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A.W.E’d Cast the Podcast

A.W.E’d Cast the Podcast

By AWE'd Cast the Podcast

A World Empowered Dialogs (aka AWE’d Cast) is here to uplift, inspire, and empower. Sharing stories and conversations with NPO founders, and thought leaders, bringing people closer together, and empowering change. Topics ranging from Dream Achieving to Suicide, Addiction, Mental health, Environmental Conservation, Economics & Global issues; always with an optimism for positive improvement.
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Introduction to the AWE'D Team

A.W.E’d Cast the PodcastAug 08, 2019

Empowering Wellness & Positive Change
Jun 29, 202301:05:39
Empowerment of Meditation
May 03, 202301:17:15
Empowering Beyond Our Past
Apr 26, 202334:10
Empowering Self Liberation
Mar 08, 202301:06:40
Empowering Your Financial Security #1
Feb 15, 202301:14:52
Empowering Emotional Strength

Empowering Emotional Strength

It's time to put action to our words. It's time we actually start to doing the things that will help address the challenges we face, when it comes to mental health in society today. And it all begins with our Youth! In today's episode I get to sit down with Dr. Sarah-Jean. SarahJean "SJ" grew ups in rural Colorado. After graduating high school, she worked in the corporate industry for five years. In 2003, when her daughter, Bailee, was two years of age, SJ chose to attend college as a non-traditional student. In 2008, SJ graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in sociology and a minor in women's studies. In 2009, she completed a Master of Arts in Education Leadership. SJ became Dr. Wyscaver in 2014, finishing her Ph.D., with distinction, in the Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership program, at the University of Northern Colorado. Dr. Wyscaver also earned a doctoral minor in statistical research methods, specializing in qualitative research design. When asked about her most impactful achievement during her academic tenure, she said "Earning a Ph.D. as a first-generation college student while being a single parent was the hardest and most rewarding experience I have ever had. I grew up poor and had no idea what I was doing, but because of my mentors and the people who believed in me, Bailee and I made it." Dr. Wyscaver-Fiedler has practiced, taught, coached and consulted on leadership for over 15 years. And while her experiences as an executive leader are fundamental to her coaching and consulting practice, her values of authenticity, belonging, courage and integrity guide her work with clients. Brian DiCiacco Founder & Chief Empowerment Optimist A World Empowered 1(970) 689 0647 facebook twitter linkedin instagram Create Your Own Free Signature
Sep 20, 202201:14:28
Empowering Transformation
Jun 29, 202201:09:18
Pirate Radio Interview

Pirate Radio Interview

A little snippet from the radio interview we did with Pirate Radio 6/29/22
Jun 29, 202208:56
Broadcasting our Dream
Jun 15, 202201:06:34
Empowering Our Awakening
May 04, 202201:12:30
Empowering a Dream Career

Empowering a Dream Career

For many folks, getting to work for a professional sports franchise would be a dream come true. What about working for someone who owns the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, and more? Well, tomorrow I get to sit down with Kevin Clements, someone who's done exactly that. We'll talk about what it's like to work for such an esteemed organization, what he did to get there, and (more importantly) what he's doing to give back to the community in Northern Colorado... and what you can do to help support!
Apr 18, 202252:20
Empowering Difference Makers
Apr 11, 202201:02:10
Empowering your Sparkle

Empowering your Sparkle

In todays show, BC sits down with Astrid Mueller, author of “Permission to Sparkle”. Of the great many topics discussed, you’ll learn how to empower your trust in the universe, follow your intuition, and what it takes to give yourself permission to Sparkle! Enjoy and share this fantastic conversation!
Apr 04, 202252:36
Empowering Your Manifestation
Mar 18, 202201:01:28
Empowering Your Intuition
Jan 17, 202201:04:54
Empowered Leadership Today

Empowered Leadership Today Come sit with Dr. Elena Estanol and I as we talk about what society (and each of us) can do to be the leaders we seek. It’s one of my favorite conversations I’ve yet had, and FULL of incredible insights and wisdom that can help every single person out there. We can all do something to make a positive difference, and this conversation can be of great help!
Oct 12, 202101:16:30
EF'd Up Tenant 2 (Trailer)
Sep 07, 202105:45
Empowering to End the Cycle of Abuse
Sep 07, 202101:06:49
Empowerment Through Art Expression

Empowerment Through Art Expression

I’m this episode I get to sit down with the cofounder of the Global Village Museum. John Roberts is one of the very first people to sing up for the Peace corps when JFK created it, worked in 19 countries and has traveled to over 195. He created the museum from his own personal collection of art that he’d collected during his travels. Here he speaks to the importance of art, creativity, and story telling through creative expression… aka Art
Aug 19, 202102:03:28
Empowerment Through Consciousness
Mar 05, 202101:08:36
Heart Healing Meditation

Heart Healing Meditation

This is a special edition of AWE’d Cast! I recorded this guided meditation in an effort to counter some of the energy, and heal some of the pain we face as a society today. Please like and share, and let us know how this impacts your own heart. Much Love, BC
Jan 14, 202116:59
012 Conditional Compassion
Jun 30, 202012:12
011 EF’d by Chocolate

011 EF’d by Chocolate

In this episode A listener (Sheila) writes in with a hilarious and slightly terrifying story of her trip to the ER, and shares a message of being careful about the things we ingest, whether that’s information or foods, and choosing the people we allow to put things in our “fridge”.
May 05, 202009:19
010 EF’d By Tablesaw

010 EF’d By Tablesaw

In this Empowered Fable BC shares his experience, and the lessons learned, when he almost lost his index and middle fingers on his left hand to a tablesaw accident, when he was a woodworker. Listening to your intuition to keep you out of dangerous situations, and actually following through on the things we Know we need to do. BC states that “awareness that doesn’t alter behavior serves no useful purpose.”
Apr 13, 202009:46
009 Empowering Your Dreams

009 Empowering Your Dreams

This is the speech given to the Empowering your Dreams workshop. In this BC talks about the 2 causes & #1 reason people don’t achieve their dreams, the 3 ways to overcome fear, and guides you through an inner child meditation to help you reconnect to that part of you that still believes Everything is possible, and magic exists. Hope you enjoy!
Mar 23, 202031:14
008 Empowering A Global Mindset
Feb 19, 202050:54
007 EF’d in Costa Rica 1

007 EF’d in Costa Rica 1

In today’s adventure I ride my motorcycle from Ostional back to Tamarindo in Costa Rica, crossing three croc infested rivers, almost running over a snake, and narrowly avoiding hoards of spiders. Listen to the end for the moral of the Empowered Fable.
Dec 08, 201909:22
006 Empowering Gender Equality & Humanism
Dec 03, 201901:27:38
005 Empowering Authenticity through sharing our stories, with Betzy Valdez
Nov 06, 201901:02:50
004 Empowering Community & Combatting Homelessness
Oct 21, 201901:18:53
003 Empowering G.L.O.B.A.L Justice following our calling
Oct 03, 201934:02
Empowering Past Addiction

Empowering Past Addiction

BC the founder of A World Empowered confides his life changing experience with Becka. Listen to this inspiring account of overcoming addiction, and share a message of hope that our addictions don’t have to control our lives.
Aug 08, 201941:22
Introduction to the AWE'D Team

Introduction to the AWE'D Team

Meet the team for A World Empowered, the non-profit organization that helps people help more people!

Aug 08, 201914:37