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Beards + Butter N’Tings

Beards + Butter N’Tings

By Beards + Butter N’Tings

Tiaa of TeTe’s Butter Company will be joined by guests to discuss all ‘tings to include business, culture, music, politics, and relationships. Expect lively, real, and unedited commentary! Tiaa B. Rutherford is the owner and product developer for TeTe’s Butter Company. She’s from Prince George’s County, Maryland. TeTe’s is a hair, beard, beauty and body care product line for the entire family and recently added, candles and room sprays. I’m talking about all things culture, politics, relationships and business with people you need to know! Join me on this journey!
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Introduction to Beard, Butter N ‘Tings

Beards + Butter N’Tings Jan 26, 2023