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BDSML Community

BDSML Community

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BDSML means "Broken, Dating, Single, Married and Lost. It is the Podcast community that gives the best relationship tips to get any marriage, dating or friendship relationship rolling again!
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#14: Abuse Series- Part 6

BDSML CommunityAug 08, 2020

#14: Abuse Series- Part 6
Aug 08, 202028:23
#13: Abuse Series- Part 5

#13: Abuse Series- Part 5

In this episode we talk about Emotional Abuse in depth. We look at types of Emotional abuse and Signs to show if you're in an Emotionally Abusive relationship or not. We also look at the effects of this form of abuse along side 7 ways to deal with Emotional Abuse.
Jul 12, 202038:38
#12: Abuse Series- Part 4

#12: Abuse Series- Part 4

In this episode, we look at Physical Abuse and things you must know about Physical Abuse. We also look at signs that physical abuse might occur in your relationship along side examples and effects of Physical Abuse.
Jul 05, 202026:15
#11: Abuse Series- Part 3
Jun 28, 202043:22
The Love Community

The Love Community

My Rode Podcast 2020 Competition Entry
Jun 15, 202001:28
#10: Abuse Series- Part 2
Jun 14, 202037:20
#9: Abuse Series- Part 1

#9: Abuse Series- Part 1

In this Episode, we discuss Abuse in relationships, signs and indicators of abusive relationships. We also look at Healthy and Abusive relationship cycles and we end with the fact that abuse in relationships is a choice.
Jun 07, 202039:25
#8: Trust Series- Part 4

#8: Trust Series- Part 4

Let's Wrap up Trust Series with Trust Issues. Asides people breaking Trust in relationships, some persons just have "issues trusting others" as a result of their childhood or horrible experiences. If you are wondering if you have Trust issues or you need to know how to deal with it, this episode is for you 🤗. Enjoy and don't forget to share.
May 31, 202029:55
#7: Trust Series- Part 3
May 24, 202032:46
#6: Trust Series- Part 2

#6: Trust Series- Part 2

Trust Series continues. In this episode, we discuss Betrayal Trauma, examples and its symptoms. We also look at Anger after a betrayal has occurred and a few tips to manage it.
May 17, 202041:36
#5: Trust Series- Part 1

#5: Trust Series- Part 1

We start a new Series and focus is on Trust. In this episode, we define trust, find out situations or reasons trust can get broke in any relationship and we discuss 6 guidelines to help us know whether or not we are to leave a relationship that has gone through a Major Betrayal.
May 10, 202041:05
#4: Communication Series- Part 4

#4: Communication Series- Part 4

We finally round up the communication series with love languages. You get to find out what the "in love" phenomenon is and how yo differentiate it from true love. You also get to find out the love language of yourself and your partner. Give away is on till Tuesday so please send in your answers to "". Enjoy
May 03, 202035:28
#3: Communication Series- Part 3
Apr 24, 202052:27
R-Rants 02
Apr 21, 202010:20
#2: Communication Series- Part 2
Apr 17, 202042:52
R-Rants 01
Apr 14, 202013:23
#1: Communication Series- Part 1

#1: Communication Series- Part 1

Hey People,
So instead of just one Episode on Communication, I realized we would need more to properly discuss various aspects of communication. Hence, we will be having a Communication Series throughout this month.
In this episode, you will find out:

What communication is!
If you are a dove, hawk, owl or ostrich.
The various levels of communication.

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Apr 10, 202041:51
#0: The Origin Story

#0: The Origin Story

After Six (6)months of procrastinating and several days trying to set things up, it is finally live. This Episode is a trailer of the BDSM-L Community podcast channel. It gives full details about who we are, why we exist and what you should expect.
Classes starts this Friday. Please don't be late..hehe! Our first Topic is "Communication: Speaking your partners language". Don't forget to drop your amazing stories at for those who have faced or are facing communication issues in their relationships. Your case study might just help not just yourself but someone else.
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Remember: Stay indoors during this Covid '19 times and stay safe. See you on Friday!
Apr 06, 202015:39