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The Bewitching Hour

The Bewitching Hour

By Big City Bohemian

Welcome to The Bewitching Hour! This podcast will explore the mystical, magical, and sometimes tactical ways to find peace of mind in your daily grind. In the episodes, we will hear from a multitude of different healers, spiritual practitioners, scientists, and beyond to understand the different modalities for healing the body and mind. Is there a healing modality or specialty you want to learn more about? Let us know by visiting @BewitchingHourPodcast on instagram and leaving a comment or DM. Of course, don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a new episode!
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Anxiety Coaching ft. Amanda Huggins

The Bewitching HourOct 20, 2020

Intuitive Coaching ft. Lindsay Shroeder
Jan 19, 202145:32
The Practice of Meditation ft. Daniel Torockio

The Practice of Meditation ft. Daniel Torockio

Daniel Torockio is a meditation teacher in New York City.  During the workday, Daniel is an Accounting & Finance Manager at Spotify where he also serves as a Mental Health Ambassador teaching monthly meditation courses to employees and programming mental health initiatives.  At the beginning of 2019, Daniel and his partner Emily formed their company Two Rocks Learning with the goal of encouraging lifelong learning and self-inquiry.  Meditation and movement practices are at the core of their offerings. Get started with your meditation practice:
Dec 01, 202050:05
Naturopathy, Thermography, and Iridology ft. Taylor Pardue
Nov 24, 202049:18
Meditation & Spiritual Development for Young People ft. Veronica Moya
Nov 17, 202053:50
Energy Healing LIVE Session ft. Madison Weber!
Nov 10, 202050:37
Loving Your Own Soul ft. Britt Olson

Loving Your Own Soul ft. Britt Olson

On today's episode, Alyssa interviews Britt Olson, host of the Loving Your Own Soul podcast and health coach at Ambu Wellness. Britt tells us all about her and her husband's health and wellness journey and how she got to where she is today. 

Get in touch with Britt:


Oct 27, 202058:52
Anxiety Coaching ft. Amanda Huggins
Oct 20, 202058:46
Season 1 Finale: SOLO Episode!
Sep 30, 202012:48
Holistic Life Coaching ft. Jillian Arena
Sep 23, 202047:10
Poetry & Spiritual Alchemy Ft. Kimia Madani

Poetry & Spiritual Alchemy Ft. Kimia Madani

Joining the Bewitching Hour today is Kimia Madani! Kimia is a writer, poetess, and editrix who believes in the power of storytelling as an incredible kind of magic. She is a seeker of transformation on both an individual and a global scale, using poetry, tarot, astrology, and ritual work as tools for growth and healing in these times of collective upheaval and awakening. P
urchase Kimia's poetry book, The Luminary.
Follow Kimia @strangemoonco
Sep 16, 202045:26
The Crystal Healing Manicure and High Vibrational Living ft. Mazz Hanna
Sep 09, 202046:55
Preventative Health & Cold-Pressed Ginger ft. Justine Monsul of Monfefo
Sep 02, 202039:02
Eco Friendly & Sustainable Candles with After Party Candle Co. ft. Becky Beck
Aug 26, 202043:23
Inner Wellness & Spiritual Healing ft. Maggie Gold
Aug 19, 202045:31
Animal Communication ft. Kristen Houser of Fauna Speak
Aug 12, 202001:02:28
Drink Ginjan: The African Ginger Elixir ft. Rahim & Mohammed Diallo
Aug 05, 202041:43
Intuitive Hypnotherapy ft. Isabelle Gray
Jul 29, 202045:57
Spiritual Healing & Art ft. Rachel from Crystal Embroidery Co.
Jul 21, 202046:23
Insights from a Yoga Teacher ft. Rina Vana

Insights from a Yoga Teacher ft. Rina Vana

On today's episode, Rina Vana joins the conversation to shed light on becoming a yoga instructor, her experience with health and wellness as the Executive Editor of V'Well Magazine, and the story behind Not Your Mom's Vintage Denim. Rina is a multi-disciplined artist based in New York and you can find out more about her below! 



Jul 14, 202046:46
Health & Wellness Coaching Ft. Christina Grace
Jul 07, 202055:29
Tarot Reading for the Bewitching Hour Community

Tarot Reading for the Bewitching Hour Community

As a thank you to the Bewitching Hour Community, I'm doing a collective card pull & reading for you guys! Tune in to hear what the guides have to tell us about what's next for the Bewitching Hour Community and our collective consciousness.

...ant to know how to get a FREE 3 card tarot reading from me? Listen to the episode and find out ;) 

Jul 02, 202017:16
Spiritual Purpose ft. Meaghan O'Herron
Jun 30, 202042:59
Mindfulness for Children ft. Maureen Andres
Jun 23, 202042:03
Healing Energetics ft. Madison Weber
Jun 16, 202047:26
The Bewitching Hour: Solo Episode
Jun 04, 202006:00
Welcome to The Bewitching Hour!

Welcome to The Bewitching Hour!

Welcome to the Bewitching Hour...
Have you ever wondered where to start when it comes to health and wellness? Do you feel called to explore your spirituality but worry it might be too woo woo? Are you finding that the accessibility to the tools you need to heal on a physical and mental level are out of reach? You’ve come to the right place. The podcast is an exploration of the mystical, magical and sometimes tactical ways to find peace of mind in your daily grind. I’ll be speaking with healers and practitioners of all kinds from all walks of life, with the goal of providing insight and access to all things witchy and wellness. I’m your host, Alyssa from Big City Bohemian. Now let’s get bewitched…
Jun 04, 202000:51