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Base-ically Baseball

Base-ically Baseball

By Base/ically Pod

An all-girl podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest news in the world of baseball!
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Episode 10: March Sadness

Base-ically BaseballMar 21, 2021

Episode 16: Rob Manfred Hate Club

Episode 16: Rob Manfred Hate Club

In an extremely chaotic episode of Base-ically Baseball, we discuss the long overdue World Series, the lockout, the NFT pandemic, and… Elmo??
Jan 17, 202242:10
Episode 15: Vamos Gigantes

Episode 15: Vamos Gigantes

In this episode, the girls recap the Division Series' while making their own predictions for the outcomes of this year's Championship Series', along with discussing the importance of mental health in sports, and more! Featuring: @chcmaddie @97soroka @avcoleham @harrisonbaeder @30conforto @yelichforever
Oct 18, 202101:09:08
Episode 14: Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Episode 14: Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Base-ically Baseball is so excited to go over our postseason brackets in today’s episode! Tune in and listen to our in depth analysis of what happened to Bronxie, #FreeTess until it’s backwards, and much more!
Oct 06, 202101:01:04
Episode 13: Full House Trade Deadline Talk
Jul 30, 202101:12:16
Episode 12: Fame Era
Jul 13, 202148:15
Episode 12: NL Central Talk and Derby Predictions
Jul 13, 202147:51
Episode 11: Cole Hamels Fan Club and All-Star Game Predictions
Jun 29, 202101:10:06
Episode 10: March Sadness

Episode 10: March Sadness

Baseball’s back, and so are we! In our newest episode, we try and catch up on what happened in our absence while some of us mourn some of the moves that have happened in the offseason in addition to including our predictions for the upcoming season!
Mar 21, 202145:45
Episode 9: Baseically Dogs
Jan 19, 202136:50
Episode 8: Base-ically All Major Sports
Dec 28, 202001:07:04
Episode 7 pt. 2: Kim Ng and Baseball Superlatives
Nov 19, 202037:21
Episode 7 pt. 1: World Series Recap and a "Welcome Back" for Alex Cora
Nov 19, 202030:28
Episode 6: The Fall Classic and Baseball Classics

Episode 6: The Fall Classic and Baseball Classics

In this episode, we introduce two new members to the podcast Tess (@RHYSHOSKlNS) and Erin (@bauerday). We also recap the eventful Championship Series and predict outcomes for the upcoming World Series. Later on, we discuss our picks for the most impactful player in this year's postseason. Enjoy listening to this latest episode as the World Series is set to begin tonight!

ft. @kyIehendricks



Oct 20, 202001:06:33
Episode 5: LDS Recaps and Mr. Met Supremacy
Oct 12, 202001:00:02
Episode 4: Cubs (and Cards) of the Rosé
Oct 04, 202050:38
Episode 3: The SoCal Shuffle

Episode 3: The SoCal Shuffle

In this episode, we introduce four new voices on the podcast; so please welcome Madalyne/Maddie (@11dejong), Sarah x2 (@30conforto, and @disgruntldsalad), and Lorelai (@pauldebomb)! On this latest episode with the new girls, we discuss our personal postseason brackets, and give our picks for the AL and NL regular season awards! Join us to listen to our recap of the regular season as we try to predict the unpredictable with the new 16-team playoffs. Enjoy!

Maddie: @kyIehendricks

Sep 29, 202046:17
Episode 2: Mac and Jerseys
Aug 16, 202039:58
Episode 1: Bucket Hat Nation
Aug 02, 202001:06:02