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be known

be known

By Kerrah E. Fabacher, LPC-S

This is a podcast for those who want authentic and whole relationships with others, yourself, and God. A Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach, your host Kerrah E. Fabacher helps you exchange fear for love so that you can finally see what good relationships are made of. If you long to have healthy relationships, come on in and sit a while. Come see that you are not alone, that you matter, you are loved, and that life-giving relationships are possible. Let's see what kind of healing happens here.
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107. Reflections on 2023

be knownNov 20, 2023

107. Reflections on 2023

107. Reflections on 2023

For the final episode of the year, I love to go back and reflect.

I hope you can hear your story in some of mine.

I'll see you in the New Year.

Nov 20, 202310:56
106. Honor What's It's Taken You to Survive
Nov 13, 202311:25
105. Permission to Name What You Want
Nov 06, 202313:37
104. The Four Cs of Communication

104. The Four Cs of Communication

Let's talk about things we must remember when talking with someone about something hard, like something they've done to hurt us, something we've done to hurt them, or something they've done that's caused emotional distress in some way.

There are ways to go about these kind of moments, so let's all do our best.

Oct 30, 202311:19
103. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
Oct 23, 202313:18
102. Pursuers and Withdrawers
Oct 16, 202318:02
101: We All Process Differently
Oct 09, 202315:19
100. Cheers to 100 Episodes!

100. Cheers to 100 Episodes!

Man, what a ride! Can't believe we've made it to 100 episodes. Listen in for some of the story behind the show and what the podcast has taught me over the last several years.

Oct 02, 202312:10
99. When Someone's Story Bumps Up Against Your Own

99. When Someone's Story Bumps Up Against Your Own

Stories draw us together, but sometimes someone else's story triggers us because it's a little too similar to our own. Listen in for how to handle this when it happens.

Sep 25, 202309:04
98. Not All Connection is Created Equal
Sep 18, 202312:10
97. A Gentle Reminder
Sep 11, 202307:46
96. Reactive Boundaries vs. Proactive Boundaries

96. Reactive Boundaries vs. Proactive Boundaries

For our last episode in summer '23, we're talking about how to have proactive boundaries, and how they're different from reactive boundaries. Listen in.

Jun 26, 202310:39
95. Felt Safety vs. Actual Safety

95. Felt Safety vs. Actual Safety

Felt safety is one of the most important things in our healing journeys. We should shoot for actual safety, too, but let's talk about the difference between the two.

Resources Mentioned:

Strong Like Water, By Aundi Kolber

Jun 19, 202310:29
94. Retell the story you've told yourself (about yourself)
Jun 12, 202309:59
93. Grace is for the things we don't know

93. Grace is for the things we don't know

Because we never know what someone may be walking through.

Jun 05, 202308:31
92. What I'd Wish I'd Known About Friendship When I Was Younger
May 22, 202314:06
91. God Hears (A Blessing)

91. God Hears (A Blessing)

Even when we're silent, He hears.

May 15, 202307:29
90. Boundaries Can Heal the Nervous System
May 08, 202312:33
89. What to Do When Your Friend Gets Married with Mary B. Safrit
May 01, 202313:03
88. Parent Yourself

88. Parent Yourself

Part 2 of 2 of the inner child content, today we're talking about how to parent yourself in ways you needed to be parented as a child. Nurture, Protect, and Counsel. Listen in.

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Apr 24, 202314:15
87. See the Inner Child
Apr 17, 202311:36
86. Find the Light (A Meditative Practice)

86. Find the Light (A Meditative Practice)

As the podcast preps to take a break during this Lent season, I wanted to do something a bit different today. This is a meditative practice for when the darkness feels a bit too dark and when the light is hard to find. 

May this season be healing. And I'll see you soon. 

Feb 27, 202308:17
85. Practicing Empathy
Feb 20, 202314:29
84. On Celebrating Relationships and Dating Yourself

84. On Celebrating Relationships and Dating Yourself

Oops! For those who already heard the unedited version that accidentally got released, here's the cleaned up version! :) Cheers to learning how to date ourselves and push back on the culture that says Valentine's is just for romance. 

Feb 13, 202310:42
83. How Your Story Affects Your Relationships
Feb 06, 202313:59
82. Relational Wholeness

82. Relational Wholeness

That's what we're striving for, right? Listen in for a gentle reminder of why relational wholeness matters, some signs your relationships may be unhealthy, and questions to ask yourself to begin working toward health. 

Jan 16, 202311:43
81. Endings and Beginnings

81. Endings and Beginnings

Entering a New Year can be so quick that we neglect to slow down and reflect on what we just ended. And we do this when lots of things end and begin in our lives, so to welcome us back to the podcast after a break, I'm reflecting, too. Listen in. 

Jan 09, 202313:55
80. Reflections on 2022

80. Reflections on 2022

As I prepare to enter into a more quiet season during Advent, this will be the last episode of 2022, and I thought it'd be fitting just to spend time reflecting on the year together. 

Some come on in a sit a while. Grab a cup of coffee and listen in. 

Nov 21, 202214:34
79. Respect the Autonomy of Others

79. Respect the Autonomy of Others

People's choices are their own to make, and we need to let them have autonomy to make them. Listen in to what this can look like for us in a healthy way. 

Nov 14, 202214:07
78. Developing More Secure Attachments
Nov 07, 202214:13
77. On Attachment Styles and the Journey to More Secure Attachments
Oct 31, 202216:49
76. How to Know When to Walk Away
Oct 03, 202218:01
75. Be Intentional
Sep 26, 202214:31
74. When You Expect Too Much of Yourself
Sep 19, 202213:29
73. How to Practice Genuine Apology
Sep 12, 202215:19
72. Make Space for Interruptions
Sep 05, 202212:56
71. Fighting the Lies Modesty Culture Taught Us
Aug 29, 202219:55
70. Handling Unmet Needs with Grace
Jun 20, 202213:21
69. When the Truth Hurts
Jun 13, 202213:06
68. When Our Anger at the World Consumes Us
Jun 06, 202210:06
67. Five Practices for When Your Friends Leave with Mary B. Safrit
May 30, 202212:49
66. How to Repair Your Damaged Relationship with Yourself
May 23, 202215:23
65. When Someone's Boundaries Hurt Me
May 16, 202212:59
64. So, What About Emotional Boundaries?
May 09, 202210:34
63. Living with Someone Else's Consequences
May 02, 202212:25
62. When It Feels Like God Isn't Listening
Apr 25, 202213:02
61. A Prayer for Lent

61. A Prayer for Lent

A simple prayer as we prepare to enter the season of Lent. 

Feb 28, 202206:43
60. Grace vs. Enabling
Feb 21, 202216:07
59. When Safe People are No Longer Safe
Feb 14, 202217:45
58. Everything is Redeemable
Feb 07, 202214:39