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Precon Geeks

Precon Geeks

By Beck Technology

Weekly podcast to discuss all things precon!
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How to Prevent Burnout

Precon GeeksMay 30, 2023

Chasing and Winning Larger Projects

Chasing and Winning Larger Projects

For those general contractors wanting to grow, what do you need to do to be able to be considered for those larger projects, especially if you don’t have larger projects on your resume.

John hosts Grant Stucker, Beck Technology Strategic Account Executive and former Senior Estimator and Preconstruction Manager so the two can use their past experiences to discuss how they’ve been able to win larger projects and expand into new markets.

What can you do to differentiate yourself to compete? John and Grant stress developing relationships, being innovative, and joint venturing with other GSs and subs.

Nov 28, 202318:09
Precon’s Role in the Client Experience
Nov 21, 202317:24
Packaged Assemblies are Coming!

Packaged Assemblies are Coming!

At Beck Technology, we are dedicated to creating the best experience for our customers. We are truly working to help precon teams make the world a better place and listening to what our customers need from our precon software is a huge part of that.

We’re excited to share our latest offering for DESTINI Estimator and that is our packaged assemblies.

We know that implementation takes a lot of hard work, and most estimators are eager to get into a new efficient system without much lag time. Pre-built assemblies from Beck Technology is a way for our users to get into the program quicker.

John hosts Kristin Vrana, Beck Technology Senior Implementation Specialist, on this episode of Precon Geeks so she can talk about what this packaged content means for current and future users of DESTINI Estimator.

Nov 14, 202318:46
Exciting News from Inside Beck Tech!

Exciting News from Inside Beck Tech!

John announces Pamlico’s strategic growth investment in Beck Technology and introduces Norbert Orth as CEO of Beck Technology. Norbert will work side by side with Beck Technology President, Stewart Carroll to accelerate the DESTINI suite of preconstruction of software and how the company will grow.

These three precon geeks discuss how this investment will benefit Beck Technology, DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Bid Day, and our customers.  

Nov 08, 202318:23
Something HUGE is happening at Beck Tech!

Something HUGE is happening at Beck Tech!

We have some exciting news! Push play to hear what's coming....

Nov 07, 202301:24
Flying Solo
Oct 31, 202334:12
Be the Squeaky Wheel
Oct 24, 202320:53
Precon World 2023 ROCKED!
Oct 17, 202319:02
The Evolution of Revolutionizing Construction-Redux

The Evolution of Revolutionizing Construction-Redux

As the Precon Geeks are getting ready for their first in-person appearance at Precon World 2023, we revisit our interview with Beck Technology’s President, Stewart Carroll.

In this episode, Stewart talks about the vision of Beck Technology’s founder, Peter Beck, to revolutionize the construction industry through technology. Stewart talks about the state of preconstruction today and how the future is shaping up for precon teams and construction.

Oct 10, 202327:39
Solving Trust in the Model
Oct 03, 202327:13
Precon Geeks Women in Construction

Precon Geeks Women in Construction

Calling all the precon ladies! Today on Precon Geeks, preconstruction podcast, John hosts a panel of women working in construction.

Is construction a ‘good ole’ boy’ club? Have things changed?

In this very special episode, Jennifer Siehling from The Beck Group, Kalie Ward from Truebeck Construction, and Summer Brittain, Head of Services at Beck Technology talk about their experience in the construction industry, how to attract a diverse workforce, and what they love about working in preconstruction and construction.

What do you think about this topic? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

Sep 26, 202333:34
You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

On today's episode of Precon Geeks, we host Beck Technology's Head of Marketing, Julie Huval, where she reads letters from precon folk who are seeking advice on how to handle some challenges at work.

John offers his sage advice on how to handle common problems in precon.

Sep 19, 202327:02
Working Remotely in Preconstruction

Working Remotely in Preconstruction

More and more companies are requiring people to return to the office.

Since precon is a professional service and is 95% digital in nature, why do we require butts in seats?  

Some firms believe it’s unfair to the field guys to let precon folk work from home. But that is a very limited view. There are pros and cons to a hybrid or remote work environment.

John hosts Beck Technology Chief Technology Officer Michael Boren and the two discuss the realities of preconstruction teams working from home and how to maintain a company culture if you are a hybrid or remote company.

Sep 12, 202327:06
Fail Small, Fail Often

Fail Small, Fail Often

What are the benefits of letting your team come up with new ideas and try new things? How do you institutionalize innovation in your company?

John hosts Michael Boren, Beck Technology’s Chief Technology Officer and they talk about what innovation means and how innovation can help you grow your business.

Sep 05, 202324:02
Transparency in Precon

Transparency in Precon

Do you have any experience with subs asking you for costs? How do you deal with it? In this week's episode, John is joined by Jan Beran, and they discuss the answers to the following questions:

  • Do we all need to be fully transparent?  Or is a "translucent" the best-case scenario?  
  • How far down does this need to go?  And in what kind of situations do we need to broaden that view and go multiple levels deep?
  • What are the drawbacks to a fully transparent precon process?
Aug 29, 202324:17
Are You Up to the Challenge?

Are You Up to the Challenge?

Do you have an estimating cost history database? Or any type of estimating database?

In this week’s episode of Precon Geeks, the preconstruction podcast for all things precon, John has a challenge for you…

What is that challenge? Well, you’re just going to have to listen to find out.

And you’ll want to listen until the very end because Jared has HUGE news he has to share.

Aug 22, 202315:06
Cleaning Up Your Estimating Data
Aug 15, 202319:17
Estimating off the Model
Aug 08, 202320:03
How the Heck Do I Learn Estimating?
Aug 01, 202326:43
The Evolution of Preconstruction
Jul 25, 202325:15
You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You

You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You

Is your daily mantra “You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You?” Even though Stuart Smalley was a comedic sketch, he was actually on to something. The feeling like you don’t know enough to do your job well is a common feeling among estimators.

Drawing from a popular Redditt post about imposter syndrome at work, John and Jared talk about how to handle feelings of inadequacies in preconstruction and how leadership can combat these feelings and help their precon teams learn and grow in this week’s episode.

Jul 18, 202316:13
Interview with Togal.AI CEO and founder, and Executive Vice President of Coastal Construction, Patrick E. Murphy
Jul 11, 202326:05
Do You Bleed Blue?
Jul 04, 202325:35
Live from New York…. It’s Ted!
Jun 27, 202323:08
Get your Boat in the Water

Get your Boat in the Water

While John is out being lazy…J/K! He’s out doing cool stuff with his kid’s Boy Scout troop…Jared hosts our own Jan Baren, precon and precon tech expert extraordinaire. On this episode, Jan gives excellent insight into how to evaluate your preconstruction efforts now and provides advice on how to prep your team for the future.

Jun 20, 202328:33
From the Field to Tech—A Precon Journey

From the Field to Tech—A Precon Journey

John and Jared sit down with Grant Stucker, Beck Technology Strategic Account Executive, to discuss the path to precon, the path out of precon, and how cost estimators are more storytellers than they are number crunchers. If you're a true precon geek, you don't want to miss this episode!

Jun 13, 202336:14
Advancing Preconstruction Recap

Advancing Preconstruction Recap

John represented Beck Technology (and the Precon Geeks) at the 2023 Advancing Preconstruction Conference and him and Jared discuss John's biggest takeaways and what trends he sees emerging in precon after attending.

Jun 06, 202312:34
How to Prevent Burnout
May 30, 202314:20
Advancing Preconstruction 2023 Preview
May 23, 202315:48
How to Avoid Sub-Contractor Fatigue

How to Avoid Sub-Contractor Fatigue

On this week’s episode of Precon Geeks, Jared talks to special guest Matt Dowling, Executive Vice President of The Pinyan Company.

Matt and Jared discuss the importance of sub-contractor management in preconstruction. We rely so heavily on our sub-construction that maintaining a trusted relationship is critical. If we lose relationships with our subs, we lose the edge over our competition.

So, how does preconstruction manage their relationships with subs? It’s all about communication.

Listen in to learn about giving too much versus not enough information. You will also hear what the risks are when you don’t communicate with your subs and how bringing in your subs during the precon phase of a project will help you in the long term.

May 16, 202324:37
Recruiting in Precon with Gareth McGlynn

Recruiting in Precon with Gareth McGlynn

This week, John and Jared host Gareth McGlynn, CEO of Niche SSP and host of the Preconstruction Podcast. They talk about the changing shift of focusing more value on preconstruction teams, how to recruit people into precon, and most importantly, they discuss football—soccer to Americans.

If you are looking for a position in preconstruction, reach out to Gareth on LinkedIn:

May 09, 202329:43
AI and Estimating
May 02, 202314:38
Are You The One That They Want?
Apr 25, 202310:56
Redefining Perceptions of Precon
Apr 18, 202314:25
The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block

Are you doing value engineering right? Are you just reducing costs by cutting scope out of the project? If so, that is not value engineering done right.

When owners work for months or years with an architect to design the dream, are you the guy who has to tell them they can’t afford their building? There is a better way.

Value engineering brings back the art in estimating. John and Jared discuss how to bring better value to owners by doing value engineering the right way.

Apr 11, 202312:29
Making the Precon Process More Efficient
Apr 04, 202311:42
Interview with Stewart Carroll, Beck Technology President
Mar 28, 202327:14
Are The Robots Coming For My Job?
Mar 21, 202311:35
Why Launch a Precon Podcast Now?
Mar 14, 202310:16
Introducing Precon Geeks—The Podcast for Precon Freaks

Introducing Precon Geeks—The Podcast for Precon Freaks

Precon Geeks, the podcast for precon freaks. Why should you listen to our new preconstruction podcast? Because we get real. We're going to discuss all the things estimators are posting anonymously about on Redditt. We'll discuss the challenges you face and how to overcome them. Listen in to gain insight into what industry insiders and top GCs are doing to set their companies up for success. 

We're a software company born from industry and know the risk, problems, and struggles of precon. The Precon Geeks hosts come from construction and are excited to share their knowledge, as well as learn from guests and listeners. 

Tune in every Tuesday at 5 am EST / 4 am CST for a new episode of Precon Geeks. 

Mar 09, 202302:17