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4 Minutes with Bill

4 Minutes with Bill

By Bill Russell

Brief comments, tips and suggestions on living better, improving overall health and fitness, eating better, overcoming obstacles and becoming more successful in life.
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Rucking Basics - 4 Minutes with Bill Russell - Episode 6

4 Minutes with BillMar 20, 2020

Rucking Basics - 4 Minutes with Bill Russell - Episode 6
Mar 20, 202004:39
Add a Strength Day - 4 Minutes with Bill
Feb 24, 202004:21
Eating Healthy Fats - 4 Minutes with Bill - Episode 4

Eating Healthy Fats - 4 Minutes with Bill - Episode 4

Eating Healthy Fats - 4 Minutes with Bill - Episode 4

Hi. Welcome to another episode of 4 Minutes with Bill.  Today we’re going to talk about eating healthy fats as part of your regular diet. We may go a little over 4 minutes today, but I think it will be worth it.

About once a year I use MyFitnessPal to track my macronutrients, that is the mix of carbohydrates, fats and protein in the food and drink I consume. It always comes back pretty much the same, I eat a fairly high amount of dietary fat, typically 50% of my daily calories. Next is protein at about 30% and carbs at about 20%. Those carbs are mainly fruits and vegetables with some whole grains, and I avoid processed/refined sugar like it’s poison.

I don’t consider myself a low carb eater, and certainly not Keto. I have a high ‘healthy fat’ diet with lean protein and mostly non-processed carbs and virtually zero added sugar. I do drink alcohol, but only distilled spirits - rarely with any sugary mix. Eating this way allows me to keep my weight under control at all times, even through the holidays. I eat when I’m hungry, and I can do that because I keep my insulin levels under control. I attribute that to my ‘high healthy fat’ diet and NO added SUGAR.

So what are the healthy fats.  Let’s talk about what I eat;

I regularly eat our homemade mayonnaise made with locally farmed eggs and olive oil, typically 1-2 tablespoons a day mixed in my meals as a dipping sauce or salad dressing.

I have a link to a video/recipe on how we make it, you’ll find it in the comments section below, or you can Google Bill & Staci’s paleo mayonnaise and you’ll find it.

Find the mayonnaise video recipe here 
Bill & Staci’s Paleo Kitchen - Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise

I love avocados, they’re one of the fattiest fruits around. They are mostly monounsaturated fat and they also contain a decent amount of fiber and vitamins, particularly potassium.
Almonds and macadamia nuts are also regulars. Almonds are close to my ideal macro ratio, 60 fat, 20 carb, 20 protein. They are great for snacking, I’ll usually add a little added protein like beef jerky or grilled chicken, which we always seem to have around.
I cook primarily with coconut oil. I also put it in my coffee every morning. Odd as it may sound, sometimes I eat it right off a spoon. It’s a great source of energy. Your body can use it almost as fast as sugar, but without any insulin level spike. Recently I started intermittent fasting, or better labeled ’time-restricted eating”, where I go 12-14+ hours overnight without eating. I don’t consider adding coconut oil to my coffee to be breaking my type of fast, and it makes it much easier to go a couple additional hours before my first meal.

Eggs, fatty fish like salmon, and a little cheese are also on my list of favorites.
We’re careful to buy only locally farmed eggs and traceable sourced salmon, usually from Whole Foods.

Find the mayonnaise video recipe here Bill & Staci’s Paleo Kitchen - Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise

10 Super Healthy High Fat Foods.

Jan 30, 202006:04
How to get unstuck - 4 Minutes with Bill Russell, CrossFit Cleveland - Episode 3

How to get unstuck - 4 Minutes with Bill Russell, CrossFit Cleveland - Episode 3

Hi, welcome to another episode of 4 Minutes with Bill.  I’m Bill Russell, my wife Staci and I run CrossFit Cleveland in Rocky River, OH. Today I’m going to talk about how you can get yourself ‘unstuck’ and out of a rut of inactivity. We work primarily with people who have let themselves go over the years and now want to get back in better shape, lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  We know a little about that because we’ve done it ourselves, and we’ve helped hundreds of people do the same.  When someone tells me that they don’t know how to get started exercising, and that they are afraid to walk into to a gym, I tell them this.  Do 3 minutes of burpees every day for a week.  As many as you can do, in just three minutes.  Get yourself down on the floor, chest to deck, and get back up and stand tall.  Repeat for three minutes and count how many you can do.  Don’t worry about your form, it’s not going to be pretty right off the bat.  You won’t hurt yourself, ignore the critics who tell you otherwise. It might only be 5, maybe you get 10, it doesn’t matter, you started.  Do it again the next day, and simply try to beat your previous day’s number. Some days you will, some days you won’t. But by the end of the week, you’ll be feeling better about doing them. Now, do it for another week. You’ll start watching burpee video on Youtube and improving your movement. Before you know it, you’ll be knocking out 20 to 30 burpees.  Yes, you’ll be smoked, but you’ll feel great. Keep that up for a month and you’ll be ready to start a new routine at any gym in your area.    Now let’s say you have a day, and you will, that you just don’t want to do it.  Take it easy and just to a handful, maybe one every 30 seconds. Treat it like a rest or recovery day, but just do however many reps you can in three minutes.  Dr. Leo Marvin had it right.  Baby Steps.  Maybe you can already hammer out 40+ burpees in 3 minutes yourself.  Use this idea for someone else in your life who needs to find some trigger, some way to break out of their state of inertia.  It works, if done every day.  If you try this, send me a message every now and then and let me know how it is working for you.  Who knows, you might be ready to join CrossFit Cleveland in a few weeks and start off confident.  Don’t worry, we’ll help you keep it going.  Thanks listening, and until next time, happy burpees to you!

Dec 12, 201903:49
Beginner's Guide to Food Prep - Bill Russell, CrossFit Cleveland

Beginner's Guide to Food Prep - Bill Russell, CrossFit Cleveland

You can find the video on Years ago my wife Staci and I used the term "Stop Eating Crap - Eat Real Food" as our motto when it came to cleaning up your eating habits. Simply eliminating or cutting way back on added sugars, cheap vegetable oils and highly processed foods from your diet was our primary recommendation to start improving your nutrition. It helps to prepare your food in advance so that you have good food choices for all or most of yoru meals each week. Weekly food prep can be a daunting and time consuming task, but it's well worth it. In this video, I have a couple simple suggestions to get you started with a minimal amount of work, while keeping the cost as affordable as possible.  These suggestions are also good for those you are veteran food-preppers during weeks when they simply do not have enough time for their normal cooking routine. We take 3+ hours together every weekend to prepare healthy food in order to build meals both in advance and ‘on the fly’ for the entire week. That's too much for most people to start off with, so we recommend taking it in small steps. Start with cook and/or purchasing several healthy lean protein sources.  It's easier and less expensive to come up with side dish choices and add your prepared protein choice to each meal. Once you get in this habit, you can start to prepare a side dish or two each week, and slowly increasing until you are able to prepare everything you need for the week yourself. The attached PDF lists out an example of a typical week's worth of food that we prepare in advance.  Bill & Staci's Weekly Food Prep Example If you want to see how easy it is for me to pack a breakfast and lunch before I leave the house, watch this episode from Bill & Staci's Paleo Kitchen on why to prepare food in advance.
Nov 24, 201905:10
4 Minutes with Bill - Episode 1 - Don't Paint a Dirty Car

4 Minutes with Bill - Episode 1 - Don't Paint a Dirty Car

You can view the VidCast on YouTube

4 Minutes with Bill - Episode 1, with Bill Russell of CrossFit Cleveland in Rocky River, OH.  

A podcast / Vidcast with brief actionable tips on improving your overall health and fitness through proper exercise and better eating habits, with a daily focus on getting 7-9 hours of sleep.

I finally got my new Podcast/Vidcast, "4 Minutes with Bill", started this week after months of talking about it offline. I recorded a trailer episode on Monday and finally recorded Episode 1 today.

If you’re not a fan of podcasts that start out with 10-15 minutes of ‘Bro Talk’ and then spend most of their hour babbling about everything other than the subject they headlined, here’s my offering.

Short, concise tips to make you feel better, look better and work/play better. I expect a major bias towards ways to improve your eating habits, with health and fitness tips mixed in. I’ll throw in some small business start-up and operation topics as well.

Episode 2 will be about weekly food prep, with tips on how to get started preparing healthy meals in advance so that you always have good food choices. Stay tuned.

I promise I'll get better and not look and sound like such as dork on future episodes ;-)

Nov 22, 201902:46