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Behind The Pen

Behind The Pen

By Karina Kantas

Behind the Pen is an audio podcast hosted by award-winning author and filmmaker, Karina Kantas. She chats with her artistic guests about their love for their craft, their journey so far and what their future plans are. Every episode is unique and you never know who she'll be talking to next. A New York Times Best-selling author, film star, and illustrator, editor of a fashion magazine, a musician from India, a Psychic medium.
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Fran Hawthorne - author/writer

Behind The PenDec 05, 2022

Richard Sparks - comedy writer, published author
Nov 20, 202336:21
Behind The Pen with Craig Underwood - Author
Aug 17, 202331:39
Kelly Tabor and Richard Rossi- actors, writers, musician and director - Lucy and The Lake Monster.
Mar 04, 202333:43
Behind The Pen with Marie Maccagno - writer, coach

Behind The Pen with Marie Maccagno - writer, coach

Marie wrote the book Chocolate Pilgrim. But something enlightening happened on that trip, and writing the book helped pave Marie's career.

#podcast #pilgrim #chocolate #Spain #Walk #Mountians #Vineyards #refelction #trip #family #inspire #bonding #emotional #writer #coach #writingcoach, #AdventuresinWriting #TheChocolatePilgrim #AuthorAssist #KarinaKantas #BehindThePen  

Feb 04, 202325:18
Behind The Pen with Hunter Lewandowski - writer, musician, artist - creator of worlds.
Dec 06, 202255:33
Fran Hawthorne - author/writer
Dec 05, 202232:42
#NaPodPoMo Day 30 Victoria Saccenti - Author
Nov 30, 202234:57
#NaPodPoMo Day 29 - Samantha Bryant - author
Nov 29, 202234:01
#NaPodPoMo day 29 - Sean Hillman - author gamer/role play
Nov 28, 202237:38
#NaPodPoMo day 27 - Bite Sized 4

#NaPodPoMo day 27 - Bite Sized 4

So this rant is about huge disappointment because of a decision Alexia, and I made, and will stick with our decision. Although I'm sure, many of you will disagree. It's my right to choose. This is the second time I've left down others because of it. But this, I had been waiting for five years.
So a huge disappointment.

And to top it all off, after filming this episode, I tore a muscle or ligament in my knee, which could take six weeks to three months to heal. MRI tomorrow.  

And I bought a gown for New Year's Eve in the Black Friday Sale, and I will have nowhere to wear it. 

Nov 27, 202209:56
#NaPodPoMo day 26 - Noelle MK
Nov 26, 202234:18
#NaPodPoMO Day 25 - Shaine Smith - author & publisher
Nov 25, 202231:51
#NaPodPoMo Day 24 - Fay Shlanda - author and poet
Nov 24, 202224:23
#NaPodPoMo day 23 Bite Sized Behind The Pen

#NaPodPoMo day 23 Bite Sized Behind The Pen

This is me just popping in to talk about the latest with my #books, #translations, #awards and #writing, and I talk about my trip to #Barcelona.

You can see photos on the #videocast on #Spotify and later on #YouTube.

Nov 23, 202205:52
#NaPodPoMo day 22 - Rosemary Williams - author and gamer
Nov 22, 202233:01
#NaPodPoMo Day 21 - Rachel A Brune - Author, editor, singer, musician.... etc
Nov 21, 202231:46
#NaPodPoMo day 20 - Bob McGough - author, podcaster, filmmaker
Nov 20, 202238:08
#NaPodProMo day 19 - Jill Shannon author
Nov 19, 202237:29
#NaPodPoMo day 18 - Ritu G Chopra - writer, artist, coach, speaker and strategic adviser
Nov 18, 202233:03
#NaPodPoMo day 17 - Toni Cox / author and proofreader
Nov 17, 202229:03
#NaPodPoMo day 16 - Sian Claven - author
Nov 17, 202232:48
#NaPodPoMo Day 15 Venessa Giunta - author
Nov 15, 202234:11
Behind The Pen with Steve Beach and Brian Mayer
Nov 14, 202229:38
Behind The Pen with Kenny Tiller - actor, director, writer
Nov 13, 202229:20
#NaPodPoMo day 12 - Shunnie Marie -author
Nov 12, 202229:19
#NaPodPoMo Day 11 with Debra Parmley - author and travel blogger

#NaPodPoMo Day 11 with Debra Parmley - author and travel blogger

Ever wanted just to pack it all up, hop into an RV and travel around the US?  Well, Debra did just that and what fabulous stories and inspiration she's had along the way. No wonder she has so many published books and more on the way. All in the Romance genre but plenty of variety in the subgenres, and boy, does Debra like history.
Meet Debra Parmley, the lady Behind The Pen

Nov 11, 202233:41
#NaPodPoMo day 10 - Al Jenson - entrepreneur, author
Nov 10, 202230:41
#NaPodPoMo day 9 - Pamela Evans, author, musician, teacher, painter
Nov 09, 202232:56
#NaPodPoMo day 8 with debut author, Lindsey Kinsella
Nov 08, 202232:42
#NaPodPoMo day 7 - Corine La Font - Author, Podcaster, PR Consultant
Nov 07, 202230:15
#NaPodPoMo day 6 - Marcy McDonald - writer /mindset expert

#NaPodPoMo day 6 - Marcy McDonald - writer /mindset expert

Marcy is such a positive lady and has a message that I have mentioned a few times on the show. But Marcy knows how to make that message work for you and turn it into success. Are you ready for a dose of positivity? Then meet Marcy McDonald, the lady Behind The Pen.


#positivity #mindset #train #thoughts #actions #happyness #feelings #tranformation #MarcyMcDonald #BehindThePen #Milestoneachieved #KarinaKantas #AuthorAssist #marketing #promotion #writing #publishing #authorinterview #authorchat #podcaster #podcast #podcasting

Nov 06, 202224:17
#NaPodPoMo day 5 - Circus artist / Julia Langley
Nov 05, 202235:14
#NaPodPoMo day Day 4 - with Mike Jack Stoumbos - Author teacher/coach
Nov 04, 202228:39
Day 3 #NaPodPoMo- Ricky Coleman- animation, writer, voice over
Nov 03, 202226:17
Day 2 NaPodPoMo Maureen Poynter - Artist
Nov 02, 202226:51
Day 1 of NaPodPoMo with Freddy Cruz - author
Nov 01, 202243:45
Behind The Pen with Tatiana Blades - singer, songwriter, performer.

Behind The Pen with Tatiana Blades - singer, songwriter, performer.

Being told to stop showing off because you were good at something is what stopped Tatiana from pursuing a singing career, so she took her second talent, dancing and stayed with that until singing found her. And it seemed to happen at the right time cause everything then fell into place. Tatiana now sings with the band Collektives covers and writes her own material, and you will hear her latest track on this episode.
She's so down to Earth, and it was a pleasure to talk about a passion we both share.  


Oct 19, 202232:35
Bite Sized - International Podcasting Day

Bite Sized - International Podcasting Day

Bite Sized is a show that is played in between guest spots. It allows you to know me better and allows me to have a rant when needed.

I'm sharing a couple of projects I've been working on and some exciting book plans.

Please follow the podcast. Thank you for your support.

#audio #podcast #BehindThePen #KarinaKantas #books #publishing #reading #covers #coverdesign #bookcovers.

Oct 01, 202214:50
Andrew Vincent - debut author
Sep 18, 202232:11
Behind The Pen with Brody Fischer - songwriter, hip hop artist, singer and rapper.

Behind The Pen with Brody Fischer - songwriter, hip hop artist, singer and rapper.

How does a 15-year-old have his own record label?
How does a 15 years-old have his first album which was released in August?
How does a 15-year-old have so much artistic talent?  

Come and meet Brody and find out.

This is why you NEVER give up on your dreams.

Behind The pen is part of Author Assist services. If you would like to be a guest on the show contact me on FaceBook KKantas Author Assist

#dreambig #music #rap #lyricist #hip-hop #BehindThePen #VibrentRecords #student #produce #beats #singer #perform #freestyle #Interview #KarinaKantas #AuthorAssist #talent #BrodyFischer

Sep 02, 202230:19
Behind The Pen with Jesse Gibbs - writer memoir
Aug 21, 202201:12:45
David Green - author
Jul 26, 202234:20
Madilynn Dale - Author, blogger, book reviewer.

Madilynn Dale - Author, blogger, book reviewer.

How can a full-time mother, blogger, show host, and book reviewer also be a full-time author?  Madilynn makes it look easy. In this chat we talk about the art of writing, shifters, Alphas, book covers, Amazon, and her website and blog The Chapter Goddess.  

And now we can add a talk show host to her CV, as she had her own show called Talking Indie Mayhem. An aftershow with the contestants of the quiz show Indie Mayhem, chat about the episode, The game show is part of the entertaining s multi-media platform, Go Indie Now.

Talking Indie Mayhem:

#podcast #authorchat #authorinterview #novels #bookreviews #TheChapterGoddess #Newrelease #Theartofwriting #Amazon #shifters #fantasy #supernatura #MadilynnDale #AuthorAssist #Karina Kantas #ShowHost #blogger

Jul 23, 202253:22
Martin Ettington - writer / author

Martin Ettington - writer / author

There's not much this writer hasn't covered or written a book about. Especially when it comes to out-of-the-box, evidence and questions. Passing the 100 published books in just a few years. There's so much more Martin wants to cover.  

Website: http://mkettingtonbooks.comYouTube:

Jul 18, 202231:38
Behind The Pen with Bill Cleveland - author, musician

Behind The Pen with Bill Cleveland - author, musician

Bill is a philosopher and when he talks about the creatives, you can't do anything but hang on to his words.
And his ambition of where he wants to go is just ensuring that he's certainly got the drive to do it.
Come and meet Bill Cleveland

#author #musician #filmmaker #director #Guitarist #songwriter #art #creatives #philosopher #author #chat #authorinterview AuthorAssist #KarinaKantas #poet #colaboration #BehindThePen #Podcast

Jul 13, 202233:18
William B Davis - (XFiles Cancer man) actor, director, acting coach and author
Jun 29, 202232:16
Majesta Dawn - debut author

Majesta Dawn - debut author

I love chatting to debut authors as they have so much energy and drive, it's addictive Majesta has always loved the supernatural. And Halloween is her favourite holiday, so it was only right that her first novel would have a supernatural theme. Being a mother is an amazing experience, but hard work, especially if you have 3. So what would happen if the mother was a witch and had supernatural powers. What would they be and how would she use them.

Jun 03, 202235:46
Micki Wescott - debut writer/ foster mum
May 12, 202232:23
Love Hertz - Kevin Flores & Aaron Mostow - music, film, design, writing, screenplay.

Love Hertz - Kevin Flores & Aaron Mostow - music, film, design, writing, screenplay.

Three authors, I get to meet and talk to two of them. It soon becomes apparent that they wear many hats. Such as music, film, art, writing, design and the list goes on.
What they have created in a three-way collab, is a fun ( I was laughing so hard) sci-fi romance. It's light-hearted and easy to read. Love Hertz is available as audio, ebook and paperback.  
But that isn't all. Listen to this episode of Behind The Pen and meet these talented individuals and learn what they have planned for the future.

Apr 25, 202248:52
Marianne Sciucco

Marianne Sciucco

You know what I love about this show, it's finding gold! It's not knowing who that person is Behind The Pen and being blown away when I learn the truth. I thought Marianne was just an author who wrote a book in a niche such as the subject being Alzheimer's and dementia. But the more we talked, the more I learned that it may have started out as an author struggling to get her book out, but it ended up being a tale of how one lady had an idea, that has exploded and created such an impact, that she has brightened up hundreds of people lives.

#author #journalist #newletter #novel #shortstories #Dementia #Alzheimers #readers #publishing #crosspromoting #anthologies #podcast

Apr 20, 202230:45