age 14 that eventually paid for law school

-Embracing work as fun by enjoying what he is doing, and who he is doing it with

-Using and embracing technology for the betterment of business and service

-Developing a 5- and 10-year plan and working toward those goals

-Working Sunday nights to get prepared for a more efficient week

More can be found on Scott's company here:

Sep 30, 202241:21
#71 Rickey Martinez; Minimal Means leading to Maximum Contributions

#71 Rickey Martinez; Minimal Means leading to Maximum Contributions

Today's podcast guest is Rickey Martinez, an incredible Business Development Expert who bases his success on the success of his clients.  His friends call him "Rickipedia" as he knows a little something about everything. He is a first generation Mexican American with 5 siblings.  His parents were migrant workers spending part time in Arizona and California, depending on harvest season. Despite growing up with minimal means, each family member has excelled and contributes to the well-being of others.

We discuss:

-The influence of siblings, and having his oldest brother incentivizing him with dollars for good grades

-The power of hard work and smarter efforts

-Using his curiosity to learn, grow, and advance

-Taking risks with things you may not initially understand 

-Finding and being proud of your transferable skills to pursue your passion

-Prioritizing his job tasks efficiently like emergency rooms "triage" patients

More about Rickey Martinez:

Rickey is an innovative & award-winning Global Sales & Marketing Leader and Business Development Executive.

He previously worked for Marriott International, Luxury Brands / The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, as part of their Global Sales team as a Global Luxury Account Executive. In his role, he was responsible for several of their top key global accounts for their luxury brands and was also responsible for leading the luxury business travel strategic direction for his assigned portfolio in collaboration with his Global Sales counterparts.

Before joining the Marriott Luxury Global Sales team, he held several positions within the company as a Director of Sales for Transient, Leisure, and Diplomatic Sales for The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City; Associate Director of Sales & Marketing for the Phoenix Marriott Tempe at the Buttes Resort & Spa; and Senior Sales Manager, Corporate Travel, Leisure, & Group Sales for the former Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix.

Before his Marriott International / The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company career, he held positions at Hilton Hotels, JP Morgan Chase, Club Med, & W.W. Grainger.

Rickey attended Arizona State University and studied Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Business & Psychology.

He resides in Phoenix, AZ, with his wife Leslie, his two daughters, Isabella and Madelyn and be contacted at or on LinkedIn at

Sep 08, 202257:24
#70 Solving Puzzles and Adding Value Through Gatherings; The Strategic Thinking of Meredith Wolff

#70 Solving Puzzles and Adding Value Through Gatherings; The Strategic Thinking of Meredith Wolff

Today's podcast guest is Meredith Wolff, a corporate events leader and professional, who has worked to provide exceptional experiences for groups in the Asset Management world for years.  She brings innovative event strategies to satisfy the needs of her internal partners and an openness to collaborate with her providers.

We discuss:

-Growing up as an artist and using creativity now for events

-Understanding both spectrums as a supplier and a buyer to be more a more effective leader

-Doing homework all the time to understand the needs of her internal partners

-Suggestions for suppliers to make communication quick, easy, and timely

-Encouragement for asking questions to understand the true needs

-"Doing" what "Most People Don't" out of kindness and superior internal drive for success

Connect with Meredith here:

Aug 18, 202245:02
#69 James McDonald, Changing the Language and not Using Last Year's Words

#69 James McDonald, Changing the Language and not Using Last Year's Words

Today's podcast guest is James McDonald.  He is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader, an author, an Empowerment Speaker, and a People Transformer.  He works with AvalonBay Communities and inspires and teaches his colleagues to make a difference, for each other and for their residents.  James is also the CEO of The InspireME group, which helps to encourage those needing the power to be heard. 

He is passionate about WORDS and Language and uses vocabulary to help others change their lives. "Think it, say it, do it".  Words have changed his life and has allowed him to rise out of dark moments to have clarity and vision.

We discuss:

-Chickens don't soar with Eagles

-Using words to get to where he needs to be

-Being selfless

-Not knowing it all

-Understanding that nothing should remain the same

More about his books and his philosophy can be found at or by contacting him at 

Jul 29, 202256:36
#68 Someone has to Win, Make Sure it's YOU, The Medical Miracle Story of Richie Shane

#68 Someone has to Win, Make Sure it's YOU, The Medical Miracle Story of Richie Shane

I met Richie at the bottom of a mountain in Aspen.  He was quietly celebrating something quite remarkable, and he asked me to take a photo to capture his moment. It has been 18 years to the day of him not having a single seizure after experiencing over 3,000 of them before his surgical procedure that removed 3 inches of his brain. It was magical that I met this man on such a special day.

He shared more of his story with me and it resonated so intensely that I felt compelled to share it on this podcast. 

Richie Shane lives with the mantra, "Why Not Me?".  Not from a pity perspective, but rather from "I'm strong enough to handle anything, why not me."  He has used his medical situation to help others, to show people how they can handle epilepsy, and how they can "win".  Someone has to win, why not YOU!

He uses the same approach as the founder of The World's Greatest Vacations ( where he is able to GUARANTEE RESULTS for his customers, because no one can GUARANTEE a healthy life.  He has control of his thoughts and how he makes others feel. 

More About Richie Shane:

Viewed as an expert in luxury marketing, a career started with strategic planning for American Express, Trans World Airlines, the yachting industry and leading Madison Avenue ad agencies, lead to the launch of Treasure Chest Themed Value Mail, Inc in 1991. Initially serving as direct marketing for the yachting industry, Richard Shane expanded into international snow sports and ultimately manifested into The World’s Greatest Vacations, travels largest circulation multi-channel media exclusively for….the world’s leading vacations.

Shane is also a valued consultant in creative ways to maximize a marketing budget. Creating win-win relationships for yacht shows and luxury travel brands, for example. Cross promotional relationships and of course, ensuring communications is laser targeted with maximum impact.

The World’s Greatest Vacations is a team of the world’s greatest digital and traditional marketers, graphic designers, CRM and database experts. Most importantly, we are passionate, nice and like to be helpful. Our offices are NYC, Los Angeles, Europe, South Florida and someplace we’ve not yet been but will be soon.

Richard Shane boasts, “accountability and pride is why we guarantee to surpass both marketing and sales objectives. If we fail to exceed expectations, tell me and a make good will be provided”.

His greatest passions are skiing, boating, marathon running and helping epilepsy related charities. After 22 years and 3,000 seizures Shane is one of the first and few people to be cured of epilepsy as a result of surgery at NYU Langone Hospital. His story was profiled and voted the year’s most inspirational by the New York Press Club.

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn-

Jul 22, 202249:26
#67 Scott Wiseman (SVP, Apple Leisure Group) - "Having Fun, Working Hard, AND remaining LIKEABLE"
Jul 14, 202246:21
#66 Focus, Discipline, and DOING Her Best, The Weekly Re-Prioritization of Jami Stapelmann (Estee Lauder Executive)

#66 Focus, Discipline, and DOING Her Best, The Weekly Re-Prioritization of Jami Stapelmann (Estee Lauder Executive)

Today's podcast guest is Jami Stapelmann, Executive Director with Estee Lauder Companies.  She can write the playbook for leadership and mentoring.  Growing up in rural Wisconsin, she quickly learned about hard work and independence.  She spent time in retail and the airlines industry before accelerating her career with Estee Lauder. 

We discuss:

-Hiring for character and teaching for the position 

-Moving transactions to value creation opportunities

-How she uses Focus and Discipline to get things DONE

-Mentoring others and not allowing any "passive memberships"

-Who you are is not what you are

-Embracing her roots and realizing the ability of making others "feel" a certain way in her leadership roles

More about Jami:

Jami Stapelmann brings knowledge and experience in strategic planning, project management and innovation concentrated in the travel/hospitality sector.  Ms. Stapelmann began her career as a buyer for Macy’s department stores and has held various management and leadership positions.  Her current role at Estee Lauder Companies, is Executive Director Global Travel and Meeting Services. She was recently named one of the Top 25 Influencers in the Meetings Industry by Successful Meetings and was selected as one of the Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry by Meetings and Conventions Magazine. Jami holds a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin and GLP designation from the Wharton School.

Connect with her at:

Jun 24, 202253:45