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bend. the podcast

By Bend Wellness

conversations to spark creativity, challenge beliefs and disrupt what it means to be well.
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Jennifer Baron : Take me outside.

bend. the podcastOct 23, 2020

Lifting This Weight
Feb 28, 202239:01
To Belong
Feb 14, 202201:04:12
Healing Through Art
Jan 31, 202239:25
Knowing Yourself : Andrea Picket
Jan 17, 202251:21
The Oaks

The Oaks

In this episode we speak to Ashley Belhumeur, Assistant Manager of The Oaks Residential Services with the Shepherds of Good Hope in Ottawa. Deb is joined by Lisa Gregoire as co-host.

Ashley speaks to us about what The Oaks and The Shepherds of Good Hope do in the community of Ottawa and what the harm reduction approach is. She speaks about the impact these programs have on the folks they support and the importance of meeting people where they are.

Learn how these programs can help individuals gain back their humanity, dignity and allow themselves to express vulnerability in a safe space.

Thank you to The Oaks and The Shepherds of Good Hope for their time and the work they do.
Jan 03, 202248:09
Prison Yoga Project
Dec 13, 202144:28
Sound Unbound

Sound Unbound

Sound Unbound.

Join us for an amazing chat about music therapy with Rebecca Worden BMT, RP, MTA, co-hosted by Haley Bowes from Aruma! 

We discuss the intoxicating quality of music and what we can experiencing by immersing ourselves in the experience. 

Rebecca discusses the power of imagery, and explains music’s ability to be a metaphor for us, packed full of meaning, and leads us through a lovely guided practice. The intersection of science and the creative arts is paving an exciting future for mental health care, and music has a lot of value for our own mental health and wellbeing. 

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do! 

Find out more about Rebecca at 

*the song shared by Rebecca is: La fille aux cheveux de lin “The girl with the flaxen hair” By French composer Claude Debussy Licensed to share through Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Nov 29, 202146:54
A Place At The Table

A Place At The Table

In this episode of the podcast we dig into the complexities of food justice.
This week Deb is joined by Dr. Josie Wittmer of @mightyvalleycoffee, as co-host, and we speak to Coral Sproule and Ramsey Hart of The Table Community Food Centre in Perth, Ontario.

Tune in to expand your knowledge about the intersectional issues surrounding food justice. We talk about how Community Food Centres are working to affect change at every level while navigating the unjust food system that exists.

This is a rich episode; one that teaches, challenges and, hopefully, leaves you feeling like you may want to be a part of this kind of social and political change.
Nov 15, 202157:12
Bobbi McDougall: Plug into yourself
Nov 01, 202147:56
Mighty Valley Coffee: Right Livelihood, Mighty Coffee.

Mighty Valley Coffee: Right Livelihood, Mighty Coffee.

Right Livelihood, Mighty Coffee. Join us for our season 2 finale as we engage in a very big chat with Jarred Lee & Dr. Josie Wittmer of Mighty Valley Coffee. Find out more about each of them, how this work evolved and learn about the social welfare and environmental principals that have informed their business. We dig in and discuss how coffee, politics, environmentalism, Buddhism, academia and feminism intersect and talk about how and why wellness is political. You won't want to miss this one. Brew up a hot mug and tune in. Find Mighty Valley Coffee online at: IG: @mightyvalleycoffee
May 31, 202150:28
Elle Halladay: To Have A Room
May 25, 202147:40
Emilie McKay: Body Poet
May 17, 202144:34
Biatris Lasu: Remaking Wellness
May 10, 202141:52
Christiane Zeithammel: The Other Side of Life

Christiane Zeithammel: The Other Side of Life

The Other Side of Life This episode of the podcast sees us having an intimate conversation about death with a beautiful guest. Christiane Zeithammel of Death Doula Ottawa walks us through what it means to be a Death Doula, what drew her to this work, and why she feels it is so important. Christiane shares about her work, coaching dying persons and their families through the phases of dying, emotionally, spiritually & physically. She discusses how a big part of her job is just to be there; to listen with an open heart and give people her time and attention. This work, she says, makes her aware just how precious life it. Tune in to hear about this fascinating work, why she sees herself as a pioneer, and to find out what the dying have to teach us all about living. To find out more about Death Doula services in Ottawa visit :
May 03, 202150:36
Corrie Rabbe: That Gut Feeling
Apr 26, 202153:27
Better Than Terrible

Better Than Terrible

This week's episode of our podcast is a pretty special one.

Throughout the past year we've thought a lot about young people and all they've had to endure during this prolonged pandemic. In the latest episode of bend. the podcast, join us as we speak to a group of 5 friends, Perth and District Collegiate Institute Grade 12 students - all of whom have had to navigate their senior years of High School during these challenging times

Listen to what they were thinking a year ago, how things have unfolded for them and listen as we ask them what people don't get about teens right now.

Thanks to this exceptional group for an open, honest and insightful conversation.

As we stare down the challenges of another stay at home order and another round of remote learning here in Ontario (and beyond), please extend some compassion and kindness to the young people in your life.

Thanks for listening.
Apr 19, 202148:42
Amy Kelly: Colour, Creativity & Vulnerability
Apr 12, 202151:25
Kaitlin Hussein: ‘A Woman Who Serves’
Apr 05, 202101:03:00
Donna Klassen: Chop Wood, Carry Water
Mar 29, 202144:15
Jackie Schoemaker Holmes, PhD : To Take Care of the World
Mar 22, 202149:26
Laura Wilcox: Stir It Up

Laura Wilcox: Stir It Up

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” Audre Lorde

This quote keeps coming to mind as we reflect on this conversation with Laura Wilcox, friend, entrepreneur, activist and overall wonderful woman. In this episode we talk to Laura as she discusses a new non-profit she is building with community members, Stir It Up Collective, whose goal is to support womxn who are recovering from sex trafficking.

Laura talks about what human trafficking is, how she came to start this initiative, and their goals moving forward. We discuss sex work verses sex trafficking, challenge our own biases, and question why blame and shame is often directed at womxn and their bodies.

To her, wellness means feeling ease, “that peace inside...kind of like finding home within ourselves”. Finding things that bring you moments of joy.

Thanks for the thought provoking and inspiring conversation, Laura.

Thanks for listening.
Mar 15, 202146:48
Taucha Post: The Practice of Showing Up
Mar 08, 202101:10:22
Dan Rubinstein : Born To Move

Dan Rubinstein : Born To Move

“The humble act of putting one foot in front of the other transcends age, geography, culture and class, and is one of the most economical and environmentally responsible modes of transit.” Dan Rubinstein

In this episode we chat with Dan Rubinstein, author of Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act. Dan speaks about the benefits and power of connecting with our own two feet and getting outside, on both land and water. His passion for movement has led him to a deeper understanding of the power of walking, importance of taking in our surroundings at a slower pace, and the impact of nature on our minds and bodies.

Through his more recent passion, Paddle-boarding, he has been able to experience his world, locally and internationally, exploring the different perspective that being out on the water gives us. He says, “Water is big, water is powerful, water is so much more than us, and being out in it you see yourself as one small part of a much larger thing. And that sense of perspective is incredibly grounding and helpful for framing yourself and your challenges in a deeper way.”

He says, the more we pay attention to walking and water will be good for our planet. We agreed, and can’t wait to share this episode with you.

Thanks for listening.
Mar 01, 202147:01
Haley Bowes: Choosing You

Haley Bowes: Choosing You

Choosing You ✨ In this weeks episode we chat with Haley Bowes, co-owner of Aruma: A Place for Heath and Happiness. We discussed how her and her team have led Aruma through the pandemic so far by shedding old layers and growing new ones along the way. She talks about how through this pandemic she has learned the value of surrendering, and letting be what will be. Through Haley’s work as a counsellor and the work done at Aruma by all their practitioners, a main goal she said, is to help people learn to thrive, not just survive. She talks about the importance of good communication, choosing yourself first & taking care of your whole being; physical, spiritual, emotional & mental. We hope you enjoy this chat with Haley. To find out more about her and Aruma check out: IG: @haleybowes IG: @arumaplace This episode marks the end of season 1! Thanks for tuning in 🎤 Bend. The Podcast
Dec 18, 202044:33
Aisha Toor: On the importance of being able to be fully yourself

Aisha Toor: On the importance of being able to be fully yourself

Meaningful change begins with open conversations, sitting in community with people and getting uncomfortable about difficult things.

On this week’s episode of the podcast we talk with Aisha Toor.

Listen in as Aisha shares her experience immigrating to Canada as a child, growing up and living rurally as a person of colour, and the costs of not seeing yourself reflected in the community around you.

Aisha talks about how she has consciously and unconsciously tried to fit into the fabric of her community, often by hiding parts of herself. She reflects, from a young age you learn to hide your differences, hide a part of yourself, as a way to protect yourself.

Aisha asks a powerful question when it comes to wellness: how can one be well, when you’re not fully able to be yourself?

Thanks for tuning into this episode of Bend. The Podcast.

We hope you enjoyed it.
Dec 11, 202053:55
Shulamit Ber Levtov: Soothe, Discharge & Nourish

Shulamit Ber Levtov: Soothe, Discharge & Nourish

Shulamit Ber Levtov Completing the stress cycle: soothe, nourish, discharge. In this conversation with Shula she reminds us of the importance of a pause, going slowly, & the importance of having faith that everything will be ok. We dive into the stress cycle discussing why it so important to fully metabolize our stress and understand the difference between stress and stressor. We discus why burn out & pandemic fatigue are effecting women at a higher rate than men, what the term “she-session” means and what the 6 month wall is. When asked what wellness means to her, she states: “Taking the next right action with an open heart, with as little clinging to the fruits as I can, is the best way to be well”. For more information on Shula and her offerings visit Thanks for listening. For more information on topics covered:
Dec 04, 202057:14
A Monkey On My Back

A Monkey On My Back

A Monkey On My Back ADHD: challenges, gifts & chasing the mirage. Join us for an honest conversation with someone who has lived experience with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He talks honestly about his struggles, how he manages his symptoms and discusses why it took him about 47 years to be diagnosed. He describes his experience as feeling like he was always chasing a mirage in the desert, trying to solve his own puzzle with a monkey on his back. He discusses how ADHD lives in the both the body and the mind, showing up as hyperactivity or hyper-focus, which can often be misunderstood. He describes the challenges he has experienced because of ADHD, and also the many gifts it has given him. Challenge your ideas about what it means to be well and find inspiration in his story.
Nov 27, 202059:52
Lisa Gregiore: being brave, funny & new

Lisa Gregiore: being brave, funny & new

Liza Gregoire; on being brave, funny & new ✏️ Art & the Creative Process Recently we had the privilege of chatting with award winning writer, Lisa Gregoire. Our conversation explored her creative process and art as a way to shift our perspectives and illuminate meaning. We discussed her transition from journalist to writer of fiction and she shares why she thinks humour is important to thread throughout her work; now more than ever. Lisa also tackles the question, is there really such a thing as a true fiction story? Some of her publications mentioned are Agnes and True ( ), Ecology issue of Qwerty magazine (out of UNB: and Issue #74 of Calgary's filling Station magazine (
Nov 20, 202057:36
Lynn Keane: Courage & Resilience

Lynn Keane: Courage & Resilience

Lynn Keane
On courage & resilience. “You must do the thing you cannot do” Lynn is a mother, speaker, advocate for mental health, youth suicide prevention and racial justice. She is a marathon and iron man completer, and all around a wonderful woman.    Since losing her son Daniel by suicide in 2009, Lynn has dedicated her life to sharing his story. Lynn has turned her son's story into a call for action to re-examine how we view and treat mood disorders, as well as challenge the long believed myths about addictions and disorders of the brain. 

In the conversation we talk to Lynn about her journey through grief, and the role of courage, resilience and hope.  She shares the importance of movement, speaking, writing and talks about how they became powerful tools for her healing process.

You can find out more about Lynn at or on Instagram @lynnkeane_7
Nov 13, 202050:41
Amy C. Willis: A House With Many Doors

Amy C. Willis: A House With Many Doors

Amy C. Willis On sobriety, addiction, & drinking culture. In this episode of Bend, we chat with Amy C. Willis, sobriety and mindset coach and owner of Hol and Well, tackling the controversial topic of alcohol. We discuss the culture of drinking, what being sober curious means, and how alcohol has made its way into mainstream culture specifically the wellness industry. Amy talks about addiction as a house with many doors. She talks openly about her own journey to sobriety offering insight into the language used in addiction such as the term “alcoholic”, the use of the disease model in addiction, and the importance of connection and community. Perhaps this conversation will cause you to pause and question your own relationship to alcohol and ask yourself why how and why this substance has become such an ingrained part of our culture. Listen until the end for a special offer from Amy. You can find out more about Amy and her mission at: IG: msamycwillis Happy listening.
Nov 06, 202053:26
Alexis Officer: Art & Science

Alexis Officer: Art & Science

Alexis Officer : Art & Science- On movement, our bodies response to pain and the connection between art & science as it relates to our wellness. In this week episode we talk with Alexis, owner of Art & Science Physiotherapy & Pilates to chat with her about movement, our bodies response to pain and the connection between art & science as it relates to our being. We talk about what it means to be a physiotherapist, how Alexis got to where she is, owning a business, how she helps people with their pain, and integrating Pilates into her work. The conversation touches on wide ranging topics including posture, the role of breath in our overall health, the history of Pilates, and why women’s bodies crave different types of movement & exercise at different times. Find out more about Alexis and the services she offered locally in Smiths Falls, Ontario & Virtually at: IG: @artandsciencephysio
Oct 30, 202051:16
Jennifer Baron : Take me outside.

Jennifer Baron : Take me outside.

Jennifer Baron 🍂 our latest podcast guest. A teacher, environmentalist, and outdoor education enthusiast and expert. This woman is helping change the future by teaching her students about our interconnectedness to nature and the world around us. Taking her classroom outside, she teaches her students how to learn from nature & respect the land through environmental and Indigenous lenses. In a time when we are being told that outdoor air is better than indoor air, and leaves and pine cones are less of a threat than Lego blocks and shared pencil crayons, she’s stressing the importance and value of getting kids outside. One of the best things we can do for the future of our planet is to educate the next generations from an environment lens, to show them that we are all connected, that caring about the environment and our planet is as important as caring for ourself. Thanks Jennifer for being on the front lines and tackling this head on. You can find Jennifer on Instagram @ecoinquiry and read her recent article on entitled “Math on the Land”.
Oct 23, 202046:12
Dan de Luis: On the Wim Hof Method, the power of our own breath, & the importance of growth mindset

Dan de Luis: On the Wim Hof Method, the power of our own breath, & the importance of growth mindset

Dan de Luis! We sat down for a conversation with Wim Hof Expert Dan de Luis for a conversation about stress, the power of our own breath, cold therapy and why it’s important to have a growth mindset Dan is a stress reduction specialist, mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher, Wim Hof Method instructor and studio owner in Brockville, Ontario. Dan has taught all over the world, including work with professional athletes and government organizations. In this conversation Dan takes a dive into the Wim Hof Method and how it works to help us reduce stress & inflammation in the body. Listen to our conversation and check Dan out at: @dan_deluis
Oct 16, 202001:04:32
Erin McCarthy, Ph. D. : The philosophy of happiness, concussion management & being our own friend.

Erin McCarthy, Ph. D. : The philosophy of happiness, concussion management & being our own friend.

Erin McCarthy joins us for a conversation on mindfulness, the philosophy of happiness, concussion recovery & being your own best friend Our conversation was full of inspiration & knowledge touching on who she is and what led her to where she is now. She discusses mindfulness and philosophical counselling and explains how they can help shift our lives and perspectives. Erin is also a teacher of mindful self compassion and speaks to the power of being our own best friends. Check out Erin’s website for her new concussion recovery program or to grab "The Calm Concussion Recovery Tracker" made to support people in their healing journey. Find out more about Erin on her social media pages (IG: @erinmccarthymindfulness) or website including her individual coaching services & upcoming programs;
Oct 09, 202044:05
 Calvin Neufeld: “we don’t need to know how, we just need to allow”
Oct 02, 202040:58
Bend, The Podcast: Trailer 2020

Bend, The Podcast: Trailer 2020

Bend, The Podcast: Launching October 2nd. We can’t wait to share wonderful conversations with you.
Oct 01, 202000:29