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The Authentic Wife Show

The Authentic Wife Show

By Beth Rowles

We are so glad you found us because that means you have a burning desire to give your kids the family all of you deserve... with a conscious marriage that models a healthy relationship.

You are in the right place.

Here at The Authentic Wife, we know all too well the challenges of raising your kids and loving your husband and you need more than just great resources (which we have) you also need a strong support system (we have that too).

I'm Beth Rowles, Family Alchemist and author of The Authentic Wife, and I'll be your host.
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2: How To Use Your Marriage To Become Happier

The Authentic Wife ShowJun 12, 2022

68: How Quantum Physics Can Change Your Relationship
Dec 03, 202331:44
67: Discovering Your Authentic Career with guest Kari Cravalho

67: Discovering Your Authentic Career with guest Kari Cravalho

My guest today is Kari Cravalho, a coach for working moms and moms looking to return to the workforce. Through 1:1 and small group coaching, she offers moms a place to show up as is and explore what they truly want and need as they balance motherhood, career, and self.

I loved what she had to say about finding our essence and using those interests and goals as a guide while we navigate work at home and outside the home.


Career Paths and Life Transitions

Beth and Kari had a detailed discussion about their career paths and experiences. Beth shared her expertise in coaching women undergoing transitions, particularly working mothers. Kari, on the other hand, talked about her background in human resources, her MBA from Kellogg, and her roles at healthcare tech companies and Adobe. Both agreed on the importance of discovering authentic life and work paths, as well as the role of challenges and transitions in shaping these paths. Kari also shared her experience transitioning from an HR leader to a stay-at-home mom and then starting her own coaching business to support working women. She emphasized the satisfaction and challenges of her roles and how having a coach helped her find her purpose again. Beth ended the conversation by asking about Kari's methods for helping clients balance their career choices and aspirations based on her own experience and the example of a client in the medical field.

You can find Kari here:


IG:  @kari_cravalho_coaching



Link to Schedule a Complimentary Fitting Call:

Nov 19, 202325:34
66: What To Do If Your Spouse Doesn't Validate You
Nov 12, 202325:54
65: How to Heal From Your Critical Mother
Nov 05, 202324:31
64: When You Don't Like Your Husband

64: When You Don't Like Your Husband

We all have days where we just don't like our spouse or even our kids, even if it's for a fleeting moment. Before you get on that downward spiral and plan the divorce, let me share with you that these thoughts are normal and to be expected in a family where you're with the same humans day after day.

Get yourself a big cup of grace and love on the part of you that is struggling. It's going to be ok!

(If you'd like to double-check that it's really going to be ok, visit my website at and let's set up a time to chat!)

Oct 29, 202321:26
63: Are You Un-Intentionally Destroying Your Marriage?

63: Are You Un-Intentionally Destroying Your Marriage?

Do you WANT to grow old with your husband?

AI Summary

Lost Sight of Intentions: Beth's Marriage Advice

Beth had a heart-to-heart talk, where she shared her belief that many marriages end due to losing sight of the original intentions. Beth emphasized that couples often forget their initial dream of growing old together, sharing life experiences, and the promise to stay together till death. She noted that when conflicts arise, instead of focusing on the positive aspects of the partnership, people tend to subconsciously look for reasons to leave, which can lead to ruining the marriage. Beth encouraged her audience to be mindful of their initial intentions and to look for reasons to stay together rather than reasons to leave.

Focusing on Partner's Positives

Beth emphasized the importance of focusing on the positive aspects of our partner and not just highlighting their flaws. She encouraged to acknowledge the reasons why we chose them in the first place and to remember that they are different from us, which is often one of the reasons we are attracted to them. Beth also reminded that this applies to our children as well, who are a mix of both parents, and this diversity is what makes them whole and beautiful.

Dangers of Relationship Exit Focus

Beth warned against focusing on reasons to end a relationship, emphasizing that doing so can manifest conflict and unhappiness. She noted that even if one isn't explicitly expressing negative feelings, the other party will still pick up on them, potentially leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy of conflict and disconnection. Beth emphasized the importance of striving for peacefulness, safety, and happiness, and the potential dangers of seeking reasons to leave.

Relationship Ending Discussion

Beth had a discussion about ending a relationship and its implications. She warned about the dangers of looking for negative aspects of a person, which could lead to seeing those traits more clearly. Beth also mentioned the need for a person to be present with their children. She ended the discussion by noting that she was done and wanted the other parties to settle down.

Intentions: Shaping Our Experiences

Beth explained how powerful intentions can be in shaping our experiences. She used examples from hiking, vacations, and dining out to illustrate how setting an intention to enjoy or find the good in a situation can change our perspective and experience. Beth emphasized that when we set intentions, we can direct our experiences and find growth opportunities, rather than focusing on what's wrong.

Intentional Marriage: Staying Power

Beth emphasized the power of intention in marriages. She highlighted that without a conscious intention to stay together, a marriage will inevitably fail. Beth cited the example of a person named Jason Duncan who gained fame after saying in a podcast interview that he and his wife refuse to consider divorce as it is not in their vocabulary, due to their commitment to stay together forever. Beth challenged those present to consider whether they want to stay on the "struggle bus" or the "drama triangle" or choose to adopt the intention of staying married.

Positive Growth and Proactive Mindset

Beth emphasized the importance of focusing on the positive, personal growth, and being proactive in creating good outcomes. She encouraged others to adopt a teacher's mindset, grounded in what they want and how they can make it happen.

Oct 22, 202315:27
62: Creating Family Presence with guest Rich Lewis

62: Creating Family Presence with guest Rich Lewis

Do you have a busy mind, making it hard to be present with your family?

My guest today is coach Rich Lewis. Rich has published articles for numerous publications, including Contemplative Light, Abbey of the Arts, Contemplative Outreach, EerdWord, In Search of a New Eden, the Ordinary Mystic at Patheos, and the Contemplative Writer. ​ Rich’s newest book is titled, Sitting with God: A Journey To Your True Self Through Centering Prayer. He teaches centering prayer in both his local and virtual community and offers one-on-one coaching through his website

In this episode, Rich shows us how to use a meditative practice known as Centering Prayer to gain control over our thoughts and help us be more present with ourselves and others. I especially loved this schedule of practicing in the morning and then doing a "second sit" mid-afternoon as a way to recharge for the second half of the day!

I asked him how it helped him to be a better dad and he shared, "So I think it helped me be better in that I was more patient with each one of them and would slow myself down and let go and try to give each kid what they each need, because they're each unique. So what works for one doesn't work for the other. Just to give each of them kind of the one on one space they deserve, which is going to be very different."

Oct 15, 202325:18
61: Understanding ADHD, Addiction, and Dopamine

61: Understanding ADHD, Addiction, and Dopamine

Has your husband or child been diagnosed with ADHD? While I go into much more detail on my website, I wanted to give you a brief overview today of dopamine's role in ADHD and addiction so you can understand why your loved one may have addictive behaviors. I talk about how our bodies can keep us stuck in patterns even when we want to change, and why pleasure is fleeting unless it's coming from within.

To apply for coaching, visit or to learn more about my program visit

Oct 08, 202318:08
60: How Women Get Stuck Trying to Heal From His Affair

60: How Women Get Stuck Trying to Heal From His Affair

My guest today is betrayal expert Dr. Debi Silber. She's the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute and is a holistic psychologist, host of her podcast From Betrayal to Breakthrough, and the author of Trust Again, The Unshakable Woman, and From Hardened to Healed. Her recent PhD study about how we experience betrayal made three groundbreaking discoveries that change how long it takes to heal, which is amazing. She's also an award-winning speaker and coach dedicated to helping people move past their betrayals.

In this episode, Debi shares the 5 Stages of Post Betrayal Syndrome, the symptoms we might experience before we heal from a betrayal, how to rebuild trust, and what it means if your partner or husband cheats again. Note that this work may pertain to you even if you haven't experienced betrayal with your husband -- you may feel like your parents' divorce was a betrayal or have a similar traumatic event in your past.

She said that either 1) the betrayal repeats or 2) the wall goes up in individuals who haven't used the betrayal to heal and transform. Dr. Debi also points out how someone can get stuck during the healing process, especially if they're commiserating on the betrayal with others rather than healing holistically.

Visit to learn how to work with Debi or to take her quizzes: Post Betrayal Syndrome or Healed or Hardened. You can also find her on Instagram at @debisilber

Oct 01, 202328:05
59: What Moms Really Want From Their Husbands
Sep 24, 202321:26
58: Prisoner From Birth: Exposing Scientology's Child Abuse with Survivor Katherine Spallino

58: Prisoner From Birth: Exposing Scientology's Child Abuse with Survivor Katherine Spallino

My guest today grew up in Scientology's Sea Org, a division of their cult that had her shoeless and separated from her family, doing hard labor for no pay by ten years old. Katherine Spallino's strong will and frustration with being punished for being human finally led her to escape Scientology's grip, despite having no one to help her and having to leave what she knew of her family behind.

We talk about her experience, what could drive a mother to abandon her child into the greedy arms of a cult, and how Danny Masterson's rape victims were written up--one example of a massive coverup of abuse and suppression of justice. My guest is the author of The Bad Cadet: Growing Up in the Church of Scientology's Sea Organization:

"At age six, Katherine Spallino is separated from her parents and sent to train for her future in the Church of Scientology’s clergy—the Sea Organization. Naively happy at first, she thinks it’s a fun adventure to live in a Scientology-owned dorm room in Los Angeles with thirteen other girls, rarely seeing her parents and never going to a normal school. She’s committed to her Scientology studies and her life’s purpose of clearing the planet.
Later, Katherine is sent to live at a secluded ranch with other young prospective Sea Org members, called cadets, where she studies Scientology and does manual labor—weeding fields, digging trenches, and working in the galley. The indoctrination escalates, and her family slips even farther into the background. But as she enters her teenage years, a host of new, more immediate concerns emerge—namely boys, popularity, fits of rebellion, and fantasies of what else life has to offer.
As the Sea Org beckons, the fundamental question intensifies—should she commit herself to the church, or reject everything she’s ever known for a chance at a different life?" I so admire Katherine's bravery and willingness to speak up against the continued abuse happening right in front of us.

Current scientologists looking to escape scientology can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, Text START to 88788 or visit They will help you get out and connect you to needed resources.

Sep 17, 202343:14
57: The Difference Between a Narcissist and Emotional Immaturity

57: The Difference Between a Narcissist and Emotional Immaturity

It's here! My book on boundaries, Brick House Boundaries, is finally published! You can get your copy today on Amazon or from your favorite place to get books and you can join us Monday, September 11th, when we kick off the Brick House Boundary Book Club! Go to to gain access.

In this episode, I talk about the difference between someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and someone who is emotionally immature. The term narcissist gets thrown around a lot, but the truth is that we all exist on the narcissist-empath spectrum and can be more of one or the other at any moment before we come into a middle, balanced place. The people being called a narcissist today are often just emotionally immature.

I also give you a few of the ways someone can violate the boundaries of others without even knowing it. There are several examples in the book and I can't wait for you to read it!

As always, you can learn more about working with me at and don't forget to go to to sign up for the Brick House Boundaries Book Club!

Sep 10, 202344:07
56: How Introverted Moms Are Energized Through Business Ownership

56: How Introverted Moms Are Energized Through Business Ownership

This episode is about building success as an introvert, whether that's through a career change or by starting a business. We talk about how to put yourself out there, making the leap, and even how to support introverted children.

Jenny Toh is founder and ICF credentialed, certified professional coach of River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. Her mission as a coach is to empower her clients, particularly introverts as I am an introvert myself, to embrace their introversion as a strength and to define success on their own terms.

She is also a trained and certified mentor coach. Her mission as a mentor coach is to support her fellow coaches to continually hone their coaching skills and competencies to a mastery level, leveraging on their unique strengths and styles.

You can find Jenny at

Sep 03, 202333:41
55: How to Explore Your Triggers

55: How to Explore Your Triggers

In this episode, I walk you through exactly how to explore your triggers, or uncomfortable feelings that don't match up to what you're experiencing.

If you've ever been upset or uncomfortable when everyone else was fine or even happy, this show is for you. Get your journal ready to take notes as we dive in and actually go through all three of the first steps of my Happily Ever After process.

As always, you can go to my website to learn more!

Aug 13, 202328:34
54: What to Do When He Constantly Complains About Sex, with guest Dr. Karin Calde

54: What to Do When He Constantly Complains About Sex, with guest Dr. Karin Calde

You NEED to listen to this conversation with Dr. Karin Calde if your husband is constantly pressuring you for sex, or you feel like he complains all the time about not getting enough sex from you, or if you're a man who feels like you have a dead bedroom and aren't sure how to fix it. My guest takes the mystery out of this barrier to peace in the home, sharing her expertise on creating true intimacy and desire.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Desire Discrepancy
  • 5 Gears of Touch and the importance of non-sexual touch
  • The sexual gas pedal and sexual brake pedal
  • Sex and masculinity -- what do beliefs about masculinity have to do with his desire?
  • Spontaneous desire vs. responsive desire
  • The importance of sexual "date nights" for marriage
  • "If it's not pleasurable, then it's probably not worth having."
  • Creating a rule book for "good sex"
  • How we center the man's experience

Dr. Karin Calde is a former therapist and current Internal Family Systems-informed relationship coach with an unquenchable thirst for all things love and self-growth. She helps couples in committed relationships create more intimacy and deepen their connection with one another.

You can find her at or listen to her podcast, Love Is Us: Exploring Relationships and How We Connect.


Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Men's Groups: EVRYMAN

Men's Coach: Man Talks and Men's Work by Connor Beaton

5 Gears of Touch: Sexual Awareness by Barry McCarthy

Pleasure: She Comes First by Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

And as always, you can find me at

Or join our Facebook Group, Soul Sages!

Aug 06, 202334:15
53: 5 Barriers to Empathy
Jul 23, 202333:25
52: How To Teach Our Kids Basic Human Skills

52: How To Teach Our Kids Basic Human Skills

Do your kids know what to do when they're angry? Do you as a parent, wife, or teacher know how to respond when someone is upset?

In this episode, Generational Integrity Coaches Jenny Murtagh and Felicia Severhill reflect on their experiences as parents and teachers, discussing the importance of self-care and finding a balance between personal needs and caregiving responsibilities. They delve into the challenges they faced and the realizations they had along the way. The conversation focuses on the significance of prioritizing self-care as a parent and the impact it has on overall well-being and relationships, as well as modeling basic human skills like emotional intelligence and empathy.

The discussion begins with my guests sharing why they started The Parent Empowerment Movement, which stemmed from recognizing their own struggles in meeting their parental needs. They wanted to share their insights and strategies with other parents, especially during the pandemic when families were confined to their homes. Drawing from their teaching experience, they discuss practical techniques that can make parenting more enjoyable and beneficial for both parents and children.

As the conversation progresses, they highlight the tendency for parents, particularly mothers, to prioritize their children's needs above their own. They stress the importance of self-care, emphasizing that parents cannot fully be there for their children if they neglect their own well-being. The hosts share personal anecdotes and reflect on their own journeys of learning to prioritize self-care.

The hosts then explore the similarities and differences between being a teacher and a parent when it comes to self-care. They acknowledge that while teachers may put up a facade of being fine, neglecting self-care eventually takes a toll on their overall well-being. They discuss the impact it has on relationships and interactions with students, colleagues, and family members.

They conclude by emphasizing the transformative power of self-care in personal growth and improved relationships. Taking care of oneself extends to positively influencing the care provided to others. They express how self-care allows them to show up better as parents, partners, and educators.

Tune in to this enlightening episode as Jenny and Felicia candidly share their experiences, provide valuable insights, and offer practical tips for incorporating self-care into the parenting journey.

You can find Jenny and Felicia at or on social media @theparentempowermentmovement

As always, you can find me at

Jul 16, 202337:49
51: Why You Don't Protect Your Boundaries

51: Why You Don't Protect Your Boundaries

In this episode, recorded as I'm coming to the end of writing my book on boundaries (which I can't wait to share with you!) we explore just a few of the reasons why you may not protect your boundaries. We focus on how being the good girl and taking care of everyone gets in the way of knowing our worth and protecting ourselves.

I also rant a bit about how we end up coddling our boys and what happens as a result.

As always, to learn more, please visit or join our Facebook Group, Soul Sages. See you there!

Jul 09, 202332:11
50: How To Quit An Abuser with guest Sandy Johnston

50: How To Quit An Abuser with guest Sandy Johnston

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Hours: 24/7. Languages: English, Spanish and 200+ through interpretation service


or Text START to 88788

In this episode of The Authentic Wife Show, guest Sandy Johnston shares what she experienced in multiple abusive relationships, the early warning signs she ignored, and what makes it hard to leave. We talk about:

  • How having a child and quitting her job impacted her well-being
  • The problem with marriage counseling
  • Early warning signs she ignored, like stalking
  • How learned helplessness had her convinced that she was truly disempowered
  • The role financial abuse plays in prolonging abusive relationships

Sandy Johnston is a survivor of domestic abuse that became life-threatening for herself and for her children.

As someone who had no choice but to flee, change her name and live in hiding with her three children all in the name of trying to stay safe from one drug affected abusive person who had lost the plot, Sandy is no stranger to letting go of her old life and having to reinvent herself starting from absolute scratch.
Since that fateful day in 2013 when she came home with her children to a house that was set with a cocktail of gas and flame to spark an explosion to do away with her and the children, Sandy was on that day confronted with the stark reality that she was no longer safe to go on living anywhere where he ex-partner knew of. Up until that point she had tried to keep him at a safe distance to no avail. Her attempts to manage an unmanageable situation were clearly not enough.
At that point Sandy knew that she had no choice but to put the safety of herself and her children as the top priority and do whatever she could to escape.
Almost nine years on Sandy's resolve to do everything in her power to break away has paid off.
She is the founder of The Key to Be Free Transformation Services and she is the host of the Tiaras Tears and Triumphs podcast.
She supports women struggling with the pain, damage, and complexities caused by abusive relationships with various services that enable them to recover, renew and rebuild on the other side so that they can feel whole, secure, and confident with or without a partner. She helps them heal their heart, head, and hip pocket to give them the confidence to find the key to close the door on fearfulness and open the door to new opportunities that align with their values, dreams, and desires.
Sandy speaks up about domestic abuse and she is on a mission to help women put their safety first by taking the steps to break free from abusive relationships by getting the right support. You can visit Sandy at her website:

Jul 02, 202339:09
49: How ADHD Makes Marriage Hard
Jun 25, 202331:01
48: Invest In The Kids: Applying Business Principles for Family Success

48: Invest In The Kids: Applying Business Principles for Family Success

In this captivating episode, we explore the transformative concept of investing in various aspects of life and how they synergize to create a fulfilling existence. Our guest shares insights on the dynamics of family relationships and the critical role of partnership in achieving success and happiness. Discover the concept of alchemy and how combining resources can lead to exponential growth in wealth, relationships, and personal development.

Key Discussion Points:

Balancing financial investments with investments in relationships and childrenThe concept of alchemy: combining resources for a richer and more fulfilling lifeThe flywheel effect: How investing in multiple areas reinforces and strengthens overall growthThe value of social connections and networking in personal and professional successOvercoming challenges in finding a good partner and building a strong partnershipThe significance of having a shared mission and purpose within a relationshipBreaking free from rigid roles and embracing flexibility to meet the needs of both partnersUnderstanding the importance of defining a purpose beyond financial success

Join us in this enlightening conversation as we explore the transformative power of investing in money, relationships, and family. Discover how embracing partnership and finding a shared purpose can unlock a world of possibilities and lead to a life of abundance and fulfillment. Learn how understanding each other's why can help navigate divergent paths, and learn practical strategies for resolving conflicting priorities. From travel preferences to financial responsibilities, we explore the holistic approach that leads to a richer and more fulfilling family life. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on fostering communication, reinforcing values, and achieving true wealth in all aspects of life.

My guest is Aaron Shelley. Aaron has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. He has worked with small businesses and startups where he developed a unique systems perspective on business and family. His work in the academic and business worlds led him to understand how related our families and business dynamics are.

He and his wife have run the largest Irish Dance school in Utah for over 20 years. He has built multiple companies, consulted across multiple industries and helped raise $54 million as the COO of a technology company. He lives in Utah with his wife and four children.

Check out his book, The Family Flywheel, at ⁠⁠. You'll get help assessing your family business model (Strategy, Structure, and Culture) and your resources (Financial, Social, and Human). It also gives you a list of investment ideas for each resource type!

Jun 18, 202342:25
47: Signs Your Husband May Have ADHD
Jun 11, 202330:16
46: Get Booked - How Storytelling Engages Children and Audiences with guest Dr. Danny Brassell

46: Get Booked - How Storytelling Engages Children and Audiences with guest Dr. Danny Brassell

Today's episode is with TedX speaker, author, and former inner-city teacher, Dr. Danny Brassell. While Danny gives us some fantastic tips for helping children learn to read, he also has some great ideas for organizing your own library of notes and utilizing storytelling to spread your mission by becoming an engaging speaker.

I wrote down 10 tips from this interview and think you'll find as much value in it as I did!

My guest is a highly-sought after speaker, trainer and coach known as “Jim Carrey with a Ph.D.,” Dr. Danny Brassell has spoken to over 3,500 audiences worldwide and authored 16 books, including his latest, Leadership Begins with Motivation. He helps parents transform their struggling and reluctant readers into more passionate and proficient readers. And he shows business owners, entrepreneurs and executives how to increase their income, freedom and impact by creating engaging presentations. Visit to download a complimentary e-copy of Danny's book "Read, Lead & Succeed," which provides inspirational quotes & stories and adult- and children's-level book recommendations. He'll also provide access to a "5-day reading challenge" digital training for parents interested in helping their children read more, read better and love reading. As always, to learn more about creating the marriage you want without leaving the one you're in, please visit

Jun 04, 202333:31
45: Why Creating Marriage Health is Good Parenting
May 28, 202329:55
44: Surrendering to Healing with guest Roxanne Chaput
May 21, 202335:16
43: Feeling Unappreciated: What it Means on Mother's Day and Beyond

43: Feeling Unappreciated: What it Means on Mother's Day and Beyond

It seems easy to feel unappreciated in a relationship, and that sense can be heightened on a day like Mother's Day. Why isn't your husband/wife showing you the love today and every day? And what would it change for you if they did?

In this episode, we explore what you're really longing for and how you can get it, even if your husband/wife seems clueless about showing you appreciation.

To learn more, visit

May 14, 202328:34
42: How to Make Travel Fun as a Family with guest Dawn Barclay

42: How to Make Travel Fun as a Family with guest Dawn Barclay

May 07, 202327:51
41: How to Listen to Your Husband Without Getting Pulled Into His Drama
Apr 30, 202332:33
40: What Men In Failing Marriages Need To Know
Mar 19, 202327:27
39: Women Without Boundaries with guest Ash Pariseau
Mar 12, 202330:35
38: What Is Love
Feb 26, 202331:38
37: Marry The Authentic You with Dr. Michelle Hannah

37: Marry The Authentic You with Dr. Michelle Hannah

My guest is just as passionate about divorcing the fake you and marrying the authentic you as I am! Dr. Michelle Hannah is a life coach and the author of The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey and The Vows: A workbook for marriage success and understanding yourself. She's the creator of the 4B's program, helping women understand and manage whatever life throws at them so they can thrive.

In this episode, we talked about her 4B's, which are: 





We also talked about the Self Vows and how they enhance all relationships. 

You can find her at

Feb 19, 202332:16
36: What You Can Do If Your Husband Isn't On Board With Getting Relationship Help
Feb 05, 202329:46
35: Helping Kids Manage Their Big Emotions
Jan 29, 202329:46
34: The Journey of a Conscious Mom

34: The Journey of a Conscious Mom

Where have you been, and where are you going? I've been a conscious parent nearly since my kids were born. Now that they're almost 9 and 7, how is conscious parenting working? Find out in this episode where I talk about my own journey, how it saved my marriage, and what I hope for our future.

"Can I be in a place of love no matter who I'm with? Can I be fully regulated no matter what's going on? Am I able to stay present and on my breath even when the situation is new or a little bit scary? Can I meet people who I completely disagree with from a place of love and, and have those good boundaries to know that it doesn't impact either of us to have a disagreement?"

Jan 22, 202337:14
33: Finding Flow For Financial Success
Jan 15, 202334:46
32: What To Do When You Resent Your Husband

32: What To Do When You Resent Your Husband

In episode 32 of The Authentic Wife Show, I teach you exactly why you feel resentment toward your husband, what you can do about it, and how you can prevent it from happening again.

To read the transcript, access the resources mentioned in the show, or to learn how to work with me, please visit this show's page: 

Jan 08, 202332:09
31: Critical Thinking in Early Education with Barbara Ann Mojica

31: Critical Thinking in Early Education with Barbara Ann Mojica

Is critical thinking part of your curriculum? As parents and educators, we're tasked with teaching our kids the most important skills they'll need to be successful in life. Perhaps at the top of that list should be critical thinking skills, or the ability to assess multiple sources of information, ask good questions, and analyze all of that data before forming a judgment.

In episode 31 of The Authentic Wife Show, author, historian, and educator Barbara Ann Mojica shares her perspective as a former teacher, special educator, principal, and school district administrator. We talk about how critical thinking skills are missing in today's learning environment as teachers are forced to teach to the test, how history could help us develop those skills, and how her Little Miss History series of books can help parents bring the past to life for their kids.

You can find the resources mentioned at the show's page here:

Jan 01, 202334:19
30: A Tale of Two Christmases for Children of Divorce

30: A Tale of Two Christmases for Children of Divorce

Merry Christmas! In this podcast episode, I recount some of my favorite Christmas memories and how sharply that all changed after my parents divorced. Please don't miss the special announcement at the end!

You can watch this episode or access the resources mentioned at its page:

Dec 25, 202222:09
29: How To Stop Letting a Narcissistic Husband Make You Feel Crazy
Dec 18, 202225:06
28: How Your Unhappy Marriage Holds You Back
Dec 11, 202225:15
27: The Secret To Manifesting Abundance with Victoria Rader

27: The Secret To Manifesting Abundance with Victoria Rader

If you've been trying to attract and manifest abundance in your life, this show is for you!

In episode 27 of The Authentic Wife Show, you'll learn the secrets to manifesting abundance in your life, especially financial abundance, with my guest Victoria Rader. Victoria is a Possibility Coach, Author, Transformational Speaker, and the founder of Yu2Shine. She has a fantastic way of describing how we become more authentic and why energy matters so much.

To read the transcript, watch this episode on YouTube, or access the resources mentioned in the show, please visit its page:

Dec 04, 202233:16
26: How to Help Husband With Depression

26: How to Help Husband With Depression

In episode 26 of The Authentic Wife Show, you'll learn how to help your husband with depression, and what he can do to begin to shift out of it. I talk about what causes it, what to say, and how to avoid losing your own joy while he's in it.

To access the transcript or resources mentioned in this show, visit its page:

If you're ready to create the marriage you and your kids deserve, get started by clicking here

Nov 27, 202224:48
25: Awakening The Masculine in Your Man with Andre Paradis
Nov 20, 202256:00
24: What Does Inauthenticity (Fear) Look Like in a Relationship?
Nov 13, 202232:25
23: Embodying Your Growth with Michelle Grosser

23: Embodying Your Growth with Michelle Grosser

Embodying your growth means that you've healed and shifted at a cellular level, that you don't just know something cognitively, but that you can actually BE that person in your body.

In episode 23 of The Authentic Wife Show, you'll learn ways to heal through your body so you can truly become everything you've learned by moving from your head to your heart. My guest is Michelle Grosser, a motherhood coach, litigator, and host of The Motherhood Podcast. She and I discuss healing through somatic experiencing. sitting in joy, and what she calls the five different personality patterns.

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Michelle Grosser is a motherhood coach and host of The Motherhood Podcast. Michelle spent the better part of the last decade in the courtroom as a trial attorney, and from the outside looking in, she had it all together. But in reality, she was exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out. So, she flipped the script, became certified as a Master Coach, and is now on a mission to help other women redefine motherhood. She deeply believes that the most profound thing we can offer our children is our own healing. Through somatic and neuroscience-based modalities, she coaches women through discovering what’s beneath their triggers and emotions, so they can begin their healing journey and find peace in the present. She and her husband Jeff have two daughters and live in Miami, FL.

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20: How to Get Support to Achieve Your Dream

20: How to Get Support to Achieve Your Dream

Wondering how you'll ever get support to achieve your dream? Maybe you hate your job but the pressure to provide for your family is just too much. Or maybe you're already willing to take the risk to start the business, but your husband is totally stuck in scarcity and lack, afraid to put any resources into your well-thought-out idea.

In episode 20 of The Authentic Wife Show, you'll learn how to get confirmation to take that leap from what society told you to do to what your soul is telling you to do, how to grow a truly supportive support team, and how to figure out what your dream even is.

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I'm excited to be welcoming my first guest ever to The Authentic Wife Show and I think you'll find her as inspiring as I did. She's a former hospital COO who chased happiness up the ladder until she realized living an inauthentic life would never make her happy no matter her title or how much money she made. Now a coach, consultant, and author, she is here to help others listen to their heart and pursue their dreams, from astronaut to athlete. If your dream is a long-buried seed or squashed bud, she's here to help you replant it, nurture it, and bring it to full bloom. Please welcome Dream Pollinator and New Yorker Debby Kruszewski to the show.  

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19: The Surprising Power of Self-Regulation

19: The Surprising Power of Self-Regulation

When a marriage is struggling, it's common to think that there are only two options: stay miserable or divorce. In this episode, I share why self-regulation is the third option which is relationship-changing, and why it matters that we develop this skill.

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Oct 09, 202215:26