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A Day In The Life...

A Day In The Life...

By Lorenzo Garcia

Hosted By: Musician, Fashion Designer & Stylist @LorenzoTheGawd; 'A Day In The Life' explores the careers, and day-to-day lives of Artists, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and others from all walks of life. Founded in Long Island, NY | Currently Based in Downtown Los Angeles Sponsored by: See12Productions, UNLM apparel, & 1 World Peace @BlvckSheepForever @LorenzoTheGawd Brought to you by, BlackSheepForever Shop Merch: UNLM Apparel @See12Productions
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A Day In The Life...Jul 13, 2022

Qween Bay

Qween Bay

Today we sit down with Model, Creative Director, and Activist: Qween Bay.

This episode we dive into a day in the life of Bailey as a model, mother, and public figure. 

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Jul 27, 202201:01:55


We're back with Season 2!

Today, right here in the middle of sunny LA, we are talking to the one and only: ArchieTheBaker.

Archie is a multi-talented Musician, Photographer, and Digital Artist from NY & currently based out of LA.

We dive deep into his daily life, motivations, inspirations, and much more in today's episode, so don't miss it!

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Jul 13, 202201:02:21


Today @LorenzoTheGawd Sits down with New Jersey Artist: BASED !

Podcast was taken down so this is a reupload from last year !

Blessings & we will be returning shortly with even better content with a reimagined vision.

Jun 27, 202201:01:22


Today we Sit down with singer/songwriter Justb, from Long Island, New York. The 19-Year-old prospect started making music only 6 months before the recording of this podcast and is already showing he has what it takes to make hits.

Right out of the gate B gives us an amazingly catchy single called “Hi-Lows” that will make anyone tap their toes. The meaningful lyrics and Melodic Rap/Pop fusion he brings is truly incredible when paired and crafted as such.

In recent years, Long Island has become a hub for upcoming musical talent and Justb is no exception. His ability to capture a mood with a melody is something you are simply born with or without.

Of course; a team is always important in any artist’s career, especially when it comes to production. Justb emphasizes how critical his artist-to-engineer relationship is in his process. The energy between engineers and artists can always make or break a team effort, which is what makes it such a crucial ingredient to the process.

If “off to a good start” was a person, this is him. With less than a year of experience in the game, Justb has immediately proven just how serious he is with his first 2 drops; “Hi-Lows’ and “Not Ready.”

If new talent is what you sell, keep your eye on Long Island, and more specifically, keep your eye on Justb

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Jun 27, 202201:00:45
Yung French
Jun 27, 202201:01:33
SixkkBoy (Formerly: GREEN H3ARTS)

SixkkBoy (Formerly: GREEN H3ARTS)

On the latest episode of ‘A Day In The Life,’ Lorenzo Sits Down with GREENH3ARTS, a musician, visual artist, and streetwear designer from Denver, Colorado.

In his own words, his genre is undefined, while stemming from rap and making a home in the realm of alternative. With influences like $uicideboy$, Lil Peep, City Morgue & more, GREENH3ARTS’ sound brings an extra dimension to raw and heavy alternative rap music.

With the release of his album ‘SickBoy’ [Mentioned in the podcast] GREENH3ARTS put a large staple in his fairly new career in music. With songs like ‘Play With Knives’ and ‘Money Time’ turning up the airwaves, he is off to a wonderful start. Like many of the artists covered on BlackSheepForever, he proves his musical skill while being new to making music in the first place; always a promising feature.

Of course, it doesn't stop with the music, D Pose is a Handmade Custom Streetwear Brand created by GREENH3ARTS himself. Original design, one-of-one custom; truly a wearable work of art. D Pose is where GREENH3ARTS was introduced to the music scene. While working with his friends and other artists on clothing for shoots and performances, his interest in making music began to flourish.

The Denver Rapper has big dreams and even bigger talent. If you would like to find him, just search up GREENH3ARTS wherever you want to follow him and join the wave.

You can run the game as a musician when you make your own music, clothes, and artwork. GREENH3ARTS has the game on lock so keep an eye out for him in the coming year, and don't say we didn't tell you so.

BlackSheepForever 2021



Mar 30, 202158:04
$how Luciano (Lit Papi)

$how Luciano (Lit Papi)

Today we sit down and talk with Show Luciano, a rapper, entrepreneur, & independent label owner from Crenshaw, Los Angeles.

Well known for his hit song, 'Lit Papi', Show Luciano has seen over 2 Million Streams, prestigious interviews, and blog placements, as well as massive venues such as the Legendary Greek Theater. Coming from a musical family and background, Lit Papi grew up listening to and focused on lyrical music, and that foundation has proven to be a staple in his sound regardless of the style he is working with.

Show Luciano isn't only an artist, but an entrepreneur. The Crenshaw Rapper is the owner of BLOCXNation Records LLC, BIC Clothing (Business Instead of Crime), and formerly worked as a ghostwriter prior to releasing his own material. As he continues to create waves throughout the Los Angeles Hip-Hop Scene, Show Luciano has proven he can tear up the charts, and the progress shows.

If the line "Lit Like a Bic" sounds familiar, then chances are you might know exactly who Lit Papi is. From his breakout single "Lit Papi" featured on No Jumper, Drama Alert, FouseyTube,  WorldStar, UGHH Blog, Daily Chiefers, MarsFiles & more; to the 60+ fake accounts Impersonating him since His account was hacked, the buzz around Lit Papi is not going anywhere. for all his fans, his REAL page is @LitPapi2Official

His latest 10 Song Project "Reasonable Clout" has done well and Brings some fresh new heat to the table such as "GOAT Simulator" and other heavy hitters. The fire keeps rolling out for Show Luciano, and it doesn't look like it will be stopping, working with producers like BattleCat, FBeats, 1500 or Nothing, and many more. Lit Papi prides himself on his ability to make songs off the dome. "I freestyle all of my music, no writers."

what will be next for Show Luciano (AKA Lit Papi)? just know he's working, and it's better and better every time. give him a follow or look him up online if you wanna know more. follow our official page @BlvckSheepForever for any updates.

Hosted By @LorenzoTheGawd

Mar 23, 202101:08:32