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Dream Retirement

Dream Retirement

By Bertram Financial

The Dream Retirement Show is designed to help you feel confident about your retirement so you can focus on being who you want to be, do what you want to do, spend time with those you want to be with, and making an impact.

Most financial plans today are nothing more than sales gimmicks to get you to buy a certain product or service. Your plan needs to be coordinated with all aspects of your financial life; tax planning, cash flow management (including retirement income), investment positioning, and estate preservation.

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New Years Resolutions and the Balance Wheel

Dream RetirementJan 04, 2022

New Years Resolutions and the Balance Wheel

New Years Resolutions and the Balance Wheel

So, the time for New Year's resolutions is here. Everybody is talking about New Year's resolutions.

Now, while most New Year's resolutions fail, I think it is important to always have goals and be striving for something at any point in time of our life and in different areas in our life.

The reason most goals fall is that we try to do too much. We're trying to, you know, maybe instead of trying to lose 20 pounds, we have to cut it back and do 5, but once you get 5 you can get 10, and once you get 10 you can get 15.

It's cutting it back into smaller chunks and really making it so that not only do we have a goal, but we have an attainable way to get there, and we also have to be prepared for setbacks along the way.

Jan 04, 202202:38
Gifts For You – New Webinars with Special Guests
Dec 28, 202102:20
Dec 22, 202105:19
3 Unique Gift Ideas
Dec 14, 202108:02
Long Term Care Awareness
Dec 10, 202105:17
Happy Thanksgiving - Do You Need An Indian?

Happy Thanksgiving - Do You Need An Indian?

What's the best way for you to invest to get the harvest you want?

Maybe you are working and saving now to prepare for retirement in the future. You need to know what seeds to plant and how to care for them to bring you the retirement harvest to meet your needs.

Maybe you are almost at retirement and you're just trying to figure out how to make sure that your harvest is enough, that your retirement income is enough to be able to do what you want to do to have that.

Either way, you're probably looking for that financial security that you're going to have enough not just to survive, but you live your dreams!

View the full article here.

Nov 23, 202103:07
New Opportunity for Lazy Money
Nov 18, 202118:47
Nov 06, 202107:56
How the $3.5 Trillion Bill Affects Your Retirement

How the $3.5 Trillion Bill Affects Your Retirement

You've probably already heard lots of talk about the $3.5 trillion spending bill being talked about in Washington right now, and you might have wondered how it's going to impact you.

Oct 24, 202108:42
Risks and How To Protect Your Money & Retirement Income - Part 2
Oct 18, 202108:03
Risks and How To Protect Your Money and Retirement Income
Oct 18, 202109:59
Does Indexing Work?
Oct 18, 202107:14
Is Life Insurance Expensive?
Oct 18, 202108:00
Lazy Money
Oct 18, 202110:11
Information Equals Power and Sophistication
Oct 18, 202106:04
Professional Management Equals Better Returns
Oct 18, 202110:11
More Risks Equals More Returns
Oct 18, 202105:41
Timing Is Not the Key...Time In The Market Is
Oct 18, 202107:05
A 5 Star Rating Equals A Good Fund
Oct 18, 202105:00
Four Aspects of Your Financial Life
Oct 18, 202107:17
Mid-Year Market Update
Oct 18, 202129:04
Survivor Income
Oct 18, 202105:20
Mid-Year Tax Planning Tips
Oct 18, 202107:24
Common Portfolio Wisdom
Oct 18, 202105:19
Estate Planning Basics
Oct 18, 202137:15
Women and Wealth Week
Oct 18, 202119:08
Women, Money, Power
Oct 18, 202106:44
Power of Attorney – The Most Important Document
Oct 18, 202105:29
First Friday - All About Real Estate

First Friday - All About Real Estate

Today we’re talking all about real estate. If you Google real estate right now you may find all kinds of things about the current housing market, how crazy it is, and how we are in this real estate bubble.    

The main point that I want to bring up with all of this real estate craziness is that we need to know our current situation. We can control only what we can control and you know it's kind of one of those things that I can't worry about.    

It makes me think of the Serenity prayer, right?    

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.    

I think it's true that what I always think with that is we can't change what's going on outside.    

We can't change the fact that there might be a housing bubble or that the stock market might crash.   

What we can control is our situation.

Read more here: 

May 10, 202144:48
Green Money: The Best Kept Secret In The Financial World
May 04, 202106:58
Stock Market Investments: Red Money
May 04, 202106:23
Investment Vehicles: What Is Yellow Money?
May 04, 202106:01
401K Rollover Options
May 04, 202109:41
Health Insurance Options
May 04, 202132:29
Shifting Into Retirement
Mar 29, 202135:46
Building An Investment Portfolio
Mar 22, 202128:04
Market Update: March 2021

Market Update: March 2021

We have seen recent gyrations in the stock market and the bond, but nobody really pays attention to the bond market, although we should. Today we’re speaking with Mike of United Asset Strategies, and the cool thing about Mike is as good as they are on the stock equity side, they have even deeper, stronger knowledge on the fixed income or bond side.

Market volatility shakes people’s financial peace so we want to address this.

See the latest post and more information here: Market Update

Mar 16, 202119:24
Does Gold & Silver Have A Place Inside My Portfolio?

Does Gold & Silver Have A Place Inside My Portfolio?

During our First Friday LIVE this past week I spoke with Ryan Long, President of National Gold Consultants in Monticello, Minnesota. We focused on gold and silver and if they might have a place inside your investment portfolio.

Why might you be interested in gold and silver as a form of investment? One thing to consider is that it is wealth insurance. When you consider traditional investments, they’re something that you trade and take out. With gold and silver, it is more of a long-term strategy. If you decide to invest this way, you’re investing for the long haul to get that protection.

I think an important thing that we keep in mind is that because gold and silver is wealth insurance it needs to be coordinated. What do I mean by that? We need to make sure that this type of investment makes sense in your overall strategy.

You can read the full blog here.

Mar 12, 202133:17
When Should I Take Social Security?
Mar 12, 202107:60
How Can I Create Income In Retirement?
Feb 22, 202113:10
Tax Credits To Help Communities

Tax Credits To Help Communities

Join Michelle Bertram, owner of Bertram Financial, as she discusses Tax Credits to Help Communities in 2021 with Todd Mardis. Listen to learn more about how you can take advantage of new tax credits in 2021 to help your business and communities.

Feb 22, 202108:23
State of the Market In 2021

State of the Market In 2021

What type of risk do you have? Are you really diversified? What type of correlation you have? How is that going to get you to meet your goals?

Listen as Michelle speaks with Jiorden Sanchez of United Asset Strategies and they discuss the state of the Market going into 2021 and how the current climate could affect your investment strategy moving forward.

Feb 08, 202137:49
What Is An Annuity?

What Is An Annuity?

What is an annuity? It is an investment vehicle and they are a great tool that will create retirement income. 

Feb 01, 202113:01
Should I Sell?

Should I Sell?

I was just on a phone call this week reviewing a client’s portfolio and the question they asked was, “Should I sell?

Considering all of the craziness of 2020, most accounts ended up with a gain at the end of the year. Even with the crazy downturn in the stock market in March, we saw a quick recovery, and most accounts that were in any type of growth ended the year with a gain.

Jan 30, 202106:44
Do I Need An Advisor?
Jan 30, 202108:51
Life's A Daring Adventure, and I'm Not Done Yet
Jan 30, 202133:24
End of Year Planning

End of Year Planning

Welcome to our First Friday series that we’re doing on the First Friday of the month at 12:30 pm CST. We’re going to be LIVE on Facebook and talking about a different topic each time and this month the topic is “End of Year Planning.”

I know that this is a conversation that is on a lot of people’s minds right now, so I thought this topic would be timely in December and look forward to 2021. Many people right now are asking what they should be doing with regards to end of year planning, so we’re going to cover a couple of things today.

Jan 30, 202124:44
Tax Planning and Investing

Tax Planning and Investing

I want to talk today about tax planning and how it relates to investing. In our financial life, there are really four quadrants.

There is the tax planning quadrant, then we have cash flow, which includes retirement income, investment planning, and then estate preservation. What happens a lot is people will focus on whatever area they’re in, investing for example, but the fact is whatever you do with investments can affect the other areas of your financial life. It can affect your income and it definitely can affect your taxes.

Jan 30, 202127:30
The Secrets of Investing: The Good and Bad of Mutual Funds

The Secrets of Investing: The Good and Bad of Mutual Funds

Today we’re talking about a topic that I think is going to be very interesting to most of you. Almost everybody that I’ve met or talked to has mutual funds or ETFs now or has had them.

I think they’ve thought that it’s the best way to invest, to be diversified. I kind of call it the diversification pixie dust. They think, “I have all these funds so I’m diversified,” but there’s a lot of inefficiencies with them.

On the flip side, bond funds. As much as there are inefficiencies in the mutual fund market, the bond funds are probably even more inefficient.

The bond market is very inefficient, especially versus the equity market or the stock market. And the reason for that is because there are just so many different issuances of different bonds that are out there.

Jan 30, 202126:12
The Election and The Market

The Election and The Market

Let’s talk about the election and the market. As you know, the market experiences quite a bit of volatility around election time and we’re here to talk post-election and what that will look like for your investments.

Welcome to our First Friday series, hosted the first Friday of each month by Michelle Bertram. Today she is speaking with Guy Riccardi, Portfolio Manager for United Asset Strategies.

Jan 30, 202124:55