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Sustainable Northfield

Sustainable Northfield

By City of Northfield

This podcast covers a variety of topics around sustainability and stories of the actions being taken in Northfield, Minnesota.
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Episode 11 - Emerald Ash Borer

Sustainable NorthfieldNov 15, 2021

Episode 11 - Emerald Ash Borer

Episode 11 - Emerald Ash Borer

In this episode, Arich Fruehling (St. Olaf student) speaks with Emma Schultz, Angela Gupta, Jeff Halfner, and Beth Kallestead about emerald ash borers (EAB), an invasive insect. They discuss what EABs are, why the infestation poses a threat to Northfield’s ecosystems, and what is being done to resolve the issue. Further information is available below.

This episode was produced as part of an Academic Civic Engagement project through St. Olaf College by Arich Fruehling, Mackenzie Farrell, Grace Mennerick and Lauren Borst.

Thank you to Emma Schultz, Angela Gupta, and Jeff Halfner for their expertise and hopeful insights. 

How to Identify Ash Trees:

- Black ash and green ash are the most common types of ash tree in Northfield.

- Black ash has diamond shaped patterns in the bark, branches that grow directly

across from one another, and compound leaves with 7-11 leaflets each. Black

ash trees turn yellow to brown in Autumn.

- Green ash has scaly bark that is less flakey than black ash, and compound

leaves with less than 9 leaflets each.

- Ash Tree Identification (Minnesota DNR)

How to Identify Emerald Ash Borers:

- EABs are . - ½ inch long, metallic green in color, and have a purple body

underneath their wings.

- Emerald Ash Borer Look Alikes (Nebraska Forest Service)

Further Resources:

- Arrest the Pest (MN Department of Agriculture)

- Great Lakes Early Detection Network

- Emerald Ash Borer in Minnesota 2019 (MN Environmental Quality Board)

- Emerald Ash Borers (City of Northfield)

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Episode 7: Hillcrest Village

Episode 7: Hillcrest Village

Asa Gold and Grace Lindmark speak with Scott Wopata, Martha Larson, Betsy Buckheit, Abby Meuser-Herr, Steve Schmidt, Rolf Jacobsen, and Brian Nowak about the Community Action Center's Hillcrest Village, the importance of emergency housing, and the future of affordable and sustainable housing in Northfield.

More information about the Community Action Center's Hillcrest Village can be found on their website.

The information from the 2018 Rice County Housing Survey can be found here.

Thank you Asa and Grace for creating and hosting this episode. Thanks to Professor Jackson and St. Olaf College for letting us publish this project. Thank you to the student collaborators involved in the project: Cassidy Schnell, Joash Daniel, Juliet Olson, Rodrigo Escobar, YiWynn Chan, and Bailey Seashore. 

Thank you for listening!

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