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By JessRoseDukes

Your podcasting safe space for confidence chats & confetti celebrations while spending time always learning from the best babes in their industry!
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26. WTF is Imposter Syndrome?

the BabeAF podcastMay 06, 2020

161. Unfuckery Chronicles 5/15: a little pivot can go along way…

161. Unfuckery Chronicles 5/15: a little pivot can go along way…

As you know having items in your emotional toolbox can be day, month, year, shit even life changing. What you to today can definitely manipulate your mindset for better for worse at any given time but what is cool about it is that you have the capacity to pull an item from that toolbox and really kick your day in a different direction and into high gear. To reach goals, to take deep breaths, to navigate accordingly through the obstacles are all challenges we face and luckily, small steps always make big impact no matter the direction you’re heading- so chin up buttercup, don’t waste the pretty.
May 15, 202307:01
160. Let's get SERIOUSLY organized, Shall we?

160. Let's get SERIOUSLY organized, Shall we?

Ya'll I am not one to be ORGANIZED- ask my momma but what I do have/do is have a knack for WANTING to be organized. That counts right? Thanks for @pinterest for having a really comprehensive way of helping us do that #notsponsored. SO do yourselves a favor this week and try to implement one or a couple of these fun tasks to let and allow yourself to love your space a bit more than before. Imagine what a clean space does for your brain babes, well that may just be a follow up episode of #funfriday. Have a lovely weekend! See ya back next time.

May 13, 202319:51
159. Part 2 of The Mothership: a transparent look at some of my fav ladies

159. Part 2 of The Mothership: a transparent look at some of my fav ladies

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I know that this day can be filled to triumphs, celebrations, constant worry, love, sorrow, remembrance and love. Yep, I said love twice and I have no shame for that. I reached out to a handful of my favorite mothers and asked them to share with me a couple of things. • Their favorite things about being a mother • A challenge they are currently facing or have overcome • Something they have done recently to feel more human (and not just a mother) Huge thank you to Cassidy, Lelia & Rachel for spending some time entertaining my hair-brained antics and continually to love me and your human so much each and every fucking week. Here’s to many more years of friendship. ILYSM.
May 11, 202323:38
158. Unfuckery Chronicles for 5/8: Fuck the wrinkles, how do you feel babes?

158. Unfuckery Chronicles for 5/8: Fuck the wrinkles, how do you feel babes?

Anyone else find it funny that episode #158 is today, 5/8!?! I love it when shit like that happens. Okay, let’s dive into today way to get unstuck from your mindfuck and for me- it’s the status quo of wrinkles. I love mine, they show great strength, laughter and grace in my face. Whether you’re into injectables or not- you’re my person- but i want to dive into how you feel on the inside needs to reflect yourself outside, so here is todays encouragement! Enjoy & ilybunches.
May 08, 202308:37
157. The Mothership; Part One

157. The Mothership; Part One

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I know that this day can be filled to triumphs, celebrations, constant worry, love, sorrow, remembrance and love. Yep, I said love twice and I have no shame for that. I reached out to a handful of my favorite mothers and asked them to share with me a couple of things.

Their favorite things about being a mother A challenge they are currently facing or have overcome Something they have done recently to feel more human (and not just a mother)

I cannot thank you for enough to Karina and Elena for sharing their honesty, love, encouragement and insights in this episode. I am blessed to know you, blessed to love you, blessed to watch you as an incredible mother and excited to continue to watch your littles grow! thanks for allowing me to be the honorary Aunt.

Please join me back next week for Part 2 of The Mothership where I chat with three more of my friends and my hope and intentions in this series to allow you to feel less alone, more encouraged and excited about the adventures you get to take while being a mother. My thoughts and love does go out to those at this time if they've lost a mother, and are waiting to be a mother, my heart love yours, comforts yours and my ears are always open to listen if you need it.

May 04, 202315:37
156. #SundaySpill- Let's get Caught up babes! February-April 2023, lets dive in!

156. #SundaySpill- Let's get Caught up babes! February-April 2023, lets dive in!

Welp, luckily for you, Steph and I sat down today and hammered out our top 5ish headlines from the last few months (Feb/March/April of 2023) and we are so stoked that you've tuned in to follow along with us while we gab about lifestyle, pop culture, worldly events that have shaped us over the last couple of months.

We talk Oscars, SuperBowl, the unfortunate shootings at Michigan State, New movie release, reboots, next season, love, babies and SO much more!

All of the resources from today's episode come from @enews and @people instagrams and their websites. We are so happy to be BACK ON TRACK babes, Thank you for loving this segment of the podcast and I am always so thankful that my gal Steph loves pop culture as much as I do!

May 01, 202301:10:59
155. 98 things a Woman should do in her Lifetime (a cute handheld book by Rebekah Shardy)

155. 98 things a Woman should do in her Lifetime (a cute handheld book by Rebekah Shardy)

Interview three plastic surgeons, and tell them why your bodies flaws are precious to you. Invite an old rival to tea, and talk frankly about the past and the present. By one significant piece of original art. Give birth to your hearts deepest desire, and develop post natal amnesia about the pain so you can do it again. You know i love a challenge especially if you’re tackling it alone, but thanks to Rebekah Shardy, there are many more that we need to explore and be a bit more daring, babes. Let’s go explore & do more than we are comfortable with in our present space!
Apr 29, 202320:40
154. Infertility Awareness Week: #womentowatch, #womentosupport, #womentolove Let's Learn and Raise Awareness in these Silent Battles!

154. Infertility Awareness Week: #womentowatch, #womentosupport, #womentolove Let's Learn and Raise Awareness in these Silent Battles!

National Infertility Awareness Week is observed during the last full week of April and takes place from April 23 to 29 this year (2023), most often before Mother’s Day in May. It is a significant observance that aims to raise awareness about infertility, the non-existent support structures, and the challenge those encountering fertility face. Infertility is a common challenge that doesn’t discriminate, affecting anyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or economic status. The initiative encourages sharing of infertility stories or reproductive issues to change the narrative and get the necessary support and make the journey easier.

Women should not be left alone in the struggle.


Rock orange Join the awareness walk Post on social media -- You can do so by utilizing the N.I.A.W. banner or logo, sharing stories, calling for donations via extended N.I.A.W. links, and using the hashtag #NationalInfertilityAwarenessWeek.


Infertility does not discriminate The world's most fertile countries Infertility affects both sexes equally Eight million babies are born via I.V.F. Ovulation and conception work hand-in-hand

More useful resources I found that may help you:

National Today (info from the episode): NIAW Resolve:

Progyny: NIAW Toolkit: Yahoo! News:

Pinterest: National Infertility Awareness Week board & resources:

Apr 27, 202320:50
154. New series/ the Unfuckery Chronicles & reminding yourself- don’t give up!

154. New series/ the Unfuckery Chronicles & reminding yourself- don’t give up!

A bi monthly 5 minute ish motivation for your day! Let’s #unfuck ourselves shall we? I feel like we are always conditioned to say, do and act exactly how everyone else wants us to while we sit in silence in complete disarray of how we actually feel so this is my journey to teach myself (and you) to always work outside of a comfort zone and stop giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks. Why not Fuck around & find out? It is bound to be a joyous adventure no matter what! I hope this put a little pep in your step today! Check out the tiktok account (same as socials @thebabeafpod) for some fun visual motivation too!
Apr 24, 202307:34
153: let’s take a vacay/break : what does it do to your brain!?!

153: let’s take a vacay/break : what does it do to your brain!?!

After forgetting my phone at home, spending my day stalking fedex, loving on my family, searching for shells, chasing sunsets and getting more freckles- vacations rock!!! According to some great tips from coaches & Architectural Divest: this weeks episode breaks down why taking a pause/break big or small, your brain will thank you! Todays resource:
Apr 22, 202318:58
152. Women's History Month episode, weeks behind #sorryilysm #womentowatch
Apr 21, 202322:02
151. #SundaySpill Fall 2022- Jan 2023 is back baby! Let's Catch Up on the Pop Culture!

151. #SundaySpill Fall 2022- Jan 2023 is back baby! Let's Catch Up on the Pop Culture!

TW// we do talk about death, life and addiction in this episode so please feel free to fast forward if our questions of things that we don't know offend you- As this is not our attention, we do our best to verbally process. We pray for the answers to the questions that you need are answered and are sending our thoughts and love to those families affected by any and all tragedies.

So many things were discussed in this delayed #SundaySpill with my galpal Steph! We are not only catching up with each other but also in regards to our Top three pop culture pieces of News from the Fall/Winter of 2022 (thanks mostly to @people, @bachelornation and a general @Google search for our resources this time) and well into January 2023 just doing our best to get back on track with one of your favorite episdes of #thebabeafpod. We definitely discuss some delicate topics and some 'i wonder who, how or why this has happened' to certain celebrities and well known starts in trying to understand the processes of their lives. Not all episodes are rainbows and sunshine so we do our best to bring you the most up to date information on that pop culture news.
We thank you for the bottom of our hearts to coming along on this learning journey with us as we dive into the details of Celebrities and what we love about them, no matter what.
Apr 09, 202352:33
150. The Dog Days are Over… What a song can do to get you through… #funfriday

150. The Dog Days are Over… What a song can do to get you through… #funfriday

It’s funny ya know!?! When a song just presents itself into your life and then at the most amazing, gut wrenching or even unexpected times, it just shows back up. This song for me (other than ‘Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac) is ‘Dog days’ by Florence and the Machine. You may ask yourself, Jess! Is it the sassy beat!?! Nope, lean and listen to why! And tell me what your song is- a mood boost!? The song that makes you cry EVERYTIME?! The one that hyped you up?! They are all special and luckily they can all shoot you back to the exact time, date and feeling in the weirdest way possible. Thank Gos for the grief, the healing, celebration & excitement that music can bring.
Apr 08, 202321:21
149. Need a Boost like me? We are in this together!

149. Need a Boost like me? We are in this together!

Self reflection is the name this weeks game: even the evaluation of yourself, your own encouragement and being your own hype girl. It can be hard to be partially optimistic. Just as their are roadblocks, frustrations, and obstacles to dive into, walk through or bust down- you must first sit & then take action. If you’re wanting to give up or in, there’s so much more to who you are than the expectations you’re setting for yourself. Those parameters are not what you always need to do in order to push forward but know that even baby steps are accomplishments to bigger & better opportunities for yourself. Let’s go get it babes !!!
Mar 30, 202309:20
148. Went on a search to love a new musician and I FOUND Kels! This weeks #womantowatch & listen!

148. Went on a search to love a new musician and I FOUND Kels! This weeks #womantowatch & listen!

I love how instagram can just bring us all together! I had a pleasure of sitting down with Kels last week for my first interview for #womentowatch Wednesday, lean in and give a listen!

From her website

KELS is the perfect mix of jazz, pop and soul. Her brash vocals and sultry style reflect the old school sound of some of her biggest influences- Ms. Lauryn Hill, Sarah Vaughan, Erykah Badu, Adele, and Amy Winehouse with a profound lyricism to match. Born in Germany to military parents, she moved often as a child. By age 5 she was living in Pittsburgh with her mother and brother. KELS started writing songs at 13 years old. Growing up she was heavily involved in choir, singing at church and in jazz ensembles. Her debut EP, Slow Ryde, released in November 2021 displays her unique vocal style and versatile songwriting. KELS debuted her original music at a series of music festivals in Pittsburgh during the summer of 2021- headlining at The Three Rivers Arts Festival, Millvale Music Festival, Picklesburgh and opened for Kat Wright on her fall tour stop at Thunderbird Music Hall. In early 2022, KELS released a series of live renditions of original music. Most notably, her independent release of “Just Let Me Go (Live at Kingfly Spirits)” gained over half a million views on TikTok and has been streamed over a quarter of a million times across all listening platforms. Her newest release, "Be Fine." was featured in Earmilk and Newsweek as well as on a billboard in downtown Atlanta. KELS has been based in Atlanta for one year, and recently held her first headlining show at Smith's Olde Bar. The show sold out before doors opened. KELS is currently touring the United States independently.

If you're available and in Austin this week (since I'll be out of town) please go see her and support her on tour this year! 

March 8 sofar sounds Austin:

March 16th no ticket needed: She goes on at 8pm at The Hive in Austin!

Please be sure to follow KELS on all social at @findingKels and listen to her on Spotify here:

Mar 08, 202333:57
147. Book Nerds Unite, here are 9 Books you should read before the movies arrive later this year! #thanksenews
Feb 24, 202321:27
146. Justina, Justina, the women who said SO MUCH without uttering a word! The new star of Superbowl 2023, is our #womentowatch this Wednesday!
Feb 23, 202315:34
144. Miss Resolution? We don't know HER!

144. Miss Resolution? We don't know HER!

The promises you make to yourself in the new year may not always be the most consistently obtainable. I like to think of a 're-solution' for things you're wanting to improve on- take what you're already doing and improve a skill, frequency or helpful task to see how that goes. Or say 'fuck the resolution, idk her' and try smaller accomplished challenges throughout the month ESPECIALLY if they are uncomfortably fearful. 

I have two quotes that have been hanging with me this week (thanks for my virtual instructors at Hotworx & my iFit app):

1. 'its just a slight incline, we'll get over it'

2. 'if you wait for the perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done'

Whether these help you in regards to a new household routine, workout, or starting something that you've been thinking about forever (ya know that scary thing that brings you THE MOST JOY!?!?!), S T A R T it. Do the things. You're here to do magnificent things, gain more connections, love yourself for your accomplishments AND failures and really really lean in to UNFUCKING yourself. & luckily for us, 2023 is the time and you are the vessel. let's go babes.

Thank you for listening to today's episode, please be sure to share on socials (@thebabeafpod) if something resonated with you or if you know some of your friends needs to hear that I've mentioned for encouragement in today's episodes. I'll see ya back next Friday! 

Feb 03, 202318:34
145. Single in our Bat City? Come check out this @AustinMonthly event on 2/9/23!

145. Single in our Bat City? Come check out this @AustinMonthly event on 2/9/23!

Since I've been in cahoots with Dukesy since 2010, I have no idea how I could even date in the age of today, so if you're single in our Bat City, let @AustinMonthly help you out! They are hosting a rad Singles in the City event on February 9th with those most eligible (and badass) babes at the new South Austin spot, Superstition! While the gents are great on their own accord, this is a female empowerment podcast, so sorry gents, but ladies first!

All the information for the event and full list of the 12 amazing singles will be listed in the resources at the end of the show notes :) & thanks to Austin Monthly for the great info on the babes, I'll encourage my friends and followers to grab a ticket in hopes to find their SOMA ULTE (IYKYK)!

You can hear more about these babes in the episode so I am going to give their socials here and how to best find them: 

1. Tabitha Ford, 28: @tabithaford

2. Kristy Owen, 37: @kristyowen/ @365thingsAustin

3. Vicky Lau, 31: @vickicup

4. Diana Melendez, 37: @dianamelendeztx

5. Olivia Lee, 29: @olivia_lovelee

6. Ebony Kenney, 40: @ebonykenney

Good luck to all attendants and hope you find someone who makes you discover a more badass and a better version of you, someone who makes you laugh the loudest and continue to achieve your dreams!

This episode resources: 

Here's the full article from Austin Monthly with the event details:

Austin Monthly 2023 Most Eligible Singles (gents included):

Feb 02, 202318:44
143. What Do We Do in 2023 You Ask? Well, Come Find Out!

143. What Do We Do in 2023 You Ask? Well, Come Find Out!

I didn't want to do the traditional episode for 2023 full of promises I don't keep to myself (or you) and really just have too much going on to figure it out at this point the month anywhere right? I mean I know You can change yourself at any time of the day in any way you want, so basically I compiled a list of things to make your week better, call a permission slip from ya girl JessRoseDukes, if you'd like. & here goes...

1. Celebrate the little victories: no matter how little and no matter the victory.

2. Your Tada list does not correlate to your self worth babes, if it gets done: great, if not, tomorrow can take care of it. 

3. Make yourself into a card and give yourself more credit.

4. There is no justification in the way others see you. Your way of doing things is magnificently yours, ok? 

5. Let the proof sit in the way you feel about yourself, loud and proud babes. Shout it from the rooftops :)!

I am so happy to be back and here with ya'll, three cheers for another circle time around the sun and #alwaysbebabef. Follow for more fun and inspiration @thebabeafpod. love you bunches. toodles & see ya next time!

Jan 27, 202317:13
142. Jess Goes West: the Roadtrip Monologues from my trip from Indiana to OKC in one day!

142. Jess Goes West: the Roadtrip Monologues from my trip from Indiana to OKC in one day!

Come along with me as I drive from Indy to Oklahoma City on my quest to reunite with Dukesy. Mind you I call this episode 'the roadtrip monologues' because I am driving alone through many many states, roadside attractions and stop at some pretty interesting places along the way and I am so thankful to begrudgingly take you along with me- I mean you have no choice, you're on my dashboard!  Questions along the way, babes: Would you go on a 'breakup vacation'? How do you roadtrip? Drive or fly? Favorite snacks/must haves? N*Sync or Backstreet Boys? Do you stop at roadside attractions? What's the craziest/most fun one you've stopped at and where is it? NYE 2023: Do you choose a full year resolution but would you be down to do a monthly challenge throughout the year? What's a song you hear that has a memory attached to it? Which song and what memory? What kind of vacation babe are you? Do you take the day off after or do you head straight back into work?  I adore you tremendously for sticking around with me in my ramblings, in my self talk and I love you big and I'm so happy to be back. Be sure to tag me at @thebabeafpod when you answer the Q's!!! Here's to more epi's in 2023!!! Tunes along the way: LPB Poody, Yung Gravy, N*Sync, Nelly and TimMcGraw, Houston & Chingy, The Cramps! Special shout out to Sirius XM radio for the Tik Tok & POP2K stations for getting me through !
Jan 19, 202341:45
141. Its Tabitha Brown this week for #womentowatch, because 'that's our business'!

141. Its Tabitha Brown this week for #womentowatch, because 'that's our business'!

I am so blessed to be a bit more rested and back for more podcast episodes, ya know, what better way to start off than with the Vegan Queen, 'America's Mom' Tabitha Bonita Brown (@iamtabithabrown)!!! She brightens days like no one else, buckle up babes, let's dive in!

From Tab Time to TikTok and Target in between, this woman is freaking goals, babes. G O A L S. Emmy nomination(S)- thats TWO, an amazing accomocaldes of many for this ball of freaking sunshine. Speaking of sunshine, SHE HAS HER OWN SEASONING with McCormicks. I am blown away by her abilities. and its so so fun to watch!

Feel free to check it all out!

Today's Resources:

Donna's Recipe (tabitha's haircare line):


Instagram: @iamtabithabrown, @donnasrecipe

Youtube: Tab Time, and Life with Tab and Chase (along w other appearances)

Essence article with the TikTok Emmy Celebration video:

Tabitha's Wikipedia:

Tabitha's website (including 'how did Donna come to be video'):

Collab with McCormick for Sunshine Seasoning:

Tabitha's line at Target (launching third installment soon):

Dec 08, 202231:32
140. 'Power Rising: These are the Forbes #womentowatch in 2022', an article by Maggie McGrath! Let's go babes!

140. 'Power Rising: These are the Forbes #womentowatch in 2022', an article by Maggie McGrath! Let's go babes!

Sometimes when you're creating an opportunity to showcase amazing women every week, and then... @forbeswomen does it every year, giving you a 'better late than never' nudge to learn more about and highlight magnificently dynamic women you never would have known about inside your little life bubble. So thank you x infinity to Maggie McGrath, for writing about women who run companies, currencies and countries. You're really helping this babe out this week, so I can't wait to see the 2022 list! 

Cheers to Mia Mottley- first female prime minister for Barbados, Najla Bouden Romdhane- Tunisia’s first-ever female prime minister, Lynn Martin- president of the NYSE, Angela Williams- the first Black female president and CEO of Easterseals, Canva cofounder Melanie Perkins, Tala founder Shivani Siroya, Bumble cofounder Whitney Wolfe Herd, and Clear Secure cofounder Caryn Seidman-Becker. Also to Kathy Hochul- The 57th governor of New York is the first woman in history to run the state, Nemonte Nenquimo-indigenous Waorani woman activist (a Goldman Prize and a “Champion of the Earth” honor from the U.N. Environmental Programme in December 2020) , Chinese standup comedian Yang Li, French-Malian pop-star (and Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe honoree) Aya Nakamura,Minyoung Kim, Netflix’s vice president of content for Asia-Pacific, and last but certainly not least, “I Will Destroy You” creator Michaela Coel. 

I appreciate all that you do in your industries to create and collaborate in order to make change happen for all types of people in your native countries, states and counties around the world. You truly make this floating rock a better place and I cannot wait to continue to find inspiration in your words, your wisdom and your way of including others. 

Big thanks again to Maggie McGrath of @Forbes, see the full article here:

Oct 27, 202215:11
139. How to Create your Own Fairytale: The Villain Enters, Part 3 of 6
Oct 22, 202219:08
138. The DAME Angela Brigid Lansbury, of all the 'Murders She Wrote', her versatility shines the brightest. #womentowatch
Oct 20, 202229:06
137. the Most Awarded Lady in Country Music History: the Legendary Loretta Lynn #womentowatch
Oct 13, 202217:08
136. How to Create your Own Fairytale: Be your Own Hero, Part 2 of 6

136. How to Create your Own Fairytale: Be your Own Hero, Part 2 of 6

Not all heroes wear capes, we here this time and time again in all aspects of our lives but DID YOU KNOW YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN YOUR TO BE YOUR OWN HERO!!!!!! yea, I added CAPS because I MEAN IT, babes. you've got this, we've got this. 

So, what does it actually take to BE A HERO? By definition a HERO is: the dictionary defines “hero” as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” The definition of “a hero” has changed over the years, people arguing about if a hero must risk their life selflessly or very simply just be courageous. So, Lets dive into that! Thanks to Vince Poscente, he breaks down in his article 5 qualities of a Heroic Leader, all in all, Be Compassionate, Be FearLESS, Be Humble, Be Selfless, Be Persistant.

Notes from the Desk of From JessRoseDukes:

Compassionate in your ideals toward others

Fear LESS in all situation, you can do hard things

Humble in the way you don't always need to take credit for achievements, esp if its a team effort

Selflessness is a key component on keeping yourself sane in all relationships.

and Persistent in the pursuit of what makes you happy, and what lights your life are keys to being your own damn hero!

I am already proud of you and I thank those great article to assist in this week's episode, I can't wait to show you guys whats in store for Part 3 of our 'how to create your own fairytale' series here on the BabeAF podcast. See ya next week and love you bunches!

Weekly Resources:

Main concept: Imagine Forest blog:

Vince's article about the '5 Qualities of a Heroic Leader'

Oct 08, 202216:46
135. Hispanic Heritage Month- the meaning, the celebrations and the babes who are paving the way! #womentowatch

135. Hispanic Heritage Month- the meaning, the celebrations and the babes who are paving the way! #womentowatch

I've lived in Texas for about 16 years and I have never really emersed myself in different cultures and community outside of my own, and that is most definitely on me as there are so many different things to learn from the human race. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from 9/15-10/15 and I intend to attend more events and learn more about not only the amazing women I chat about here but the amazing ones I run businesses alongside. 

I encourage you with this broadcast of some of my local babes as well as amazing women who have paved the way, to get out, explore, learn and immerse yourself in a culture that isn't yours. Ask the questions, shop from local makers and really understand their stories, the story can develop quite a tell. 

This weeks resources are graciously from KHOU*11,, a great blog post by Mar Z. Luna of the Homeschool Spanish Academy, 

Check out some of my fav local babes blazing amazing trails in their communities and mine: 

Christabell Nunez of What the Bell Podcast, Sis Stop Shop and more to come! You can find her at @yosoybella, @wtbpod and & @growsisgrow on IG

Claudia Zapata, who is a Candidate for Congress with our local TX-21! You can follow along w her at @PoderconClaudia

Bessy Martinez of the amazing community she's built at @austinlatinasunidas, while is a markets/brunch/workshop community for all Latinas in the Austin area

Gabriela Alma Lopez-Bucio, owner of literally half the city with her amazing popup and instragrammable businesses! Taquero Mucho, the home of the pink taco (literally the taco shells are pink) @taqueromuchoaustin, Revival Coffee (the all pink coffee shop in ATX), the Fun Nightclub: Gabriela's Downtown @gabrielasdowntown, Two music venues: Mala Vida Austin (@malavidaaustin) and Mala Santa Austin (@malasantaaustin) 

Oct 06, 202227:19
134. How to Create your Own Fairytale, Part 1 of 6
Sep 30, 202215:26
133. Long Live the Queen, interesting facts & great words of a great Matriarch, Pt 2 #womentowatch

133. Long Live the Queen, interesting facts & great words of a great Matriarch, Pt 2 #womentowatch

Back this week with the second part of our #womentowatch segment of Queen Elizabeth II, we're starting with an amazing recording of her coronation in June 2, 1953, thank you to the page Roman Styran (see link below). Followed by the long awaited (thank you for the pause from last week, babes) part two of the '70 Royally Fascinating Facts About Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch' by Corinne Heller of @ENews, I really appreciate the opportunity to share it with my listeners and community. 

I also found some amazingly kind, gracious and amazing words that were said about the Queen is quite a compilation of all the things we'd like to be said about us when we're no longer here.

I can't say it enough or fast enough- God love a woman who is dutiful to her values, and beliefs but also so fearlessly accurate in the treatment of herself and others, its magnificent. Long live the Queen indeed. Long life the Queen. 

Today's resources:

Coronation audio from the Youtube video:

Link to the Corinne Heller article for @ENews:

ABC GMA3 Broadcast with @QueenRania (Rania Al Abdullah, Queen Consort of Jordan):

Sweet words of Barack Obama:

Thank you so much for hanging with me each/every week and believe in all that I am putting out here to help inspire, encourage and love you as well as I can. 

Sep 29, 202227:16
132. Long Live the Queen, The interesting facts of a great Matriarch, Part 1 #womentowatch

132. Long Live the Queen, The interesting facts of a great Matriarch, Part 1 #womentowatch

Growing up as a small town Indiana girl, I never really believed in the Prince Charming kind of life. We grew up learning to dominate like the boys, playing against some of the greats in our neighborhood as well as learning to be loud enough to stand up for ourselves and use our sassy voices to get everything that we imagined. Those Roseberry girls, we don't follow a path, we blaze our own trail. 

Why does this all relate to royalty, well, for the last SEVENTY years a woman as shaped multiple views of the Commonwealth, the realms and the like. While building a family, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor did as many great things that she was never summoned to do as Queen. She definitely went above and beyond with such a great grace and humble opportunity to strive in multiple facets of her reign.

I didn't want to just put out an episode this week about the facts that you can get right off the bat through Wikipedia (you know I love it there) but I felt like something different needed to happen this time. Big Big thanks to Corine Heller of @ENews for her great article '70 Royally Fascinating Facts About Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch' - I went through the first half for Part one of this #womantowatch and next Wednesday, I'll dive into the latter half of the article with some added fun of some of my favorite friends to follow for all the updates on QE2. 

Link to the article here (only read through 45 k?, the part two is coming 9/28):

Sep 21, 202221:16
131. Summer 2022 Recap of the #SundaySpill, we're back baby!!!

131. Summer 2022 Recap of the #SundaySpill, we're back baby!!!

Steph and I are BACK BABES! She has a new last name and I have new hair (even tho its under a hat), we are joining forces to bring you all things BIP, 2 babes in the Bachelorette franchise, some amazing white floral covered celeb weddings, and of course so dish on the controversy! 

Big shout out and thanks as always to our friends @zacharyreality, @bachelorettewindmill, and many many more! We are so excited to learn from all the adventures you're going on through each and every day to get the hot goss for us to share. 

We are so excited to be back in action, and hope you'll 'stay dramatic' and keep giving us all the goods to share and welcome all opinions and feelings throughout each chat we have!

Have the best September yet, See ya on the last Sunday of the month, babes.

Sep 12, 202201:07:09
130. R.M.DRK is bringing the fire today babes!
Sep 09, 202217:44
129. From Ballet to Badass Roles, Audrey Hepburn did it ALL! #womentowatch
Sep 08, 202236:42
128. Choice, Chance or Challenge: it’s all yours babes!

128. Choice, Chance or Challenge: it’s all yours babes!

Each day we have the opportunity To show up for ourselves, to make ourselves proud, and be as productive as we can in the arena in which we step into. I love the three quotes in this episode from Germany Kent, Wayne Dyer, & F. Scott Fitzgerald. Thank you for coming along this new role with me and work in life and trying to find that balance. I am already really proud of you for stepping into the uncomfortable because a lot of cool things can come up out of being uncomfy. I really appreciate the ability to stand up and share my words with you guys every week and I am so excited to help push you to your goals pasture goals and to become a confidence queen that you are! I hope this episode finds you well and helpful to always make choices that are best for you no matter what the opinions of others might tell you.
Sep 02, 202218:53
127. Happy Happy Birthday Iris Apfel, Cheers to 101! #womentowatch

127. Happy Happy Birthday Iris Apfel, Cheers to 101! #womentowatch

There is no other designer, woman or icon like the legendary IRIS APFEL! I mean if Gran were here, she'd definitely agree that I will be just like Iris when I am in my elder years and I am here for it! Happy Happy Birthday darling, you're an inspiration, thank you so so much for bringing more color to our lives!

Just a snippet of today's episode: 

Iris Apfel (née Barrel; born August 29, 1921) is an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon. In business with her husband, Carl, from 1950 to 1992, Apfel led a career in textiles, including a contract with the White House that spanned nine presidencies. In retirement, she drew acclaim for a 2005 show at the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring her collection of costume jewelry and styled with clothes on mannequins as she would wear it. She has become a fashion icon, she signed to IMG in 2019 as a model at age 97, and she was featured in a 2014 documentary called Iris by Albert Maysles.

Podcast Resources for today's Women to Watch:

Iris Apfel Wikipedia:

Harper Collins page for book purchase and featured video clips of Iris Apfel discusses her Black-Belt beginnings in Shopping:

Ageless Style with Iris Apfel:

Sep 01, 202221:32
126. The Should Haves & The Should Knows, thank you Pamela Redmond Satran! #womentowatch

126. The Should Haves & The Should Knows, thank you Pamela Redmond Satran! #womentowatch

So after I posted Pamela's rad words on the IG grid this week (a la for Monday Motivation) and verbally added my two cents to today's episode, I took a deep dive and FOUND OUT THAT PAMELA IS THE AUTHOR OF ONE OF MY FAV SHOWS 'YOUNGER' with Woman to Watch Hilary Duff from episode 109! I knew I liked what she had to say!
Here is the breakdown of the know how and should have's every woman should say outloud, move to change, pivot and oftentimes remind herself.
Enough money within her control to move out...
And rent a place of her own
even if she never wants to
or needs to...
Something perfect to wear if the employer
or date of her dreams wants to See Her in an hour...

A youth she's content to leave behind....
A past juicy enough that she's looking forward to
retelling it in her Old Age....

A set of screwdrivers,
a cordless drill, and a black lace bra...
One friend who always makes her laugh...
And one Who lets her cry...

A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her Family...
Eight matching plates,
wine glasses with stems,
And a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel Honored...
A feeling of control over her destiny...

How to fall in love without losing herself..
When to try harder...

That she can't change the length of her calves,
The width of her hips,
or the nature of her parents..
That her childhood may not have been perfect...
But it's over...

What she would and wouldn't do for love or more...
How to live alone...
Even if she doesn't like it...

Whom she can trust,
Whom she can't,
And why she shouldn't take it personally...

Where to go...
Be it to her best friend's kitchen table...
Or a charming inn in the woods...
When her soul needs soothing...

What she can and can't accomplish in a day...
A month...
And a year...

Written by Pamela Redmond Satran @thepamelaredmond

AHHHHH I have no idea where to go from here except spending the rest of the night with my face in a bowl full of noodles to see where I can get copies of 'younger' and 'older' from Pamela STAT and continually to spiral down a rabbit hole to find out more about her awesomeness :)! Cheers babes, I love you and don't forget to #alwaysbebabeaf, no matter what.
Aug 24, 202218:56


There are not many times in a woman's life where we can just chill the fuck out in a way that entirely authentic, loved, and enjoyed by other women. And luckily, all thanks to Charly Pope and her amazing foundation of @grownassladycamp, she brings all good times to light and love and an opportunity for all of us to come together each year with our weekend with each other.

This year, I had the opportunity to be a counselor and what I didn't realize is the additional badassery that would ensue with a weekend away with some badass babes. I mean GAL camp is like nothing I've ever experienced and sometimes when you hear 'you've got to see it to believe it' this is one of those instances. So while my new and old friends explain to you what makes them feel confidence through the weekend, @karinadeang's must have list and close out by the adorable Erin (aka most spirited award recipient), its definitely something that you have to experience yourself. 

So without further adieu, I give you, GALCAMP 2022. 

Aug 13, 202218:33
124. Its the light for me at the end of Serena's Tunnel for me. #womentowatch

124. Its the light for me at the end of Serena's Tunnel for me. #womentowatch

We were both born in 1981 and played sports but WE ARE NOT THE SAME, me and Serena Williams. and that's alright by me. 

I adored watching tennis w my Gran as a kid, from the greats like Martina and Monica to seeing girls my own age really dominant in their sport (from the Magnificent Seven to the Williams' sisters) I had it made when it came to icons and role models in athletics as I was growing up. The encouragement to try and be great enough for me was always a staple that sweet Alberta made me realize at a young age. I knew that I wasn't going to go pro or win an Olympic medal but taking some of the tactics and encouragement from the women I saw in sports was a huge asset to the woman I've become today.

Now, on to the GOAT that is Serena Williams. 

There are so many articles, videos, even a new MOVIE, but what caught my eye is the latest VOGUE magazine with her on the cover announcing that she's be 'evolving' from tennis in the near future. I love that she uses the word 'evolution' instead of retirement because if you know anything about athletes or people that are even passionate about anything, that love and legendary accomplishments can never die, even if you're no longer active in the arena babes. The fire lives and breathes inside you as a human and its up to you to transition, pivot and keep that fire alive no matter the adventure. 

Thanks to wikipedia, the vogue article as of 08/09/2022 (written by Rob Haskell & Serena Williams) and the sweet snippet of the FULL AMAZING fashion timeline of some of her greatest outfits (you know I had to include the fashion fun in there), see the full video here:

Long live the Tennis Icon & Queen, we can't wait to see what you accomplish next, go on and be BABEAF, Serena, its all yours for the taking. 

Aug 11, 202240:19
123. The art of Intimacy, let’s get into it.

123. The art of Intimacy, let’s get into it.

Intimacy can be a really trick thing to grasp the concept of and even know the different ways to be intimate! Dr. Susanne from @mymentalhealthspace is helping us break down some great types of intimacy, checking on some road blocks along with ways to explore and get better. After the ad, Molly Burford (@mollyburford) is helping us find new and exciting ways to be intimate too! Thank you ladies for your great social media posts and the assist in todays episode!
Aug 07, 202218:43
122. Title IX Trailblazers: then & now #womentowatch

122. Title IX Trailblazers: then & now #womentowatch

As a former college athlete, equality in sports as well as education is at the forefront as to part of the reason as to why i became an educator and still love playing golf. I didn’t really know about the extent of Title IX in education and some great ladies have been blazing their own trails at the inauguration and today to make all equality happen! So great women to get to know in this ediposde is Jeanne Foley & Aldra Allison from St Olaf college during the mid 70’s when the laws went into affect along with Sedona Prince & Dominique Dawes in more present times! Check out the resources here : Foley & Allison article: and the great take on Prince & Dawes on @goodmorningamerica: I love learning from powerful women each week & I hope you are too!
Aug 07, 202222:36
121. It’s OK, babes & Here is WHY!

121. It’s OK, babes & Here is WHY!

In 2020 sweet Karina and I made this post and it definitely still resonates today! Here's a few things I want y’all to know:

1. Its okay to be single. Historically speaking, a Queen without a King was more powerful.
2. Its okay to love your curves and your chub rolls.
3. Its okay to be skinny and love your athletic build.
4. Its okay to not be into makeup and to love sweat pants.
5. Its okay to love full out glam and live everyday extra AF.
6. There is no such thing a perfect body.
7. We all have rolls when we bend over.
8. It's okay if you want a 9-5 life
9. Its okay if you want to build a business
10. Its okay if you do not aspire to marriage
11. Its okay if you want to be married early, or late
12. Its okay if you dont want kids
13. its okay if you want a house full of kids!
14. It’s okay if something in your closet doesn’t fit or work for you.
The most important thing to this life is living it FOR YOU! Ignore what society says is right, do what feels right to you! This life is far too short to spend it living to someone elses standards... live to yours.
Jul 01, 202213:48
120. Did the SCOTUS, really just OVERTURN RvW and is fucking with the RIGHTS of WOMEN? Listen in babes, its pretty Triggering

120. Did the SCOTUS, really just OVERTURN RvW and is fucking with the RIGHTS of WOMEN? Listen in babes, its pretty Triggering

While I normally do not come on the internet to talk about religious, political or spirituality, I found some profound posts, articles and material that I refused to let your ears pass by without hearing. All topics are coming with a TRIGGER WARNING and all sensitive. While some of my statements are thrown in, I deem the right to block and ban if you come for me with an opinion that is harmful to my well being. If you're adult enough to be on the internet and have a social media account, you're adult enough to have an actual discussion about various view and outlooks regarding the general rights, civility and healthcare currently in this country.

Part 1: a snippet of the NPR article also heard on the podcast 'All Things Considering'

Part 2: Patients A-E, shared scenarios of various patients who did not make it due to various complications of prolonged need or right for assistance. the Instagram post is by @wokedoctors in where they discuss the scenarios written by @bmwellsxox, med student and future ob/gyn stating 'This is has a high chance a becoming a devastating norm in this country with how things stand today. We can't allow this to happen, Abortion is Healthcare.'

Part 3: Shared snippet of a blog post by Gabrielle Blair of @designmom for the collective called @chamberofmothers about the male additional to the women and pregnancy equation. While some parts were shared on Chamber of Mothers, here is the full blog post: if you'd like to read more from her.

Part 4: Resources from V by @underthedesknews, for resources needed this weekend if you're needing care in your state, to take a road trip or to receive additional care when/if needed. Be sure to follow her on all socials, she's amazing with news I never understand. Here is the video that I shared on this episode:

for those of you who didn't read it the first time, here is a second While some of my statements are thrown in, I deem the right to block and ban if you come for me with an opinion that is harmful to my well being. If you're adult enough to be on the internet and have a social media account, you're adult enough to have an actual discussion about various view and outlooks regarding the general rights, civility and healthcare currently in this country.

Jun 30, 202241:41
119. What have you done that was BRAVE lately? Here are some tips to help!

119. What have you done that was BRAVE lately? Here are some tips to help!

A year ago, I asked some of my friends on social media, what they've done lately that they consider BRAVE, and the results were amazing! Shout out to my friends Rosalinda Marie, Yvonne Mercado, Aubry Feathers, Makendrie Crozier, Mallory Mercury, Kristin Savoy, Amber Spurlock, Alisha Randall, Shanda Harris, and Rolando for sharing with me, I hope that not only was a celebration for you but also inspiration to others!
I can help and hope that the things I mentioned recently that I've been trying to be more BRAVE about have helped you in a way that pushes you safely into a space that allows you to do more active things that you consider challenging.
Before I go, you know I had to compile a list of tips to help you if you're on the bus struggling to reach new goals and put on that BRAVE cap babes:

Compliment a stranger- theres something so cool about giving verbal love to someone else.
Discuss goals and dreams outloud with someone who you don't normally share with- it'll help manifest them in a new way
Write down an unfulfilled goal/dream and put it on the fridge. the more you see it, the more it can become yours and attainable.
Admit you can't do it all and let something go- just the freeing sense of control of that is not only a juxtaposition but allows more space for the great to pop in.
Challenge yourself to do something by yourself, you know this is one of my fav activities and its not as scary as you'd think ;)

I really thank you for tuning today! How'd you like the new exit segment? i thought it was fun to record so I hope you like that.
#confetti corner: Merch is launching as soon as I like the way the website looks and keep an eye out for a Patreon too! Hooray!
Jun 24, 202223:57
118. Let's PIVOT Ross Gellar style- learn to lean into your COGNITIVE FLEXIBILITY!

118. Let's PIVOT Ross Gellar style- learn to lean into your COGNITIVE FLEXIBILITY!

I've had some crazy adventures in the last couple of weeks that have been realllllly giving my patience, sanity and normal life situations a run for their money. Luckily, I am learning to adapt to new challenges and busting through some personal obstacles that I know I am not alone in. I just never really imagined that they would arrive in my 40's. I have no idea what took it so long but coping mechanisms are happily here better late than never so hooray for that.

Not only does it include a fun water main break in my front yard (all is fixed now thanks for whatever the heck 'blue glue' is called and skilled father-in-law. And an interesting interaction on Buckley and I's walk this afternoon, in the greatest protective way.

But I digress, Lets get to the unexpected article I found today written by @MarianneStenger (Marianne Stenger is a London-based freelance writer and journalist with extensive experience covering all things learning and development. She’s particularly interested in the psychology of learning and how technology is changing the way we learn. Her articles have been featured by the likes of ABC Education, The Huffington Post, Lifehacker, and Psych Central. Follow her on Twitter @MarianneStenger.) (link:

Here's some great ways to train your brain to navigate through pivots and expand some cognitive flexibility:

1. Alter your everyday routine.

2. Seek out new experiences.

3. Practice thinking creatively.

4. Don’t always take the easy way.

5. Go out of your way to meet new people.

6. Transfer your learning.

7. Challenge your morals.

I am so thankful that these '7 Ways to Develop Cognitive Flexibility' tips not only quickly helped me today but definitely can assist you in your time of need as well. Thank you Marianne!

This week's #confetticorner from me this week is discussing a quick overview of my new work challenges and opportunities as well as the maunch lerch (aka MERCH LAUNCH) on 6/25 and why that date is so significant to me. I am so excited for you guys to see what is in store and Thank you for always showing up for me, I love you bunches.

Jun 17, 202233:16
117. 9 LGBTQ+ Women Who’ve Led the Way for the Next Generation!
Jun 15, 202223:03
116. Let’s walk it out: how taking steps back can boost you forward!

116. Let’s walk it out: how taking steps back can boost you forward!

Last weekend I took a little Trader Joe’s shopping trip into downtown Austin and little did I know that when I arrived, I would be flooded with the intense gratitude for who I am and where I am now in my life. There are not many things that I am suspect of but challenges and change are definitely duo that I welcome but I also need to walk about to consciously think of the exciting opportunities ahead... I find it very interesting that in times of reflective gratitude you don’t always understand how to push forward when shit gets difficult. What I am here to tell you today is that definitely taking a step back in order to remember those previous occupations and people in skills, the future is something and I am super excited about. And as normal, everything is always working out for you and please go boldly into the darkness and be the fucking light.
Jun 13, 202223:18
115. Helen Keller Conspiracies & Ableism: Part 2 of #womentowatch Wednesday

115. Helen Keller Conspiracies & Ableism: Part 2 of #womentowatch Wednesday

Conspiracy theorists are everywhere and unfortunately, just because you believe something can't happen before your talents may lack in a certain area that you do not believe it to do true- there in lines the unnecessary duo of Ableism & Insecurities. Last week's #womentowatch episode took a deeper dive into the remarkable woman that Helen Keller was- breaking down all your accomplishments, struggles and her achievements throughout her years as a deafblind individual. And interestingly enough, some people think she's fake, so I am here to help educate you along with my friends (and resources) below to debunk babes, let's go. Today's Episode topic, research and resources (Thank You so Much for the education): The Weddington Witness: TikTok Conspiracies doubting the achievemants of Helen Keller: Daily Moth/ Deaf News with ASL Captions I was reading:  @krunk19 viral video: Rethinking Schools article 'The Truth about Helen Keller' in childrens' books: Bitch Media, Helen Keller & Ableism: Perkins School for the Blind article 'Doubting Helen Keller We Go From Here':
Jun 13, 202243:03
114. #SundaySpill: May 2022

114. #SundaySpill: May 2022

three cheers for May 2022, all things included this week like the 2022 Met Gala, our favs and fails, 'back to the beach' with the OGs Kristin and Stephen, some Bachelor news, Kardashians tea is being spilled and The Trial Heard Round the World, ya'll!

Source materials mostly from @morganptalks, cultura colectiva, YouTube for most of our trial coverages, the interwebs and Teen Vogue for today's episode.

Please like, share, comment, rate, review, and subscribe and we'll see ya for a sweet little June Wrap Up with a newly married Mrs. Clark ;)!

Jun 05, 202201:16:30
113. Happy Pride Month Babes!!! HOW CAN I BE A BETTER ALLY, YOU ASK!? let me upgrade ya.

113. Happy Pride Month Babes!!! HOW CAN I BE A BETTER ALLY, YOU ASK!? let me upgrade ya.

All opinions stated here are my own and I am so blessed to have a platform that supports that in addition but not limited too, don't forget that 'love is love' and if you're not down with that then this very well may not be the podcast, person or listening room for you. Carry on, but work on being better in your our right k, babe?

Thank you to all the people who have fought to lessen those marginalized in different communities so that I can learn to be a better support and ally for those in need. 

al*ly // verb /əˈlī/ 1. combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.

' the guide to allyship' a short list: (found here:

Take on the struggle as your own. Transfer the benefits of your privilege to those who lack it. Amplify voices of the oppressed before your own. Acknowledge that even though you feel pain, the conversation is not about you. Stand up, even when you feel scared. Own your mistakes and de-center yourself. Understand that your education is up to you and no one else.

Thank you to Jess Natale of @so.informed and Jamal Anthony Taylor of @lemmeeducateyou

instagram posted listed there for the collab:

The Trevor Project, The Marsha P Johnson Institute, & the Trans Justice Funding Project are just a couple of the amazing resources they highlight throughout the post collaboration. Definitely listen in for more and write down all resources that you may be to be a better ally. 


I believe that this episode is not just helping for gain more information but to also educate us about the ways in which other humans live their lives and the resources in which are constantly need to grow, shape and come together for each other in the future. 


More avenues to learn listed here and spoken the podcast today:

YWCA: 10 best ways to be an ally :

ALCU: How to Be a Better Ally 101:

Jun 05, 202223:01
112. #womentowatch: Helen Keller, Part 1
Jun 03, 202228:53
111. Mental Health Awareness Help: 7 Things Crisis Counselors and Therapists Want You to Know about Reaching Out for Help

111. Mental Health Awareness Help: 7 Things Crisis Counselors and Therapists Want You to Know about Reaching Out for Help

Trigger Warning: this episode includes talks of unaliving/suicide, self harm, depression, loss, trauma, recovery, disorders, anxiety, mental health challenges
With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to take the time to share a group of articles that I saw in one of affinity groups of work. My fulltime job with Zillow and we have these amazing groups (for example, women empowerment, pride, women over 40, women in sales) groups where we have the opportunity to join, be included, and be an ally. So with that being said, a couple of tags and articles that were shared in a group this week are definitely some that I felt the need to share and give resources to those in need or to keep on hand to share with others as well.
I believe that mental health is dynamic in all our our stages of self care and how we navigate all things and ourselves in all situations.
Here are some things that Crisis Counselors and Therapists Want you to know:
1. You are not alone
2. Suicide Is Not the Solution…
3. …But You Don’t Need to Know the Solution Right Now
4. Your Feelings Will Pass
5. Your Counselor Is Not Frightened by Your Thoughts
6. Your Counselor Loves What They Do and Wants to Help
7. Your Vulnerability Is a Strength, Not a Weakness
Thank you for tuning into this quick episode, I know that we could dive really deep into the depth of what this month means to us but I wanted to give a quick article that really spoke to me and would give the opportunity to reach ya'll in a time or need or have the resources to share to someone who may need it. I really appreciate each and every one of you- love you bunches.
Full article with links here:
Grief Situations:
Authentic Connections:
Self Care Breaks:
Stronger Versions of Ourselves:
Where to Get Help
If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally or having a hard time, these organizations may provide assistance:
National Suicide Prevention
Lifeline Call: 800-273-8255
Crisis Text Line Text
“TALK” to 741-741
The TrevorLifeline – serving members of the LGBTQ+ community ages 25 and under
Call: 866-488-7386
Text “START” to 678-678
May 27, 202222:27
110. #womentowatch: Stacey Park Milbern: Happy Belated Birthday!

110. #womentowatch: Stacey Park Milbern: Happy Belated Birthday!

This week's #womentowatch, is Stacey Park Milbern all thanks to a #GoogleDoodle on 5/19/2022 honoring not only her legacy but what would have been her 35th birthday.

Here is more on Stacey and some amazing information I learned about her:

Stacey Park Milbern was a queer, Korean-American disability justice activist, who co-founded the disability justice movement and dedicated her life to advocating for marginalized communities. In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, today’s Doodle—illustrated by San Francisco, CA-based guest artist, Art Twink—celebrates Stacey Park Milbern’s legacy on what would be her 35th birthday.

Milbern was born in 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. She grew up in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and began her service as a leader for disability justice at the age of 16. After noticing a lack of advocacy for disabled LGBTQ+ and people of color, she teamed up with other activists in 2005 to coin disability justice—a framework dedicated to ensuring the perspectives of traditionally marginalized groups within the disabled community weren’t left out of the fight for disability rights.

At the age of 24, Milbern moved to the Bay Area, California, where she worked tirelessly to organize, write, and speak for the movement, and became Director of Programs at the Center of Independent Living.  In 2014, Milbern was appointed to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities and served as an advisor to the national administration.

“I want to leave a legacy of disabled people knowing we are powerful and beautiful because of who we are, not despite of it." - Stacey Park Milbern

From advocating for national legislation to building community through the Disability Justice Culture Club—Stacey Milbern always dreamed big and lived up to her values. Happy 35th birthday, Stacey Park Milbern.

Thank you all for the help in learning and helping to further advocate for communities like and for Stacey Park Milbern- here are all the found resources, please go take a read, a watch and a listen: 

Google Doodle courtesy of Art Twink and more designs here:

Google Doodle link for more:

More on the article of 'In her own words: Remembering and Honoring Stacey Park Milbern' by American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) :

Youtube video behind the Google Doodle:

May 25, 202235:45
109. #womentowatch: Hilary Duff, in the Buff & Baring it all for Women's Health!

109. #womentowatch: Hilary Duff, in the Buff & Baring it all for Women's Health!

I love it when a woman is coming into their own as a human and when they get all free-spirited and boss on it, really just had fuel to my #girlcrush fire. I have loved HD since 'younger' well that's because I am older than the Lizzie Maguire fandom BUT I can appreciate the adventures she's gone on throughout the years to be the woman that she is now!

@womenshealthmag sat down with her (clothed for the interview) to chat and be the spokeswomen for their Body issue and they could not have picked a better candidate! I learned so much in such a short period of time and as an avid lover of HIMYM, I am excited that she's a main character in HIMYF (thats How I Met your Father, for those of you not in the know! 

You'll hear a clip of the article for about 6 minutes and you're definitely gonna want to buckle up buttercup because she spills some of her best kept beauty and body secrets. I am not sure if the online version is the same as the print but I have the hardest time reading aloud today SO I wanted to give you the link to the article so you can read aloud for the class or to yourself- whatever sprinkles your cupcake. 

Three cheers for Hilary and her continued badassery and while I didn't have an in person chat with her like Karen Varby did, I hope you guys enjoy and get some inspiratation from this multifaceted and beautiful babe.

HUGE THANK YOU & Full article here: 

Be sure to like, share, comment, follow, subscribe, rate & review and if you need me - I'm at socials @thebabeafpod and you're also welcome to email me for collabs at - Toodles and love you!

May 11, 202223:08
108. You are not a fucking label, you're a fucking human!

108. You are not a fucking label, you're a fucking human!

alright, I rarely get fired up by things on the internet because well, i like to be blissfully unable of the shit that doesn't serve me SO i really got thrown for a loop this week when I saw the admirable Jacqueline Doty (feminine energy dating coach, @claritybyjacqui, full video here: discussing how 'men don't like loud women' in one of her tiktok videos. 

And it really got me thinking... yep, using my brain here babes...

WHY THE LABELS? Why the loud? calm? confidence? meek? understatement? stereotyped? sexualized? 


Y'all I could go on and on in the negative headspace that labels really fucking with me, but alas, there's always a lesson (or four actually) to learn, so buckle up, here we go.

learn to let go of the judgement, check out Gabrielle Bernstein's judgment detox journal, if you have no idea where to start.   be more self aware: im labeling this one, the 'ope & pivot'.- don't let self doubt sally come back uninvited.   find true belief! is this actually something that i am using MY brain to conclude and think for MYself (unselfishly, lets hope) or is it the alternative?  be graceful and leave that mind open- its crucial for all types and forms of development.

Honestly, I'm thankful for women like Jacqui because they challenge my way of thinking and understanding the reasons for other trains of thought and trust me, everything you hear from me is a opinion (unpopular or not) of myself. I adore the juxtaposition of the human race so before I go, have the conversations that make you uncomfortable and open up your ability to judge less and love more. 

Sidenote: MERCH IS LAUNCHING 6/25/2022, more on that in a later episode, three cheers to this weeks #confetticorner, whats yours?

May 09, 202224:31
107. #SundaySpill: April 2022

107. #SundaySpill: April 2022

Steph and I welcome back one of our busiest month's personally to chat about a pop culture halt with a lot of the info that we've previously been discussing. I mean did anyone else feel like APRIL 2022 was a hot mess/ spicy disaster well on the express bus to the shitshow. 

From new BABIES from the Pauls, the Criss's, those who were on The Ultimatum, Duggerville and the Kennedys of E!, cheers ya'll.

Happy Happy Bday to some of our favorites: Leighton, Jack, Rudd, and a Hudson with more more to celebrate. 

And our Favorite segment, shall be named as our BuckeUp Bachelor news, orignal right!? We talk about whats the come in Paradise, hooray for engagements and our top three from the franchise. 

I definitely love a hot goss segment, and while this one is short and simple, its definitely full of our opinions, to share yours, please and thanks. 

May 08, 202251:13
106. #womentowatch: The Magnificent life of Naomi Judd

106. #womentowatch: The Magnificent life of Naomi Judd

With the unexpected and tragic passing of Naomi Judd this past weekend, I thought it only fitting to chat about the amazing woman that she was and all that she helped contribute to country music. 

I loved learning about Naomi through all the information from her Wikipedia page encompassing all the amazing awards and accolades that she received throughout her magnificently talented 76 years. Not only a remarkable mother to Wynonna and Ashley, but she brought such a light to the advocacy of her Hepatitis C diagnosis and gave to herself to many organizations like the American Liver Foundation as a spokeswoman. As of May1, 2022, The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, what a dynamic tribute. 

Naomi & Wynonna Judd's 10 Essential Songs (in no particular order): 

"Have Mercy" (1985)

"Mama He's Crazy" (1984)

"Maybe Your Baby's Got the Blues" (1987)

"Why Not Me" (1984)

"Girls Night Out" (1984)

"Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days)" (1986)

"Love Can Build a Bridge" (1990)

"Cry Myself to Sleep" (1985)

"Rockin' With the Rhythm of the Rain" (1985)

"Young Love (Strong Love)" (1989)

Huge thanks to Wikipedia and Rolling Stone for this amazing article written by JONATHAN BERNSTEIN, STEPHEN L. BETTS, JON FREEMAN & JOSEPH HUDAK on

Please find remarkable resources for your mental state in any / all ways that you can. Better Help (not sponsored) is a great resource for all kinds of ways to speak to amazing therapists through text, video or phone chats and they are frequently available. As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I would like to highlight some great resources as well; National Suicide Prevention Lifeline available 24 hours in English and Spanish and you're welcome to call or chat; 800-273-8255 with the full website here:

Thank you for listening to this weeks women to watch Wednesday, I feel like there are a ton of ways that we are able to support each other by highlighting not only amazing badass women in our local communities but learning from those who are blazing their own trails throughout their industries just as Naomi did. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to be chat this week and highlighting such a legend. 

Some amazing Spotify that I love including the Judd's!

In other housekeeping news: Things I like that you should fucking buy this week is my stellar handpainted hat by @pipperberlinhatco, my girl Christina Hinnant is so damn talented and you should check her out. 

May 04, 202223:19
105. #WomentoWatch: My Sit down with Meg Calvin- Can YOU Guess what happens when two #BookNerds Collide?!
Apr 27, 202258:44
104. Be Happy with What you have While Working for What you Want! thanks Helen Keller

104. Be Happy with What you have While Working for What you Want! thanks Helen Keller

Thank you Helen Keller, no I'm not talking about the punk song by the band 3OH!3 but the actual Alabama born, American Author, disability rights advocate, political activist and lecturer, yes her. She had a quote that I adore so much that states; 'Be Happy with What you have while Working for What you want.' We are such a society these days for wanting instant gratification and what I find so fulfilling in anything that we launch into the world (albeit a adult activity that may or may not be open and ready for preorder with full launch on April 10th), that we must find grace in moments of uncertainty and give ourselves the abilities to love on the little victories while we want for the big time celebrations.

I discuss also in this quick little nugget the reasons why 4/10 means so much to me and how I get to show up and stand up for those who continually do so for me (hi, that's you!). I am so excited for this adventure with ya'll in a shop, in merch to come soon and being in places with people that always allow me to be myself but also the way in which we get to better each other. I can't thank ya'll enough.

Wrapping this up in a cute bow before I nosh on burritos and movies with hubs tonight and a princess party tomorrow with my nieces, I'm leaving you the keys to the kingdom- go ham on snagging the 'fuck yeah, confidence' adult activity book either at the bio link with ways to listen this podcast OR directly through here (any order between now and 4/9 will get some free goodies from me in their orders, cheers)

See ya back next week, love you bunches, babes.

Apr 08, 202217:03
103. #WomentoWatch: Abigail Barlow & Emily Bear, the Grammy Award winning Bridgerton Musical Queens

103. #WomentoWatch: Abigail Barlow & Emily Bear, the Grammy Award winning Bridgerton Musical Queens

This week I am adding the previous love that is 'babe of the month' and the new Wednesday lady love '#Women to Watch' and ya know, what better way to kick off the collab of not just one woman but two!

blasting through the curtains, Barlow & Bear, babes. 

If you've been sleeping in the orchestra pit, you better wake up because Abigail and Emily are doing things that not many women in a male dominated industry like the theater space are doing! From being the youngest woman to be nominated and winning many awards to basically creating a new genre of music through TikTok that we are all obsessed with for many years to come. 

On the heels on the launch of Netflix's Bridgerton (iykyk), these babes created A WHOLE ASS ALBUM if it was a musical. Also, IT NEEDS TO BE A MUSICAL! I mean yes please, bring me the Bridgerton boys & put me in period attire and thank you!

I loved diving in to more of the rave reviews of each of these women together and separate, if you don't know I adore a girl gang and they are building quite the community all the while, keeping us on our toes with the major of doing it not only together but showing the world what can be done!

Be sure to watch them on TikTok if you need a great and information ear worm love fest: @abigailbarlowww, @emilythebear and the compilation of @bridgertonmusical as well. 

Huge thank you to the following sites for the information on the babes:  

The Babes:

Emily Bear:

Abigail Barlow:

Also, feel free to grab your own copy of my new 'Fuck Yeah, Confidence' Activity book (now open for preorder through 4/9 with special goodies from me at:

Apr 07, 202218:17
102. #SundaySpill: March 2022

102. #SundaySpill: March 2022

Ya'll last Sunday Steph sent me a note that said 'hey do you want to record this week' and I was like 'no, lets wait, a lot can happen in FIVE days' and boy, did I know nothing about what events would transpire from 3/26-3/31 even just a mere hours about sending that text. 

This week we are chatting about all things Bachelor Nation, the hinted relationship between our boyfriend Blake and Giannina, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, Rhianna and all the new baby news, not to mention 'the Slap heard round the world' and what we believe to be a conspiracy or the actual truth. Special shout out to @zacharyreality for helping us out with some BachNation/crossover news and Jim Carrey for always keeping it real as the OZ behind the Entertainment industries velvet curtain.

I always love catching up with Steph and I'm so happy we get this time today when we are sitting halfway across the US from each other when we'd rather be brunching in person. Thanks for hanging out babes, lets fill our cups up for April and we'll spill it all next month!

Toodles and don't forget to check out the Spotify Q&A link below! 

Apr 03, 202201:25:23
101. #WomentoWatch: Getting back to our #BabeAF roots, ya'll!

101. #WomentoWatch: Getting back to our #BabeAF roots, ya'll!

First & Foremost, I am so appreciative of the break from last week while taking care of Banner hound pupaluppppa. He is feeling much better and we are getting his infection under control. Well, this weeks #womentowatch is actually three badass babes. I went back into some of the episodes we recorded previously and grabbed the part of our chats where they were discussing our pivotal podcast question: 'WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BABEAF!?' I adore asking this question because honestly, the perception from any babe that answers is always so dynamic and different. The tips ,tricks, dance moves and ideas that stem from this question, definitely inspire me every time I have the opportunity to sit down and ask it, so thank you babes. Keep up the great work.  You can find these badass babes in the following ways: Episode 84: Jayme Shiarla, (this is IHeartRadio link: ) socials: @coachjayme Episode 68: Dani Dyer, (this is the Amazon Music link: ) @danidfitness, @loveyourbodynashville Episode 61: Chelsea Burnett (this is a Spotify link: ) @chelsea_burnettwx, @texasstormchasers Each episode is available on all social media platforms, be sure to pick your favorite and rate, review, like, share, subscribe, and follow- I'd love it! Thank you again to these badass babes for putting themselves out there every day to talk about their passions and what drive them forward to become better versions of themselves, love you bunches & thank you for showing up for me.
Mar 23, 202218:23
100. Keeping it ONE HUNDRED, with a Special Surprise Guest!

100. Keeping it ONE HUNDRED, with a Special Surprise Guest!

for the 100th episode of the BabeAF pod, we decided to record LIVE on Instagram with a little Q&A featuring my adorable husband Chris Dukes, aka Dukesy aka loverboydogbabydaddyfavoritehuman. We are going back and forth and taking some of your questions for each other and we dive into anything from our favorite people on the planet to how we feel about not having children- yep, we go there!

I am so excited for there to be more 10/10 recommended podcasts from the man that I get to share my life with, the man who support all my hair brained ideas and who is my biggest fan! I could not do half the shit I've accomplished in the last 10 years without his encouragement.

Ladies and Gents if I could give you one piece of advice when you're finding a life partner, lobster or somaulte (if you know you know), pick and choose wisely but make sure when the shit gets emotional and difficult and challenging that you walk through the sidewalks in your life holding the hand of someone that will not only cheers to your accomplishments but smack you on the butt when you did a good job. 

Honestly, though, I am so thankful that we've gotten this far and we're only getting started. I adore each and all of ya'll for sticking around, listening and encouraging my quirky ass to continue this platform and all the ridiculousness that comes along with it... heres to 300 more! mwah.

Mar 12, 202254:07
99. #WomantoWatch: Where Science Meets Self Care with Shanila Sattar of AlwaysPlay Studios

99. #WomantoWatch: Where Science Meets Self Care with Shanila Sattar of AlwaysPlay Studios

'Feel love activate inside yourself and awaken the divine feminine energy within you - all about, joy, strength, ease, and passion. Let the beautiful sounds of the bowls hug you and remind you how strong and full of grace you are. Let the alchemies bring you grounding.' Shanila Sattar.

I never realized how actively science, sound baths and self care all coincided until I sat down from Shanila, she is such a trailblazer in this industry and I am so happy that she's sitting down with me this week for our Wednesday #womantowatch series. I never knew that some of the aches, pains and stresses of your daily life could be manifesting in so many different ways, come along on this journey of self healing and adventure today. I bet you'll find something out about yourself that you didn't know ;)!

A huge thank you to Shanila and her team for the correspondence and flexibility over the last couple of weeks. I can't wait to being the babes to your classes and show up for your community like you have for mine. 

Where you can find all things Shanila and her work; 

Breathwork Book:

The Playground Podcast:

Free community for healers and mystics:

Her Soundbaths & other resources through YouTube:

Social media handles: @shanila.sattar, @alwaysplaystudios and @breathworkfacilitatortraining 

Her 12 month Healing Arts Practitioner Immersion starts 3/20/22, Enroll on her website. 

Mar 10, 202201:08:39
98. Say Fuck no to Self Doubt: Strategies to Eliminate!

98. Say Fuck no to Self Doubt: Strategies to Eliminate!

we're talking some strategies today babes, ways to eliminate the self doubt that creeps in like TLC when you're not expecting it so the properly ways to navigate may not be what you expect, its time to stop overthinking, collaborate with your previous life situations and listen to your guy...

ok ok enough of those throwbacks, its time to dig in and find the ways through it; so heres so great strategies to help move past the Sally in your life, yep, i've named her, that self doubt, hey its easier for me to identify and push her out of my way to greatness!

start to notice your habits and situations when Sally creeps  remind yourself of the outcome of a previous experience use Sally as a form of protection whether its a celebration, struggle or challenge- its worth it for growth inhale self trust/exhale self doubt choose affirmations, pray, encouragement for yourself act like Ted Lasso, and just believe.

Feel free to check out a free template of affirmations from the Modern Day Manifestations blog and surprise (there are some extra tips listed here too!

I know that these tips may not always be ready and willing to help you push past the Sally's in your life but when you have a bit of faith, understanding and perseverance for yourself, the best versions of yourself can definitely start to shine. 

don't forget to dance when you're in doubt and step out of the darkness in to the light babes, its always been yours. 

Be sure to follow more inspiration at @thebabeafpod on all socials and don't forget to shop Charlie's store and check out her amazing creative writing and tips at @moderndaymanifestations! See you back next week!

Mar 05, 202227:35
97. #WomentoWatch: Nikki, owner of Austin based company, Beatnik Beauty & Unlikely to Apologize Podcast!

97. #WomentoWatch: Nikki, owner of Austin based company, Beatnik Beauty & Unlikely to Apologize Podcast!

Ya know how you just sit down with someone and you instantly connect? Well ya'll, Nikki of Beatnik Beauty and cohost of the Unlikely to Apologize Podcast, is one of those dynamic women! I didn't expect to have so much in common right off the bat and definitely can't wait to grab a drink and spend some time together throughout our town. I adore the way we can now compliment each other fantastically in life and business. 

Nikki is the founder and owner of one of the coolest new home based businesses called Beatnik Beauty:  Beauty, cosmetic & personal care company, normalizing the imperfections of perfectly balanced lives (find more here and co-host of an amazing women empowerment podcast with her great friend Heather called Unlikely to Apologize :Just two friends having real conversations about the things no one wants to talk about @heatherlynnflores & @nikki_cammz! check them out here on all platforms:

What a rad duo- amiright? I love the way that this fireside chat felt so great in regards to coming together, have a laugh or 15 and then doing what we are in regards to finding passion and implementing it into the world to help change the minds and attitudes of others. What a great gift !

Please follow her on socials :

Personal: @nikki_cammz

Business: @Beatnik_beauty

Podcast: @unlikelytoapologizepodcast

Huge hugs and thank you to Nikki for spending some time with me online, I am now more blessed and full in life because of you and don't worry my hair is about be to badass with the new hairbake coming my way! Can't wait to collaborate soon!

Feel free to like, share, subscribe, rate, review and follow each week for more details on the next #womentowatch on Wednesdays! Interested in working together or know someone who would be great for this series? email me:

Mar 02, 202259:32
95+1. #SundaySpill, February 2022 Edition

95+1. #SundaySpill, February 2022 Edition

This week Steph and I sit down and chat about all things babes, engagements, the GOAT, Bachelor therapy & how we feel about new celebrity couples. 

New Babies on the Block: Shay & Matte, Ashley Graham's Twins, Rhianna & A$AP, Kylie & Travis (with Kardashian child predictions), Eve, Brian Austin Greene & Sharna Burgess, honorable no mention: Shailene & Aaron

Celebrity Love Fests: Kanye & everyone who looks like Kim, Euphoria love, Bennifer, Adele & Rich, Simole & Jonathan, Shaun & Nina, Ryder & Iris

Strong & Awesome Mentions: Nicola Coughlan, New Cast of The Color Purple, Retirement of Brady, Ed Sheeran & Taylor make music love again, Jake's update Taylor & Austin Butler (great pick for Elvis's Biopic)

Bachelor Nation: This week in Bach History, Becca & Thomas take Mexico (again), the Booth family , Joe & Natasha's pick for Clayton's lady, Therapy a la Bachelorette and who we'd love to see as a new Bachelor host. 

If you have anything you're dying to hear about in March, let us know- we'd love to give our thoughts! Thanks for tuning in for this month's Sunday Spill and we can't wait to bring in Spring with you! 

Feb 28, 202258:29
96. #BabeAFBookclub Review: Delia Owens, 'Where the Crawdads Sing'

96. #BabeAFBookclub Review: Delia Owens, 'Where the Crawdads Sing'

The inaugural installment of the #babeafbookclub is here! We are reading a book/month and for January 2022, we dove into Delia Owens' book, 'Where the Crawdads Sing' and we had the best time learning from each other and there are definitely a few twists and turns in the storyline that we were surprised by as we were going through it! We learned that the paperback as a small cookbook in the back and I'll be sure to post along with our review on socials.

Here are the general basis of the questions that were discussed, Thanks to @reesewitherspoon's bookclub doing it first, we loved following suite. 

1. How does the North Carolina marsh setting shape the story? In what ways does the setting seem like another character in the novel?

2. Discuss the series of events that led to Kya living alone in the marsh. Who failed her, and who was there for her? Were there better choices that could have been made?

3. How do Kya’s observations of nature influence her understanding of the world? Give examples of how Kya’s decisions were influenced by things she saw in nature.

4. How did you feel about Kya’s decision not to return to school? How different would her life have been if she had stayed in school?

5. What is Kya’s relationship like with Jumpin’ and Mabel? Why are the drawn to Kya — and what do they have to offer her?

6. Which characters had the biggest influence on Kya? On whose lives did she make the biggest impact?

7. Did the people of Barkley Cove owe anything to Kya? What does it mean for her to be an outsider, and how does it impact her life and choices?

8. How is poetry used in the book? What does poetry mean to Tate and to Kya?

9. What does Kya learn about relationships by watching fireflies? How did her interpretation of their behavior inform her choices later?

10. Contrast Kya’s relationships with Chase and Tate. What do each of them offer her, and what does she represent to them?

11. What does Kya learn by watching the girls in Barkley Cove? How is her idea of womanhood influenced by her observations and by her life in the marsh?

12. Do you see Kya as a victim? Why or why not? How did your opinion of her change over the course of the book?

13. How did you feel about the outcome of the trial? Do you think Tate made the right decision? Why?

14. Did the ending of the book offer the closure you wanted? Were you surprised or disappointed by the way the book ended?

15. What did the title, Where the Crawdads Sing, mean to you before and after you read the book?

Be sure to check out Tieghan's recipe for a blackberry bourbon // recipe:

Zoom Happy Hour Drink Suggestion; Blackberry Bourbon Smash by Half Baked Harvest (thank you Tieghan Gerard) [In honor of the blackberry jam Kya takes to Jumpin’ and Mabel’s house, we suggest serving this Blackberry Bourbon Smash at your book discussion. Combining muddled blackberries with bourbon, ginger beer, honey, lemon, and a mint garnish, I think this beautiful and fruity cocktail will be a smash with our book group!] 

Overall rating of the first book of 2022, why yes, the question everyone is asking ... (noone is asking but I'm giving it to you ANYWAY), 4/5 stars baby, would recommend. My only flaw is essentially my ability to comprehend and read faster so its nothing to do with Delia's ability. Can't wait to hand for February's book ya'll! 

Feb 26, 202246:11
95. Its Palindrome Week & Diving into Angel Numbers!
Feb 25, 202227:02
94. #WomentoWatch: Allie Tessier of the Babesplaining Podcast!

94. #WomentoWatch: Allie Tessier of the Babesplaining Podcast!

Its Wednesday babes! Time for the new babeaf segment called 'Women to Watch', I love sitting down with women who just blaze amazing trails, dance to the beat of their own drum and really fucking show up for others when push comes to shove. I mean who doesn't love a strong, intelligent and talented babe? 

This week I have an amazing afternoon chat with Allie Tessier of the Babesplaining Podcast and while we quickly found each other and fell into adoration for the badassery of each other, I definitely learned alot of how to take charge of what you want in life, in a career and how to not take any shit from the naysayers and its all due to Allie. I think the concept of her podcast is genius and as you heard, I am a bit pissed I didn't think of it first, love a good branding opportunity!

I want to send a great thanks for her for being my first #womantowatch and I definitely can't wait to follow Allie along in her career and see how many amazing adventures she goes through in this life!

Be sure to check her out at the ass crack of dawn (yes, her episode comes over each Wednesday at FIVE AM), I'll definitely catch the replay on that, but follow her @thebabesplainingpod on instragram and I can't wait to put her marketing tip to use ;)! Thanks again darlin, I had the best time! 

Feb 24, 202253:26
93. Extra! Extra! Listen up, Babes, Kerry Lynn's here with Drag Queen Telegrams, bringing the Sass!

93. Extra! Extra! Listen up, Babes, Kerry Lynn's here with Drag Queen Telegrams, bringing the Sass!

I just adore women who are doing shit that no one else is

women doing shit that matters.

adoration was quick when i met Kerry Lynn at the beginning of February and through a Women of Atx FB Group. Ya'll when I tell you she's gathering a troupe of even cooler humans to bring joy, excitement and surprise to Central Texas, that is nothing to scoff at but definitely a force to be reckoned with. Ya'll say it with me now, DRAG QUEEN TELEGRAMS! I mean just the sheer thought of amazingness, pride and magnificence to any of your surprises, showers, parties, weddings, and shoot, just a random Tuesday when you need it.

Please lean in and learn about the coolest new biz on the block, coupled with a female found- picture them UNSTOPPABLE! 

Make sure to follow and give them all the love at @extragramsatx and choose them for your next hooray! Bookings can be done at


be sure to listen to the end of the episode, i've got surprises babes. 

love you bunches- please be sure to like, share, subscribe, rate, review and follow (whew) on all the socials & collabs can come to

Feb 18, 202242:34
92. Where hard conversations can lead to smart arguments

92. Where hard conversations can lead to smart arguments

honestly, as i get older, the more difficult some things are (along with my ass being stubborn as all get out). you'd think by now, i'd have a grasp on being emotional- being vulnerable or shit, even as loud as i am - you'd think that i would be forthcoming in all and everything but ya'll , sometimes conversations and arguments are so difficult!
in lieu of that, i turned to the og fav seo (#Pinterest) to find some goodies to help me out this week and honestly, there was an overwhelming wealth of knowledge (of course, its Pinterest) to help find solutions but honestly, two articles that really stuck out to me.
the first: thank you to westvianorthsoutheast on TUMBLR (through Pinterest as previously stated), yep, still on that site bc its badass and I love visual art.
the second: healthy ways to have an argument, yes I know, I was super surprised as well- theres an actual pathway to figure it all out! whew.

a huge thank you for hanging out this week, please be sure to like, share, rate, review and subscribe it always means so much! merch preorder 2/20 and full youtube coming 3/1, lets go babes!
Feb 11, 202224:59
91. No more BS, Lets really Level Up this time!

91. No more BS, Lets really Level Up this time!

Okay, I made a promise to myself that when I was going to make the consistent adventure to continue producing this amazing podcast, I would do my best to show and continue to give you the goodies and knowledge with skills to give the the leverage to be a better version of yourself. Trust me when I tell you you that you magnificently made but sometimes, there's a bit of an itch for you to do just a bit more, the hustle a little harder and to show up not only for yourself but for those that are inspired and love you.  First, ask yourself these questions: Why do you want to level up? What do you want to accomplish when you're on this adventure? How will this make you feel? Please know before moving forward into the tips, note that everything is always working out for you, you deserve everything you want and more and know your worth and add fucking tax. Its time to step it up darlin, big girl pants & all.  Now to the tips, babes: 1. get your fucking mindset right- I feel like this is the main way to get the ball rolling, sit down and be real honest with yourself. your self worth, confidence and self esteem depend on your honesty here. 2. expand your network/bubble- for some, this can be really fucking hard, but its crucial to understand where to start on the level up and where you'd like to go and what you'd like to see yourself as when you're finished with the first leg of the journey. Because if we are being honest here, its not linear, leveling up can be a rollercoaster and a windy road simultaneously. But please know that when you understand more, soak up knowledge like a sponge, you're always better off in the long run. Marathon not a sprint babes.  3. find some new mentors and support- search and scour for 3/5 babes that can help you roll into rooms that you're not the smartest. because you can definitely grow some new information about what you're wanting to accomplish but also, really cool people and ways to get the shit done.  4. create a plan- ya'll know I am bad about this, analyze all areas of your life: health, fitness, career, biz adventures, home, personal relationships, and hobbies. lets go, lets figure it out together. we've got this. Please be sure to tag me in any of the tools you're starting because I cannot wait to encourage you! This weeks' extras: - things i like that you should fucking buy: the radical 'people person' mug from @target - confetti corner recap: thanks to my amazing husband, MERCH will launch on 2/20 for preorder & 2/22/22 for full launch. Orders will take about 2 weeks because I'll be producing the goods MYSELF because this house now has a 5 way heat press in it- Happy Birthday to ME! Please and thank you for hanging out this week, please be sure to share, like, subscribe, rate and review babes. it means the world to me xo
Feb 04, 202226:34
90+1. #SundaySpill: January 2022

90+1. #SundaySpill: January 2022

From Bachelor Nation to Bill Hader, we've got it all this month & trust us when we tell you, the longer you listen, the crazier the news gets! Huge shoutout once again to Bachelor Nation blog & this weeks find, BuzzFeed for all the hot goss.

We did cover some great humans that we lost this month and please note that TW Suicide and Self harm, so please know that we are always a point of reference, reprieve, and comfort if you need it. The Suicide Hotline is always available for help as well, so please reach out to 800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741 if you're in need. 

See you back next month, (Jess's birthday month, cheers for Aquarius season babes) and thank you again to Steph for sitting down with me to spill the tea but especially the bevs all over our desks this week :)! love you bunches. 

Jan 30, 202258:45
90. the Unfuckery Chronicles: Its time to Unfuck yourself & get Unstuck!

90. the Unfuckery Chronicles: Its time to Unfuck yourself & get Unstuck!

There is nothing like a #dailyPSA to boost your mood, trajectory of the day and the way in which your day navigates. I love the art of the UNfuck and if you know anything about me or why I am showing up for you, its to help myself get UNstuck in different ways with the hopes of being the lighthouse for you along the way. 

So, tada babes, welcome to the unfuckery chronicles, a permanent place for you to always come back to and your new inspirational place helping you get unstuck but on the daily.

why the 'unfuck' you ask? I feel like we are always conditioned to say, do and act exactly how everyone else wants us to while we sit in silence in complete disarray of how we actually feel, so this is my journey to teach you and myself to always work outside of the zone of comfort and stop giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks.

In this episode, we are diving in:

why giving a fuck matters why it doesn't (aka the zero fucks movement) working on the unfucking yourself, blasting through the roadblocks to becoming your best self how to adequately motivate yourself in the midst of the unfuckery

sometimes, when it comes to 'giving a fuck', you definitely should if it enriches and encourages you. If it otherwise jeopardizes your well being, that is when you keep the zero fucks. I am finished with fucking myself over so much in a manner to where I and not giving myself the ample opportunity to succeed. Its time to show yourself and others that IT CAN BE DONE. 

so welcome to the unfuckery chronicles babes, I am jess your host. 

these will be featured pretty regularly on the new Patreon (still under construction) and on your new fav Youtube channel. 

now- the things I love that you should fucking buy segment: Hooray! My lovely 'dancehall queen' mug is one of my favorites from a couple of years back from an awesome Texas family owned business called @junkgypsy, two sisters (Amie & Jolie) have curated something some cool in Round Top, Texas. If you love unique and antique style gifts, this is your new go-to place for the good goods. 

Alright to close out episode 90, thank you for continually showing up for me and please be sure to like, share, rate, review & subscribe to all the socials (@thebabeafpod) and I love collaborations, so please feel free to email me at for more babeaf & unfuckery. 

Lets go Fuck Around & Find out (the possibilities are endless babes), Yeehaw! 

Jan 30, 202232:47
89. Confidence is the Secret Ingredient to your Life's Recipe

89. Confidence is the Secret Ingredient to your Life's Recipe

Episode 89 is starting off a little different, love the launch of a new podcast segment: Things I Like that You Should Fucking Buy. Bc I'm not cool enough to have a Like to Know It Page to get paid for these things, alas, a new podcast segment and a spot on the grid to support people and locals I love. First off, this hat (from the rad Raleigh (folk) rock band American Aquarium- i love alliterations). Second, the adorably amazing and well crafted piece of my home state (and all other states in the country) from Hemlock and Heather, Hi Kris and Kelley! Third, my favorite FUCKITYFUCKFUCKFUCK tumbler from the badass babe Missy & her amazing company Twisted Wares, some of the funniest household items I've ever seen (in person and online). 

Support your Local Makers, babes. 

Alright Alright, lets dive into today's episode // 'Confidence is the Secret Ingredient to your Life's Recipe'. Taken some pillars of knowledge from an amazing website I found this week when thinking about how I would draw out and put together this weeks' episode, enter Magnetic Speaking, thanks for an article from Peter Khoury (thank you x infinity). Peter writes about the 7 Ingredients of Self-Confidence in the realm of public speaking, but I am going to elaborate to help babes out, just a bit more. Thank you for the pillars of self confidence & here they are: 

Anxiety Certainty Pride Safety Gratitude Happiness Love

See the full article here:

I am so excited to bring you new episodes and interviews each Friday at #highnoon, don't forget to tune into the #sundayspill- that last Sunday of every month, a newer segment of the BabeAF pod where I dive into some pop culture dish with my girl Steph. Please remember to like, share, subscribe, follow, rate and review, WHEW. It means a lot, love you bunches. 

Find all the ways to follow us at:

Jan 21, 202231:18
88. My Wish for you in 2022 & a long awaited Special Announcement!

88. My Wish for you in 2022 & a long awaited Special Announcement!

I was running over a million things in my head this week about what I'd like 2022 to look like for myself and I realized that a lot of this, this stuff that I do on socials and ideas that I get to create for the podcast are solely and mostly inspired by ya'll- the glorious badass babes of the babeaf podcast, you're in the wind in my duster and the reasons why I continue to show up for myself, to help you. SO IN LIEU of that, I created a list of wishes, that I have for you in this new year, this new 2022. 

While it may not have shaped up the way you liked it in 2021, thankfully and graciously, if you're listening or reading this, you've made it into the second week of 2022, praise January's AMIRIGHT? I love the freshness of a new beginning, a new year, a new day so with that, this list of wishes (alright already just get to the juicy details jess!) here we go: review your past year, show insanely large amounts of appreciation, set big goals for yourself: shop small and think big, babes, make a vision board, plan your calendar & fill it with your TADA lists (ifyouknowyouknow), create a reading list (10/10 recommend, the #babeafbookclub, happening RIGHT NOW!), set a new routine (21 days to build a habit, ya'll, lets do this!), commit to being healthier (mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, ALL the things), & monetize your passion (get that money honey & know your worth then add tax, babes). 


now, the special announcements: BABEAFMERCH dropping 2/20/22 & BABEAF is coming to @urbandictionary soon, that is if they like me enough to post it up and make it known. 

holy mackeral that was  A LOT. Can't wait for ya'll to see whats up, love you bunches and stay tuned for more rad shit in 2022 ala being a fucking badass babe. 

please be sure to like, share, subscribe, rate and review babes, follow me at @thebabeafpod on all socials and I'll be answering emails this week (FINALLY I KNOW) at if you want to get in on THIS goodness right HERE! toodles&love.JLRD

Jan 14, 202228:39
87. Out with the Old, In with the New (YOU) for 2022!
Jan 07, 202242:55
86+1. #SundaySpill- December 2021

86+1. #SundaySpill- December 2021

Thank you for the patience in the break of the pod in the regularly scheduled episodes over this month, but we are back and in action today with the December 2021 edition of the Sunday Spill. thank you for my girl, Stephanie Self for doing some great research this month and we are excited to sit down and dish on all the details of the happenings of the month!

special thanks to, @morganptalks, Vanity Fair photographers and writers, the internet, @preventionmag for some of our greatest resources this month. 

we are chatting about Bachelor Nation, Celebs like Betty White (RIP), Reese & Jenn Aniston, Zooey & Mr. Scott, Kane and Katelyn Brown (Congrats on KB4), Lindsay Lohan in Vanity Fair, Chris Noth allegations, Kim K passing the bar, and Britney Spears again, living her best FREE life! 

*the options and statements listed in this episode may be our own and sometimes paraphrased. thank you for your patience as we are not pop culture reporters, journalists or editors, just two babes having a great time gabbing about headlines & popular news. 

Jan 02, 202201:00:31
86. Let’s overcome the Overwhelm, Shall we?

86. Let’s overcome the Overwhelm, Shall we?

Often times that we find ourselves in a lot of baby little ruts and what I feel is great to know about the holiday season is not just that everyone is kind of in the same boat with overwhelm and over extension but there are a little tangible ways and a big ways to start moving your self into a better mental state. I am here today to talk to you guys about what has been a really great little shift for me and some great encouragement for you moving forward in how to overcome any overwhelm whether it be holiday general life or something that pops up very very quickly that you were unprepared for.
Dec 04, 202127:24
85+1. #SundaySpill: November 2021

85+1. #SundaySpill: November 2021

I am so stoked to sit down and spill on the hot goss around pop culture with my adorable and amazing friend Stephanie! We are going to scour the internet for all things awesome, exciting, unbelievable and alleged news with some opinions sprinkled in. A lot of our info comes from Instagram and other media outlets but we are so excited to just have some time to spill the tea, because you know we never waste champagne!

Be sure to follow the series at #sundayspill and we'll see you on the last Sunday of every month! Feel free to send us info and all the juicy details to us at @thebabeafpod OR email me at!

Nov 28, 202101:38:28
85. take 5, 1 minute at a time #babeaf5

85. take 5, 1 minute at a time #babeaf5

With this week being Thanksgiving, I figured it would be a great time to sit down and do some analysis and form a different kind of a routine basically challenging myself to go above and beyond and dive deep into what I need to do to prove myself in anyway and every way possible. So I have figured out a five minute routine that will give you great ability to dive into self improvement as well as reflection. With doing this one minute at a time whether it be writing it down, voice recording it, opening up a word document, or even acting it out- it’s give you a great way to sit down with yourself for reflection & improvement! One minute of the following: excitement/celebration, a brain dump, self evaluation/improvement, gratitude & goals/dreams. It’s a great way to sit with yourself and figure out how to improve myself to help enhance your lives as well. So set an alarm, and you can do this daily, weekly or monthly- whatever works the best for you to learn to better celebrate yourself!
Nov 27, 202117:16
84. Badass Babes to Know: Mindset Maven, Jayme Shiarla!
Nov 19, 202142:54
83. THREE CHEERS FOR 2 YEARS: Happy Anniversary BabeAF!

83. THREE CHEERS FOR 2 YEARS: Happy Anniversary BabeAF!

Its amazing what can happen in two years. I am so excited to still be doing this passion project with you all, interestingly enough, I feel like there is new life breathed into this love language and I am so thrilled to see what's up next! I am so humbled, grateful and vibrantly optimistic about what is to come. Thank you for sticking around and being such a badass group of warriors for and of women. Love you bunches & here's to many more adventures together. Be sure to take a look at the social medias today for a great point of inspiration for this podcast and me for many years, its such a staple in my motivation and I hope it can be one for you too! 
Nov 12, 202117:56
82. What truths have changed your life, here's 8.

82. What truths have changed your life, here's 8.

It was super difficult to have a seat with myself and write down the 8 truths that have changed my life thus far. Why did I torture myself in such a way? Well, thanks for asking bc you know I hate to be emotional or evaluate most things, I'd rather just see, feel, touch and enjoy, right? Well with the help of Mr. Steven Bartlett this amazing entrepreneur I saw spread across the internet this week, (hi, @steven, thanks for the inspo), I took the time to sit down with myself and just do the things that I hate. I think its because I am down with self growth in the remainder of this year and into 2022.  I thank you each week for listening and I am so fucking jammin out with your presence here, keep that shit up.  Where can you find and hear about the darling Steven Bartlett? socials: @steven, 🦁 Founder @socialchain a $400m marketing biz 📺 Investor: BBC 1 Dragons’ Den 🎙 No.1 Biz Podcast: The Diary Of A CEO 📒 Author: “Happy Sexy Millionaire” Don't forget to like, share, tag & subscribe, babes, and if you need me, reach out or you can email me to at See you back next Friday ya'll! 
Nov 05, 202124:24
81. Like Gwen says, let me reintroduce myself!

81. Like Gwen says, let me reintroduce myself!

Oh my gosh babes, i am back with a new episodes breaking down some walls and chatting about where i stand now, how we got here, what the concept of #babeaf has developed & what you can expect moving forward! Thank you so much for hanging out at the #babeafcorral! Don’t forget to follow on all socials at @thebabeafpod, shoot me an email for collab at & I’ll see you back next Friday- toodles!
Oct 29, 202116:48
80. Here we go & Here we grow, babes

80. Here we go & Here we grow, babes

after 2 years of being my sidekick on this podcast, Karina is taking some time to be with her family. I am so proud of her for doing what we've been encouraging ya'll to do for many many episodes.
Let me let you know that this new adventure, Jess alone with a microphone and sometimes with friends will be a grand ol shitshow I am sure of it. I am so excited for you to come along. Oh, and there's a little Soul on Fire Soiree wrap up in there too- cheers babes, see you next Friday at the BabeAF Corral, yeah, you're still there, not a worry in sight.
Oct 26, 202112:07
79. Where is the Self Love, babes?!

79. Where is the Self Love, babes?!

We chat all the time about #selflove & #selfcare but this week, we’ve gotten some help from some great American poets @r.h.sin, @rmdrake & the muse, @samantha.king.holmes! They e come together to create some amazing books of poetry, encouragement and self reflection & today, not only did we need to read/hear them, we thought you may need them too. We love you, we are here for you & we are so fucking proud of you for the work that you’re doing on yourself, for yourself.
Sep 10, 202117:29
78. Rainey St RoundUp : July/August Confident Chronicles

78. Rainey St RoundUp : July/August Confident Chronicles

We have a best time getting a day happy on Rainey Street a couple weeks ago and then we start asking questions to random passerby‘s on the street or in a bar that we are sitting next to you so these are the results LOL! Find out here what makes ourselves and other people feel more confident - have the best day and make sure to spread confidence like fucking confetti!
Sep 03, 202123:11
77. The great Push to put ME FIRST & why it’s absolutely encouraged!

77. The great Push to put ME FIRST & why it’s absolutely encouraged!

Thanks to amazing articles like the ‘5 ways to put yourself first’, we needed a little boost to give ourselves the grace to set boundaries for every day to improve. It’s a rolling effect when you take care of YOU, that amazing refreshed, magnificent, strong YOU can now show up in the best way for someone else and move forth setting examples for those around you! Cheers to the @levelupladyco & great tips!
Sep 03, 202124:21
Podcasts&Playlists: all great things for your ears to hear!

Podcasts&Playlists: all great things for your ears to hear!

We are trying to speak about some amazing playlist music and podcasts that we like listening to and we cannot wait for you guys to share some of yours as well! Full episodes be back next week and we cannot wait for you guys to listen and tune in! Have an awesome weekend!
Aug 20, 202107:33
Podcast PopUp: LITTLE VICTORIES 8/9-8/13

Podcast PopUp: LITTLE VICTORIES 8/9-8/13

We love little victories. And we are going to be wrapping those up every week as an additional Podcast pop up and we cannot wait for you guys to celebrate yourselves as well. Pop that champagne - throw the confetti -get it babes, let’s fucking go!
Aug 13, 202104:30
Podcast Pop•Up: Little Victories Series, week 1, 8/2-8-6/21

Podcast Pop•Up: Little Victories Series, week 1, 8/2-8-6/21

We are starting a new little friend called little victories on this Podcast and we are so excited to not only share our small wins during the week with you but also hear more about yours through our time together. We love any moment that we can feel a little bit happier in our day and we decided to start documenting them to see how it evolves, how they grow, how small wins can actually be really really big wins when you take the time to think about them and place them in your life with gratitude. There are also a really huge confidence boost so you know we had to put them on the platform! We hope you will come along with us each week as we discuss our little victories and learn to love the little ones of your own!
Aug 06, 202107:04
 76. Its a Gal Camp 2021 Recap, Babes!

76. Its a Gal Camp 2021 Recap, Babes!

Thanks for @grownassladycamp and @campcraftcocktails, we had the pleasure of attending #GalCamp2021 in Wimberley Texas (7/23-7/25) and we can back on our bullshit to recap for ya'll!

10/10 recommend going into the woods (safely) with new friends and having the best time! Thank you to everyone we met this past weekend and we can't wait to see you at our workshop come October & for GalCamp 2022!!!

Be sure to like, share, comment and subscribe on all socials @thebabeafpod & for inquiries, email us at! Don't forget to grab your ticket to our Soul on Fire Soiree on 10/16/21 in NewBraunfels, Tx. Link is in our social bios! Lets go!

Jul 30, 202127:47
75. Be the Wo(man) in the Arena, babes- Be Braver than Ever!

75. Be the Wo(man) in the Arena, babes- Be Braver than Ever!

With a couple of updates and shameless plugs, we're here to give you some amazing examples of bravery from our friends, including Theodore Roosevelt & discussing the action that we've taken lately that is the epitome of B R A V E!

Thank you for our #friendsofthepod, who reached out with their recent acts of babeaf bravery! We are so so blessed that you're a part of our community xo!

Be sure to like, share, follow & subscribe to us, we'd love to have you as a guest this October for our #SoulofFireSoiree women's retreat, so please check out our website for more information.

See you back next FRIYAY, we switched our launch day and we're so excited to bring you all new episodes to kick off your weekends, babes!

Jul 09, 202135:05
74. The Feminine: Empower or Disempowered?!

74. The Feminine: Empower or Disempowered?!

This weeks episode, well, we got a little help from the likes of @chopra on IG and a 21 day challenge that is happening now and teamed up with @AliciaKeys! How freaking cool right? We will be starting the challenge asap and will charge it with you accordingly! 

We dive into the characteristics between empowered and disempowered traits of a feminine... not necessarily standard on each side and as we went through it, we gathered that sometimes the lines are blurred and oftentimes, you can feel both, none, or everything all at once. 

Thanks for tuning in babes! We'll be back in action next Wednesday with some new goodies for your ears!

Follow us at @thebabeafpod on all socials and we love collabs at!

Don't forget to check out on Soul on Fire Soiree/Women's workshop coming to new braunfels on 10.16.21- tickets are available in our IG bio link- go grab an in person or virtual- whatever suites your fancy darlin!

Jun 16, 202130:54
73. Its the Mental Health break for us!

73. Its the Mental Health break for us!

afternoon babes, its highnoon at the babeafcorral and we are back on our bullshit! we've gotten a lot of message asking if we are okay- if we are alive and well... welp, honestly---- kinda. May was #MentalHealthMonth and we decided that it was time that we honored all the shit we've been preaching about for almost 2 years. Mental Health is just a sneaky little way to honor yourself when you're unsure, overwhelmed, unbalanced, and craving the slow down. Even though our May was B O N K E R S with all things in general, it was great to sit down, chill and actually take in our surroundings while remaining present. & ya'll know that we are always hustling, so we definitely worked but just in a more present manner with our friends, family and folks around us!

We add in some tips on how to refocus, readjust and get ready to become a more calm version of yourself, plus we've got some housekeeping things that you'll want to lean in on- our upcoming workshop is really coming together and we cannot wait to have ya'll join us in person or virtually! Feel free to click our socials to find out more details on that!

Soul on Fire Soiree: October 16, 2021- New Braunfels, Tx. a portion of the proceeds go to the Comal County Food Bank. 

Jun 07, 202148:56
72. Kegal Balls & Mustache Trimmers: a chat about Vaginas, Part 1

72. Kegal Balls & Mustache Trimmers: a chat about Vaginas, Part 1

We are sitting down with our dear friend Nurse Steffanie to chat about women’s health, especially in concentration of vaginas. We know that mental health is just as important as physical, so we are asking questions and getting answers. Because it only let us record for an hour, there will be a part two- so check our socials to ask any question you may have!
May 05, 202101:01:15
71. WTH is WTH? Sneak Peek Intro for What the Hustle Podcast!

71. WTH is WTH? Sneak Peek Intro for What the Hustle Podcast!

We are launching a new interview based podcast called What the Hustle with Voyage Group of Magazines! We are so excited to be the newest members of their magazine fam! What a great new honor, so in regards to this awesomeness, ya'll get a sneak peek intro episode!

Feel free to follow us there too @wthmag! Can't wait for you to tune in on Fridays!

Apr 28, 202120:05
70. 12 Most Beautiful Questions You Can Ask!

70. 12 Most Beautiful Questions You Can Ask!

Thanks to @sophiacope, we are discussing the 12 most beautiful questions you can ask yourself or others to see perspective on certain topics and events in your life! Questions like How are you, Really? Or What would Dolly Do? Are some that you’ll find in this weeks episode that challenge the way you think about the people around you and their potential reactions, welp, they may just surprise you!
Apr 21, 202132:42
69. Simple Surprises: How to be Kind & Ball on a Budget!

69. Simple Surprises: How to be Kind & Ball on a Budget!

Whether you're camping out in the backyard under the stars, or just strolling in the 'hood, there are always simple ways to surprise yourself or someone else throughout the day that you should always budget for when it comes to being kind.

We have found this great list from the great Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder fame (@hardstark) based off a post from @thefinancialdiet through Instragram and we love these ideas! We are implementing them now!

How to be Kind & Ball on a Budget: 

$10 floral bouquets

spontaneous gifting/adore others

Random acts of Kindness

Wear clothes that fit AND feel great

Call a car when in need, even when you're not

Hair/Self care- its a must!

Be sure to like, share, comment and follow us on all socials @thebabeafpod and we'd love to hear from you so shoot us an email Don't forget tickets for the #soulonfiresoiree go on sale on May 1st! Its a not miss for your October schedule!

Apr 14, 202123:53
68. Dani Dyer does more than Flip a Tire!

68. Dani Dyer does more than Flip a Tire!

This Tennessee babe didn't always run full force into a 500 lbs. tire flip to win StrongMan 2019, but she has always loved the way being a body positivity activism feels. Dani Dyer is a force to be reckoned with when she sets her mind to something and we get to sit down this week and learn that she's more than just a babe who is strong. She is so excited to help you LYB aka Love your Body, so much so she started a podcast with her BFF Blake, all in the purpose to blast the misconceptions of the fit body industry.

Please follow her on all social medias at @danifitness1, check her out in many publications like Nashville Fit Magazine @nashvillefit, March 2021, & Nashville Lifestyle August 2020 @nashvillelifestyles.

Her amazing website and merch:

The ground breaking podcast:

Thanks for checking us out, find us on all socials at @thebabeafpod and feel free to email for collabs; Don't forget to set your calendars for 5/1, the newest women's workshop on the block, Soul on Fire Soiree, coming 10/16/21.

Apr 07, 202101:06:39
67. Good morning, Great morning- Lets be one of those 'Morning' People!

67. Good morning, Great morning- Lets be one of those 'Morning' People!

Karina is the Q U E E N of getting up early, putting on makeup, exercising, having family time AND being on time to work. 

Jess does her best to make it to work on time, what are makeups? and exercising in the morning? Are you Bonkers?!?!

We give you some great tips (thanks for the help @wealth IG & our gal @MelRobbins), we compile a list to help you get your pretty little peach moving in the AM. 

Be sure to follow, share, subscribe and comment because we'd love to chat with you!

Any collabs, we've got an email addy, ya'll-

Have a great week and remember one task and one day at a time and in 20 days, a habit is made!

Mar 31, 202130:59
66. Spring Special Announcements: Cue the Confetti!

66. Spring Special Announcements: Cue the Confetti!

wowzah, what an amazing year and a half this podcast has been and we are so excited to do more for you, for us and for the #babeaffam! We announce some magnificent projects that we've been working on and we cannot wait to share them with you, babes! 

Recap on our recent photoshoot, thanks @samijophotography New project alert, launching 4/1 Soul on Fire Soiree, tickets coming 5/1 and the women's workshop on 10/16/21!

Lean in, listen up, here we go! YeeHaw!

Mar 24, 202126:29
65. Let's get Vulnerable, Vulnerable- a little Q&A w/ K&J!

65. Let's get Vulnerable, Vulnerable- a little Q&A w/ K&J!

vul·ner·a·ble /ˈvəln(ə)rəb(ə)l/ adjective ...susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.

"we were in a vulnerable position"

While here is no harm here in being honest, but the act of being vulnerable isn't easy for anyone and we are no different. We sit down together and do a quite vulnerable (there may be some weepy moments and great pauses to find the right words), but we are excited for you to take a deep dive with us and learn a bit more about what makes us, well us. Thank you for being supportive and we do launch some exciting sneak peeks about some upcoming projects as a must needed mood boost. 

Let us take you into a vulnerability hangover and love you all the way through. Cheers babes!

Be sure to like, share, follow and subscribe! All socials @thebabeafpod and email us, we'd love to hear from you

See you next week at the #babeafcorral, high noon babes!

Mar 17, 202101:23:35
64. The Blast Off Concept: Our take of @MelRobbins, 5 Second Rule- Let's Go!

64. The Blast Off Concept: Our take of @MelRobbins, 5 Second Rule- Let's Go!

Good morning! Great morning babes!

Ya'll feeling unmotivated? feeling in a rut? can't get your shit together (its ok, we cannot either)! Insert the '5 second rule' by Mel Robbins, yes yes, THAT Mel Robbins (motivator, billionaire, overall badass speaker, and ultimate truthteller & babecrush)! We love to coin it the 'blast off concept' because that's what it reminds us of and its a fun way to use the mindset shiftaroo!

We dive into the science of the prefrontal cortex of ya brain and diving into the elements of the rule. We love to get nerdy ya'll! We chat about what struggles we're currently having and how the 5SR is helping us in every day life! 

Its time to stop dilly dallying and get to work (work work work, insert a Rihanna dance). You can do it and we can too! Let's go!

Here are the links we've used from the Mel Robbins site, definitely helpful and a great source of inspiration: 

Elements of the 5SR:

The Sciencey Brain Stuff :):

Be sure to like, share, follow & subscribe so you get the first hand updates on us, babes! 

The Socials: @thebabeafpod

Feel free to chat w us thru email:

See you next week at the #BabeAFCorral, y'all! 

Mar 10, 202132:06
63. Our February #babeafbookclub Interview with the Author of 'One Dead Girl', Kristen Tru!

63. Our February #babeafbookclub Interview with the Author of 'One Dead Girl', Kristen Tru!

This week we are actually interviewing our February book for our #babeafbookclub, what a great honor! This week we are having a little zoom fireside chat with Kristen Shirvan, the newest #yaauthor on the block. She is the self published guru of paranormal with her new book, 'One Dead Girl'. We learned so much about her creative process and what it takes to character create along with getting a few sneak peeks for more books on the horizon!

You can find Kristen on all socials at @_ktru_ and below are the direct links to her first novel;

Amazon & Kindle;

Barnes & Noble:

Half Priced Books:

Feel free to screenshot and tag the pod & Kristen when you buy it, we love supporting Austin, Tx. authors!

Mar 03, 202147:38
62. H U S T L I N- Every day we are doing it alongside @thefemalehustlers!

62. H U S T L I N- Every day we are doing it alongside @thefemalehustlers!

This week, we needed inspirational quotes, a strict talking to, a breath to take in silence especially after the 2021 we've had so far and we thought that the team at The Female Hustlers would be just the group to kick us into high gear at #highnoon. If you're still in the shit from Texas Snowpacalypse, we are here with you and we can help with resources if you need them- please check our stories on IG and the notes at the end of these episode notes.

We pulled 4 posts each from one of our favorite Instagram handles @thefemalehustlers and we are not only discussing our feelings about each but using them as a point of goals, dreams and inspiration to others and today, we highlight those babes because we all need a little sunshine on a cloudy day!

End of the episode, Jess speaks on the importance of support for educators, but especially her home state of Indiana today. Where 90% of students attend a public school, their funding is extremely low and the appreciation of the educators is extremely under appreciated, so please stand with us and wear black today for #blackout4ed. Lets help teachers everywhere! #investined, #indianateachers and #redfored are other resources to find out how to help!

Lastly, if you'd like to help those affect by the Texas snow blast, check out @texasmutualaid, the amazing organization of @theshopforward, get that 'Texas Forever' merch and bloggers like @tasteofkoko, @mylkcollective @365thingsaustin and @cara.caulkins.comm, they have been doing great things for the Austin community and Texans in need in general xo

Feb 24, 202123:58
61. #babeafxvoyage: Don't go Chasing Storms, leave that to Chelsea! A fun interview with Chelsea Burnett of Texas Storm Chasers

61. #babeafxvoyage: Don't go Chasing Storms, leave that to Chelsea! A fun interview with Chelsea Burnett of Texas Storm Chasers

Que Khalid: ANOTHER ONE, yes yes we love boosting babes in our #babeafcommunity, especially when its based on a great collab like Voyage Magazines, thanks to @voyagedallas for bringing this babe into our lives!

This week we are chatting all things overcoming challenges, storm chasing and overall awesomeness with Chelsea Burnett of Texas Storm Chasers. We are debunking the "Twister" myths and moving into a space that allows you to laugh and make yourself better when you take risks, occupational leaps and chase your (storm) dreams, ya'll! Chelsea is such a wealth of knowledge in the world of weather! We cannot wait to go sit in the truck with diapers on (you'll have to listen to find out why!). Needless to say, CB is the Shit! :)

How to find Chelsea; 


IG: @texasstormchasers, @chelsea_burnettwx

Other Links in this Episode:

Les Brown Video reference;

Chelsea's Hype Song:

Feb 17, 202101:02:51
60. Green lights vs. Red Flags: what the relationship?!

60. Green lights vs. Red Flags: what the relationship?!

Oftentimes in relationships we focus on what’s going wrong vs what’s exactly right, this week we are breaking down some relationship green lights (thanks to @moonomens on IG) for these amazing facts to look out for and relish in any capacity of a family, friend or relationship. Also, if you find yourself more in the red than zooming through the green light life, please reach out, stay safe & ask for help. We are here for you & appreciate you!
Feb 10, 202128:10
59. #BabeAFBookClub: 'Girl Code' by Cara Alwill Leyba, January 2021

59. #BabeAFBookClub: 'Girl Code' by Cara Alwill Leyba, January 2021

We are bursting into 2021 full of power, strength fearlessness and the innate ability to be badass and if you're in a spot where you're not feeling as such, pick up this book and learn some tools for yourself, for a potential business adventure or to even strengthen the relationships that you're currenting cultivating!

Girl Code is a book to unlock the secrets to success, sanity and happiness in a punch to the gut, rude awakening (in the best way possible). There are great interviews, inspirational quotes and prompts to guide you to being a better and more confident version of yourself!

We have attached the SM's for Cara here (@thechampagnediet) and a link to the Amazon page for this great book. 

Link for the book here;

10/10 recommend.

Be sure to like, share, comment and review; @thebabeafpod, and we can't wait to see you back next week!

Feb 03, 202131:24
58. Pants or No Pants: Let’s Command a (Zoom) Room, y’all!

58. Pants or No Pants: Let’s Command a (Zoom) Room, y’all!

We are giving you 5(ish) tools on how to command a room even if it’s on Zoom! We know every meeting, networking event, or clubhouse meet up is new to you- so let us help you be the most confident version of yourself! Also, peep our new intro, babes! We are happy to be back!
Jan 27, 202132:53
57. Longer Table not Higher Fence

57. Longer Table not Higher Fence

Happy Wednesday babes! Since Jess is still healing from the gnarly severe reaction to poison oak (yes in the Winter) we are replaying our first full episode for your enjoyment! We talk about our intentions for the podcast and how we want to build something so great for ya'll and we how are have continually strived to do so in all terms. We like to say that its easier to come together and building a longer table rather than a higher fence. Today of all days, is a great day to start living that mantra. 

Enjoy and thank you again for listening, feel free to like, share and subscribe!

Have a great day babes!

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Jan 20, 202122:38
56. Lets be Healthy, Get Wealthy & Clear our Minds in 2021!

56. Lets be Healthy, Get Wealthy & Clear our Minds in 2021!

Guess who is back babes! Its us, with some great goals that we have for ourselves, our business and overall game plan for 2021! Please share yours on our feed and we can't wait to help and encourage you throughout the year! Let's fucking go!!!
Jan 13, 202141:46
55. Don't Mind us Giving the Bird, 2021 is the Word!

55. Don't Mind us Giving the Bird, 2021 is the Word!

Anyone else done with all things 2020? While some moments have been magnificent, most of the last 366 days, welp, they've been shit. We are here with you, right along side, manifesting and great conjunctionering 2021 and so to kick off a new year, we are here to let you know our focused WORD of INTENTION for the next calendar!

[2020 Words: Karina= Immensely Brave, Jess= Fearlessly Unstoppable]

Let the Word be the North Star of your Calendar Compass!

Some tips if you're having trouble nailing down your 2021 Word:

-Find quiet time & place to sit down and gather your thoughts

- Why do you need a word? Would it help to hold your accountable?

- Write top three goals for next 12 months, what do you want? What is absolutely important to you?

- What makes you happy & what do you want more of (time, money, space, freedom)?

[2021: Karina= Authentic, Jess= Connection- heres to choosing ONE word this year! ]

Special Announcement on the Grid on Friday 1/1/21, for the BabeAf Podcast Word of 2021!

shoutout to our girls of @boozybetties & @bringthemio, lets have a happy hour soon! .farealfareal.

Dec 30, 202035:12
54. Don't let the Great Booze or Mermaid Beards Fool You: a #babeafxvoyage sit down with Colette Copeland

54. Don't let the Great Booze or Mermaid Beards Fool You: a #babeafxvoyage sit down with Colette Copeland

Its not coincidence that our sit down with Colette Copeland is our 54th episode because at the time of this recording- that's exactly how old she is- I know we cannot believe it either! We are so surprised by the tenacity of this Dallas based educator and during the pandemic she's been perfecting some of her new skills like A Pink Ginny (made with Dripping Springs gin and those amazing Texas Ruby Red Grapefruits) and taking some amazing silks classes to get herself out of her comfort zone- yep, the kind that cause you fly high in the sky ya'll! 

Did we mention she makes beards and mustaches and competes with a dynamic group of women all in the name of philanthropy for the Tarrant area Food Bank?! Be sure to check it all out on our social medias and we can't wait to get our mustaches in- she's making us a special pair for us! We are so thrilled to gain a new friends and adventurist to our community! We can't wait for you to listen, be sure to follow her on socials at @colettemedia.

As always, thank you for listening and we are so happy for you to like, share, subscribe and comment;

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Dec 16, 202056:03
53. Just get on the Bridge: A #BabeafxVoyage Collab w/ Krista Rae Johnson

53. Just get on the Bridge: A #BabeafxVoyage Collab w/ Krista Rae Johnson

We are diving into another #babeafxvoyage collaboration with the amazing Krista Rae Johnson, @kristaraejohnson_. She is a kind, beautiful and amazing Dallas babe, Brand & Visibility Strategist. She's formerly of Sephora Corporate and a great start up in Luminary2 but recently gone a bit internally to find what really really lights her fire. And believe us when we tell you that is girl is on freaking f i r e! We cannot wait to take a roadtrip to Dallas soon and hug!!! We thank you for all the good advice especially when you have an idea, and the best way to do it is not burn a bridge but take a first step onto the bridge to a brighter day/life/adventure and future. We are so thrilled for ya'll to learn from her!

Find her on all social medias and to attend upcoming events:

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Dec 09, 202049:44
52. Funk Seasonal Funk, Ya'll!

52. Funk Seasonal Funk, Ya'll!

Not to make light of a time of the year where everyone gets a bit in a funk, we are right in there with you! We chat today about the ways in which we are trying to navigate the funk that comes along with the chillier weather and some tools that are currently helping us to feel just a bit better... excuse us, while we go nap for a week. We will have some great slides to help on our socials today- make sure to check them out!

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Socials: @thebabeafpod


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Dec 02, 202052:29
51. Happy #GivingThanks week!

51. Happy #GivingThanks week!

Omg- 12 whole months- we celebrated our first 365 days on 11/13 and we chat about what we are most memorable and triumphant maneuvering for the last year and we are so so grateful for this platform. We dive into the top 3 people dead or alive that we’d like to have at our Thanksgiving table. Remember: longer table not higher fence, we can’t wait for you to share your top 3 people & extending yall the best in blessed days and gratitude wishes this week!
Nov 25, 202029:41
50. #babeafxVoyage: An interview w/ Kristi McDonald of @sipandshoptx

50. #babeafxVoyage: An interview w/ Kristi McDonald of @sipandshoptx

We are heading into our first installment of our collaboration series with @VoyageMagazine and the first babe on the block is the sweet, our new blonde best friend Kristi McDonald of @SipandShopTexas and the new revolutionary app called @ETeacherApp. Be sure to stay tuned to hear all about what is happening in her neck of the East Texas woods and how she is pivoting in the time of Corona. We are so blessed and thrilled to get to sit down with her and learn more about this dynamic blonde bombshell!
If you need her teacher resources or anything we've discussed on the pod this week, please check her out at ;
Instagram: @eteacherapp and @sipandshoptx. The app is still developing but when it hits nationwide, its going to be huge for your children and their learning processes.
As always, we are so blessed to have this partnership and cannot wait for you to hear more from the BabeafxVoyage collab! Sidenote:we don’t own the rights to the music in our dance party!
Nov 18, 202045:05
49. How we #ShopSmall in 2020!

49. How we #ShopSmall in 2020!

We love small business owners and during the holidays is NO EXCEPTION! Also, Thanksgiving THEN the December holidays, k? Turkey stuffing THEN Yuletide, babes- please & thank you. We highlight some amazing local Texas spots that we LOVE on a regular (sometimes TOO regular) basis... So, please share your local favorites for every day or even holiday gift giving! Your neighbors will thank you, let them know we sent you! Local Coffee: @northernlattes in Marion, Tx. and @Summermoon in Kyle, Buda, Austin or San Marcos- pick your favorite. Local Boutiques: @rusticnativesmalltowngirl with Paula, great and amazing jewelry and goods based in Arizona. @lot59tx is an amazing mashup for homemade goods and local Central Texas makers; featuring some fun items like macramé plant hangers from @sevensummersold and beautiful stained glass hangings from @MartaLouGlass (obsessed).  Favorite Bloggers: Jennifer Todryk of @theramblingredhead - a Dallas gal  who features great home decor, co-owner of her business @ArmorCoffee in the Plano area and full of hilarity with her littles. Also, Leanne Barlow- great tailored style at @LeanneBarlow - be sure to check out her Monthly Dress Series from 2019- its artistically delicious.  Etsy Shops we Love: #friendsofthepod, Jessie  with @createdwithheartshop with great handlettered merch, beautiful prints and handpainted bibles. @SLPMade, a longtime hometown friend of Jess, Sarah Pickenpaugh with @SLPMade, great jewelry and knit, crochet and macramé items we adore. You know we had to throw in a good vintage- reasonably priced, amazing and unique pieces at @little_bird_vintage with Mary are beautiful. We are so excited to bring you more exciting things in the coming weeks! Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms @thebabeafpod and feel free to email us for the fun at! Thanks for liking and subscribing and don't forget to leave us a review, we love you!
Nov 11, 202035:10
48. What the Ennegram Are You Talking about?

48. What the Ennegram Are You Talking about?

We are talking the Ennegram this week, the science//the routine- all the personality traits that make you, well YOU. We were surprised by a lot of the easy ways to diagnose ourselves and even what we thought we were, its great to see it from someone else's point of view! Be sure to share yours with us!

Be sure to check the Social Media pages, we're were on a BABEAF version of the Ennegram Types!


Instagram handles referenced: @ennegram_types

Full Ennegram quiz & a list of free through @mindfulnessmama


Find us each week at #highnoon at the #babeafcorral and in all social media channels ;

IG/FB: @thebabeafpod 

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Nov 04, 202031:05
47. You are CONFIDENT PEOPLE! Believe it & Achieve it!

47. You are CONFIDENT PEOPLE! Believe it & Achieve it!

We found some rad rules to follow from someone smarter than us on Pinterest! Confident people (CP moving forward) live by rules y’all- who knew! CP KNOW THEMSELVES & who they are- CP believe in themselves and have faith in their abilities. CP don’t let negative self talk enter their mind. CP challenge themselves and push themselves to g r o w. CP take control of their lives, have a positive outlook and are in charge of their attitudes! CP’s are comfortable in their own skin. CP are grateful for all life’s blessings. CP don’t fear life’s challenges and obstacles, they don’t seek validation from anyone else and they surround themselves w supportive people. YOU ARE CONFIDENT PEOPLE & so are WE!
Oct 28, 202011:25
46: We are BABEAF! Let’s fucking go!

46: We are BABEAF! Let’s fucking go!

As you know we’ve taken some time here and there over the last couple of weeks to be more grounded, balanced, reflective and so in there lies a facelift of the podcast! We feel as though we are no longer ‘becoming’ babeaf but we’ve worked so hard to instill this lifestyle to y’all that WE ARE BABEAF! So stay tuned for more collabs ,highlights, confidence boosting tools and TONS OF F U N! We cannot wait to grow with you! Thanks for always being awesome! New social media: @thebabeafpod & email too:
Oct 21, 202007:08
45. @Iamthatgirl, & You are too!
Oct 14, 202041:18
44. Not all Superpowers come with Capes!

44. Not all Superpowers come with Capes!

This week we chat about Superpowers and how everyone has special talents, hobbies and characteristics of their personality that makes them uniquely themselves. We chat about our own, what we see in each other and if you have no idea how to find yours- we give you some great guidance and tips on how to do so. We are super excited to hear about what makes you , well you and how you're sharing it with your world and ours! 

We found some great information on the following websites; and on ways to help you find and boost your superpowers!

Don't forget to subscribe and share while tagging us on social media @becomingbabeaf and if you have any thing to chat about, feel free to email us at

Sep 30, 202045:05
43. Don't let Self Comparison Thieve your Joy!

43. Don't let Self Comparison Thieve your Joy!

We don't even know if words for this description are even in a space to step into the mecca that this episode may change your view of yourself. Mark our words- this is the most vulnerable podcast thus far, we are giving you a chance to feel heard while discussing what fucks us up the most- our self comparison with the self that we see when you look in the mirror, the constant battle of what feels like home and the perception of in person and on the internet. We discuss triggered topics that may land you into a world of feelings and we want to let you know that we are discussing these topics to help you understand the dynamic of your inner power, in your inner badass babe and even the ways that we've currently pulled ourselves out of the darkness. 

We are so proud of you for the ability for you to be honest, for you to heal, and for you to progress to be a better (not fucking perfect) but improved version of yourself and trust us when we say that we aren't therapists but we are in the trenches with vulnerabilities every day, even when we are fighting the battle to love.

Sep 16, 202001:15:47
42. Discovering what is best for Yourself!

42. Discovering what is best for Yourself!

We found some great graphics from @r29unbothered, @justgirlproject x @simplysophiedesigns this week to help us with leveling up (a great listen from last week) and some great tips on how to move forward from a point of self discovery. When you find out what fuels you, you can light your fire again babes! Here are some great affirmations and tips to help you on the quest for the best version of your self!

Don't forget; 

Find us on all SM platforms:


& You can email us at

Sep 09, 202024:35
41. Like Ciara says, LEVEL UP!

41. Like Ciara says, LEVEL UP!

We are BACK, BABES! We took a bit of a pause and now we are present and better than ever! We are updating ya'll on what has been going on through this pandemic and how we are leveling up our lives, ourselves and our podcast! We cannot wait for you to see what's in store and to level up along with us! As for always, thanks for being awesome and supporting us SO well! 

Find us on all SM platforms:


& You can email us at

Sep 02, 202030:43
40. This or That: The results are IN!

40. This or That: The results are IN!

This week we thought it would be fun to poll our IG community of badass babes at @becomingbabeaf and see what you all thought about a myriad of topics from condiments to celebration tactics! We are featuring some of our fav babes of the pod (Jenn Bryant (jennbee806), Stephanie Self (@stephnicole0607), Enid Jones ( , Paloma Sanchez & Anastasia Kokkas, @anatasiakokkas of @builtbyjesus). We send great thanks to everyone for their input, the results are astonding and we cannot wait to do our next one soon! Cheers babes and you may here a Banner (dog of the podcast) woof in there to celebrate him turning NINE YEARS OLD today. The Dukes' adopted him from the Bastrop animal shelter in 2012 and Jaxon Garner (son of the podcast) for his amazing adolescent input on some topics that we needed help on- love you buddy!
Aug 12, 202047:04
39. Moments w Marni: cutting through controversy to find your truth.

39. Moments w Marni: cutting through controversy to find your truth.

We’ve got a badass biz babe on the pod this week in Marni Stockhausen. She’s real, dynamic, hilarious and definitely spilling some amazing secrets to how she is remains humbley authentic in the midst of being a top social media mogul & influencer. We loved her before & so happy she’s now a part of our #babegang!
Aug 05, 202001:03:23
38. #HappinessChemicalCheck

38. #HappinessChemicalCheck

Jess is breaking down the four different chemicals that are emitted from your brain to make yourself happy with some great tools to bump you out of them naturally. Let’s eat, celebrate & get outside to boost them all!
Jul 29, 202014:29
37. #todayyearsold: what the f?!? Really?

37. #todayyearsold: what the f?!? Really?

We needed a little what the F in our lives so we dove into the Twitter Instagram Facebook rabbit hole of #TodayYearsOld. Now If you’ve never taken this dive, you owe it to yourself- it’s a freaking treat!!
Jul 22, 202026:49
36. New babe alert! Chrissie Rios of the Boozy Betties Podcast!

36. New babe alert! Chrissie Rios of the Boozy Betties Podcast!

This week we chat with one of our favorite podcast babes Chrissie of @boozybetties podcast and we learn so much about empowering yourself, taking hold of what confidence can bring & exactly when so shout ‘yes’ or stand up for your ‘no’
Jul 15, 202001:17:07
35. You’ve got a great body? We’re positive about it- no matter what.

35. You’ve got a great body? We’re positive about it- no matter what.

If you’re anything like us, we’ve been conditioned to feel one way about ourselves through various times in our lives- good, bad, strong, weak... it doesn’t matter which stage you’re in because we are here to let you know that if you want a bikini body- just positively out on a bathing suit & BAM- bikini body. We are becoming more confident babes ourselves and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to be vulnerable, honest and transformative right along with you, you fierce, strong & powerful babes. Thank you, cheers to many more body positive days smashing the status quo!
Jul 08, 202032:06
34. Stuck in a Cage? GTFO, a concept we’ve developed from ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle.

34. Stuck in a Cage? GTFO, a concept we’ve developed from ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle.

This week we are highlight our dynamic #babeaftheweek, Glennon Doyle and the concept of being uncaged. How do you stay wild? How do you find fulfillment in your everyday? How do you get the fuck out of the cage you’re out in it that you feel that you’ve been shoved in momentarily?! What if you could just give yourself permission to be free, no matter what?!
Jul 01, 202036:13
33. let’s collab, Mads.

33. let’s collab, Mads.

Our #babeaftheweek for 6/22/2020 is Madison Anaya, the bossbabes of @thefearlesschasepodcast & @thefearlesschasecommunity and for her 100th episode recently, she asked previous interviewees some dynamic questions that really make you think! So we answered them too! Cheers to Mads & her amazing community, we are so blessed to be apart of it!
Jun 24, 202038:57
32. What’s in your Happiness Toolbox?

32. What’s in your Happiness Toolbox?

We are breaking down and confessing that not all days or weeks or months are easy but we find joy in little victories and accomplishments and keep them in a toolbox of happiness. Check out our faves (food, hype song, books, quotes, items of clothing, self care products & guilt pleasures tv shows) & don’t forget to share yours w us on all social media platforms @becomingbabeaf!
Jun 17, 202053:25
31. Things everyone should know...

31. Things everyone should know...

We needed to bring some encouragement and affirmation to the BabeAF Corral this week. A lot of them are women specific but we want you to know that these tips transcend all beliefs and gender roles, all in the name of being a badass and feeling confident standing on your own two feet. We are here for you & we love you bunches! Cheers to another week!
Jun 10, 202026:57
30. Happy happy bday Karina! Cheers to a Q&A!

30. Happy happy bday Karina! Cheers to a Q&A!

On June 8th one of my best babes came earthside and tune in to hear some fun questions and learn more about our girl, Karina!
Jun 03, 202033:36
29. Say yes, say no & rest

29. Say yes, say no & rest

Let’s talk about the boundary between- saying yes, saying no & taking a rest. It’s all needed, it’s all acceptable and it’s all welcome here. So do it and stop presenting it as an obligation for take it has an acceptable need to do any & all of those things that fill your cup & make you feel whole.
May 27, 202017:46
28. GoalGetter or GoalSetter&Forgetter?

28. GoalGetter or GoalSetter&Forgetter?

This week we are chatting about GOALS, y’all! We are diving into why they are important, what helps us achieve them & how we can always strive to do better !
May 20, 202036:36
27. write it out, journaling rocks!

27. write it out, journaling rocks!

We are diving into the emotional aspects of journaling and how it’s helped us get through some tough situations and scenarios! When leave you with some great prompts to start you own journaling as well! We can’t wait to read, worre and rejoice in how this not only helps you but those around you too! Cheers to good on pen to paper!
May 13, 202053:48
26. WTF is Imposter Syndrome?

26. WTF is Imposter Syndrome?

Jess sits down w Marketing badass Bianca Wulwick of the Please Don’t Kick Me Out podcast discussing Imposter Syndrome- stay focused because we are dropping tips & tricks on how to shift your mindset if you’re feeling like a fraud! What a fun topic to know understanding how we all feel from time to time! Chat w Bianca on all social platforms at @pleasedontkickmeout
May 06, 202001:38:38
25. Can Exercise overcome a Mindfuck?

25. Can Exercise overcome a Mindfuck?

We are real, raw & rambunctious on the pod this week- trudging through that want and motivation to do things that you know you should like exercise your body AND your mind- we are laying out some great tips for y’all this week. Don’t forget- YOU’RE the Champion of the world & we love you!
Apr 29, 202048:23
24. Podcasts: the new Radio?! Here are some favs!

24. Podcasts: the new Radio?! Here are some favs!

More than ever, the binge is R E A L. Whether it be netflix, tiktok or podcasts we are indexing more online time than ever- you can learn, teach, collab and find inspiration all over the place and this week we are talking about some of our favorites. Enjoy & share some of your own on our social media platforms! Got a #confetticorner? Shoot us an email at and we’d love to celebrate and shout you out!
Apr 22, 202054:24
23. Squashing the Status Quo: how dare she be so daring?!

23. Squashing the Status Quo: how dare she be so daring?!

We are giving you tools to squash the status who- and how dare you do the things that challenging yourself! Special shout out to our babegang: Katy Sue Paddon, Michelle Cohen, Lakisha Corbett, & Erin Fisk for your great ideas on how to be bold!
Apr 15, 202054:05
22. Love in the time of a corona: finding great moments in the madness

22. Love in the time of a corona: finding great moments in the madness

We are diving into the current work from home, shelter in plane- self quarantini and we are giving some good funny tips on how to make it work babes! We’re all in this together- let’s work it y’all!
Apr 09, 202001:04:20
21. How Dare She- the why & the workshop!

21. How Dare She- the why & the workshop!

If you’ve yet to hear we are hosting a one day women’s workshop on 10.17.2020 and we wanted to dive into the concept around ‘How Dare She’ and how we are determined to change the game in regards to women’s empowerment, judgement & being your authentic selves! We cannot wait to share some air with you soon (we hope! Stay well & know that we are here for you loving you bunches!
Apr 01, 202055:04
20. Coronavirus & it’s new bff, Silver Linings!

20. Coronavirus & it’s new bff, Silver Linings!

This week we dive deep into how the coronavirus is affecting us, how we are navigating through, and how important silver linings are and your mindset in a time like this. Stay strong, stay well & know that we are here for you and we will all get through this together!
Mar 25, 202045:35
19. RiskTaker or WallFlower?

19. RiskTaker or WallFlower?

Oftentimes we stumble upon something or someone that hard our comfort zone- do you look at them or the situation as a blessing or a curse? How do you handle the challenge? We work through some current obstacles and we’re excited to help you through yours!
Mar 11, 202044:25
18. Overwhelming Anxiety?! Welp, we’ve got it too!

18. Overwhelming Anxiety?! Welp, we’ve got it too!

We dive into some topics that make us feel overwhelmed and how we choose to fight those obstacles! Please know you’re not alone- reach out, seek help and love and know we are here for you!
Mar 04, 202045:22
17. Rejuvenation Station Up in Here, Up in here!

17. Rejuvenation Station Up in Here, Up in here!

We’ve taken this month to do things like walk our dogs, watch the kiddos b-games, and self reflect! We are excited to always show up as our best selves and what is important is that we get to plan and reflect and be our most authentic for you, for us and for our framily- thank you for being present, solid and encouraging pillars of who we are! Xo
Feb 26, 202009:40
16. To Marry or Not to Marry; is it even a question?!

16. To Marry or Not to Marry; is it even a question?!

We are loving a sober Valentines Day & we are chatting about our relationship dynamics and what works well for us! If you’re anywhere on the relationship spectrum- know that every step is valuable to who you are & who you’re meant to love.
Feb 19, 202057:49
15. Happy Love Day y’all w the babes of @20somethingandthriving!

15. Happy Love Day y’all w the babes of @20somethingandthriving!

We are chatting w Brina & Josie of one of our fav podcasters from @20somethingandthriving! Get an interesting take on dating as a millennial vs elder millennials like us!
Feb 12, 202057:19
14. JessRose Birthday Q&A

14. JessRose Birthday Q&A

Karina has the reigns this week y’all! She compiled 39ish questions & is interviewing Jess- it’s full of info you don’t know & probably some honest answers you don’t want to know too! What a fun way to celebrate Jess in 2/6, at the badass age of 39!
Feb 05, 202056:39
13. Historical Badassery

13. Historical Badassery

We have highlight four women throughout history (Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn) and we tell you some fun fact you may be surprised by when listening! We encourage you to post your fav babes for inspiration to yourself but also to those around you!
Jan 29, 202024:17
12. Babes, Don’t quit your Daydream!