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By Bitchopedia

“United in Trauma.”

A podcast at the intersection of spirituality and psychology.
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If My Dream Life Was a Snake, It Would’ve Bitten Me

BitchopediaNov 20, 2023

If My Dream Life Was a Snake, It Would’ve Bitten Me

If My Dream Life Was a Snake, It Would’ve Bitten Me

This week’s episode covers a wide range of emotions as I update you on the good and bad of what’s been going on with me lately—but the overall theme that I want you guys to take from this episode is that when we focus on the good, it carries us through the difficulties that we are facing. I want to give a little trigger warning here, because I do discuss some pretty heavy topics, but again—I want the focus to be on the idea that our dream life could be happening RIGHT NOW and if we don’t tune into it, we could miss it. I want to thank all of you guys for your continued support as I navigate this difficult time in my life. And I want to really emphasize that despite it being one of the hardest things I have ever gone through, I have also been overwhelmed by the beauty of my life. I have made the decision to ACTIVELY focus on the positive and the beauty, but also remind you that it’s okay if you are going through something right now that feels too heavy to see the bright side. Grief is such a roller coaster of emotions, and I have definitely had really dark days where it doesn’t feel like I have anything to be joyful about; but again I want to encourage you to find even the smallest flicker of joy and send all of your energy and awareness to that and allow yourself to be amazed by how your life will change. I am sending you all so much love and gratitude. Always remember that you are not alone, and I want to build a community of support & I know that starts with me. So please always feel free to reach out to be at or on any other platform:
Nov 20, 202353:09
Vulnerability: Binge or Cringe

Vulnerability: Binge or Cringe

Being vulnerable may seem like my strong suit—but this episode gives an example of how and why I struggle to open up to the people in my life. Being open is terrifying. We run the risk of being hurt; but this episode covers why it’s important to open up EVEN IF we get hurt. And it's not only about opening up once—but staying open even after we get hurt.

Here is the link for the TED Talk I discussed:

Contact me:

Oct 09, 202352:40
Dedication vs. Commitment

Dedication vs. Commitment

This week’s episode is about the difference between dedication and commitment. The two words are relatively synonymous, however there’s one small distinction—passion. When passion is involved, you will find yourself coming back to something regardless of how difficult it is. We do things not out of obligation, but out of inspiration. I encourage you to check in with your commitments & decide if you want to rededicate yourself to them. Maybe you took a break, and that is OKAY—but love and passion for that thing, that task, is going to be what keeps bringing you back; and I encourage you to revisit that thing you have put on the back burner and make it a priority once again. As always I love you guys so much!
Sep 25, 202342:10
Venus Retrograde: Our “Love Stories” in Review

Venus Retrograde: Our “Love Stories” in Review

Don’t let the astrological verbiage scare you, you won’t need any prior knowledge of astrology to enjoy this episode.

Basically we are using this time to review our beliefs and “stories” about LOVE:

What are my beliefs? Where did they come from? Are they serving me? And what would I like my beliefs around love to look like moving forward?

I share some of the outdated beliefs that I had about love, how I moved through them, and what I want them to look like moving forward. I’d love to hear some of the stories around love that have been coming up for you guys, so please feel free to reach out as always:



Sep 04, 202330:45
Blending FYPs
Aug 28, 202332:05
I’m [not] Fine.

I’m [not] Fine.


This week's episode carries a LOT of heaviness with it. I speak very openly about depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and sexual assault.

Now there is a happy ending--but if this is a conversation you do not yet feel ready to have, I encourage you to take your time and listen at a time that feels right for you.

I just want to remind everyone that it is okay if you are experiencing depression and encourage everyone to feel safe existing with those feelings. I also want to encourage you to NEVER feel shame when it comes to your mental health. I know this is easier said than done, and that's something I discuss in this podcast episode as well.

Even though I am- for the majority of the time- an open book, there are still some things that are very difficult for me to talk about.

My battle with depression is definitely one of them; but to pretend that it doesn't exist is a disservice to myself as well as others who have had a similar experience.

I encourage everyone to check out the link to Adriene's yoga class EVEN if you've never done yoga. It is a gentle, easy class that really helped me tap into those emotions I had been running from and really lean into the present moment and the feelings I am currently experiencing.

with so much love,


Yoga with Adriene:

TED talk:

Contact me:

or email me at:

Aug 14, 202332:51
Aug 07, 202313:21
“Is This Sustainable?”
Jul 17, 202319:56
What Happens if You Don’t Give Up?
Jul 10, 202317:10
Catalyst Moments
Jun 26, 202316:46
Embrace the “Before” Picture
Jun 19, 202323:47
Mind Maps & Integration
Jun 12, 202341:37
30 Days of Prioritizing Pleasure
Jun 05, 202330:32
Restrict and Binge Cycle
May 22, 202324:09
Indecision IS the punishment
May 15, 202327:16
“No Bad Parts”
May 08, 202342:41
Over-Correcting and Balance

Over-Correcting and Balance

Update on my 30 Days of Prioritizing Pleasure Journey.

This week I want to remind you that over-correction is not a bad thing, it's NORMAL. We are learning to make different choices that are in alignment with our purpose, and that is not an easy thing to do.

As we heal, we have to learn to trust ourselves to make the right decisions--and this can be hard when you don't trust yourself.

So allowing myself to make mistakes has been a vital part of this journey.

I want to encourage all of you to keep going, don't push through the discomfort--relax into it.

May 01, 202339:17
Prioritize Pleasure

Prioritize Pleasure

Trigger Warning.

This week's episode is deeply personal. I discuss my recent struggle with depression and medication.

In my pursuit to take care of my mental health, I have decided to Prioritize Pleasure. I realized that I was sending mixed signals to the Universe because I didn't even know what I want. I still don't.

So, for 30 days, I will be searching for things that make me feel good. I want to get curious about pleasure.

Because if I want the Universe to send me the things that I want....I have to figure out what those things are.

So I welcome you to come on this journey with me. Get curious and explore what it is that makes us happy; and not just look for pleasure--but prioritize it.

Thank you guys so much for all of your support. I couldn't do any of this without you.

xo, dahlia

Apr 10, 202323:26
The Power of The Flirt- with Benjamin Camras
Apr 03, 202301:09:14
Body Dysmorphia- with Rosaura Alvarez

Body Dysmorphia- with Rosaura Alvarez

This week's topic is a heavy one, and I want everyone listening to know that I am not a licensed therapist. I am only qualified to speak on my experience.

However, I felt like this was an important conversation to have. Rosaura and I spoke about how this type of trauma is often invalidated, and I want you all to know that Body Dysmorphia and Eating Disorders are serious issues. They can bleed into every area of our lives. So, though this episode may be triggering, it felt like it was a conversation that I needed to have.

This week, we discuss listening to your body, coming to a point of neutrality about food, the effects of family dynamics on eating habits and body image, and working through our trauma to see food as a source of energy rather than something that is directly connected to our WORTH.

Thank you guys for listening, and I want you to know that even if I don't have the answers you need--I want to connect you to someone who does. So ALWAYS ALWAYS feel free to reach out if you are struggling. My goal is to be a safe space where you can be heard and supported.

I love you guys,


Connect with Rosaura:

Connect with me:

Mar 27, 202301:00:04
Embrace the Mess
Mar 20, 202323:58
Facing and Embracing Fear
Mar 09, 202329:19
Surrendering to the Universe & Manifesting your Dreams

Surrendering to the Universe & Manifesting your Dreams

The focus of the past 7 weeks for me has been "surrender." 

Now don't get me wrong--it has been a struggle the entire time. 


When I am able to surrender in those moments, the ease with which I move through my life astounds even me. It feels like the more we try to control and force our manifestations, the more likely they are to happen...

but paradoxically, the opposite is true. 

The more we release our grip on the attachments to how we think our manifestations should come about--the more likely we are to receive them. We just have to open ourselves up to the idea that the universe is going to surprise us. 

If you're ready to invest in yourself, or have been looking for a shake up out of stagnancy--check out my new manifestation course! 

The total cost is $55.55

Simply go to my Linktree [linked below] and use CashApp or Venmo, and include your email address in the description ofthe transaction. 

OR you can email me directly at

Please feel free to leave a review on your current listening platform to help support the podcast! 



Feb 28, 202334:27
ADAPT- Staying on Track Even in Times of Change
Feb 13, 202321:26
"Things Coming Up for Me"
Feb 06, 202342:19
Investing in YOURSELF

Investing in YOURSELF

I have been taking this time to LEARN and grow, and really focusing on investing in myself. 

In this episode, I talk about what that has looked like for me and ways that you can invest in YOURSELF. 

It all started with this episode of Be Great with Nate: 

Nate discusses what it looks like to really face the numbers and get honest with yourself about your financial situation. So, I took what he taught and put it into action, & honestly I have seen nothing but positive improvement—even when it didn’t feel safe to trust those improvements. 

I hope you guys enjoy this episode, and feel free to reach out & share how you investing in yourself! 


OR on social

Tiktok: @thedahliabradshaw or @bravobitchfest

twitter: @_bravobitchfest

Jan 17, 202358:17
Project Parent- with Jenny Hwang
Dec 12, 202256:46
Spiritual Hangover

Spiritual Hangover

This week’s podcast is a solo episode, and it packs a punch. I discuss my current spiritual hangover, how I noticed it, and what I’ve done to get through it. I also included an update on my 30 Days of Yoga journey, AS WELL AS an update on my journey of unmasking. Take a load off & enjoy this week’s episode 😊😊
Dec 02, 202252:23
Conscious Elevation- with Brooke Loredo
Nov 21, 202201:39:24
Progress Report: Week 1
Nov 15, 202244:31
Unmasked: Coming Out of the Neurodivergent Closet
Nov 08, 202201:11:54
Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness

Do you feel like no matter what actions you take, it doesn’t have an effect on your life? Do you feel like you are a victim to your circumstances? Well this episode is for you! I talk about overcoming the idea of learned helplessness & how we can start to take back control of our lives.
Oct 31, 202229:26
Spiritual Pilgrimage: Dahlia Takes New York!

Spiritual Pilgrimage: Dahlia Takes New York!

I followed the White Rabbit to New York, and I found MAGIC!

This week I'm catching you guys up on my trip to New York. I cover how I overcame my fear of flying, what it was like to be in New York for the first time, and the experience of gathering together with a group of content creators and finally feeling like I was where I belonged. 

I 100% manifested this trip happening, and I am so glad that I pushed through my fear (because there was a TON of it) and put myself in an uncomfortable position to prove to myself that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for. I met an amazing group of like-minded strangers, made amazing connections, and showed myself that I can do scary things. :)

xo, dahlia

Oct 17, 202253:53
Sex & Shame with Luci Lampe
Oct 04, 202241:21
Getting Out of My OWN. WAY.

Getting Out of My OWN. WAY.

Quick update about what’s been going on lately! So much chaos, so many feelings, so much soul-searching, and so much depression. I’ve been going through it, but for the first time in my life I’ve decided to just release control (or the illusion of control) and just relax into my destiny. I’ve decided to get out of my own way and stop limiting myself—to stop cutting myself off right before I breakthrough into success. I’m excited about what’s coming, and I’m excited you guys are coming on the journey with me. -xo, db.
Sep 27, 202234:11
Releasing Resistance

Releasing Resistance

You guys know I have been ACTIVELY manifesting for years now. But over the last few weeks, I’ve been leaning into learning how to receive—which…sounds easy enough right? NO! 😂 I have had to do a lot of “de-programming” to unlearn the things that are blocking my manifestations from coming in. One of those things is asking for help. Another is feeling like strings are attached to every kind gesture. I cover these fears/beliefs, as well as some EXCITING news! If you would like to contribute to my travel funds as I go on my big adventure, you can send a “virtual donation” to $bravobitchfest thank you guys so much for listening & going on this journey with me!
Sep 20, 202201:05:54
Grieving our Past Selves

Grieving our Past Selves

But celebrating and welcoming in the new upgraded version of ourselves! Celebrate yourself today! [I mean it.]
Sep 07, 202235:47
Stop Attaching to the Outcome!

Stop Attaching to the Outcome!

Have you been in a funk? I invite you to listen to this episode if you are feeling stuck, or hopeless. I share how I have been blocking my manifestations because I have been too attached to a specific outcome. So, I invite you to check in with yourself & ask “what do I need?” And be patient with yourself! Sometimes we feel stagnant, but it’s only because we can’t see our manifestations unfolding right in front of us. ☀️ Here is a link for the Gabby Bernstein podcast episode that I discuss in this week’s episode:
Aug 16, 202247:22
"Mental Health & Content Creation" with Georgio Takounakis

"Mental Health & Content Creation" with Georgio Takounakis

This week,  I join forces with the creator of one of my FAVORITE Tiktok accounts, "Georgio Says" I have been "Internet friends" with Georgio for a while, so it seemed only natural to have him come on the podcast & I was so glad I did. I had so much fun and got so much out of our talk, I am already planning our next collaboration.  We discuss some of the issues that we face as content creators who have struggled with our mental health, as well as our creativity and finding our voice.  You can follow Georgio: Tiktok: @GeorgioSays Instagram: @GeorgioNotArmani
Aug 08, 202201:26:52
post *menty-b* podcast

post *menty-b* podcast

Taylor & I go live on Tiktok while we catch up! We discuss the [controlled] mental breakdown that I had last week. We cover a lot of ground, so buckle up. 

Aug 01, 202201:39:36
Expand and Refine

Expand and Refine

[previously recorded] This week’s episode was recorded about two weeks ago, and even as I was editing it I was hearing things I needed to hear again. It’s so easy to have this big breakthroughs, but it’s also easy to forget. It has been a very tough week for me, and I’m not ready to speak out about it yet—but hearing this message come through again meant so much to me. I hope you guys get as much out of this episode as I did. I appreciate you all so much.
Jul 25, 202240:08
"Harmlessly Creative" with Irene White

"Harmlessly Creative" with Irene White

This week's podcast guest is "Superstore's" Irene White! I was so excited to get a chance to sit down with Irene and discuss Bravo opinions, but of course we dove into so much more. She gave me lots of beautiful insight on my struggles with my creativity, but we also discussed which Bravo Housewife we most resonate with--there's a little something for everyone ;) 

Jul 18, 202246:31
Breaking Out of Stagnancy

Breaking Out of Stagnancy

Are you feeling a little stagnant? Maybe you were making lots of progress toward your goals, then you "plateaued"? Today's episode is all about "cleaning out your closet," (both literally and figuratively) to make space for new manifestations! Or even new offices :)

Check in with yourself and figure out what areas of your life need a little attention. Let's clean out the cobwebs and get some fresh energy flowing!

with all the love,


Jul 11, 202225:33
Smoke Session: Girl Talk Edition

Smoke Session: Girl Talk Edition

Bonus Episode! Drop in this week for a special episode of Bitchopedia— an intimate peek into our conversations about astrology, breaking the glass ceiling, parental trauma, and tons more.
Jun 22, 202201:17:52
Hermit Mode & Color-Coding Trauma

Hermit Mode & Color-Coding Trauma

I'm back! In this week's episode, I discuss all of the breakthroughs I have had during my "Hermit" phase.  I also discuss the new Color-Coding System for trauma that I have developed & implemented with my friends. This system has helped me to become more aware of the severity of the trauma that I have suffered, and I think it can help so many other people as well. Thank you guys so much for listening! I hope you enjoy this week's episode of Bitchopedia.
May 02, 202236:48
Trauma Responses- with Therapist Shania Barr

Trauma Responses- with Therapist Shania Barr

This week's guest is therapist Shania Barr. Shania and I sat down to discuss Trauma Responses: Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn. We covered this topic and more, and I know all of the advice she gave will resonate with your SOULS.  You can find Shania online at:  If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review or send me a message to let us know! Twitter: @beccaj_34 To become a supporter of the podcast & help keep the content coming, go to and click "SUPPORT" Thank you all so much for listening & supporting me in my dreams.
Apr 04, 202246:05
Cleaning Out My [Mental] Closet...& my inbox

Cleaning Out My [Mental] Closet...& my inbox

I've had a breakthrough. I finally cut some emotional baggage in the form of old text messages.  If you know me at all, you know I have a tendency to emotionally "hoard." This has been a pattern in my life that I have been trying to recognize, and this week it all came to a head when I finally got the nerve to delete an old text thread with my ex.  This episode covers the moments that led up to it, and the feelings that I experienced after "making room" energetically. and honestly... this was a little difficult to talk about. Not because of over-whelming sadness, but more so because I was ashamed to admit that I was not further along in my healing journey. BUT. the whole reason I have this podcast is to let people know that they are not alone in their struggle. So, in order to be completely authentic with you guys, that means I have to be vulnerable.  So, I hope this episode reaches who it is meant to reach and that it helps someone feel a little less alone. xoxo, -b To become a supporter of the podcast & help keep the content coming, go to and click "SUPPORT" Thank you all so much for listening & supporting me in my dreams to normalize talking about mental health!
Mar 24, 202221:13
Mind Awareness: Inspired by.. Television?

Mind Awareness: Inspired by.. Television?

Okay you guys, hear me out.  There are lessons to be learned from everything in life. This week, that lesson comes in the form of: cartoons. The new show "Human Resources" on Netflix inspired this week's podcast episode because it helped me visualize the "voices in my head." And yes, I know, that term is usually reserved for people losing their minds, but we all have different "people" living inside our heads. Sometimes it's the voice of our parents. Sometimes it's the voice of an ex. Sometimes it's the voice of fear. Or shame. Or guilt. But when we recognize who's voice is who's, we are able to separate our fears from the facts. We are able to decipher what messages are coming from our preprogramming, and what messages are coming from a place of knowing.  I hope you guys enjoy this episode!  -B To become a supporter of the podcast & help keep the content coming, go to and click "SUPPORT" Thank you all so much for listening & supporting me in my dreams.
Mar 21, 202223:11
"Living Authentically" with Colton Rinnard

"Living Authentically" with Colton Rinnard

This week I have such a special guest! My friend Colton Rinnard joins us this week to discuss the struggle of living authentically, the effects of Social Media, our CRIPPLING imposter syndrome, and what it's like to be an avoidant person. To become a supporter of the podcast & help keep the content coming, go to and click "SUPPORT" Thank you all so much for listening & supporting me in my dreams.
Mar 10, 202242:23


Have you been feeling stagnant? Do you feel like you have plateaued and no matter how hard you work, your manifestations still aren't coming to you? I have DEFINITELY been a week ago :)) Clearing out the old to make room for the new is possibly the most important step in manifestation. If you are feeling stuck, check out this episode to give you a little bit of hope about what can happen when you stop "Blocking your Blessings."   Also, I just want to take a moment to thank all of you guys for listening and spending time with me every week. I am so grateful for you guys, and I truly feel united with people all across the globe. I promise not to take it for granted that you guys show up to support me, and I will do everything I can to keep showing up for you guys! All the love, -Becca To become a supporter of the podcast & help keep the content coming, go to and click "SUPPORT" Thank you all so much for listening & supporting me in my dreams.
Mar 07, 202233:43