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Becoming Enough: A Self-Worth Podcast.

Becoming Enough: A Self-Worth Podcast.

By BetiGrewUp

Becoming Enough is a self-worth podcast that focuses on your journey to feeling good enough. This podcast is for those who identify as the black sheep of their family, for South-Asian women and femmes, and for anyone who is working on knowing, believing, and upholding their worth. Through both solo and guest episodes, you'll explore how the roots of self-worth begin in childhood and inform our decisions and actions for the rest of our lives. Self-worth is freedom. Healing your worthiness wounds is possible - so if you're ready to take your power back, this podcast is for you.
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The Truth Behind Coaching: Boundaries, Transparency, and Comparison (Season 2 Finale)

Becoming Enough: A Self-Worth Podcast.Jun 07, 2023

The Truth Behind Coaching: Boundaries, Transparency, and Comparison (Season 2 Finale)

The Truth Behind Coaching: Boundaries, Transparency, and Comparison (Season 2 Finale)

**Reminder** My coaching calendar is closing on June 15th! If you'd like to book a session with me, please do so before then!

Have you ever attended a free workshop, only to discover it was just a sales pitch in disguise? Or worse, signed up for an expensive coaching program with high expectations, but ended up feeling disappointed? I've been there, and in this season finale, I'm opening up about my frustrations with the coaching industry and the need for honesty and transparency.

Navigating the spiritual coaching industry can be tricky, both as a practitioner and a client. In this episode, I share my experiences of feeling taken advantage of and discuss how to approach this industry with respect and trust. We also delve into the importance of managing expectations, trusting yourself, and not putting too much pressure on others in the spiritual community.

In this episode, I discuss all of the red flags I find in the coaching industry, including:

  • exploiting clients' insecurities as a marketing tactic,
  • creating urgency around healing just for a program launch,
  • facing self-doubt because I didn't have "10k months in 1 year" (if you know, you know),
  • pivoting coaching ideologies to what is currently trending,
  • clients demanding spiritual practices for free,
  • and of course, white womxn repackaging sacred, cultural wisdom for high-ticket offerings.

There's so much to unpack in the coaching industry, especially as it continues to grow more saturated (and maybe in some cases, more diluted?)

Thank you for joining me for another episode, and be sure to check out my links below so we can stay in touch until Season 3!


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Jun 07, 202348:30
Being Enough: Fear, Control, & Walking Away From Coaching
May 15, 202359:43
The 'Good Enough' Relationship
Apr 09, 202333:54
How to Pull Yourself Out of a Comparison Spiral
Mar 07, 202325:47
Living (and Thriving) with CPTSD
Feb 13, 202358:44
Fear, Finances, & Freedom: My Journey Moving Out As A South-Asian Femme
Jan 23, 202353:53
Navigating Blindian Relationships w/ Tanya Mitra @tanyamitracoaching

Navigating Blindian Relationships w/ Tanya Mitra @tanyamitracoaching

Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to a new episode with guest Tanya Mitra.

Tanya is a Conscious Change Coach who works with womxn of color and womxn of immigrant descent to own their truth and consciously create significant life changes.

Today, Tanya joins me to discuss the impact of Blindian (Black + Indian/South-Asian) relationships on the couple and their surrounding community. Tanya's life experience and knowledge of the coaching industry inspired her to create Blindian Bliss.

Blindian Bliss is a group coaching program that helps South-Asian womxn in relationships with Black partners to navigate objections from their families so they can stop living in secrecy and shame, and start celebrating their authentic truth.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Tanya's life experience in Blindian relationships
  • How navigating objections and setting boundaries can look completely different in South-Asian families,
  • Why it's essential to continue to pursue your authentic truth even when it's met with objections from your family, and
  • The role Blindian relationships can play in healing your self-worth.

Learn more about Tanya and Blindian Bliss here:

Learn more about Roshni and BetiGrewUp here:

Jan 02, 202301:10:24
Shift Your Mindset - A How-To Guide (+ Companion Workbook!)
Dec 12, 202252:05
Human Design for Black Sheep w/ Anna @annawithintention
Nov 22, 202201:12:32
The 6 Worst Fears I've Encountered On My Self-Worth Journey
Oct 31, 202201:06:20
Seeking Validation in Decision-Making + A Big Announcement
Jul 15, 202241:36
Self-Worth & Communication In Relationships
May 26, 202259:10
Tarot Reading for Black Sheep on Mother's Day
May 08, 202252:59
Self-Worth & The Black Sheep Experience
Apr 30, 202201:06:29
On Getting Self-Worth From The Roles You Provide Others
Apr 07, 202215:38
On Advocating For Yourself
Apr 06, 202211:51
How My Nani's Story Inspired Not Your Beti
Apr 06, 202212:09
Being Nice Is My Worst Nightmare
Apr 06, 202209:35
Deepti, Shake, & South-Asian Relationships w/ Roshni @followtheroshni

Deepti, Shake, & South-Asian Relationships w/ Roshni @followtheroshni

Roshni @followtheroshni and I had a conversation about Deepti and Shake's relationship from Love Is Blind. We questioned what we learned about relationships growing up, whether brown womxn are taught to sacrifice themselves for love, and if love is a priority in South-Asian culture.

We also talked about our journies with self-trust, how we learned to trust our intuition even when it goes against the grain in South-Asian culture, and how to balance our sense of self-trust while dating and in relationships.

Donation-Based Workshop on Wednesday, March 30th:

Not Your Beti:

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BetiGrewUp on Instagram:

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Mar 28, 202201:22:15
Liberating Ourselves As South-Asian Womxn

Liberating Ourselves As South-Asian Womxn


Not Your Beti:

Feb 27, 202242:29
Developing Self-Trust & Following A Non-Traditional Path As A South-Asian Woman w/ Kirti P @kirtiiip

Developing Self-Trust & Following A Non-Traditional Path As A South-Asian Woman w/ Kirti P @kirtiiip

This week I'm joined by Kirti, @kirtiiip, a former client and student in Not Your Beti, my online course on self-trust for South-Asian women and femmes!

Kirti was living the American Dream - working in the finance sector with a secure job in New York City. This year she followed her intuition, left the world of security behind, and moved home to India to pursue a career as a brain-based life coach!

I'm so excited for you to hear Kirti's story. We chatted about:

  • shame and judgment around being a life coach
  • how life coaching completely changed both of our lives
  • shedding the "nice girl" identity so many South-Asian womxn are forced to uphold
  • how it felt going through a spiritual awakening and meeting our spirit guides



Roshni's Instagram:

Roshni's TikTok:

Feb 09, 202201:07:48
2021 Lessons: Playing Big, Embracing Fluidity, Boundaries with Family, & Dancing with my Inner Teen

2021 Lessons: Playing Big, Embracing Fluidity, Boundaries with Family, & Dancing with my Inner Teen

Welcome to another episode! This week I'm recapping lessons I've learned in 2021, so grab a cup of your coziest drink and let's reflect 🥰 2021 taught me how to: stop playing small & begging for my dreams embrace the fluidity in my personality, habits, and beliefs set boundaries with my family relish in my inner rebellious teenager revamp my money mindset become a conduit for abundance recognize and start unpacking my religious trauma  celebrate my nonbinary identity I hope you enjoy the episode! Find all the links I mentioned below: Not Your Beti Waitlist (Self-Trust Course for South-Asian Womxn & Femmes): I'm Not Asking Application: Single-Session Self-Worth Coaching: Single-Session Tarot Reading: Empowering Embodiment Meditation: BetiGrewUp on Instagram: BetiGrewUp on TikTok: Living Open Podcast:
Jan 21, 202201:08:20
Exploring Shame, Pleasure, & Self-Trust w/ Neelam Patel @dancewithneelam
Jan 03, 202201:07:53
Opening Up: Gender Identity, Rejection, Self-Sabotage, & Growth Admist Loss
Dec 12, 202137:55
Self-Worth & Generational Healing w/ Natasha Khawja @PurposeandChai
Nov 07, 202101:01:40
Seeking Permission: Self-Worth & Your Empowered Self

Seeking Permission: Self-Worth & Your Empowered Self

Welcome to a new episode! This week I'm diving into what it means to live your life seeking permission, and how that's different from living life as your empowered self. I shared: what 'seeking permission' means in day-to-day life, why comparison and denial keep you in a state of seeking validation, how repeatedly reacting to situations instead of making conscious choices reflects low self-worth, and the most empowered decision I've made in my life and how it impacted me. Links Learn more about I'm Not Asking, my three-month coaching program, and fill out the application here: Follow me on Instagram & Tik-Tok: @BetiGrewUp Website:
Sep 27, 202147:32
Faith over Fear: Self-Worth & Finances
Sep 18, 202151:30
4 Signs You Struggle with Low Self-Worth

4 Signs You Struggle with Low Self-Worth

Welcome to another solo episode! Today I'm sharing 4 signs you struggle with self-worth so you can recognize how self-worth impacts your life. I explained why low self-worth contributes to feeling guilty for choosing yourself, people-pleasing (and resenting others as a result), burying yourself in your work, being indecisive, and struggling to trust your inner voice. Trigger Warning: There is a general discussion of toxic families/narcissistic parents in this episode. If you'd like to skip these sections, please skip past these timestamps: 9:55 - 15:30 and 40:40 - 42:40  Learn More & Apply to I'm Not Asking (!!): Find me on Instagram & Tik-Tok: @BetiGrewup
Sep 05, 202156:57
Exhausted to Liberated: Self-Worth & Burnout w/ Mona Eshaiker (@monalmft)

Exhausted to Liberated: Self-Worth & Burnout w/ Mona Eshaiker (@monalmft)

We're ALL feeling different levels of burnout - from work exhaustion to feeling overwhelmed by the news, climate change, and political crises, it's been a rough few months. This week I brought on licensed therapist and burnout coach, Mona Eshaiker (she/her), who specializes in burnout recovery for LGBTQIA+ and professionals of color. She gave us incredible advice on: how to set effective boundaries with your boss, and what that looks like, how burnout affects BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks the most, how to detect signs of physical and emotional burnout (which looks different for everyone), & how self-worth plays a massive role in creating and preventing burnout. This episode is SO impactful and it's honestly one of my favorites! Follow / Work with Mona: @MonaLMFT on Instagram Links from Episode: I'm Not Asking Coaching Program: Download the free fear-setting exercise: All Other Links: Website: Work With Me: Send a Voicenote Into the Podcast: Send Message Support the Podcast: Support Follow my Instagram: @BetiGrewUp TikTok: @BetiGrewUp Free Confidence & Empowerment Meditation: Download Meditation
Aug 28, 202101:20:49
BIPOC Cut Off Family too, Manifesting isn't just for White Girls, & Expecting Life to be Messy
Aug 08, 202158:25
How to Heal Your Inner Child w/ Nandhini @Maya_Collective

How to Heal Your Inner Child w/ Nandhini @Maya_Collective

Welcome back to a new episode!
In this episode, I'm interviewing Nandhini (she/her/hers) @maya_collective, a coach, breathwork facilitator, akashic records reader, and one of my very dear friends, on the topic of inner child healing!
In our conversation, we break down

what inner child healing really is and how to know if you need it
what methods of inner child healing we both use and how it's helped us
why healing can actually be fun and doesn't need to be all serious all the time
how to make inner child healing low-cost and accessible even if you live with others

I hope that this episode inspires you to start thinking differently about healing!
Follow Nandhini @maya_collective and learn more about her services here.
Follow podcast host Roshni @BetiGrewUp
Email me a screenshot of your podcast review to claim 10% off any single session service!
Book a self-worth coaching session, tarot reading, or sign up for my three-month self-worth coaching package here!
Jul 10, 202154:25
What if you could change your identity?

What if you could change your identity?

Welcome to the first minisode of the 'Is It Worth It?' podcast! Register for the FREE workshop on Self-Worth, Identity, & Limiting Beliefs here (: I hope that you enjoyed this shorter episode, and I can't *wait* to see you in the workshop! (Remember, even if you can't make it live, make sure you register because I'll be sending out the full recording to everyone who signed up!) Xoxo, Roshni Instagram @BetiGrewUp Website
Jun 22, 202110:31
Break-Ups & Boundaries: Healing Self-Worth After A Relationship
May 30, 202101:01:55
Self-Worth & Body Image with Abha @_HealthHasNoFinishline
Apr 30, 202152:31
Resisting Rest: Self-Worth & Productivity

Resisting Rest: Self-Worth & Productivity

This week I’m talking about self-worth and productivity. I explore:

using productivity as an external measurement of your worth,
the relationship between people pleasing and the need to be productive,
how our expectations and timelines can actually set us back, and
navigating productivity when it comes to grief.

Click here if you're interested in learning more about my three-month one-on-one coaching package, the I'm Not Asking Bundle.
Click here if you want to sign up for a one-on-one tarot reading and self-worth coaching combination session!
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Mar 25, 202154:25
Self-Trust and Creativity with Neelam Patel

Self-Trust and Creativity with Neelam Patel

In this episode, I'm interviewing Neelam Patel (she/her), an artist based in Washington D.C. 

Neelam (@dancewithneelam on Instagram) is a poet, performer, actress, playwright, and dancer, and we take a deep dive into her creative process, how she balances self-trust in her work, and how breaking free from expectations in South-Asian society has helped her step into her purpose without making massive sacrifices.

Neelam is also a student in Not Your Beti, my online course on self-trust and decision-making for South-Asian womxn. The doors are currently closed, but you can fill out a waitlist here to get informed when the doors re-open!

I hope you enjoy the episode!


Sign up for a 1:1 Tarot + Self-Worth Coaching Session

Sign up for a 1:1 Self-Worth Coaching Session

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Feb 05, 202151:32
Self-Doubt, Self-Policing, & Your Inner Critic: Unpacking Self-Trust
Jan 25, 202151:43
Becoming Enough: Lessons I Learned in 2020
Jan 02, 202149:34
The Fear of Opening Up: Self-Worth & Vulnerability
Dec 22, 202040:02
Inside a 1:1 Client Call: Career Changes, Communication Struggles, & Relationship Decisions
Nov 05, 202001:19:03
Reclaiming Control: Self-Worth and the American Dream with Amy McMillen @amymcmai

Reclaiming Control: Self-Worth and the American Dream with Amy McMillen @amymcmai

Watch the video podcast here:

Thank you for joining me on another episode! Today I interviewed Amy McMillen, author of "Reclaiming Control: Looking Inward to Recalibrate Your Life." Amy left her high-paying corporate 9-5 job in NYC to pursue living life on her own terms. 

In her book, she writes about her decision to leave this position, her process of unlearning toxic beliefs about productivity, and reconstructing life on her own terms. In this episode, we talked about hustle culture, the internalized pressure we feel as immigrants to perform and succeed, how to begin to open up the possibilities of your own life, and so much more. 

If you've been feeling trapped in your day-to-day existence or feel like your circumstances are forcing you into a life you hate, this episode is for you!


Order Amy's book here:

Sign up for Amy's newsletter, Dig Well, here: 

Follow Amy on Instagram on Twitter @amymcmai


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Oct 17, 202054:44
Asleep to Aware: Self-Worth and Limiting Beliefs w/ Jack Mccloskey
Sep 19, 202058:48
Divided to Decided: Self-Worth and Commitment with Nausheen @theselfworthedit
Sep 09, 202001:05:16
Loathing to Loving: Self-Worth and Internalized Racism

Loathing to Loving: Self-Worth and Internalized Racism

In this episode, I share what internalized racism is, how it affects your self-worth, and what we can do as BIPOC to actively and intentionally dismantle our internalized racism. 

Find the prompts I mentioned in the video below:

1. What stories do I tell myself about my worth?

2. What stories do I tell myself, about myself, that diminish my worth?

3. How have I conformed (or tried to conform) to

a) whiteness?

b) capitalism?

c) heteronormativity?

d) the patriarchy?

e) the gender binary?

4. List affirmations about your inherent worth below:


Join my exclusive email list, access my resources and services, and find free content here:

Learn more about my story and enroll in self-worth coaching here:

Happy Healing!

Xoxo, Roshni 


Aug 05, 202041:54
Tarot as a Tool for Activism & Ancestral Guidance w/ Samara Kasai @kasaithrive
Jul 11, 202001:10:29
How to Bounce Back in Dating & Your Career: Self-Worth and Rejection
May 21, 202028:09
From Party Girl to Personal Growth Coach: Self-Worth and Identity
May 06, 202037:55
Desperate to Confident: Self-Worth in Relationships
Apr 22, 202038:41
Processing Grief: Healing During COVID-19

Processing Grief: Healing During COVID-19

Click here for more free content, to connect with me on social media, & to see if Self-Worth Life Coaching is for you:
Apr 05, 202028:17
Peace Amidst Panic: Healing During COVID-19

Peace Amidst Panic: Healing During COVID-19

Thank you for listening!Get the Chill Out Downloadable PDFVisit my website, YouTube channel, & other free resourcesHappy healing everyone!
Mar 25, 202022:12