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Black Hoodie Alchemy

Black Hoodie Alchemy

By Anthony Tyler

Author and researcher Anthony Tyler investigates esoterica and the unexplainable, from ancient history all the way up to the latest in brain sciences, psychology, and folklore's carry-over into the modern era. Digest weekly heaping spoonfuls of psychedelia, horror, metaphysics, a bit of true crime and even some comedy (especially if you tune into the right episodes) every Monday evening!
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37: UFOs, Psychedelia & Disinfo Games (feat. Mike Mazzei of Mind Escape)

Black Hoodie AlchemyMar 06, 2023

47: Cannabis, Tobacco & Freemasonry in Alchemy (feat. PD Newman of 'Angels in Vermillion: From Dee to DMT')

47: Cannabis, Tobacco & Freemasonry in Alchemy (feat. PD Newman of 'Angels in Vermillion: From Dee to DMT')

This week, we return to our alchemical roots and discuss some of the sacramental plants involved in the both the alchemical process and the alchemical historical timeline. Author, philosopher, and full-blooded alchemist PD Newman joins the show to help us sift through the weeds of esoterica here, and he's one of the best men for the job. Not only is he an accredited scholar and researcher, but also an alchemist in practice when it comes to philosophy and experimentation. He makes his own tinctures and medicines, he's worked as a cannabis master grower for medical facilities in Oklahoma, forages for his own fruits and various mushrooms, and even sifts through Native American texts, learning the ingredients of their old smoking blends to try for himself. He as well began growing the traditional Nicotiana Rustica tobacco plant, which is what the Natives Americans were known to use, and varies from the mass market Nicotiana Tabacum nearly all smokers enjoy today.

All this and you might think he's a hipster with a fedora and a handle-bar mustache, but PD Newman is an old hippie alchemist that lives and breathes what he talks about, and is humble enough to not flaunt his pursuits. Instead he truly seems to relish a conversation that might bring light to topics he loves so very much, and I very much relished the conversation I got to have with him. We not only talk about some of the alchemical histories of cannabis and tobacco, but we also discuss psilocybin, mescaline, and more.

Beyond this, I also got the chance to pick Newman's brain about Freemasonry in the modern day. Not only is he a 32nd degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite, but so was my late great grandfather, and we talk about masonry's history both in the context of alchemy and in the larger social perspectives. Given that any organization can veer into aspects of corruption, and that individual masonic lodges are run almost entirely independent from one another (just like a church), it can still be plainly seen that at the heart of any potential deviation is actually a rich, altruistic heritage of philosophical thinkers and actual brick masons building cathedrals. Either that or we're both just another couple of idiot or bought-out Masonic Shills!

It's all this and more this week! We hope you dig it.

PD Newman on Twitter

Angels in Vermillion: From John Dee to DMT

Alchemically Stoned: The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry

This week's featured hip-hop and drum-n-bass are all courtesy of our guest, PD Newman himself! With his good friend, they once formed the production duo I AM A UFO, and even worked with names that some underground hip-hop heads might know well, like Moka Only.

Quit Stallin - I AM A UFO (feat. Moka Only)

Drum and Space (Joe Meek Shall Inherit the Earth) - I AM A UFO

May 29, 202301:52:20
46: Iceman & Softee - The Career of Richard Kuklinski

46: Iceman & Softee - The Career of Richard Kuklinski

This week we tackle one of the most horrifying real-life supervillain duos of all-time: Richard Kuklinski and Robert Prongay AKA The Iceman and Mr. Softee! A real true-crime epic, this story is one of the most hotly debated mafia-adjacent tales that we have today.

The premise is insane from the start: one of the most prolific mafia hitmen of all time teamed up with a former military demolitions expert-turned hitman/ice-cream truck driver. These men helped each other kill, and together learned new ways of murder and body disposal, all while somehow maintaining a low profile for years.

There is also the theme that these men existed on the outskirts of the one the grisliest eras in New York mafia history, rubbing shoulders with people like Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, Roy Demeo of The Gemini Lounge, and other big name made-men.

Kuklinski was said to have killed somewhere between 100 and 200 people, and it's said that cyanide was his favorite way to kill. He liked staying "creative", using weapons like guns, knives, road flares, ice picks, poisoned food, cyanide spray and injections, explosives, crossbows, and even a cave of wild man-eating rats in the forest.

It's commonly known that Kuklinksi did all this while maintaining a life that one could outwardly consider as an achievement of the "American dream", with healthy children and a seemingly happy wife, in a nice suburban home.

Robert Prongay appears to have done the same thing. The story of Mr. Softee is one that is much less documented, yet is certainly a matter of record. By taking what we've found on the public record and the stories that Kuklinksi has told, we can find the outline of this sinister ice-cream salesman.

This entire story is an amalgamation of police investigation, court record, prison confession, media fascination, and true crime he-said-she-said. The details come from many different angles, and no one seems to be a completely reliable narrator, especially not Iceman himself.

How true is the horrifying Legend of Iceman and Softee? Well, it's certainly not all made up, but we might find certain threads come loose the more we tug! Jump down the true crime rabbit hole with me this week as we investigate the career of The Iceman.

Oh, and PS: for those of you that are keeping up with the life and times of The League of Extordniary Gentlement, you might want to tune into the commercial breaks as well! They will not be, shall we say, "traditional" ad breaks.

This week's featured music:

Rosemary's Baby - Babylon Warchild

The Towers of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

The Way it Used to Be - Arkeologists x Tribesmen

Shut up, Richard - Doc Hammer

Sources for this episode

Swallowing the Camel - Kuklinksi a Liar (this is where Prongray's alleged son can be seen throughout the comments section)

Chicago Tribune - Kuklinski's Story

New York Times - Kuklinksi Dies

Crime Library - Robert Prongay

We are the Mighty - Kulkinski Learns to Kill from an Army Vet

Murderpedia on Kuklinksi

Sword and Scale - The Only Friend He Didn't Kill

And don't forget to check out all three of Kuklinksi's HBO interviews from prison, as well as the books by Philip Carlo and Anthony Bruno!

May 22, 202301:11:53
45: "Brazilian Punisher" Pedro Rodrigues Filho AKA Pedrinho Matador

45: "Brazilian Punisher" Pedro Rodrigues Filho AKA Pedrinho Matador

This week we discuss a man that seems truly mythic in ways both brutally savage and death-defying. This is a man that many have dubbed the Brazilian "Punisher" and "Dexter", and he was known as Killer Petey AKA Pedrinho Matador -- but his real name is Pedro Rodrigues Filho. Born in 1954, he was Brazil's most prolific serial killer and a bit of a YouTuber before he died in early March 2023, and his body count was said to be over 100. With over 70 documented, somewhere between 40 and 50 of those were done in prison over a period of three decades, and that was even with some years spent in solitary confinement.

Pedro's crime spree began at 14 when he murdered his father's boss, a man that had wrongfully accused his father of theft. Fast-forward just a few years later, and 17 year-old Pedro is gunning down the man that murdered his girlfriend and unborn child. He gunned this man down at his own wedding, killing six more people and injuring over a dozen more with some help behind him. Since his first kill, Pedro had stuck by an oddly defined and seemingly strict code of ethics and morality: never harm women and children, murder any sick bastard that crossed his path, and apparently try to be a good Christian, although the extent of his religious beliefs are a bit unclear.

Was this man truly a serial killer that "protected" or "avenged" the innocent? It's quite possible, although there are some heavy moral implications that one must sift through in order to answer that question. Beyond morality and philosophy though, we also have to sift through the Portuguese language barrier, and parse through the telephone-game of data that has already taken hold of so much of Pedro's story. Without any thick, official biography or docu-series, and without any extra-special interest even given by the Brazilian media, we have only so much to go on here. It seems for now that people are satisfied with the broad strokes of Pedrinho's story, but not me! I dig as deep as I possibly can with the data abound and bare all my sources for you here.

Jump down the rabbit hole with me and try to decipher the strange character and story of the Brazilian Punisher.

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

Better off Dead - Silent on Fifth Street

Galaxies - Silent on Fifth Street

my sources this week in no particular order

1. The System Monster - Ricardo Mendonca

2. Pedrinho Matador is Killed -

3. Pedrinho Matador Confesses

4. Police Maintain Secrecy about Where Pedrinho Matador is Held - Wayback Machine

5. The Serial Killer That Only Killed Criminals - Thought Catalog

6. Meet Pedro - All That's Interesting

7. Brazil's Biggest Serial Killer Dies in Shootout - Le Monde

8. Brazil's Bloodiest Killer Murdered 'For Pleasure' - Toronto Sun

9. The Serial Killer That is Now a Youtuber - The Grunge

10. Serial Killer Opens Up - Daily Star

11. Pedrinho Matador -

May 15, 202301:06:40
44: Club Kids & Party Monsters - The Murderous Michael Alig

44: Club Kids & Party Monsters - The Murderous Michael Alig

This week on the show, we discuss the infamous case of Michael Alig, the 90's NYC club promoter known for his flamboyant pageantry and prankish antics that eventually murdered one of his friends, chopped them up in a bathtub and dumbed them in the Hudson River. Not only that, but it all quickly escalated into a full-on media circus as police failed to investigate, rumors ran rampant in the clubs and newspapers, and Alig himself joked about murdering Angel Melendez in public and in interviews. And this was all while Alig was hanging out with legendary icons like Ru Paul, and other zany characters like "James St. James", "Jenny Talia", and "Waltpaper".

As grisly and flashy as this case simultaneously was, it's little wonder it was turned into a movie released in 2003 entitled "Party Monster", starring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green (and receiving pretty bad reviews overall.) Dressing up in a punkish, sometimes-androgynous aesthetic in the vein of David Bowie, Boy George, Lady Gaga, or the aforementioned Ru Paul, this brash and artistic youth movement of the "Club Kids" began as a jabby satire of the club scene that artist Andy Warhol had produced, but quickly became its own cliche. What began as a vibrant and mostly-positive NYC club scene of alt-kids -- self-proclaimed "Freaks" that were minorities of all kinds (particularly of the LGBTQ+ variety) -- that weren't even doing drugs, eventually descended into an absolute drug-fueled rampage-of-sorts through the NY club scene that led to murder, hubris, blood-soaked club parties, lots of drugs, and a whole lot of regret for a lot of people.

This story is absolutely bonkers on every level: to the incubation of a unique sub-culture, to the mind of a deeply flawed and troubled misfit murderer, the circus-like club antics, the proto-LGBTQ+ history, and the absolute abject failure of the NYPD to bring proper justice to the situation in due time.

Hopefully you dig it!

This week's featured music: don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

Red Tops - Rothstein

Another Saturday Night - M.U.T.T.

No Trust - Negative Blast

It'll Just Be a Couple Weeks - Doc Hammer

my website

Dive Manual

Hunt Manual

May 08, 202301:10:06
43.666: True Crime & Some Underground Music on 'Lighting the Void'

43.666: True Crime & Some Underground Music on 'Lighting the Void'

Black Hoodie Alchemy is currently on a small, two-week hiatus but here is my most recent appearance on Joe Rupe's live show, Lighting the Void on The Fringe FM. Joe invited me on to bump some of my favorite music from the artists that I have collaborated with to play on my show including: DOC HAMMER, BABYLON WARCHILD, NEGATIVE BLAST, and M.U.T.T. We also get into some true crime conversation including stories like Killdozer and much more! I hope you dig this content and I'll see you May 8th for a fresh episode!

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support all your favorite independent artists.

Souled Out - Doc Hammer

The Return - Babylon Warchild

Night Moves - M.U.T.T.

Egghead - Negative Blast

Magneto - Babylon Warchild (feat. Pacewon)

Apr 24, 202301:39:60
43: Gurdjieff & 4/20 Celebrations (feat. Martin Ferretti & Jefferson T. AKA Steve Buschemi)

43: Gurdjieff & 4/20 Celebrations (feat. Martin Ferretti & Jefferson T. AKA Steve Buschemi)

This episode is a cannabis-fueled 4/20 celebration! Alas, I was not here to record for it -- but Jefferson Tilamookslinger was thankfully available to fill in and keep the flame alive! For those unaware, Jefferson first appeared in Black Hoodie Alchemy #34 and is a former Illuminati cloning-lab-manager that has since relocated to the Florida Everglades, joining the forces of Tippy Patson's League of Extordiarny Gentlemen! (For the uninitiated, you can listen to it all through episodes #14, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 38, and learn about these men that are too stupid to be a cult but too organized to just be hanging out in a swamp.) As I am preparing for a family wedding/reunion and everything that this will entail out-of-state, this will be the last Black Hoodie Alchemy episode until May 8th -- but rest assured the show will come back swingin' as as always!

So, aside from Jefferson smoking dope, we have a friend of the show and fellow alchemist, Martin Ferretti, joining the program to tell us all about the life and philosophy of contemporary philosopher and mystic, George Gurdjieff. Most active during the turn into the 20th century, Gurdjieff was an eccentric figure that aspired to find a path to a practical enlightenment -- i.e. an enlightenment that did not inherently require a monkhood or hermetic nature that eschewed the rest of society. If he hadn't been so genuine and effective, you could potentially see the mechanics of a cult in Gurdjieff's Fourth Way of Enlightenment, and some might still consider it as such! But is there any real merit to this? Who was Gurdjieff anyway? An eccentric mystic, an opportunist, a charlatan, or what?

Listen in as Martin and Jefferson give you a thorough and detailed explanation of these concepts and so much more! Oh, and happy toking -- don't forget to roll up and blow that sacramental ganja to the sky this 4/20 season!

We hope you dig this week's show. See you May 8th.

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support your all your favorite independent artists!

Shore Leave - Doc Hammer

Ganja Dub - Chris Fiato

Phantasmagoria Blues - Cowboy Matt Hopewell

Gurdjieff's link in the Encyclopedia Brittanica

Martin Ferretti's The Alchemical Mind

Apr 17, 202358:28
42: Philly's Houses of Horror & Torture - Heidnik & Graham

42: Philly's Houses of Horror & Torture - Heidnik & Graham

This week is another true-crime rabbit hole, as we discuss the strange and somewhat unexplainable tales of the murderers Gary Heidnik and Harrison Graham -- two men that captured and killed women in their North Philly homes at the same times between 1986-87.

Heidnik was not only some of the "inspiration" for Buffalo Bill in the Silence of the Lambs, but he was also dubbed the "Monster Preacher", owed to the fact that he actually held weekly church sermons at the same house where several women were imprisoned in his basement. There was at least one known congregation member that even helped Heidnik with his tortures.

Graham was a mentally-handicapped drug addict living in the projects of North Philly, around an area that was known for its heavy drug trafficking. The community knew Graham for his childlike and somewhat unpredictable behavior, constantly carrying around a Cookie Monster hand-puppet and talking to the children of the neighborhood among other strange things. This man eventually, through circumstances never well understood, began abducting and murdering women from the neighborhood, in order to keep them in the second bedroom of his apartment as a sort of disturbing mausoleum.

Join me as we discuss the stories of these men further, including their crimes, arrests and states-of-mind. What the hell was going on here in these Philly Houses of Horror? Just pure coincidence? There was absolutely no evidence ever found to even suggest that these two men knew anything about each other, so where does this leave us? Does hate float?

All this and more this week!

my website

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support your favorite black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

Travelling North - Legitimate x Rex Seshuns

The Injustice - Babylon Warchild

No Time - Babylon Warchild

Souled Out - Doc Hammer

some show notes on Heidnik

NY Times

All That's Interesting

Fox News


Penn Live

some show notes on Graham

NY Times

Psychology Today

AP News


Apr 10, 202354:48
41: Israel Keyes - Satanic Alaskan Serial Killer

41: Israel Keyes - Satanic Alaskan Serial Killer

This episode, after heavy considerations of mysticism, trance states, dreams, abnormal psychology, possession, and even some true crime, we are jumping full-on into the serial killer rabbit to discuss the killer I grew up with -- well, he was stalking the hiking trails I grew up on and murdered a barista downtown while I was in high school.

This infamous and cowardly murderer is one of two Alaskan serial killers: Israel Keyes (the other one being Robert Hansen) and not only did I grow up in his hunting grounds, my dad actually polygraphed his last victim's boyfriend and father, along with other work done on the case for the Anchorage Police Department. The victim's name was Samantha Koenig, and this was the impulsive kidnap-abduction-murder that would ultimately end with Keyes writing bad poetry and slitting his wrists in a prison cell.

It's believed (though not confirmed) that Keyes murdered eleven people, but police were unequivocally certain of three. Samantha was not only the last victim, but the only victim actually taken by Keyes in Alaska. Although he'd planned for the options of more in the future, for the prior ten murders he'd kept several rules that he'd maintained, including: no kills in his home state, no children, no cell phones, and cash from bank robberies only. He's also know known for his heavy reliance on what are dubbed as "murder kits", which were literally serial-killing-buried-treasure full of all the essentials for his job and kept track of with maps. And if all that wasn't enough, he was a self-proclaimed Satanist as well!

Join me as we summarize Keyes' profile, backstory, and timeline, even getting into some philosophy and esotericism along the way.

my website

Dive Manual

Hunt Manual

Israel Keyes links to quotes I read:

NY Post


The Brag


This week's featured music! Don't forget to support your favorite black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists:

The Karma - Babylon Warchild

Cold Days - Umang

Starcrusher - Doc Hammer

Apr 03, 202301:00:43
40: Possession & Psychology - The Autonomy of Trauma

40: Possession & Psychology - The Autonomy of Trauma

This week, we attempt to sift through the beliefs of demonic possession from the psychoanalytic perspectives of CG Jung and others. This will not be an episode based in religious orthodoxy, but that doesn't mean we aren't exploring some potentially unexplainable phenomena all the same. Building off of episode #39, what if calloused, inert phantom limbs of our psyche suddenly could become animated? How do you heal a traumatic reaction to something that isn't there? And why does it appear that our traumas seem to have a mind of their own?

Rather than cast psychology aside here, we use analytic psychology to help us understand the belief systems of demonic possession and consider the variety of mental illnesses involved, but we also take into account the research of Dr. Richard Gallagher, for example.

Gallagher is an esteemed psychiatrist that has maintained his credibility in his regular practice amidst helping the Catholic church vet out the differences between mental illness and something truly unexplainable. Beginning as a skeptic, the priests who first worked with Dr. Gallagher told him that his skepticism was part of what made them appreciate his insight. Over two decades into his work now with the exorcists, he is no longer a skeptic. 

Now, I'm not a Catholic, nor am I particularly advocating Catholicism. But as I understand it, belief is a tool that -- if used correctly -- can help us tap into a variety of different things that we can scarcely comprehend before experiencing them. We even discuss some serial killers here!

Overall, could it be that what some call possession is actually a very extreme psychosomatic response to a combination of traumas? And could it be that in these very extreme cases, some people actually do act inhuman, performing unexplainable feats?

Even if you're a skeptic, it's certainly worth considering -- and that's exactly what we'll be doing this week!

Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism

Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana

the UFO doc I was recently featured can be found here

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support your favorite black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

Solaris (2002) soundbyte

The Karma - Babylon Warchild

The First Warning - Babylon Warchild (feat. PSL & J Spine)

Sanguine - Ivory Sound x Abang Kay

The Broadcast - Babylon Warchild (feat. Primacy, Black, Elohem, LIFE Long & Syntax)

Mar 27, 202301:07:01
39: Sleep Paralysis, Siren Songs & Dream Entities

39: Sleep Paralysis, Siren Songs & Dream Entities

This week, we get back to our roots some more. Considering science, mysticism, and folklore all at once, we dive down the rabbit holes of dream phenomena and the entities people encounter during them, including the shadow people of sleep paralysis and even the classical Greek mythology of the siren. Little known today, the siren was considered a common dream entity thousands of years ago, said to be something like the total opposite of a sleep-paralysis shadow person -- instead of something ghastly and petrifying, the siren was something so sweet and full of promise that no one was to ever question the sentiments that would surely cast them overboard. And unfortunately, the siren song's function is always to lure overboard.

People encounter all sorts of different, even recurring and deeply archetypal characters in their dreams, and more often than not they find that they have no control over these characters to begin with. Traditions around the world have long since considered dreams to be extremely important in varying degrees, some groups stating that these characters are just as real as the people in your everyday life, and some even saying that these dreams are in ways more important than your everyday life! Well what would Carl Jung say about all this? As it turns out, he said quite a bit about these exact sentiments of dreams and sentience, and after all, questions like this are what drive Philip K. Dick's stories like "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" We'll take a look at Jung's thoughts on the subject more throughout the episode.

There is a great deal of science out there describing the structures and functions of sleeping, dreaming, and even things like sleep paralysis, yet despite all this, we still find that dream phenomena is a giant cornerstone in the mindset of modern mysticism, just as it ever was. Even with all our rationalizations and empirical studies that have helped us gain info, we're no closer to resolutely solving the mysteries of the dream world -- and this is what we are here to sift through in this episode! Let's consider the details that modern mainstream science has glossed over, do some empirical digging through the science and the history, and see how much we can get to the bottom of this.

Don't forget to check out the new documentary I'm featured in AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT: FROM UAP TO DMT, winner of the People's Choice Award at the Roswell UFOXPO 2023!

my book Dive Manual

my book Hunt Manual

my website

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists.

Intro Spection - The Liberators

11:11 - Umang x Kickback

Way It Used to Be - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

Mar 21, 202301:01:06
38: Tippy P III - Gator Hard with a Vengeance (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie & Alex the Alchemist)

38: Tippy P III - Gator Hard with a Vengeance (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie & Alex the Alchemist)

Welcome to the one-year anniversary of Black Hoodie Alchemy! This episode, I'm celebrating with a couple of my good friends: Justin Otto (host of Dharma Junkie) and the man, the myth, the legend himself: Tippy Patson - Redneck Mystic Extraordinaire! 

For those unaware, Tippy P is a mystical long-haul trucker from Defuniak Springs, FL, and he's all about the worship of Henry Ford and American trucker culture throughout time and space. He has sort of a mystical Christian perspective, he considers Mountain Dew and Bud Light to be the philosopher's elixirs, and he's committed to wrestling the gators of the everglades -- which he and his friends believe are illuminati reptilian-aliens that are hanging out in the everglades during their off-time.

Since Tippy's last time on the show, we've had all of his league members on to discuss how they found Tippy, what they were doing beforehand, and what their plans are for the future. You can listen to Martin Ferretti chat with cosmic ghost-pirate Apex Monsoon in #32, dolphin and LSD enthusiast Silverback Commando in #33, former Illuminati cloning lab manager Jefferson Tillamookslinger in #34, pro-wrestling scholar and numerologist Muscle Tornado in #35, and moonshiner mystic Bayou Jones in #35. You can also hear Tippy's other chats on this show in episodes #14 and #30!

Tippy gives us the updates with his special league and their plans, as well as his new Finnish friend that he's come in contact with: Juha Kourhonen. Former bassist for the death metal band Grim Reaper Diapers in Rovaniemi Finland, his wealth of knowledge is immense regarding the harvest of adrenachrome with links to the ancient Egyptian Deity Sobek, the God of Gators, and the primordial Lovecraftian titan that is known only as Santa Clause. Currently, Tippy and The League of Extordniary Gentlemen have built a GoFundMe page to help them get to Finland, in order to meet up with their friend Juha and defeat the Santa Clause.

Join us and have a laugh for this one-year celebration! And a sincere thank you to all the listeners for helping this program make it this far. We couldn't have done it without you.

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists! 

La La Lala - Hex One x Snowgoons

Old Heroes Grave - The Liberators

Lukin - Doc Hammer

Way it Used to Be - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

Rhythm of the Planet (feat. Tek-Nition & D-Rev) - Hex One x BBZ Darney

Justin Otto's Dharma Junkie Podcast


Mar 13, 202301:03:03
37: UFOs, Psychedelia & Disinfo Games (feat. Mike Mazzei of Mind Escape)

37: UFOs, Psychedelia & Disinfo Games (feat. Mike Mazzei of Mind Escape)

On the show this week, my good friend and fellow researcher Mike Mazzei joins me to discuss both UFOs and ancient history -- but not in the traditional "ancient alien" sense of the topic. Host of the podcast, Mind Escape, it is co-hosted by his cousin Maurice who is currently on hiatus, preparing their new documentary to soon release at the Roswell UFOXPO conference this month, March 10-12th! I will actually have a small guest spot in this documentary, explaining some of the strange things I've seen in the sky while living in Alaska, and there will be a whole roster of accredited scientists and philosophers, including the well-known Dr. Rick Strassman -- the first person to conduct clinical trials with DMT and popularize the monicker "spirit molecule". This documentary, instead of attempting to draw specific conclusions, will instead attempt to investigate and document the psychedelic, Carl-Jungian, dream-like qualities of the UFO experience that the nut-and-bolts mindsets tend to gloss over. 

This in mind, we take some time to go down the rabbithole of modern Ufology as we know it. We talk about some of the current news with spy-balloons and alleged craft shot down all over, we talk about some of the plot-holes in mainstream Ufology, some of the biases, and some of the underdeveloped angles of investigation -- like the psychedelic angle. That is to say: UFOs are not exclusively tied to the consumption of a psychedelic chemical, but rather, the experiences heavily mimic experiences of psychedelic chemicals. And as the cherry on top, there is of course a very long history of people specifically seeing UFOs on psychedelics in very impactful ways that go a bit beyond the notion of a mere fever dream. 

Lastly, we attempt to parse through some of the ancient history of psychedelic drugs and the sacramental, religious, mystical uses. What is "soma"? Why do so many people consider it a psychedelic, and could it have been cannabis, an ayahuasca analogue, a mushroom, or perhaps all of the above -- depending on the circumstances? We take a little bit of time to look through the uses of these chemicals and more in different cultures, and we consider what has become of all these traditions in the modern day.

Join us!

"As Within So Without: from UFOs to DMT" documentary, premiering at the Roswell UFOXPO March 10-12th 2023, including guest appearances from me -- Anthony Tyler, Martin Ferretti (as many of you will know from Black Hoodie Alchemy) and many impressive and accredited doctors and philosophers! 

Keep an eye out for the release of their documentary right here on their Patreon, and I will update this description as the release happens and continues!

Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists! 

This week's featured music:

The Return - Babylon Warchild (feat. Daddy Rose)

Syllable MUX-IP - Hex One

Spit the Claw - Doc Hammer

Way it Used to Be - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

Chances Are - The Liberators

Mar 06, 202301:40:37
36: Art, Metaphysics & the Heuristic Process (feat. Brad Kelly of Art of Darkness Podcast)

36: Art, Metaphysics & the Heuristic Process (feat. Brad Kelly of Art of Darkness Podcast)

This week the talented Mr. Brad Kelly, author and co-host of the Art of Darkness podcast joins me! After a month of insanity and parody, we're getting back to our roots a little bit and talking about metaphysics and artistic expression. No fluff, let's talk about some of the real historical landmarks on this subject, like Dante, Goethe, and Jung among others -- including checkered names like HP Lovecraft and downright infamous names like L Ron Hubbard. But beyond the lives and tales of some of great writers and thinkers, what really beckons the human to partake in any sort of art? Why create, why even consume? What are some of the innate, primordial mechanisms at play here? What is the adaptational value, and why are dreams such a critical piece of this subject? 

We also focus on some of the grimier aspects of the artist. How much does one have to sacrifice for their art, what should you be willing to give up, and what does any one of us stand to gain? If it's not a realistic monetary income in many cases, it doesn't particularly help you "peacock" for a mate, and you'll have to give some free time and resources up for it in the process... is it really worth it? Absolutely, but why it's worth it is a more complex question.

Certainly, even when considering the cave paintings of the hunt, these pictures weren't just meant to catalogue the past, they were meant to help visualize the future. Perhaps, in more cases than not, art is the propulsion in the old concept "god of the scientific gaps" -- meaning that gods and metaphysics provide the heuristic explanations for the scientific principles we cannot yet grasp, and art helps us slowly wrap our minds around that which is yet out of reach. After all isn't this what seemingly all of science fiction has done for modern science, time and time again?

For much of this conversation we focus on the classical artistic grind of the writer -- specifically, laboring over a manuscript -- but we do a great deal to keep the comparisons solid all the way through about the artistic process as a whole. And after all, there are very few artistic processes that do not require some vague form of writing in one way or another. 

As a longtime fictional author and cohost of a podcast that does deep, biographical dives on flawed and legendary historical artists, Brad Kelly has a quite a bit to say on this subject. He even takes us down some interesting tarot card rabbit holes to help elaborate the concept of the artistic process! It was a true pleasure to have him on, and I thoroughly recommend everyone check out his podcast ART OF DARKNESS, and his latest fictional book, HOUSE OF SLEEP

And don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists! This week's amazing featured artists: 

God's Image - Unknown Mizery x Arkeologists

String Theory - Hex One x BBZ Darney

Way it Used to Be - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

Talkin Durty to the Godz - Tainted Wisdom x Babylon Warchild

Feb 27, 202301:49:25
35: The Hulkamaniacal Muscle Tornado & Bayou Jones (feat. Martin Ferretti)

35: The Hulkamaniacal Muscle Tornado & Bayou Jones (feat. Martin Ferretti)

This week features the wrap-up of our introduction to "The League of Extordniary Gentlemen" with two special guests: Muscle Tornado and Bayou Jones. And once again, my colleague Martin Ferretti fills in for me while I'm off solving extraordinary Indiana-Jones-esque ancient mysteries! 

First we Tippy's Patson's recruit, Muscle Tornado -- a " spiritual warrior for Jesus" that loves DMT, numerology, and Hulk Hogan. Not only is pro wrestling a very real sport to him with real consequences, it is literally the war of God and the Devil incarnate. These wrestlers, he argues, are the mortal totems that represent a warfare throughout the ages.

Next we'll meet Bayou Jones -- an old moonshiner mystic, one of Tippy's oldest friends, and a man who was allegedly raised by some kindly alligators. This interview is a bit shorter, on account of Bayou's incoherence from all crack cocaine he smokes during the chat. And if you're not on the Tippy Patson train yet, understand that this is a for sure super duper real group of dummies hanging out in the Florida Everglades, wrestling what they're convinced are shapeshifting Illuminati gators! That's right -- they're too stupid to be a cult but too organized to just be regular swamp people, and they're always a fun time. 

Lastly, with the time to spare I tell a story of some of my elderly step-uncles landing on an episode of Alaska State Troopers. Season 3, Episode 6: Madman Manhunt! Fast forward to the final story of the episode and you'll find them trying to steal scrap metal from the dump after dark, and I give you the details that the state trooper couldn't figure out. It's this and more insanity this week. I hope you dig it!

And don't forget to listen to Black Hoodie Alchemy #14, 30, 32, 33, and 34 for the rest of The League of Extordniary Gentlemen's escapades!

a crappy but free youtube link to the Alaska State Troopers episode. Fastforward to 31:31 to see my uncles.

And this week's featured music is nearly all from my homies, Negative Blast. They're an amazing mash of the melodic and beatdown qualities that you find on both ends of the punk rock spectrum -- and they keep it old school. I really love what they're doing.

Listen to all of their latest EP, Echo Planet!

Carbon Copy - Negative Blast

Echo Planet - Negative Blast

Egghead - Negative Blast 

No Trust - Negative Blast

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

Way it Used to Be - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

Feb 20, 202301:04:07
34: Synchronicity 101 & Codename: Jefferson T (feat. Grant Mock)

34: Synchronicity 101 & Codename: Jefferson T (feat. Grant Mock)

Welcome to a little bit of a listener appreciation edition of Black Hoodie Alchemy! We have a pre-recorded call-in from Chris F, a little bit of featured music from rapper and illustrator Alex Arck, and the rowdy banjo picking of listener Grant Mock under the name Stray Puzzle Piece, who also joins me as a guest in the second portion of the show to discuss the concept of CG Jung's synchronicity.

But before all that, Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind joins me once again to interview yet another member of Redneck Mystic Tippy's Patson's crew of illuminati-gator hunters. This man goes by the codename: Jefferson T, although there are some discrepancies with what his last name actually is. He not only clears this up for us, but also goes into his fifteen-year career as a manager of a franchised Illuminati cloning facility in Newark, New Jersey. 

He as well elaborates on details of the life and operations of cloning lab employees, just who is running these labs, and why he's come to the Florida Everglades to gather with Tippy P and the rest of his crew. A brief interview with a member of Tippy's "League of Extordniary Gentlemen" will not be a part of every episode moving forward, but we are in the middle of a solid stint right now! You can expect one more next week before we move back into more traditional guests for now.

But don't forget: if you want to hear the full chronicles of Tippy's League, check out Black Hoodie Alchemy episodes #14, 30, 32, and 33!

As mentioned, the second half of the show will be a discussion of synchronicity, guided by quotes from Jung's work, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. This conversation quickly becomes part psychology, part physics, and part mysticism as we try to hash out just what synchronicity is and what its building blocks are. When we see the external world convey "messages" to us in ways that are deeply intuitive and difficult to explain to others, is this purely psychological? How much of it is actual physical, like a manifestation? How much of this might we be able to consider as obsessive-compulsive, and how do we tell when analyzing something like synchronicity has become a detriment? As always on this show, we try to consider the phenomenal with an open-minded and skeptical point of view, and while so much of this stuff has become New Age bullshit, it's truly hard to discount the ultimately unexplainable implications synchronicity. 

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

Old Heroes Grave - The Liberators

Gorefield - Alex Arck

Hill Country Promenade - Stray Puzzle Piece

Nashkill - Stray Puzzle Piece

Feb 13, 202301:20:10
33: Silverback Commando & Terrence Howard's Madness (feat. Martin Ferretti)

33: Silverback Commando & Terrence Howard's Madness (feat. Martin Ferretti)

This week we have a two-parter, with both parts revolving around total madness. 

For the first half hour, Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind returns to guest-host for me, interviewing the second member of Redneck Mystic Tippy Patson's crew, "The League of Extordniary Gentlemen." Fighting for the freedom of humanity against the Illuminati alligators deep in the Florida Everglades, Codename: Silverback Commando tells Martin and the audience why he joined Tippy's league in the swamps, and he also tells us about what kind of "research" he is bringing to the table. He fancies himself the "next Dr. John Lilly" and seems to be obsessed with Lilly's NASA-funded studies that involved LSD, dolphins, theoretical telepathy, and eventually, even some dolphin sensuality. Hustler even wrote an article about it, and none of that is a lie. Google it. But Silverback Commando tells us a little bit about his attempts to recreate this "dolphin telepathy," and explains more about his other studies in the Everglades with Tippy. 

Secondly, in this 100% real story that you can google for yourself, Hollywood actor Terrence Howard (famous for Hustle & Flow and Iron Man, among others) sort of retired from acting in 2015. That's why you haven't heard from him much. But do you know why he retired? Explaining in an interview with Rolling Stone first, he explained to the world that he has invented a COMPLETELY NEW MATH, called Terryology, and it revolves around 1x1=2. He's also used this equation to invent a "New Geometry", which he labors over, filling his apartment with enormous pseudo-psychedelic models. Take this quote for example, "I was able to open up the flower of life properly and find the real wave conjugations we've been looking for for 10,000 years. Why would I continue walking on water for tips when I've got an entire generation to teach a whole new world?" And that, folks, is just the beginning. I read a whole lot of quotes here trying to understand the true Kanye-level madness of Terrence Howard. I'm not sure how this man hasn't tried to start a cult yet, but I'm all the more thankful of the fact!

Jump with me down the rabbit hole for a slightly more comedic and extremely preposterous episode!

Support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

Gorefield - Alex Arck

Old Heroes Grave - The Liberators

Wet $$$ - Doc Hammer

Dali - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

Way it Used to Be - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

Thee Party Song - M.U.T.T.

Terrence Howard's Madness links:

Terrence's Own Website


Some wild Terrence quotes

The Rolling Stone article, "Terrence Howard's Dangerous Mind"

Feb 06, 202301:03:32
32: Aum Shinrikyo & Ghost Pirates (feat. Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind)

32: Aum Shinrikyo & Ghost Pirates (feat. Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind)

For those of that have kept up with the Tippy Patson interviews, my colleague Martin Ferretti and I have a special treat for you! For those that are unaware, Tippy P is a completely and for sure "real" Florida Man that is convinced he has found evidence of American trucker culture throughout time and space, and that the reptilian Illuminati are actually all of the gators that live in the Florida Everglades. Because of this, he and his friend Bayou Jones have set up shop in the Everglades and begun recruiting people to help them save the world from these shapeshifting gators and along the way, Tippy has given us all sorts of strange rabbit holes of consideration. This conversation will be no different! It is the first interview with one of Tippy's recruits in what they are calling "The League of Extordinary Gentlemen," and this member's code-name is Apex Monsoon. This man actually claims to be a "cosmic ghost pirate" that Tippy has trapped within a ship-in-a-bottle. Like a genie. Not sure if this man is mentally ill, too high on drugs, a real cosmic pirate, or maybe all of the above -- but Martin fills in for me to try and get to the bottom of this.

As for the majority of the show, it is dedicated to an informal analysis of the Aum Shinrikyo Japanese death cult. Known for their somewhat successful terrorist attack of a Japanese subway in the late 90's, this MASSIVE cult started out with a man simply pretending he was enlightened, and promising the knowledge of extrasensory powers. By combining Buddhism, apocalyptic Christianity, off-brand Scientological models, leader Shoko Asahara convinced tens of thousands to follow him, and was known by most of Japan as a cheerfully enlightened New Age thinker. Meanwhile, he was literally building off-books chemical weapons factories, equipped with teams of scientists to help him achieve goals that are nothing short of absolute comic-book supervillainy. How did this man convince reasonable and clearly intelligent people to go en-masse down the rabbit hole with him? And how did it culminate in a terrorist attack that rocked the core of Japanese culture and homeland security?

Find out with me this week!

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists:

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild 

Old Heroes Grave - The LIberators

Shards - Negative Blast

Chains (feat. Lay Low) - Legitimate x Rex Seshuns

Souled Out - Doc Hammer

Martin's The Alchemical Mind

my website

Jan 30, 202301:03:35
31: Enlightenment vs. Disillusionment

31: Enlightenment vs. Disillusionment

Welcome back! After a hiatus of over a month, Black Hoodie Alchemy resumes -- and I've got a bone to pick with the notion of enlightenment. While I don't discount that enlightenment is an attainable state of consciousness, and I don't discount that there are altruistic people alive today that claim enlightenment, I've got a real hard time with the idea of enlightenment for several reasons. 

Firstly, isn't it always more impressive when someone does something first? Buddha, Christ, and others might still be impressive, but even if someone is achieving enlightenment today, that doesn't make them Christly. The times have changed quite a bit, and "control methods" for enlightenment are few and far between. Even if steps once worked for some people, does that mean that they are always guaranteed to work for everyone? And why does everyone assume that if you are enlightened, you are automatically a good, altruistic person? Could it be that even terrible, evil people could be enlightened? If enlightenment is a thing, it seems to be something like a neurological hack of your habituated thought patterns (and yes I know this a reductionist view). And if all this is the case, then I don't think there is enough evidence to rule out the dark side of enlightenment.

To me, at this point, someone claiming enlightenment is guilty until proven innocent. I wish it wasn't the case, but the times have changed. In a word full of wannabe cult leaders, scheming politicians, tick tock celebrities and more, I don't trust the people that want to sell their answers. Sell food for thought, but don't sell so-called "fool-proof answers". Enlightenment to me is in the same category today as someone claiming to be specially chosen by God to change the world, or someone being specially chosen by aliens to change the world. Perhaps enlightenment is the most realistic options of those three, but claims of it so often seem to bring about the same results...

In any case, I prefer disillusionment, and my aim is therapy and catharsis, not enlightenment. It is entirely possible and even likely that all these things are on the same continuum of spiritual development, but suffice it to say, it is like Plato himself said: those fit to rule or lead generally do not do so, and those unfit to rule or lead generally tend to do so. I have yet to see this piece of philosophy disproven. 

This week's featured music! Support that black hoodie rap, heavy metal, and all your favorite independent artists!

Promoterman - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

The Way it Used to Be - Tribesmen x Arkeologists

The Hell's Satans - Doc Hammer

Spit the Claw - Doc Hammer

Vamparty Diaries - Doc Hammer

my website 

Jan 23, 202301:02:02
30: The Return of Tippy P - Redneck Mystic Extraordinaire (feat. Joe Rupe of Lighting the Void)

30: The Return of Tippy P - Redneck Mystic Extraordinaire (feat. Joe Rupe of Lighting the Void)

For the final episode of 2022, I am pleased to announce that both Joe Rupe and Tippy Patson are back! If you missed Tippy's last appearance on Episode #14 of Black Hoodie Alchemy, he's a strange yet affable redneck from Defuniak Springs, Florida that is absolutely and totally a real person. 

He and his cohorts (a group of rednecks that call themselves "a 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' of sorts") are convinced that the population of gators in the Florida Everglades are indeed the Illuminati shapeshifting reptilians, and this redneck league is calling for you to come help them capture all of them! Not only that, but Tippy is here to spread the word about the spirituality of Henry Ford, who the rednecks claim was a multi-dimensional time-traveler, something similar to Dr. Who. And if this wasn't insane enough, Tippy is also convinced the Elon Musk is the actual Devil, and that Nascar can be seen celebrated throughout time and space. It's all this and more for a bonkers interview with this redneck mystic extraordinaire!

Unfortunately, just like Tippy's first appearance, I was unexpectedly unable to make it, on account of the many epic and mysterious neo-noir-ish adventures I'm constantly tangled in. But thankfully Joe was hanging out on the beach and happy to take Tippy's call!

So in a joint venture between the shows Black Hoodie Alchemy and Lighting the Void, Joe Rupe and I bring you the second appearance of the great Tippy P. 

Joe and I would also like to give a special shout-out to the homie, Justin Otto of the Dharma Junkie podcast, for his help in the editing and production of this episode and the first appearance with Tippy. Not only did he conduct that first interview, but he's also an audio engineering wizard and we greatly appreciate his work!

And for the final half hour of the show, I take some time to talk about the Kanye West - Alex Jones conversation on InfoWars, and how absolutely batshit insane it was. While admittedly nursing the fast forward button, I actually listened through the whole thing, I heard all the bad shit people were reporting about, and I'm here to report back to you!

And yes, lastly, this will be the last episode of 2022 as mentioned! But rest assured, Black Hoodie Alchemy will be back strong with the New Year. 

And don't forget to support that underground black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists!

(Intro)Spection - The Liberators 

Old Heroes Grave - The Liberators

Change the Channel - Legitimate x Rex Seshunz

Bout That Time - Epidemic

Joe's website

Justin's website

my website

See you next year! 

Take care.

Dec 12, 202201:12:37
29: Psychedelic Horror & Paranormal Activity (feat. Chaz of the Dead)

29: Psychedelic Horror & Paranormal Activity (feat. Chaz of the Dead)

Fellow researcher and field-investigator, Chaz of the Dead joins me to talk about some of his strange expeditions across the world, investigation the unexplainable, the psychedelic, and the horrific -- oftentimes all at once. Firstly we discuss Chaz's ground-rules of paranormal investigation, with considerations of Carl Jung, chaos magick, and classical paranormal ghost hunting but without the crosses and holy water. After this, we get into some real wild stories. 

Chaz talks about poltergeists, demonology, reports of vampiric flying serpents in modern day South Africa, and even his field investigations . He's investigated UFO hotspots in Chile (to include possibilities of Nazi hideouts from their post-WWII scramble in South America), he's also investigated the strange paranormal of the haunted mansion and a strange metal sphere near Jacksonville, Florida, that attracted government attention in the 1970s, and he talks about his experiments with LSD and psilocybin while ghost-hunting and playing with ouija boards! Chaz is a very adventurous man to the say the least, and for all the wild topics he's able to talk about, he brings a level of grounded, humorous skepticism to it all that is mostly missing from the rest of the paranormal community. Chaz isn't expecting to find the answers to all his questions, but that won't stop him from trying!

So what about psychedelics and the paranormal anyway? Would it help a ouija board to work better if you were peaking on mushrooms? Would it make you more receptive to the paranormal while walking around a haunted mansion at night on LSD? Or is it just a really wild experiment with some fun stories? The food for thought you find in here might be more concrete than you would expect. 

Hear about all this and more! We hope you dig it.

See all of Chaz's work at his website, including books, articles and interviews.

This week's featured music! Y'all know: support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

11-11 - Umang & Kickback

Nightmare - Umang & BBZ Darney

Raw Raps (feat. Robust) - Epidemic & Dreamtek

The Karma - Babylon Warchild

Dec 05, 202201:38:16
28: Garbage Wizardry in a Garbage World (feat. Eric Millar of Outlet Press)

28: Garbage Wizardry in a Garbage World (feat. Eric Millar of Outlet Press)

Author, illustrator, and experimental esotericist Eric Millar -- The Garbage Wizard himself --returns to the show to talk about his latest work, An Assemblage of Disparate Parts. Following up our last conversation about OG comic book culture, philosophy, and mysticism, Eric's latest work is a decidedly critical strike at the concepts of the "scholar", the "professional", the "accredited", and the "accepted". Eric takes some unique approaches in his critiques as well, noting the philosophy of collage work itself, and the symbolic implications therein. 

In a way that reminded me just a little bit of Fight Club's destructive philosophical wit, I tell Eric that his latest work reminds me of something like Tyler Durden on one of his easier-going days. In this vein of thought, Eric describes what he affectionately describes as "garbage wizardry" among many other descriptions. In essence, this is an idea of trash and treasure being perspective, and how that perspective in relation to any object can serve as a deep psychological catalyst for change if used properly. In Eric's point of view, a magic eight-ball is as mystical and divinatory as you make it. Anyone can be a wizard -- even with garbage and grime -- if you apply it properly.

Eric also goes into some detail about depersonalization and what he calls "The Grey Man" persona, discussing how the two knee-jerk reactions to oppression are a desire to rebel, or a desire to blend in. As well, we talk a bit about finding self awareness through your own honest artwork, and we talk about relating to and interacting with the inner child within us all -- even shedding some light on fatherhood from Eric's perspective and the things he's learned while raising a child with his own mind so mystically-oriented. 

Lastly, we even get into the double edged sword of social medial a bit. People keep talking about the "collapse of Twitter", so Eric and I pose that if honest art makes you more self-aware, honest social media seems to be psychiatrically designed to bring some of the worst out in us. Granted, it's not completely useless and it has its benefits, but it was designed with so many existential pitfalls, that it seems as if it could be creating rampant thought-forms that are becoming autonomous in their own rights. Whatever be the case, it certainly seems like social media brings the worst out of people all too often. But we don't get on a pulpit about it, this is just one of the many existential topics discussed!

My first conversation with Eric, centered around his work, The Four Color Grimoire -- all things philosophical, esoteric, and OG comic book culture.

Eric Millar's OUTLET PRESS

my website where you can find my books, Dive Manual and Hunt Manual

This week's featured music -- support that underground black hoodie rap and all your favorite indie artists!

La La Lala - Hex One

The TV Programs You - D REV

Ghetto Guitar - uMang

Nov 29, 202201:25:05
27: CG Jung's Red & Black Books (feat. Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind)

27: CG Jung's Red & Black Books (feat. Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind)

Welcome back, folks! This week on the show, my friend Martin Ferretti joins me to analyze psychoanalyst, Carl Jung's legendary self-therapy journals: The Red and Black Books. Both released after his death, The Red Book represents a sizable portion of the Black Books' contents. Large, leather-bound, and full of beautifully haunting paintings and calligraphy of his innermost spiritual turmoil, Jung's Red Book is truly something like a magical tome written by a modern man of science.  

The Black Books were the rough journals he kept of nearly twenty years of therapeutic investigation into his dreams, meditations, and trance states. Like a mythological hero speaking to gods and goddesses, angels, even some demons and ghosts, Jung would work himself into an active trance and communicate with his hypnotic archetypes in order to discover epic journeys, tribulations, lessons, and triumphs that actively played roles in his daily life. The story today is almost something like a hard-nosed, disciplined man of science allowing himself to go on one of the truest NeverEnding Stories of all time.  

And not only do we discuss Jung's journey of this nature, we also bring up the likes of JRR Tolkien, Dante Alighieri, Wolfgang Goethe, and Manly P Hall, showing how the investigations of our imaginal constructs through art and magick are sometimes the only way to highlight and grab hold of some of our innermost undiscovered drives, instincts, aspirations, and downfalls. Without our dreams, our art, and plans and projects, we would implode under the weight of our un-mined potential. Truly, this is the physics of the situation -- ignore it and see what happens. 

People like Jung and Tolkien didn't shoulder the weight of an existential crisis because they thought it might be fun, they did so because they found themselves at a place in their lives where it had become unavoidable. So, rather than avoid it at all costs, they strapped up and dove headfirst into the abyss so that they might tame it!  

As Jung himself once wrote, borrowing from Goethe, “This is the fund of unconscious images which fatally confuse the mental patient. But it is also the matrix of a mythopoeic imagination which has vanished from our rational age. Though such imagination is present everywhere, it is both tabooed and dreaded... It is considered the path of error, of equivocation and misunderstanding. I am reminded of Goethe’s words; ‘Now let me dare to open wide the gate/ Past which men’s steps have ever flinching trod.’ …Unpopular, ambiguous, and dangerous, it is a voyage of discovery to the other pole of the world.”  Come with me if us want to dive. 

This week's featured music -- support that black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists! 

Intro - Hex One 

Model Citizen - Babylon Warchild (feat. Black da Plague & Fresco P) 

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild 

Fire in the Sky - Babylon Warchild 

Don't forget!  Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism 

Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana 

Martin Ferretti's The Alchemical Mind

Nov 21, 202201:44:17
26: Killers, Cult Leaders & Jungian Perspective II

26: Killers, Cult Leaders & Jungian Perspective II

As a follow-up to last week, I will be reading the chapter after the excerpt I read last! Both from my book Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana. Last week was mostly about serial killers and some cult leaders, and this week will mostly be about cult leaders and then some serial killers -- and of course, this will all focus on their occult obsessions, and we'll attempt to analyze these stories from a Jungian perspective. Discussing names and cults like Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite, Adolfo Constanzo, Lori Vallow, Teal Swan, the Order of the Solar Temple's strange story, and we even happen to get into the stories of Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski. Although not a cult leader or follower, his tale is woven in as a carry over from last week -- and in a curious way, his connections to the Genovese crime family wound up borderline-esoteric and cultish at times, especially when it came to his "friend" Roy DeMao of the "Gemini Lounge". 

What are some of the symbolic, psychological underpinnings of the most heinous and charismatic cult leaders? Why might they do what they do, and how do reasonable, educated people fall for these things? It's much more complicated than using a blanket-diagnosis of mental illness. Certainly mental illness is at play here more often than not, but doesn't nearly everyone these days have some sort of diagnosis? How mentally ill must you be to fall susceptible to a cult? While we might be able to point out clear-cut cases of extreme scenarios, the grand scheme is not nearly as black-and-white. One thing however is for certain: whether people are cult leaders or followers, they are all desperately searching for something, and our willing to do whatever it takes to find it. 

This week's excerpt is not posted on my website or anywhere else, so if you'd like to read it you'll have to grab a copy of my book, but feel free to read last week's excerpt right here.

This week's featured music -- support black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists!

Fire in the Sky - Babylon Warchild

Supreme Vishnu - Arkeologists x Unknown Mizery

Mumbai Wi-Fi - Arkeologists x Unknown Mizery

The Taj Mahal - Arkeologists x Unknown Mizery

Nov 15, 202252:03
25: Killers, Cult Leaders & Jungian Perspective I

25: Killers, Cult Leaders & Jungian Perspective I

For our discussion this week, I am reading an excerpt from my book Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana. While the book covers a wide variety of subjects, all under the umbrella-topic of the "unexplainable and horrifying", this excerpt will focus mainly on serial killers with some cult leaders peppered in. And mainly from the perspective of analytic psychology as espoused by CG Jung.

A skeptic would say that it is negligent and foolish to consider spirituality in a court of law, and while I don't think something as non-empirical as spirituality has a place in a courtroom, that doesn't mean that spiritual principles don't have their effect on someone that ends up in a courtroom. Perhaps it is too sensationalist to consider a serial killer to be possessed -- but the fact remains that we can find occult obsessions in the stories of serial killers more often than not. Take Jeffrey Dahmer, who attempted to built an altar of skeletons, or Ted Bundy, who consistently spoke of his "entity" that followed him. But then again, let us not forget David Berkowitz, who cartoonishly thought demons were communicating to him through dogs. What other killer stories are there of strange occultism, how much of it is a lie, how much of it is just delusion, and how much might we be able to consider as truly occult? Whether or not you want to use words like possession or demons, nefarious occult obsessions cannot be denied when it comes to studying the dark minds of history's serial killers. 

Honestly, even if someone were to irrefutably prove that a serial killer had been possessed, I don't think it would or should change anything about law and criminality as we know it. Sorry but life is creepy, and if anyone can be possessed by any sort of demon, don't expect for that to prove your innocence! As someone that believes in some level of metaphysical influence--whatever it be--I think crimes should be paid for regardless.

Names mentioned will also include Richard Ramirez, Israel Keyes, Henry Lee Lucas, John Wayne Gayce, Danny Rolling, Richard Chase, and more! 

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists!

Fire in the Sky - Babylon Warchild

The Karma - Babylon Warchild

Realities - String Theory (Hex One x BBZ Darney)

Hidden - Epidemic x Jesse James

the excerpt I read from today

Nov 08, 202250:56
24: Unbridled Cosmic Terror (feat. Miguel & Moondog of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio)

24: Unbridled Cosmic Terror (feat. Miguel & Moondog of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio)

This week Miguel Conner and his cohort ol' Moondog join me from Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio! These guys are veterans of the game -- life, esoteric study and practice, even broadcast -- and I am always eager to have a conversation with them. And while this episode is being released on Halloween, and the holiday will be mentioned here and there, don't be discouraged to listen to this any time of year! The three of us have done some sort of Halloween Special for the last two years and we couldn't help but make our own trilogy with this addition!

Throughout the conversation, Miguel and Vance help me understand some of the finer points of Gnostic history and philosophy. Where does Gnostic history start, what do the Mysteries of Antiquity have to do with it, what is the significance of apocryphal Biblical gospels, and what does this all mean for us in today's era? What did the Gnostics exactly believe and why were they so focused on Yahweh, the Abrahamic god, being a tormentor? Did they just think that he was incompetent as a god, or did they think he was sincerely evil? And what does that mean for Lucifer? Historically speaking, it's easy to see why the Catholic church had a deep distaste for the spiritual skepticism of the Gnostics, but it is for this very reason that Gnostic philosophy thrives today. In a way that is historically unique and poignant, the Gnostics tackled the idea of cosmic and existential terror head-on, attempting to truly grab the bull by the horns in their own ways. To the Gnostic mindset, it would appear that every day is an existential test equivalent to the Buddha sitting under the bodhi, tempted by Mara. And who's to say that it isn't? 

After all, what's more terrifying than the prospect of a flawed higher power?

The featured music this week! As always, support that underground black hoodie rap and all your favorite indie artists out there:

La La Lala - Hex One

Farm Complex - Babylon Warchild (feat. Chief Kamachi)

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (youtube for live streams)

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (podcast on spotify, apple, etc)

My past years' Halloween Specials as a guest on Aeon Byte:

Talking about Clive Barker and Horror Philosophy

Releasing Hunt Manual for last Halloween

This year I guested on The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable for another Halloween Special

Nov 01, 202201:46:05
23: Ghostbusting the Psyche (feat. Keats Ross of PragMagick)

23: Ghostbusting the Psyche (feat. Keats Ross of PragMagick)

This time around, Keats Ross of the PragMagick podcast is here to get our fingers deep in the dark recesses of our unconscious minds, doing some kinds of ghost-busting that you've probably never considered before! Yes, we'll be celebrating the Halloween season a little bit -- and for most you that are listening to this outside of October, don't be discouraged! The content is applicable to any season, but it's just so fitting right now. Yes, it's gonna be a form of hungry-ghost-busting! Keats talks to us about his multi-media work that he's entitled "Haunt Manual" discussing the aspects of our characters, our egos, our minds, and our lives that haunt us. 

We talk quite a bit about both eastern and western esotericism, discussing ritual and ceremony in drug rehabilitation and other forms of therapy, the archetypes of hungry ghosts and demons and angels, and the alchemical process of rooting around in our own minds in order to purify and renew what we've thrown away through trauma and misunderstanding.

We also talk a little bit about Keats' history growing up with his father, a man who hosted a show very similar to the ones Keats and I host! Through his father, Keats met as a child prominent names such as Robert Anton Wilson and even Timothy Leary, which helped to inspire his own pursuits to this day.

Pull the cosmic trigger: search back through the stories and art that inspired you as a child, forgive yourself for your mistakes, stop letting nostalgia and regret torment you, and dig deep into your psyches to forgive and renew the aspects that haunt you.

Happy Halloween season to ya!

Check out all of Keats' material here: 

Haunt Manual's released chapters, audio and written! 

The featured music this week is all courtesy of Keats Ross and his artistic alter ego, Dakota Slim -- an ego that is brought up plenty throughout this conversation of ours: 

Wasted Bones - Dakota Slim 

Cactus Crown - Dakota Slim 


my Halloween Special 2022 with Ryan Gable on his show, The Secret Teachings

my Halloween Special 2020 with Miguel & Vance on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio! Talking all things Clive Barker

my Halloween Special 2021 with Miguel & Vance on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio! Talking about my book Hunt Manual

Oct 25, 202201:44:01
22: Fortean Fright-Fest in the Pacific Northwest (feat. Bob Antone)

22: Fortean Fright-Fest in the Pacific Northwest (feat. Bob Antone)

After a two-week break, this next episode picks up right where the last left off: discussing and investigating the outer limits of strangeness! Joined by my friend, Fortean investigator Bob Antone, we discuss some of the stranger and creepier stories he's encountered throughout his life in North Bend, Washington with his wife Laura. 

Laura is a native of the First Nations Dene people, and having both been raised in the area, Bob and his wife have been heavily steeped in the native shamanic and folkloric customs and traditions. Bob is the kind of guy that knows so much about these things, he has to at times be careful about the way he speaks, so as not to damage sanctity and sacredness of these lesser known native beliefs. In other words: he can't tell us everything, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have plenty to say! 

We warm up with a little bit of talk about paranormal encounters and Sasquatch --including some of Bob's personal stories-- and we bring up serial killers of the Pacific Northwest like Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, and Israel Keyes. If we're careful not to sensationalize, and we're careful not to fall for silly legal defenses, isn't there a possibility that some of these serial killers might be influenced by some sort of ominous metaphysical influences? We're not trying to draw any dangerous conclusions here, but we do discuss this a bit, even bringing up known accounts of Ted Bundy's childhood home in Tacoma being haunted!

Lastly, we hash out some of the details of what exactly a skinwalker is, and what genuine "black magick" or "dark arts" are. Not pointing to one specific deity and saying, "bad", but considering the real archetypal underpinnings of using metaphysical mindsets for nefarious things. 

We hope you enjoy a chat we tried to make exceptionally creepy for the Halloween season -- but don't be discouraged to listen to this episode any time of year either!

The music used in this week's episode is from Bob and Laura's folk-blues band, Tinkham Road! The versions played in the show are the acoustics, but I also strongly encourage you to check out the studio sessions linked here in the show notes!

Red Door Red Door Come on Thru - Tinkham Road

Tomorrow Brings Another - Tinkham Road

Intro - Hex One

Additional Notes: 

Bundy's Demon - Dr. Katherine Ramsland

Oct 18, 202201:27:18
21: Unexplainable Phenomena, Surrealism & Mental Health (feat. AP Strange)

21: Unexplainable Phenomena, Surrealism & Mental Health (feat. AP Strange)

This time around, the show gets pretty X-Files-ish with my colleague, AP Strange -- a writer, researcher, investigator, and collector of Forteana. Strange gives us a brief history of Charles Fort and the ideas of "Fortean" investigation and phenomena, which essentially encompasses anything unexplainable with some shades of specificity that we'll get into. 

Armed with an impressive Fortean library, AP Strange knows well about eclectic researchers and their strange obsessions throughout the years, whether it be UFOs, cryptids, or poltergeists, and this man can easily be considered a walking Fortean library himself. Additionally, he's had his own wild Fortean experiences that he tells us about, and he recommends further topics of research that you may not have ever heard of. 

Phantom clowns abducting children? Silent black helicopters and an outbreak of cattle mutilations? Poltergeists, Loch Ness, and spontaneous combustion? What about UFOs and abductions and Men in Black? We've got it all in this episode as well discuss the unexplainable, the surreal, and where to draw the line with your own mental health. Being fascinated with these things is all a part of the human experience -- we love folklore and mythology and trying to figure things out for ourselves -- but we must be careful to not slip headfirst down the rabbit hole, losing ourselves in paranoia and the foolish quest for the ultimate truth. Where do these things come from? Is it all in our heads, or something more? What about both options?

Check out AP's website!

New Old School - Cowboy Matt Hopewell (AP Strange)

my website

This week's featured music! Support that independent black hoodie rap, and all your favorite independent artists!

Intro - Hex One

I Am (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze) - Babylon Warchild

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

Seasunz (feat. Melanin 9) - Epidemic

Sep 27, 202201:25:48
20: Hermeticism & the Golden Dawn (feat. Joe Rupe)
Sep 20, 202201:21:26
19: The Image of the Conspiracy Theory

19: The Image of the Conspiracy Theory

This week's episode will be more personal than usual, as I talk about why the culture of the conspiracy theory has been on the strong rise over the last several years. For 3 years, around 2014 to 2017, I was one of the three main writers behind the non-partisan news website The Last American Vagabond, where I immersed myself in so many conspiracy theories in an attempt to find what was real and what wasn't. I haven't kept up with the headlines or the people associated with the Vagabond for quite some time now, but I've got no hard feelings or anything ill to say about them in particular. And let it be known very loudly and clearly that I am not anti-conspiracy theory as a wholesale statement! Many conspiracy theories are conspiracy facts, and the idea of "conspiracy" is just a part of human culture that exists in the bottom of the hierarchy, the top, and everywhere in between. 

But how do we really separate fact from hysteria? As example: the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was very real and full of evidence, yet people still focus on MCU-style conspiracy theory cross-overs that connect everything together and would probably make a fun comic book or movie, but they also make for a very fucking sad and unhealthy real life. Over the last few years we've seen a rise in conspiracy-theory-culture interventions as family try to talk people down from a paranoid proverbial ledge, and we've seen people completely throwing friends and family away because these people "can't see the truth."

Epstein, Q Anon, Pizzagate, 9/11, the Illuminati, Annunaki and various Reptilian or otherwise alien overlords, and a whole lot more in this episode!

Then, to top it all off, I tell the very real story of my Iraqi Refugee friend that I made in Anchorage, Alaska in 2015. Nicknamed "Sam", he was brought to the US by the United Nations Witness Protection Program. Having worked as an interpreter for US forces for years in Iraq as a teenager, the Taliban had finally started targeting him and his family, forcing Sam to flee the country. Find out more of the details of his story on this week's episode! Sam's story was a final straw for me to show that conspiracy theories missed so many details from their far removed arm-chair researcher perspective. 

All this and more on Black Hoodie Alchemy

Support that underground black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists!

Intro - Hex One

The Injustice - Babylon Warchild

The Gates of Babylon - Babylon Warchild

my website

Sep 13, 202201:06:39
18: The Image of the UFO

18: The Image of the UFO

Interested in the psychology, symbolism, and existential potential of the UFO, but tired of the insane new age space gurus, government insiders, and half-baked philosophies? Then this will be an episode for you. 

UFOs won't be a main focus on this podcast series, and this will likely be one of the few episodes I ever do on the subject. They will surely be mentioned from time to time with varying degrees of focus, but the majority of connotations associated with Ufology and the types of investigations it provokes aren't my main focuses of interest. Some people interested in Ufology say they are interested in the stars and the potential for cosmic life, but what it seems they are most interested in is paranoia, mania, and the rush of uncovering esoteric secrets. Another rendition of the age-old archetypal hero's-journey with a whooole lot of weeds to get lost in on this trek! 

So let's talk about why Ufology is so full of holes in its traditional lore, but why the psychology and existential "image" of the UFO has truly been seen throughout history and has its own presence within the human experience. But how physical are these things? Do they come from other planets? What kind of primal questions about existence in the cosmos does the image of the UFO stir within us all? None of it is exactly straightforward, but I certainly don't agree with the most traditional explanations, nor do I buy the tales of government insiders or story-sellers. 

And to top it all off, I get into the basic nuts and bolts of my UFO sightings outside of Anchorage, Alaska! I lived there for many years and saw more than a couple very clear and confusing UFOs. No aliens, no abductions, not even any real climaxes, but they were ace-in-the-hole sightings that have left me with my own questions and considerations. You don't have to believe me either. I'm not a ufologist, I don't have a stake in any of these claims, I'm just sharing my experiences. Government-based, existentially metaphysical, a psychedelic-esque vision, or extra-terrestrials from another planet, we all know someone that has seen unexplainable phenomena in the sky, and we see it throughout our historical records. So let's not ignore it, and let's not look to "officials" for a narrative. Let's investigate for ourselves.

This week's featured music! Support your favorite independent emcees

Intro - Hex One 

Tumblin - Rothstein 

Extraterrestrials - Hex One

Don't forget to check out my other work as well

Dive Manual

Hunt Manual (this one discusses UFOs a bit)

my website

the trailer to the UFO documentary I'm going to be in (full film unreleased at the moment)

Sep 06, 202258:07
17: The Image of the Mysteries

17: The Image of the Mysteries

This week's episode is all about the "Ancient Mysteries of Antiquity" as scholars have put it, and what they psychologically represent for us today. Part historical fact and part philosophical supposition, the Mysteries are the loose name for the overarching metaphysical studies found within the cultures of the Egyptian, the Hebrew, the Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Persians, Chinese, Vedic, and other traditions more. Some part of the mystery here is how exactly so many global and ancient cultures communicated their philosophies with one another, and how much of it is archetypal psychology. In other words: how much of this comes from old trading routes, how much of this is purely the collective consciousness, and how much of this is just the confirmation biases of New Agers and staunch esotericists. 

The deeper mystery here is what all the priestly studies of so many cultures were seeking to shed light on. What sciences did they pass down to one another, what secrets did they keep under penalty of death, and how were altered states of consciousness involved? Ancient priests from so many cultures maintained a continuity and fraternity of ancient metaphysical study, something that even inspired the Freemasons among so many other secret societies, and all of them had key-points and takeaways that we can consider today through historical evidence. Were they studying the meaning of life, or is it something more alchemical and to the point? Furthermore, what is the psychology behind this all? Why do humans feel the need to understand the secrets of the cosmos? What is there to gain in the end and what does this archetypal quest truly represent? 

Ultimately, I try to pinpoint what the historical perspective of the Mysteries are, and I aim to drive home just how and why they have shaped general philosophy, occultism, mysticism, and religion as we know it today.

This week's featured music!

Intro - Hex One

Aquarium - Deca

Untitled - Deca & Ichiban

Buyer Beware (feat. Deca) - Rothstein 

Aug 30, 202201:02:13
16: The Image of the Devil

16: The Image of the Devil

Aug 23, 202258:47
15: The Image of God

15: The Image of God

Welcome back, folks! This week I start the discussion off with some odds and ends, elaborating on a couple points from prior episodes to segue into this one, the philosophy and psychology of God. I also briefly mention the latest Alexisonfire album-- the first one since 2009. It's fantastic and if heavy stoner rock that bleeds slightly into hardcore and blues sounds up your alley, then I highly recommend it.

As for the main topic, the "image of God" was a phrase that psychoanalyst Carl Jung coined, and it was meant to signify the human psychological components-- the symbols, feelings, and concepts-- that the idea of God gave humanity. Potential metaphysical realities and dogmas set aside, what has the image of God done for humanity throughout history on tangible, scientific levels? We cannot measure the metaphysical qualities of something like the monotheistic All-God of so many religions, but we can certainly measure the human engagement, participation, and consequences of wrestling with this all pervasive and even evasive image. 

Regardless of our beliefs, the compulsion to the consider with the image of God is deep-seated and something that seems to have nestled itself in the recesses of our psyches since the beginning of it all. But what is it? Is it purely psychological or could it be something more? And what about the mythological embodiments of this All-God throughout history? What about Yahweh in particular, the one most of us are so familiar with on one level or another? Is Yahweh really perfect, omnipotent, and all-loving? Or is he flawed and perhaps evil like the Gnostics claim? Perhaps somewhere in between? All this and more on Black Hoodie Alchemy!

My recommended listening for you this week!

Sweet Dreams of Otherness - Alexisonfire

More recommended listening, and the featured music on the show! 

Support that underground black hoodie rap!

The Center - The Liberators

Leave it all Behind - Hex One

additional material:

Jung's Answer to Job

Jungian God-Image

my book Dive Manual

my book Hunt Manual

my website

Aug 16, 202201:01:56
14.666: Heavy Metal Philosophies (feat. Adam Koch of Silent on Fifth Street)

14.666: Heavy Metal Philosophies (feat. Adam Koch of Silent on Fifth Street)

This episode is a bit of a Heavy Metal Special! And that also makes it an opportunity to play some brutal solos and breakdowns courtesy of the metal band, Silent on Fifth Street, of which my friend Adam Koch is the bassist. You can find their music on Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes the easiest and we'll be playing a few samples of tracks here on this show instead of the usual bumps of black hoodie rap. 

So if you have an aversion to bone-crushing metal with pummeling vocals, then it's okay to sit this one out. We all like what we like and I wouldn't blame you! But maybe you non-metalheads just skip the music breaks and tune in anyway -- you might gain some good food for thought here.

Having been around for a handful of years now, Silent on Fifth Street are a presence in underground metal, receiving positive reception from heavy metal news outlets and even getting themselves some small-time hits. But this is still only the beginning, because they're currently cooking up a new EP -- and just a few months before recording this podcast, they'd actually managed to open up for Suicide Silence, Carnifex, and Lorna Shore. Some notable names for anyone that follows the really heavy side of metal.

Join us as we talk about why metal gets more and more extreme, the differences in old school and new school metal, vocal techniques and instrumentation, the worst mosh stories we've heard, metal gatekeeping, and of course philosophy. Can you summon demons with metal? What about just in the allegorical sense? How healthy can it be dwelling on such dark topics with dark instrumentation? And how does Satanism factor into it all? What about Christian metal bands? All this and more on this week's conversation. 

Silent on Fifth Street's music 


Better off Dead 

The Sickening Truth

and their newest song: Meaningless Life

Aug 02, 202258:32
14: The Legend of Redneck Mystic 'Tippy Patson' (feat. Justin Otto)
Jul 26, 202254:39
13: Schizophrenic Serial Killers (feat. Joe Rupe of Lighting the Void)

13: Schizophrenic Serial Killers (feat. Joe Rupe of Lighting the Void)

Here comes the first appearance (of many to come on this show) of my friend Joe Rupe, host of Lighting the Void and the main brain behind the Fringe FM Radio. He is also a former member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and has a great deal of insight into mysticism, transcendental magick and Jungian psychology. 

In this episode, we warm up with some talk about the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, and we talk about the state of Jungian psychology today and where different people have taken it. But after that, we get into the meat of the conversation, discussing three infamous serial killers, all of which were severely schizophrenic and having darkly mystical hallucinations.  These men are Joseph Kalinger, Herbert Mullin, and Richard Chase. 

Kalinger was a shoemaker in Philadelphia that was chosen by Yahweh to save humankind by creating the perfect shoe, which ultimately led to torture and murder. Mullin was a man that became convinced Yahweh needed him to kill as many people as the Vietnam War had casualties. See, Mullin needed to provide sacrifices to Yahweh to stop an armageddon-type earthquake. But Richard Chase was dubbed the Vampire of Sacramento because he was obsessed with blood -- even going as far as injecting animal blood into his veins. Eventually he started killing for human blood, and was convinced that Nazi UFOs were following him.  

I tell Joe all these stories and then we analyze them through the lens of Hermeticism and Jungian psychology. It takes us to some very creepy places, but we found the conversation to be thought provoking and we hope you do too. 

This week's featured music! Support that underground, black hoodie rap my homies. 

Birds of Prey - Epidemic  

Chances Are - The Liberators 

my website 

Lighting the Void 

Richard Chase 

Joseph Kalinger 

Herbert Mullin

Jul 19, 202201:33:56
12: Mysticism, Magick & Skepticism (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie)

12: Mysticism, Magick & Skepticism (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie)

Get ready to get down to the brass tacks of mysticism, magick, and the religious experience. Firstly, what is the difference between these three, and how do things like dreams, psychedelic drugs, and hypnosis fit into it all? Another way to describe this is as an episode about altered states of consciousness and adaptation. With dreams, we use symbols to quantify emotional values with contexts and scenarios not usually found in our everyday lives. We use them to meet needs otherwise unmet. But through hypnosis and uses of these archetypal symbols meant to trigger and quantify states of consciousness, magick and mysticism might not be as far from the scientific spectrum as the skeptic may think. After all, belief and doubt are not ultimatums -- they are tools to use at will. 

Justin and I also talk a fair amount about addiction therapy and recovery, and how truly mystical this experience can be. With neuroscience, Buddhism, Hermeticism, and historical perspective, we hack through New Age bullshit and cult leader propaganda to discuss what ACTUAL mysticism and magick means in the 21st century.  

Are gods just viruses? What is the difference between placebo and will? How would you know how real a god isn't if you can't even prove how real you currently are? No lording here -- just some well research and perspectives as food for thought! We hope you dig it. 

Support that underground black hoodie rap! 

If It Ain't Real (feat DJ Grasshoppa) - Umang 

The System - Babylon Warchild

Dharma Junkie

Jul 12, 202201:15:38
11: Drugs, Alchemy & Horticulture (feat. Alex of Natural Born Alchemist)
Jul 05, 202201:13:14
10: Christianity, Gnosticism & Alchemy (feat. Alex of Natural Born Alchemist)
Jun 29, 202201:04:10
9: Teal Swan, Postmodern Cults & Self Delusion (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie)

9: Teal Swan, Postmodern Cults & Self Delusion (feat. Justin Otto of Dharma Junkie)

Greetings everyone and thank you for joining me after a longer hiatus than I expected -- almost 2 months! It was a move to a new city, commuting a lot while the move finished up on top of a job-transfer and everything else. Nothing really eventful outside of the norm, but now here I am back in the weekly swing of things! This was a rare extended break for several reasons, and even when any more breaks come from me they won't be nearly this long. I appreciate anyone tuning back in after falling off for a little bit.

In this episode I am joined by my friend Justin Otto -- host of the Dharma Junkie podcast, meditation instructor, and studious Buddhist. It's rare to find a devout Buddhist that reminisces about the times he's drank with famously insensitive (and pretty hilarious) comedian Doug Stanhope, and the dark humor is definitely abundant in this episode. Whether or not you think it's funny, Justin and I are good at egging each other on without really trying and we had a great time. 

We discuss the new four-part documentary series about Teal Swan on Hulu (that's where I watched it at least), entitled 'The Deep End.' If you've never heard her name before, just imagine a woman in her thirties that started as a new age internet guru right as Youtube was really starting to take off as a platform. Eventually her Youtube blows up, leading to massive book sales and lecture tours about self-empowerment -- all of which is either pretty surface-level or highly debatable, until she amassed enough wealth and prestige to strong-arm all her assets into a cult blueprint. 

In the outer circle, she panders to people searching for answers at book signings, but in the inner circle she manipulates and even physically abuses her followers in certain cases, even using experimental hypnotherapy to alter their emotions and memories in disastrous ways that are a direct extension of Satanic Panic hysteria. 

Now, what sets this apart from all other cult research is that this was a documentary allowed by Teal Swan as a PR stunt: they thought that if they let a third party film crew come in and document them, then the world will know that Teal Swan is a chill superhuman and totally not running a cult. But as we will talk about in this episode, this PR stunt severely back-fired and has left Swan's public image in shreds. So aside from the audio tapes of Jonestown life and the video recorded goodbyes of Heaven's Gate followers, this documentary represents an authentic close-up look at the inner circle of an insidious cult. And its filmed in real-time about a group that is still very active and very mad about this exposure. They were just too delusional to see that they would be bringing about their own downfall. But cult leaders like this are often resilient, and we surely haven't heard the last from Teal Swan.

All this and more on this episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy!

Outro song: The Return - Babylon Warchild (feat. Daddy Rose)

support that underground black hoodie rap!

Jun 21, 202257:52
8: OG Comics & Mysticism II (feat. Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind)
May 10, 202201:37:21
7: OG Comics & Mysticism I (feat. Eric Millar of Outlet Press)

7: OG Comics & Mysticism I (feat. Eric Millar of Outlet Press)

This week of Black Hoodie Alchemy brings us our first guest: my friend and colleague, Eric Millar! While he's done the cover of my book Hunt Manual and we've talked back and forth for nearly a couple years, this actually marks our first real-time conversation, and we had a helluva time. Eric comes around to have a serious but informal discussion about old school comic books, their culture and content, and what that means to modern philosophy, magick, and mysticism. 



Eric takes an approach to the analysis of superhero comics and what it means from a Jungian standpoint to be a fanatic and to experience fanaticism. This unique mindstate is something that alchemists have been fascinated with for thousands of years -- and learning to utilize and experiment with this mindset is the greatest reason comic books have always attracted actual magicians and philosophers to their creation teams. We also discuss whether or not you can truly equate comic books to mythology in terms of archetypes -- and if you can, what are the easy pitfalls and important distinctions that we need to make when analyzing comic books in this way?

We talk about Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Rick Veitch, Frank Miller, Steve Ditko, and we try to take Stan Lee down a peg! 

As for superheroes and their stories, we discuss my boy Spidey, Batman, Superman, Swamp Thing, Justice League, Marvel 2099, and a lot more!

Eric Millar's info:

Outlet Press books and posts


Four Color Grimoire 00 post online

my info:

my book Dive Manual

my book Hunt Manual (the cover illustrated by Eric)

my website

outro song:

MAGNETO (feat. Pacewon) - Babylon Warchild

support Independent Music -- especially that black hoodie rap!

additional content from our comic book conversation:

Grant Morrison Disinfo Con

Alan Moore is a wizard

Jack Kirby's 'New Gods'

Rick Veitch's dream-imagery comics

Stan Lee Media scandal

Kirby vs. Lee

Apr 26, 202201:23:02
6: Cannabis in Metaphysics - 4/20 Traphouse Special!

6: Cannabis in Metaphysics - 4/20 Traphouse Special!

This episode of BHA is a 4/20 special! Roll up and put your thinking hats on, because we're gonna get high as fuck and philosophize a little bit. 

Starting with the primordial origins of humanity and moving forward, I discuss the evolutionary mechanisms of cannabis and how the chemical structure of the plant has been incorporated into our human biology for thousands and thousands of years now. I also take some time to talk about the ancient history of cannabis and its use in spiritual and religious customs throughout the ancient world, often used as a sacrament relating to the Tree of Life and revered by the alchemists of the east!

I even read excerpts from an essay that the Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley once wrote, entitled "The Psychology of Hashish."

Additional topics will also include the modern science relating to cannabis, including neuroscience, psychology, botany, and horticulture. 

Then, at the end, we discuss some of the downsides to constant cannabis use! While cannabis is irrefutably considered a medicine again in our society, it can still be abused just like any other medicine and while you cannot overdose, there still can be some potential downsides. It's important to keep these things in mind!



my book Hunt Manual

my book Dive Manual

Cowboy Matt Hopewell - New Old School (end track)

The Psychology of Hashish

Chris Bennett and his work

a pretty damn old article I wrote about cannabis and metaphysics

modern anti-cannabis activism (mostly dumb with some kernels of interest)

a Manly Palmer Hall lecture on drugs and metaphysics (a little straight-laced but not judge-y and very interesting)

Apr 19, 202201:01:23
5: 21st Century Demonology - Poltergeists

5: 21st Century Demonology - Poltergeists

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy! In this episode we are setting the stage for our discussions of demonology. This is the first part, and this will be a subject we revisit consistently but not continuously, and we are starting out with poltergeists! We start with analyzing some of the actual sciences here, dealing with analytic psychology and the nervous system.

Then the main subjects will be Peter Page and the Church Street Poltergeist of St. Catherine's Canada in 1970; and Ernie Rivers and the Project Poltergeist in Newark, New Jersey during the early 1960s. The first has a great deal of police paperwork behind it, involving 6 esteemed and longtime police officers begrudgingly investigating this paranormal activity, only to begin writing detailed official reports about how poltergeists are the only explanation left for what they've been seeing happen to the Page family. Today the police report can be viewed online, and so can interviews with some of the police officers. 

The second is the first purported case of a poltergeist in inner city project housing, and how Ernie Rivers became such a radical case that he not only had the Newark Housing Authority hiring a priest to help cleanse the project building, but he also had scientists from Duke's now-defunct Parapsychology Department come to pay him many visits. 

We also talk a little bit about the exorcism of Anneliese Michel (inspiration for the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose), the Amityville Horror, and we talk about the suspiciousness of Ed and Lorraine Warren (inspiration for The Conjuring movies.)

Lastly, I sign off with a musical track from my friend, Keats Ross, under the name DAKOTA SLIM. 

You can listen to his song Wasted Bones here!

Ernie Rivers Poltergeist

Church St. Poltergeist

Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Ed & Lorraine Warren



my website

Apr 12, 202258:25
4: Alchemy as Adaptation - Empirical Roots of Mysticism

4: Alchemy as Adaptation - Empirical Roots of Mysticism

In this episode we talk about a few different things, the largest portion of focus being on Todd Murphy and Michael Persinger's peer reviewed scientific study of reincarnation. Published in the Journal of Near Death Studies over 20 years ago, titled "The Structure and Function of Near-Death Experiences: An Algorithmic Reincarnation Hypothesis", this is a truly empirical look into forming a cogent hypothesis to actually explain the physics and psychology of the hypothetical reincarnation process. This study looks into Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences from a comparative religious point of view, as well as the evolutionary brain sciences of memetics and the developments of the temporal lobe and the dreaming process. It as well discusses some of the actual physics required for a reincarnation process, and much more. 

But before that, we also talk a little bit about a UFO documentary I'm going to be in this year -- a documentary titled "The Experiences: From UAP to DMT". The people making the documentary and involved in it, including myself, are not "Ufologists" and are tired of the toxicity and cult mentalities found in Ufology. This documentary is set to simply be an exploration of experience from a mystical and even psychedelic point of view. One of the guests in this doc is even going to be Dr. Rick Strassman himself, the first doctor to perform clinical trials with DMT!

We discuss some alchemical principles from a practical, psychological perspective.

And lastly, we talk some about Dr. Seuss' Midnight Paintings! Dark, surrealist, and even unnerving, these paintings were Seuss' equivalent to Carl Jung's "Black Books", pieces of work that helped him purge aspects of his psyche's dark recesses. It's genuinely a beautiful story, and the paintings are all absolutely incredible!

And this episode also features a song written and performed by my friend and fellow fortean researcher, AP Strange! Under the name Cowboy Matt Hopewell, I play his song "Phantasmagoria Blues" at the end of the show, and it's a 10 minute epic of existential rambles on top of bluesy gallops and soloing. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too.

Full Gallery of Dr. Seuss Midnight Paintings

The Structure and Function of Near Death Experiences Study

The Experiences: From UAP to DMT trailer

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Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism

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3: Murder, Magick & Meth - The Children of Thunder 'Cult'

3: Murder, Magick & Meth - The Children of Thunder 'Cult'

Have you ever wondered: what would happen if a child in a California Bay Area community was groomed to be a softcore Mormon prophet for God? A New Age Joseph Smith 2.0? If you've ever thought about that, maybe you've also wondered how long it might take before he reaches his eventual mental breakdown, or how much methamphetamine he might smoke, how many harems of women he might fail to create for himself, or how many people he might kill in a spree. But even if you've wondered a little bit of all of that, I bet the idea of kidnapping Brazilian orphans to turn into assassins to help take over the leadership of the Mormon LDS Church AND turn Utah into a nationstate hasn't crossed your mind. And I bet you also haven't considered the all-encompassing, Matrix-hacking '12 Principles of Magick' that is sure to turn your life around and get you to see the bigger picture: that Methamphetamine, magick, and murder evidently get you closer to God in this episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy! Get ready for an absolutely insane and at times hilarious story of a man's raised to be the magickal equivalent of a trust-fund-brat, eventually leading him to piss it all away in a fashion that few people will ever do. Rest in peace to the victims.

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Helzer's 12 Principles of 'Magick'

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a book on the Helzers and their wannabe cult  

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March 22, 2022

March 22, 2022

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2: Narco Satanicos - Cartel Drug Running & Black Magick
Mar 22, 202255:52
1: God Wears a Black Hoodie

1: God Wears a Black Hoodie

Mar 15, 202201:00:14