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#OurBirkbeck: Conversations with Alumni

#OurBirkbeck: Conversations with Alumni

By Birkbeck Alumni

OurBirkbeck is an exciting year-long initiative to share and showcase the impact members of the Birkbeck community are having around the world.

In this podcast series you’ll hear from our alumni, students, staff and friends - whether they are making a difference in their community, bringing about change to their industry or shaping the lives of those around them - we celebrate their story.

To find out more about the OurBirkbeck initiative, please visit

Transcripts of the podcasts are available to read on the Birkbeck Alumni Blogs Website:
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Zey Kussan (BA History and Archaeology, 2016)

#OurBirkbeck: Conversations with AlumniAug 20, 2021

Zey Kussan (BA History and Archaeology, 2016)

Zey Kussan (BA History and Archaeology, 2016)

Zey Kussan, curator at the Museum of London and Birkbeck alumna, speaks to Helen Shaw of the Development and Alumni team about her varied career in archaeology, exhibitions and museums, and what she is now doing to support accessibility and inclusivity in the sector. 

Aug 20, 202123:05
Iain Drayton, Goldman Sachs

Iain Drayton, Goldman Sachs

Iain Drayton, Partner and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, speaks to Nic Katona, Director of Development and Alumni at Birkbeck, to discuss the partnership between Goldman Sachs and Birkbeck and to learn more about Iain, his educational journey and his motivation for supporting Birkbeck.

Jul 15, 202144:38
Luciana Berger (MSc Government, Policy and Politics 2005)

Luciana Berger (MSc Government, Policy and Politics 2005)

Luciana Berger, Managing Director of Advocacy and Public Affairs at Edeleman and former MP for Liverpool Wavertree, speaks to Andy Stirups about her career in politics, her transition into the private sector and what she thinks makes the Birkbeck community special. 

Jun 16, 202113:38
Alan Chan (Certificate in Higher Education Introductory Studies 2015)
May 12, 202131:01
Jus Singh (PhD Computer-based Drug Design)
May 12, 202123:03
Dr Harveen Chugh (MSc Bioinformatics 2002)
Apr 28, 202115:54
David Greene (MSc Politics)
Mar 22, 202136:17
Michelle Mitchell OBE (MSc Politics and Administration 1997)
Mar 18, 202122:48
Sean O'Curneen (MSc European Politics 2002)
Mar 09, 202141:42
Sir Andrew Cahn
Mar 09, 202125:59
Stuart Haw (MSc Sport Management, Governance and Policy 2017)
Jan 26, 202128:40
Arvinder Mudhar (MSc Career Coaching and Counselling 2015)
Jan 13, 202120:16
Joanna Elson (MSc Politics and Social Policy 1992)
Dec 03, 202030:39
Simon Meehan (MSc Sport Management and the Business of Football 2018)
Oct 19, 202031:08
Rick Payne (MSc Organizational Behaviour 2007) and Dr David Gamblin, Lecturer in Organizational Psychology
Sep 10, 202042:55
Dr Mark Blacklock (MA Modern and Contemporary Literature 2007 & PhD English 2013)
Sep 09, 202038:37
Thomas Wingate (MA Victorian Studies 2002)
Sep 01, 202026:43
Siobhan Andrews Kapoor (MA History of Art, 2009)
Jun 05, 202033:08
Prince Louis of Luxembourg (MA Psychosocial Studies, 2017)
May 28, 202025:19