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BlackChat the Podcast

By BlackChat the Podcast

BlackChat originated as a series of social salons in the summer of 2016. Curated by intergenerational co-conspirators !Kona and Morgan, BlackChat has dedicated it’s work to healing Black communities in the lower mainland through family reunion styled gatherings.

BlackChat the podcast welcomes you into our living room. Make some tea, get cozy, and join us as we explore conversations of the wild and ridiculous, real-world ish, and potentially anything else we find interesting and amusing.
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006: The "Real" Race Card with Desmond Cole

BlackChat the PodcastApr 02, 2020

012: Working in the Big House with Parker Johnson
May 31, 202101:01:02
011: Reflecting on Asian Hate
May 31, 202149:45
010: Mixed but also Black with Lili Robinson & Ryanna
Mar 27, 202101:41:59
009: Horror & Heroes with Barbara Chirinos

009: Horror & Heroes with Barbara Chirinos

Grab your popcorn and drink of choice, because this week, we are bringing the world of cinema to the living room. I, (Morgan) am really stoked for this interview. Barbara is like an auntie to me. She was I thiiink the first Black person I met in Vancouver who wasn’t !Kona. We celebrate holidays and cry at elections in her house, before the Covid. It’s been a long, long time coming, to have the lovely Barbara Chirinos on BlackChat the Podcast. Barbara is an Independent Curator and Producer. She is the founder and former co-curator for VIFF Celebrates Black History Month, now entering its 9th year at the Vancity Theatre. She is one of the original BlackChat attendees from when we started the gatherings back in 2016. She is a long-time friend and chosen family, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally have her on the podcast. 

Today, Morgan and Barbara talk about Black films, covering horror, heroes, and a little bit in between. Barbara, being the amazing critic, curator and producer of independent films and festivals, and Morgan, who like movies, go as far back as 1915, and even peek into the future, discussing the rise and challenges of Black cinema. And we may or may not talk a little bit about the current seasons of Drag Race for some time at the end… We also take a moment to shout out our amazing new team at BlackChat Vancouver! We’ve been so blessed to bring on Palesa Koitsioe as our new transcriptionist! Janette King on audio production! And of course, Ifetayo Alabi, our since day one, graphic designer! 

In addition to these fab Black folks on our team, we have a couple of allies volunteering their skills in website and social media support, thank you, Sage. And to Piper for providing tech support and keeping Morgan functioning throughout this pandemic! It feels so amazing to be growing in this way and we are so excited for all we have to bring you this year! 

Stay tuned for new episodes every other week with transcriptions coming soon! And be on the lookout for new graphics of old and new episodes! 

Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram @blackchatvancouver Check out our website 

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Mar 13, 202101:18:07
008: with Nya Lewis
Feb 27, 202101:11:32
007: Is Rome Burning?

007: Is Rome Burning?

Recorded March 30, 2020 at 9:21 PM.

Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. Samwel Uko. Tony McDade. George Floyd. Regis Korchinski-Paquet. #saytheirnames

This is only 6 of 80+ Black bodies murdered at the hands of police across North America, between Jan-May 2020.

Today marks day 5 of protests in cities across North America taking the streets demanding murder charges against all 4 officers involved in the death of George Floyd, and justice for all Black lives that are killed by the hands of white supremacy and colonial violence. Buildings and vehicles have been set fire. Police in riot gear accompanied by K9 units and choppers in the sky have deployed tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds. Cities have called in the national guard to assist in 'containing the protests'.  Roughly 1400 arrests have been made so far across America.

Trauma is on all of our feeds. Seepings it's way into our conversations and relationships. the white people in our lives are acting weird. So much virtue signalling. So much performative allyship. So many challenging and conflicting feelings... Times are heavy.

We love and are thinking of all our beautiful Black kin across the continent and across the globe. We see you. We hear you. We love you. And we will stand with you forever and beyond. You are sacred. you are beloved. You are cherished. Your life matters. Your joy matters. Your dreams matter. your love matters.

Please take the time to share and donate to the links below...


Black In BC Mutual Aid Emergency Relief Fund

Race-Based Data Collection for Covid-19

Other Resources for non-Black folks to contribute to Black Communities in Canada

The US:

Petition - Justice for Breonna Taylor

Minnesota Freedom Fund

George Floyd GoFundMe

Reclaim The BLock Minneapolis

Louisville Community Bail Fund…/louisville-community-bail-fund/

May 31, 202001:46:37
006: The "Real" Race Card with Desmond Cole

006: The "Real" Race Card with Desmond Cole

The conversation in this episode was recorded on February 23.

*This episode features ASMR of us all eating a delicious meal together. Sorry and You’re welcome*

The militarization of transit. Black and Indigenous relations and connections. Genetic testing. These are some of the conversations Morgan and !Kona had with Desmond Cole, Simone, and Parker Johnson. Join us in our chat over dinner. Hear Desmond shares parts of his new book “The Skin We’re In”, which was at the time of this recording named the national no. 1 Bestselling non-fiction book.

Apologies in advance for the cuts in the audio. We had some recording difficulties, so some parts are cut out.. Stay tuned for the continuation of this conversation on our next episode which comes out April 16.

You can find Desmond’s book, “The Skin We’re In” at:

Music by Jillian Christmas who we’ve chatted with before in episode 2, parts one and two. Be sure to check those out and grab her book, “The Gospel of Breaking” which was recently debuted at no. 6 on the BC Best Sellers list. You can find her book here:

Find us on Instagram and Facebook @blackchatvancouver

Contribute to keeping transcribing episodes and keeping our bills paid at

Please give us your feedback on how we’re doing, what you love, what we can improve on, etc..

*Photo snagged from Google. I will site when/if I find the original source*

Apr 02, 202001:14:27
005: Kinky While Black @ West Coast Bound

005: Kinky While Black @ West Coast Bound

This episode was recorded at 11:15am on Saturday, January 11th, 2020 on the unceded territories of the Kwikwetlem First Nation, of Sto:lo Coast Salish Peoples. 

We were invited to West Coast Bound, a Canadian conference that examines sexuality, power, and aros. Metro Vancouver Kink, the organizing board for this conference, asked BlackChat to host a gathering with the other Black presenters, to discuss the intersections of Blackness and kink.

"What is it to be Kinky While Black? Join BlackChat, the local “Gathering of the Melanated” hosted by !Kona and Morgan, with special guests Mollena Williams-Haas, Q-Tip, GoddessIndigo, Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti, and Yoseñio. Representing a range of identities and public tenure, expect a free-ranging conversation where we will be discussing what it means to have skin like us, with the history our people do, while being a lovely kinky freak. Listen in while we explore topics like racial tones in kink, our favourite scenes and experiences, where we find representation and solace in community, and more.

We’ll start with a 30-minute, recorded, kitchen table style conversation, where the hosts and presenters will discuss the intersection of Blackness and Kink/Leather. Expect laughter, insights and stories to which witnesses will have the opportunity to contribute.* This will be followed by a Q&A  talkback portion, and then a transition period into a POC ONLY space. Post-session,  People of Colour are invited to join us for light calories and hydration into the lunch hour ."

I, (Morgan) completely butchered the land acknowledgement on this episode. With my sincerest apologies, here are the written notes addressing the land in which this conversation took place on: 

The music on this episode is called "Sweetly" by Tonye Aganaba. A dear friend to us a BlackChat, who we hope one day will be on the podcast! You can listen to their album "Something Comfortable" on Spotify, Tidal, etc., and buy it on iTunes. Support Black artists!

The podcast icon is still, and always will be, done by the amazing Ifetayo Zarine Alabi

For updates and ways to contribute, visit or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @blackchatvancouver

Mar 19, 202001:33:00
004: Surviving the Apocalypse with Dr. OmiSoore Dryden

004: Surviving the Apocalypse with Dr. OmiSoore Dryden

This week on BlackChat, we sat down with Dr. OmiSoore Dryden. Long time friend of !Kona, "adopted" auntie of Morgan, Dr. Dryden is the James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies in the Faculty of Medicine and an associate professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University. She is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research topics include, but are not limited to; Black Health Equity, Black Feminist/Black Queer Diasporic Analytics, Anti-black racism and Health Outcomes, and Blood Donation Systems. OmiSoore is also a bad-ass femme whose academic activism continues to be a vital tool in Black liberation.

In editing, we decided to let this episode flow free form with no music and minimal editing for volume control. So grab a snack and join us as we munch on Chinese food, and discuss in-depth the intersecting existence of Black and Indigenous people on Turtle Island. Are Black people settlers? Allies? What are our roles as people of African descent in dissolving the colonial apocalypse we live in alongside Indigenous peoples?

On a panel this past Tuesday, Dr. Dryden said something on the lines of (and I'm sorry for paraphrasing), "[Genocide did not wipe out Indigenous people, despite genocidal acts still occurring to this day. Slavery Did not wipe out Black people, despite systems of slavery still existing today.]" 

This "quote" leaves us to further think about how coalition-building between Indigenous and Black people can, may and will be possible.

For updates and ways to contribute, visit or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @blackchatvancouver

OmiSoore's website:

*Photo was snagged from Google. I will properly credit if I can find it*

Mar 05, 202002:00:01
003: Sliders and Solidarity

003: Sliders and Solidarity

How do we go about creating the conditions that would allow people to invest in each other's survival?

On this episode of BlackChat, !Kona and Morgan discuss the recent actions and demonstrations held by land and water defenders on Coast Salish territory (Greater Vancouver Area). As a response to the RCMP raid on the Unist’ot’en camp and Wet’suwet’en lands, Indigenous youth and supporters have stood up against colonial violence and we want to talk about what that looks like.

We look at the timeline of most recent events, considering factors of being arrest-able, and the multiple ways we can show up for each other.

If there are parts of this that aren’t entirely correct, please let us know! We aim to deliver accurate content, especially about this topic. Mainstream media is not reporting as they should be, and it’s important for us to discuss the truth

For updates and ways to contribute, visit or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @blackchatvancouver




Unist’ot’en camp: @UnistotenCamp

Gidimt’en Checkpoint: @Gidimten

Website Links

Photo by  Piper Fawkes

Feb 20, 202001:59:33
002: PART TWO with Jillian Christmas
Feb 06, 202001:00:10
002: PART ONE with Jillian Christmas
Jan 23, 202049:13
001: Welcome to BlackChat

001: Welcome to BlackChat

Welcome folx!

Thank you for joining us in the living room. This is our first episode! Wow! How did this even happen?

Grab a beverage and get comfortable. In this first episode, we introduce ourselves, the land we're on, and the work we're doing. We also ask the question; what does intergenerational work look like to you? How does/doesn't it show up in your life?

Come bask in the laughter. Sit in the ponder. Awe at our intergenerational magic...

Stay tuned until the end to find out where we're taking the microphone next!

BlackChat is a series of social salons that originated in the summer of 2016. Curated by intergenerational co-conspirators !Kona and Morgan, BlackChat has dedicated it’s work to healing Black communities in the lower mainland through family reunion styled gatherings. Operating out of pocket, and out of home, BlackChat is entirely self-funded.

Our three streams of programming include BlackChat; the gatherings, BlackAttack; field trips to arts and culture events, and finally, BlackChat the Podcast which is now live!

For updates and ways to contribute, visit or follow us on Instagram @blackchatvancouver

Artwork by Ifetayo Zarine Alabi

Jan 08, 202001:04:58