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The Word Effect

The Word Effect

By Becky Jane Kemp

Are you sick and tired of the way your life is unfolding? Are you wanting or waiting for things to change and "then" you'll be happy? I was too until I discovered "The Word Effect." Today, you can ditch will power and discover how to put on Word Power. This power within you will change your life! Are you ready? What words do you put on each day? Words matter! Create the life you've always wanted with the power of words. It is your time to explore simple, positive and proactive solutions, with words! Join me with The Word Effect.
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45. Share Goodness

The Word EffectSep 02, 2021

92. The Good News

92. The Good News

Happy 2023!  How do you want to feel in 2023?  As we kick off the new year, I invite you to remember you have to power to choose.  This is the Good News!  The simple approach to creating your most beautiful life.   Join me to discover how to put words on in your life that matter!



Jan 13, 202314:28
91. 'Tis the Season to be Patient

91. 'Tis the Season to be Patient

If this is the Most Wonderful Time of Year...then why are there so many of us who feel stressed, overwhelmed and frazzled?

It has to do with our thoughts!  What thoughts are you choosing to put on?  In this episode, you will be reminded on how to align your desires and dreams with some simple tips on how to be more patient.  

You will be able to give yourself some grace by putting on patience for yourself and for others during this time of year.  Let us not forget the joyful living that each of us can obtain if we just choose our thoughts and  discover how to put on words that matter.



Dec 08, 202217:02
90. The Magic of Gratitude

90. The Magic of Gratitude

Do you believe in magic?  This episode will let you consider the idea that there is magic in putting on gratitude daily!  

Life is always changing.  So the magic is putting on gratitude daily for what is...and you that the power to choose this each.  You can choose what you think about every situation and since your thoughts create how you feel...the magic is within you!  

 You have the ability to live in the solution not in the obstacle.  You get to decide! 

Nov 24, 202211:06
89. I Do, I Have, I Am Enough
Nov 17, 202216:48
88. Living Certain

88. Living Certain

In a world that is so full of uncertainty--can you really live in certainty?

I believe you can!   It does take practice and  you need simple reminders with the words you choose to put on.  If you are full of guilt, doubt and overwhelm this podcast is for you.  As you come to an end of 2022, take a minute to look back on your life.   Where do you focus?  On the good or the negative?   What if  you begin to focus on what good is in your life!  Whatever you focus on grows!  It is time for you to discover how to shine YOUR light and be true to who you were sent here to become.  You can live a life of certainty---even when the world is uncertain.  You are made for JOY!

You are not a lone on this journey!  That is why I am launching a 8 week Living Certain Connection Circle.  In this 8 weeks you will discover the 7 power words in my upcoming book, The Word Effect: 7 Simple Words To Create Your Most Beautiful Life.  You will discover them with others and become a part of the connection circle.  It is so much more fun creating with others. This group will be for ambitious and God Centered Women who are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to shine!  The first 7 weeks starting Jan. 5th will be over zoom--and the final week--we will come together for an all inclusive 2 night and 3 day retreat at Harper's Haven.

It is time to create your most beautiful life!  Are you coming?

Are you ready to experience how to live certain?  Join us!!



Free One Word Way

Nov 11, 202218:19
87. Appreciate the Harvest

87. Appreciate the Harvest

Whatever you appreciate---will appreciate!  In this episode, you will be reminded how important it is to focus on our blessings and to appreciate what is instead of just focusing on what didn't happen.

Remember, there is a hidden blessing in every struggle!  Despite what does happen in life, focus on the good and you will continue to see more good!  Try it out!

Oct 27, 202214:16
86. Ditching Guilt
Oct 21, 202218:10
85. Blessings
Oct 13, 202215:01
84. Free To Choose

84. Free To Choose

You and I are free to choose the life we create---by simply directing our thoughts toward the good.  In this episode, I offer the simple approach that each day you get to decide the words you put on.  You can become intentional with your words and this will allow you to become intentional with your life.   The words you choose to focus on grow and this is why words matter!  

You can use words to gain clarity, optimism and peace as you continue to step forward each and everyday.  You are Made for Joy and are able to choose this Joy--regardless of the circumstances that come into you life. There will always be set backs, obstacles and unexpected things in our journey of life.  This I know is true yet I also know that I am free to choose the life I desire to live and the words I "put on" serve as my compass.  I hope you let word power guide you as well.  It is amazing!

Check out Made For Joy--to become a part of the group who recognize they are designed to experience joy daily with simple reminders found in words.

Oct 06, 202217:33
83. It is Well
Aug 04, 202218:06
82. Keep It Simple

82. Keep It Simple

As you begin to discover you are Made for will begin to see that the simple approach to living life is best.  In this episode you will learn two simple phrases to ask yourself as you discover the Word Effect in your own life.  These phrases will help you decide how you want to spend your day.

If you are ready to celebrate, connect and create your most beautiful life with other like minded people who are looking for a community to come together with---be sure to check out The Gathering Retreat

Here you will learn simple tools and ideas that will change everything!  It is time--to create your most beautiful life with words and "keep it simple" is a phrase you want to be putting on daily.

Jul 08, 202219:27
81. Embrace a Joyful Summer

81. Embrace a Joyful Summer

You and I are Made For Joy!  

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  It is a feeling and it is something that we experience by becoming intentional to the thoughts we put on.  Summer can be busy and full of some unexpected things, but let's face it...that is just life.  So how do you experience joy daily?  It takes practice and simple tools to redirect your mind for good.

Fear keeps us from trying things, worry keeps us from living in the present moment.  I invite you to practice embracing your joyful summer today---and each day moving forward.

Look to put on the feeling of joy despite the circumstances of life. Join the Made For Joy Membership site--today to start discovering how to put on joy daily with simple reminders and allow you to practice redirecting your mind for good.  Life just gets better this way!

Jun 30, 202214:28
80. Let's Shift Gears
Jun 23, 202217:55
79. Time To Ditch Overthinking
Jun 16, 202222:09
78. Today, Choose Happy

78. Today, Choose Happy

Today what words will. you choose to put on?  You have the choice and I invite you to choose happy.  You are Made For JOY!

These are a few phrases and words that have shown up in my life to remind me the choice is always mine on how I feel.  I want to share them with you.  Practice putting these simple reminders in your own life and begin to discover THE WORD EFFECT for our most beautiful life today.

Some power word phrases that matter to me today are:

"I am concentrating on the present and avoiding worries about the future"

"Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away todays peace."

"You can't change how people feel about you so don't try.  Just live your life and be happy."

Words will serve as your compass.  They can be positive or negative, you choose the ones you put on and for how long.   Become intentional to the words you put on and see what starts to happen!  

If you are ready to discover more about the power of words and how to create your most beautiful life with the healing and creative power found in them---you are invited to join me at the Gathering Retreat.  

Jun 09, 202218:28
77. Free To Choose

77. Free To Choose

Are you someone who gets caught in overthinking?  One quick way to get out of overthinking is to begin to make decisions quickly and to take action.  When you choose the thoughts you put on, it allow you to experience more freedom and to create the life you want.  Each time you make a decision it moves you forward because you can always make a different decision tomorrow.  You are free to choose.   

This week I invite you to look for and put on some intentional words that matter to you!  Look for them and then give yourself a simple reminder to put them in your life daily.  

Each month in the "Made For Joy"  membership you will get a phrase to practice putting on and together we will work toward creating our most beautiful lives.   

"Decisions are the ultimate power we have in our lives."  --Brooke Castillo. What decision are you waiting to make?  Today is the day to choose and make that one decision you have been overthinking.  

Today let's start choosing to put on words that matter to us.  Practice looking for those words that will allow you to create your most beautiful life.  You are free to choose!

Jun 02, 202216:53
76. Pleasure Vs. Pressure for Summer
May 26, 202218:44
75. Three Simple Words To Put On Everyday

75. Three Simple Words To Put On Everyday

There is a healing and creative power found in words!  As you discover how to put on these three words, your life will change!  If there is a dream or desire you are wanting to create in your life, then begin to put on these three words.  

The words we put on each day matter!  Words Matter and you have a choice each day.  

You are welcome to snag my free guide The One Word Way.  This guide will share more information how these three words are allowing me to create my most beautiful life.

As you begin to put on these simple words, you will begin to see the power in words and how they can serve as your compass to allow you to keep moving your story forward.

What words will you put on today?



May 20, 202220:34
74. Good Vibes Only

74. Good Vibes Only

How do you choose to feel today?  Did you know you have more power in this than you might have thought?  It has to do with the thoughts you choose to put on each day.  Those thoughts determine how you feelings and your feelings are what drive the actions you take.  

Today, let's talk about Good Vibes Only!  This is the theme of May for Made For Joy Membership.  Are you ready to experience life from a place of joy and peace?  Check out the membership site---I would love you to experience that you too were Made For Joy.  

I love to remind myself of this simple truth, "I am the only one who can control my life."  Say this to yourself as you look for the Good Vibes Only in your life.  I invite you to practice putting these words on today!

May 12, 202216:19
73. Made For Joy

73. Made For Joy

Words are our compass toward living the life we always desired.  They can be used for good or or negative, and you get to choose.  Each day you choose the words you put on, even if you are not aware to this, yet.  I know that as human beings we were all Made For Joy, yet there will be opposition and things that happen in our story that just are "not the plan" we had hoped for.  We have the ability to redirect our thoughts toward good ones!

This episode shares why I have started the month Made For Joy Membership Site---and how to better understand that you truly are Made For Joy.

Because you are a follower of the podcast, my gift to you is your first month of the membership Made For Joy is only the cost of the t shirt.  I want you to know you have the ability to invest in you and give you permission to see you were Made for Joy too.  

See you inside the membership.



May 05, 202218:25
72. Simple Reminders

72. Simple Reminders

What words did you choose to put on today?  In this episode you will learn about simple word reminders that will guide you in creating your most beautiful life.  

Have you considered the words you put on today?  The word you put in your life determine the life you are creating.   You have the power to change your story by changing your words!  

Be sure to check out Made For Joy too.  My new monthly membership site!  You will receive exclusive word power mastermind with certain words to practice putting during the month, a word power coaching Q & A so you can better understand the value of self coaching and a word power tee--that will serve as simple reminder to creating your most beautiful life.  Join me---as you too were Made For Joy!

Apr 28, 202217:26
71. Please Pass the Salt
Apr 21, 202217:47
70. Be Good At You
Apr 14, 202218:32
Power To Hear

Power To Hear

What words will you choose to put in your life today?  

Did you know that as you begin to see the power of words---you will begin to hear them differently.  You will become aware to the words you are meant to put on each day.  Words serve as a compass to creating your most beautiful life.  


It takes a little practice, gaining an awareness to the power of words and to then practice as you gain the power to hear them.  You have the power to change your story as you continue to change your words!


Words Matter!  I invite you to join me as we discover the power to hear. 

Apr 07, 202219:05
68. Hopeful

68. Hopeful

Are you hopeful?  In a world of uncertainty and worry-- it is easy to lose hope.  When we look up and out---we have the ability to choose what we focus on and if we choose to focus on the good, we will see more good.

I almost lost hope in my own life until I discovered the Divine power found in words and that I have the ability to change the words I put on each day.

I learned "The Model" when I became a certified life coach through The Life Coach School that allows me to see the power of my thoughts and separate them from my feelings.  Discovering this has been life changing and I want you to know about it too.  Words matter!  The words we put on each day will determine our destiny.

This is how I became hopeful again, by changing my words...I have been able to create the life I desire and so can you!

I invite you to practice focusing on the good this week.  Each day, look for three things that you can celebrate about your day.  Acknowledge them by writing them down or better yet--sharing with a friend.  Begin to train your mind to see the good and you will begin to see more good.

If you want to learn more about The Model or see how you can separate your thoughts from your circumstances, I would love to show you how in a free 30 min session.  Go to to schedule. 

Words Matter!  You have the ability to create your most beautiful life and I will show you how.



Mar 31, 202221:56
67. Create The Life You Love

67. Create The Life You Love

Mar 24, 202219:16
66. For Your Good
Mar 17, 202216:58
65. I Would Love...
Mar 10, 202216:40
64. Word Awakening
Feb 25, 202218:36
63. How to Put On Love

63. How to Put On Love

Join me in this episode, "How to Put on Love--three tips for loving bigger in 2022".  

When I used to think about love, I would think about how to put on love for others.  Though this is very important...this episode is focused on how to put on love for ourselves. 

As I work on living an intentional life in 2022--I know that self compassion and love for myself and my dreams and desires must become the  top of my priority and I hope it becomes the top of yours too.  The reason is must be our top priority is because the only person we can change, is ourselves.  

Yet--when we change ourselves, everything around us changes!  It is amazing!

I want to share three tips that help me put on love for myself each day!

1.  How to know if the thoughts is from God?   if it is a good thought --go with it.  I also share 5 questions to ask yourself!  

2.  How to live in a judgement free zone---and to redirect your brain daily.

3.  How to put on charity for yourself by focusing on others along the way.

In this episode, I will share more about these three tips and invite you to start to Put On Love daily for yourself.

The borrowed lyrics for this episode are from the song, "A Million Dreams" from the movie "The Greatest Showman" but sung my Pink.

I love this sone and the lyrics that say, "They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy.  They can say, they can say I've lost my mind.  I don't care, I don't care so call me crazy.  We can live in a world that we design."

This is true!  You can live in a world you design and it starts with becoming intentional to the words you put on each day. 

As Albert Einstein said, "Education is not the learning of facts, rather it's the training of the mind to think."

How are you training your mind?  What you think about, you bring about.  

Join me this week to practice to Put on Love and begin to create the life you have always desires. 

To get your FREE copy of "The One Word Way" and become aware of three of the most toxic words that hold many of us back from creating our most beautiful life, go to  My gift to you as you begin to discover your dreams!

Feb 17, 202219:19
62. Train Your Brain

62. Train Your Brain

How often do you think about the power found in you own brain?  Did you know you have the ability to train it?  If we train for a race, we put in practice time to get ready for it, if we train a dog to fetch---again it takes practice.  So why are many of us not taking the time to  train our own brain to focus on the good?

In this episode we will be talking about How to redirect your brain---each and every day.

We will talk more about How Vs. Why--

Instead of asking why is this so difficult?  Consider asking how can I make this easier.

I ask myself this question all of the time as I am finishing up writing my first book to self publish.  

When I ask, "why is this so difficult to write and publish a book?"  My brain goes to work to show me why it is so hard and those thoughts alway make me feel fearful and insecure.

When I change one word and begin to ask "How can I make writing the book easier"--I have redirected my brain to focus on the good!  How can I make writing the book easier?  Um...did I just say I am finishing writing a book!  This is a desire I have had on my heart since I was 6 years old...and today at 46 years old---I am almost done!  How exciting is that.  Just changing the one word to How---lets my brain redirect and focus on the good instead of the negative and as I train my brain to focus on the good.  As I focus on the good, I will start to see more and more good in my life.  

I invite you to be brave and begin to work on training your brain to live the life you desire!

The borrowed lyrics I share today are from the song "Brave" by Sara Bareilles.

I have included a link to her official video. Check them out here--see how you feel after listening!

Words have power and I want to show you how to create your most beautiful life.

As you begin to see the power of words---I want to share with you the three of the most toxic and limiting words that are in our everyday vocabulary.  Go to to download the One Word Way---and I share three words to consider changing which will allow you to create your most beautiful life.  

I promise!  It is worth it--and it is the simple approach to how to train your brain for the good!

Feb 10, 202220:43
61. Road Less Traveled
Feb 03, 202214:16
60. Isn't It More Fun To Believe?

60. Isn't It More Fun To Believe?

What do you believe in?  

Ask yourself this question..isn't it more fun to believe in it?  I hope you can all answer YES!  I have found that everything I believe in that offers goodness---is just more fun to believe in.  And to believe that I can create my most beautiful life with the divine power found in words is definitely FUN! 

The definition of the word believe is "to have confidence in the truth-the existence or the reliability of something--although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so."

As we begin to believe in goodness--we will see more goodness.  This is why I believe the power of words matters.  When we focus on the good we will see more good!  We have the power to choose where we focus.  We choose the words we put in our life.  

Gabby Bernstein said, "What you believe, you will receive."  What do you believe?  Become intentional to it.

The words we put in our life matter and if we want to believe that we can create our most beautiful life one word at a time, we can. The changes to do this start with working on ourselves and considering the words we put in our own life.  I offer a free ebook, The One Word Way.  I would love to share this with you to give you an idea of how simple and how powerful just changing one word can be.

Get started now!  

I am also sharing the borrowed lyrics that I choose to think about with this episode.  It is "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus and why these words matter to me.

I invite you to put these word in your life as you consider the question, "isn't it more fun to believe?"

Jan 27, 202219:16
59. Up Until Today
Jan 20, 202215:48
58. Back To Basics

58. Back To Basics

As we step into 2022----let us remember:  WORDS MATTER!  Let's start out 2022 remembering the power found in words!  As we continue to move forward in our own story, we have the power to choose what words we put on.


We can continue to practice putting on WORDS that matter daily!  The words we put on will determine how we feel.  Those feelings will determine the actions we decide to take or not and those actions will determine our results!  Our most beautiful life will become created by our thoughts not our circumstances.  The great news about this is it allows us to create with the power we have within.  


This is why words matter!  The words we consciously and subconsciously put on daily matter.  As we gain an awareness to this we can become more intentional to the words we put on and this is HOW we are able to create our most beautiful life.


In this episode we will discuss 4 words to practice putting as we return to the basics.  All of these words are simple and we are able to practice daily if we choose.  

First we must become Consistent--and remember it takes practice.  To become better at anything takes practice and this has to do with how we choose to think.  


We want to remember to Celebrate the good and acknowledge what is going well before we just focus on what isn't.  


Be sure to Connect and create meaningful connection with those who inspire you to become better.   "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." -Jim Rohn


And recognize that we will Create our most beautiful life day by day.  I give you permission practice these words as well as any others you choose to put on.  Remember: Words Matter.    

Xo, Becky Jane

Bonus:  I have found a love for music and the power words in them.   The power of words in music is amazing and invite you to become aware to this in 2022.   I have created a playlist with songs that I choose to put on and over this next year, I want to share some of these songs and words with you.  Make your own playlist of songs that matter to you!  If you like the ones I offer, add to them, if not---look for the words that influence you for good.

Some Borrowed Lyrics to consider this week are from the song "Try Everything" by Shakira:

I would also love to give you a free gift:  The One Word Way.  It is a free ebook that you can continue to see the power found in simple words. to continue moving forward in 2022 with the power of words.

Jan 13, 202221:03
57. I Am A Believer
Dec 10, 202118:32
56. Listen To Yourself
Dec 03, 202122:19
55. Power to Appreciate

55. Power to Appreciate

It is time to put on the power to Appreciate.  This word has so much power!  What we appreciate will appreciate!  Where you put your focus determines your destiny.   As we put on the power word appreciate it keeps our focus on the good and allows it to expand.  Let us let go of self criticism and look how far we have come.  We are all becoming day by day---so lets become our truest self by appreciating our gifts and abilities and where we are today.

"Appreciation can make a day--even change a life.  Your wiliness to put it into words is all that is necessary."  -Margaret Cousins

I invite you to put on appreciation for yourself first and then begin to appreciate others.  As you do this you will begin to appreciate each experience in your life despite the outcome.  You will begin to express appreciation to others and to yourself and as you do---you life will expand to become the one you always desired!   I invite you to try! 

A quick way to begin to see the power found in words is to put on The ONE WORD WAY!  Go to to get your FREE Ebook where I share three words that as you change will allow you to appreciate your life which will in turn allow you to appreciate in your life.  

Words Matter---begin to put on words that allow you to create the life you secretly desire too!

Nov 26, 202119:11
54. Share Your Story
Nov 19, 202121:58
53. Love Your Tribe

53. Love Your Tribe

In this episode I just share a few thoughts about the power of connection and how we are capable of expanding our tribe to find those who are meant to be a part of it!  As we lift ourselves and feel better about us---we are better able to help others.  It is time to invest in you!  I invite you to expand and experience the joy of life as you love yourself and those who are to touch your life.

I believe many of us are craving connection so that is why I have organized my first women's retreat, The Gathering Retreat.  Join this tribe---of women who are ready to step forward and become certain as to the person they are to become!

I want to share all the details with you!

If you are ready to Celebrate, Connect & Create with Women, Words & Wisdom…The Gathering Retreat is for you!!

Be sure to check out the VIP night too!  If you are ready to up level your life…join me then! A memorable night of Favorites awaits you.

You deserve to start 2022 with the ability to create the secret desires of your heart and I am going to show you HOW!

I am sharing a discount code of $500 OFF the original price with you!

Use code “EARLYBIRD” through Nov 30th at checkout to get the discount!!



Nov 12, 202118:04
52. Permission to Try

52. Permission to Try

Permission to Try

Have you ever waited for someone to give you permission to try something?  I know I did.  What I have discovered is the only person I  need to get permission from to try anything is myself.  When I wait for others to tell me what I can or can’t do..I stop living the life I was sent here to live.  I stop aligning my will to God’s will for me because I am trying to do what “you think I should do.”

I have been discovering the power found in words and the words you decide to put on everyday.  As Kody Bateman, from the book Promptings said, “The stories in your mind do become the stories of your life, and it’s a whole lot of fun when you create the stories you desire.”

You and I have the ability to not only change our story but step forward to create the story you have secretly desired.  What is that thing you think about changing or improving--and why are not doing it today?  Take a minute and ask yourself this question.

One way that has changed my life is by taking a few minutes each day to look for the good in that day---and focus my thoughts there.

Go to @becomingwithbecky on IG or FB and let's connect!  This month--each day I am offering a gratitude prompt and some power words to put on that will help us look to the good in our lives.  We each have so much to be grateful for and the simple redirect of our minds will make all the difference.

NOW--I have given myself permission to try something I have never done before!  And I am ready to try--and I invite you to join me!!

As we step into 2022--I am excited to announce and invite you to join me at

The Gathering Retreat this January in St. George, Utah!

Are you a busy mom who feels unworthy & stuck in your story most of the time?

I used to feel that way too until I discovered the power to change my story was as simple as changing my words.  No more long to do lists…the changes are found within.

I invite you to JOIN me & discover HOW TO CREATE THE SECRET DESIRES ON YOUR HEART WITH the Divine Power found in words

Attached is a link with ALL the details!  It is going to be so fabulous!

I am sharing a discount code of $500 OFF the original price with you

Use code “EARLYBIRD” through Nov 30th at checkout to get the discount!!

If you are ready to Celebrate, Connect & Create with Women, Words & Wisdom…The Gathering Retreat is for you!!

Be sure to check out the VIP night too!   If you are ready to up-level your life…join me then!  A memorable night of Favorites awaits you.

You deserve to start 2022 with the ability to create the secret desires of your heart and I am going to show you HOW!

Give yourself permission to try--what do you have to lose?  Nothing--and what you will gain---is you will stop wishing and start living the life you have always secretly desired to live.

Nov 04, 202119:37
51. Feel Your Feelings

51. Feel Your Feelings

Are you fresh out of willpower?  I was too until I discovered the simple power found in words.  Today, I intentionally choose what words I put on each day and you can too!  I choose the words that matter to me that allow me to feel the way I desire and it has made all the difference.

How do you feel today?  Ask yourself this question and become aware of how you feel each day.  I want to give you permission to change your words.  I invite you to practice putting on wonder instead of worry. 

As Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, "we need an ongoing infusion of heavenly light.  We need "times of refreshing" and times of personal restoration."  The power of words can be that very thing.  As we put on words that matter, we can become refreshed and restored, day by day.

Life doesn't go as planned, this is part of the plan yet we get to choose how we feel each day.  We will feel sadness and disappointment at times yet we want to make sure that we feel joy and love too.  

It starts by becoming aware to your feelings...and to begin to feel them.  This episode will take a deeper look on this simple approach to moving forward.

Oct 21, 202119:50
50. Enjoy Your Ride

50. Enjoy Your Ride

Do you even know the ride you are on?  Do you enjoy it? 

Yes, we are each on a ride of life and have the power change or redirect the direction we are headed by simply changing the words we put on each day!  If you want to change---you have the power to!

The power found in words is a blue print that allows me to enjoy my own ride---despite the things I have no control of.  Have you ever found yourself feeling despair from comparing yourself to others? I used to feel that way too--until I discovered how to put on a feeling of curiousity instead of competition.  This has allowed me to step forward and stay in my own lane!  Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same!  As Theodore Roosevelt said, "comparison is the thief of joy."  If you are not feeling joy in your life---it could be because you are putting on thoughts that cause you to feel comparison.  The great things is we can change our thoughts and this will change how we feel.  

Like I ask myself each day, What words will I put on today?  We have the power to choose!

If you are ready to discover the power found in words, I invite you to download "The One Word Way" a Free Ebook I have created that shows you the simple way to step forward from feeling unworthy and stuck by changing one word at a time.  Go to to download it!  

You are enough just the way you are--because you are YOU!  We are each Divine in the eyes of our creator.  It is time to enjoy our own ride!  This episode will show you simple ideas to consider as you discover the significance of you being you.  

Remember this, as Coco Chanel has said, "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."  

Oct 14, 202119:17
47. What Are You Reading?

47. What Are You Reading?

Okay friends:  I posted a podcast and thought it went out live---and see it is still in the draft file---I know it is out of order---but decided that doesn't matter.  Here are some thoughts regarding What are you reading?  Enjoy.  Xo,  Becky

What are the last 5 books you have read?  Are you taking a few minutes each day to put on words that matter?  As Jim Rohn, renowned businessman and personal development guru said, "you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and that means everyone in your life counts."  The great thing is---you have the power to choose.  

You also have the power to choose the words you put on each day and one way to put them on is by what we are reading and listening too.

In this episode I will share 5 reasons that as you put on words that matter through what you are reading and listening too---you will put on words that will change your life!

1.  your intellect needs to be stimulated

2.  your opinion of yourself might drastically improve

3. you might gain a mentor, or become one.

4.  you'll likely develop healthier habits, and that means looking and feeling better every day

5.  you'll attract someone positive, amazing and conscientious about all of the above

What are you reading?  I share some of the books I have been putting on in my life and why they matter with regards to the 5 reasons I just shared above.  Here are a few of them

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Maybe Today by David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman

Everything is FigureOutable by Marie Forleo

First Kill all the Marriage Counselors by Laura Doyle

Accomplishing The Impossible by Russell M. Nelson

The Bench by Jen Brewer

Here are a few of my favorites right now!  I would love to hear what you are reading too!

Also, to get my free ebook, The One Word Way go to This is short and simple and I will share 3 simple words that you can practice putting on daily that will help you create the life you are secretly desiring.

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49. Consistency Is Key
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48. Easy Does It
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46. Power of Our Thoughts
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45. Share Goodness

45. Share Goodness

Share Goodness!  I love these two simple words.   These words are ones I invite you to put on every single day.   

How do you share goodness?  Have you ever thought about it?  On this episode, we discuss the simple question you can ask yourself--How do I share goodness?  I love the idea "never suppress a generous thought."  What generous thoughts are you having?  Are you acting on them?  

Often it is the to dos of life that hold me back from sharing goodness.  I think, I will get to it when this or that is done.   It is time to become aware to how we individually decide to share goodness.  Your influence, example  and words always matters to someone else.

"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."  Desmond Tutu

We can each do a little bit and together make the world better.  As we put on goodness in our own lives, be sure to be generous and share it with someone else. 

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44. Perspective
Aug 26, 202121:45
43. Create A Life You Love

43. Create A Life You Love

Are you creating a life you love?  If the answer is no--why not?  We all have been given the ability to create and have the power to change our story if we desire.  When we realize we can change our story and our life with the words we put on---we unleash a freedom and ability to create a life we love.  

One little word can make all the difference.  If you are stuck in overwhelm and hustle or just plain willpower--trying to push through life...there is another way!  I have discovered that just by changing my words allows me to change everything.  I know this might sound too simple.  I used to think so too until I begin to try it.  It is a simple process but it does require effort.  Anything of value requires effort.  As my favorite quote says:

"Remember little things lead to big things, seemingly insignificant indiscretions or neglect can lead to big problems.  More importantly simple, consistent, good habits lead to a life full of bountiful blessings."  Richard G. Scott

I love this because I do feel I can do the little things---and with the power of words create consistent and good habits that matter.  I will give you a few positive and proactive tips regarding The Word Effect with the first three power words, Acknowledge, Ask and Accept.  

I also have a free gift for you.  Go to to get a FREE beautiful Ebook---The One Word Way!  You will be given three words that matter that will get you started on creating the life you desire.  You will be able to discover the power just one word has to let you ditch willpower and create the life you LOVE too!

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