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A Blissfully Balanced Life

A Blissfully Balanced Life

By Khrystle Rea

Khrystle Rea is a Certified Health + Fitness Coach & Reiki Master who helps busy women make their health a priority! If you are someone who has been struggling with creating your ideal healthy lifestyle than this is the podcast for you! On this show, you will be exposed to various tips on how to up-level your life and truly feel your best. Get ready to transform! If you'd like to stay connected, you can find me on Instagram (@khrystlerea) & Facebook or at
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S. 2 Ep. 3 - Easy Self Love and Self Care Activities

A Blissfully Balanced LifeMay 25, 2020

S. 2 Ep. 40 Kristen Bowen Explains How Magnesium Can Heal the Body
Feb 22, 202146:01
S. 2 Ep. 39 Trauma Expert Irene Lyon Teaches Us How to Heal from the Past
Feb 15, 202139:08
S. 2 Ep. 38 Laurie Gerber Shares How the Handel Method Helped Her Change Her Life

S. 2 Ep. 38 Laurie Gerber Shares How the Handel Method Helped Her Change Her Life

Laurie Gerber joins us today to share her journey of going from burn-out and unhappy to rekindling her relationship with her husband and transforming her life into one she loves. She shares with us the specific method that helped her transform and shares ways in which you can do the same.

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Take the Quiz:

Handel Group:

Inner U:

Feb 08, 202135:10
S. 2 Ep. 37 Florencia Fridman Shares The Magic of Ceremonial Cacao
Feb 01, 202137:06
S2. Ep. 36 Daniel Mangena Reveals How to Create More Abundance + All About Microshifting
Jan 25, 202147:59
S. 2 Ep. 35 Jeff Chilton Educates Us on the Most Underrated Nutritious Food - Mushrooms!
Jan 18, 202156:02
S. 2 Ep. 34 Anne Hayman Explains Different Ways to Connect With Your Inner Self
Jan 04, 202146:03
S. 2 Ep. 33 How to Accept Your Shadow Sides
Dec 28, 202015:47
S. 2 Ep. 32 Alaina Shows Us What's Possible When We Allow Ourselves to Change
Dec 21, 202029:60
S. 2 Ep. 31 It's Time to Let Go + A Mini Meditation
Dec 14, 202025:38
S. 2 Ep. 30 Tim James Shows Us How Food is Medicine and How to Reduce Toxins in Your Life
Dec 07, 202042:33
S. 2 Ep. 29 All About Moon Rituals + How to Create One
Dec 02, 202023:32
S. 2 Ep. 28 Tricia Nelson Teaches Us How to End Emotional Eating
Nov 23, 202030:41
S. 2 Ep. 27 You Are in Control of YOU
Nov 17, 202011:17
S. 2 Ep. 26 Classical Pilates + Meditation Instructor Nicole B Teaches Us About Balancing Life and Doing the Work to Heal
Nov 09, 202024:42
S. 2 Ep. 25 Conquering Fears
Nov 02, 202017:56
S. 2 Ep. 24 Biohacking Wellness with Josh Holland
Oct 26, 202031:35
S. 2 Ep. 23 How Focusing on Your Energy Impacts Your Ability to Reach Your Goals
Oct 20, 202015:08
S. 2 Ep. 22 Connecting with Self, Healing with your Heart, Mindset Work and More with Dawn L. Johnson
Oct 12, 202042:11
S. 2 Ep. 21 Living In Pain & Natural Ways to Heal
Oct 05, 202018:11
S. 2 EP. 20 Trauma, Healing Emotionally, and Celebration with Lillith Luna love
Sep 21, 202030:56
S. 2 Ep. 19 Ways to Clear Your Energy and Feel Lighter
Sep 14, 202016:59
S. 2 Ep. 18 Rasheedah Inspires Us to Make Changes No Matter How Challenging

S. 2 Ep. 18 Rasheedah Inspires Us to Make Changes No Matter How Challenging

In 3 months Rasheedah started college, decided to leave an abusive marriage, and lost her father while also raising an infant, 4 year old and 9 year old. Today's episode Rasheedah shares with us how she made changes in her life and encourages you to take the next small step you need.

Sep 07, 202040:15
S. 2 Ep. 17 Healthy Ways to Deal with Loss
Aug 31, 202023:18
S. 2 Ep. 16 Float Tanks, Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy + More with Anand, Owner of Om Life
Aug 24, 202025:08
S. 2 Ep. 15 Tips to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person
Aug 17, 202009:40
S. 2 Ep. 14 Healing with Food with Carolyn Hickman
Aug 10, 202045:09
S. 2 Ep. 13 How to Feel Motivated Again
Aug 03, 202015:53
S. 2 Ep. 12 Janel Muhammad Teaches Us About International Real Estate Excursions + Dream Homes
Jul 27, 202028:59
S. 2 Ep. 11 The Best Workout Schedule
Jul 20, 202013:17
S. 2 Ep. 10 Living from a Conscious Space + The Library in the Sky with Felicia Hinds-Patrick
Jul 13, 202033:15
S. 2 Ep. 9 Easy Real Life Tips for Learning to Listen to Your Intuition
Jul 06, 202019:01
S2. Ep. 8 Overcoming Injuries, Celery Juice, Grounding + Movement with Donna Ognibene
Jun 29, 202025:53
S. 2 Ep. 7 Tips for Learning to Eat for Your Body
Jun 22, 202023:50
S. 2 Ep. 6 Heather Carlucci Sheds Light on Being a Medical Intuitive
Jun 15, 202024:09
S. 2 Ep. 5 How to Squash Anxiety + Release Emotions

S. 2 Ep. 5 How to Squash Anxiety + Release Emotions

This past week has been emotionally taxing. Today I am sharing with you tips on how to release your emotions and squash any anxiety you are feeling.

Visit to purchase healing crystal jewelry and a self awareness journal.

Join us for Group Reiki on Wednesdays at 8pm or book a Reiki session at

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Instagram + Facebook: @khrystlerea


Jun 08, 202022:20
S. 2 Ep. 4 No Longer Living as a Sexual Abuse Victim with Dr. Rosenna Bakari
Jun 01, 202024:57
S. 2 Ep. 3 - Easy Self Love and Self Care Activities
May 25, 202012:50
S. 2 Ep. 2 - Easy Ways to Crush Your Money Goals with Bernadette Joy

S. 2 Ep. 2 - Easy Ways to Crush Your Money Goals with Bernadette Joy

Money can be such a taboo topic and one people shy away from, but how can we can attract more money if we don't talk about it?

For that reason, I am so excited to have Bernadette Joy, who paid off $300k of debt in 3 years, join us today to share easy ways to crush money goals!


Connect with Bernadette Joy further:







This is the First of an Eight week series from the Glow at Podcast Row event where I was invited to bring these incredible women onto my podcast!

May 18, 202021:60
S. 2 Ep. 1 - What does a blissfully balanced life look and feel like?
May 11, 202014:20
Ep 40. Dr. Michael Gruttadauria Explains How to Achieve the Optimum You
Nov 19, 201944:01
Ep 39 Mangia Organica Owner Valentino Teaches Us the Importance of Quality Ingredients
Nov 12, 201901:07:16
Ep 38 CKO Owner Charlie Explains How Motivation is like a Shower
Nov 05, 201930:45
Ep 37 Kelly Rompel Chats about Stress, Anxiety, Spirituality, and Gut Health
Oct 29, 201949:23
Ep 36 Jenell Consorti Talks All Things Emotions
Oct 22, 201930:45
Ep 35 Laurence Annez Explains PCOS + Healing Naturally

Ep 35 Laurence Annez Explains PCOS + Healing Naturally

Laurence Annez, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner & PCOS Health Coach, explains to us today what PCOS really is, how to identify it, and how you can heal naturally. 

Connect with Laurence further:


Facebook group:


Oct 17, 201930:52
Ep 34 Wade Lightheart teaches us how to build your body from the inside out
Sep 24, 201931:30
Ep. 33 What it Means to Eat for Health
Sep 23, 201909:55
Ep 32 Erin Wathen Sheds Light on Emotional Eating

Ep 32 Erin Wathen Sheds Light on Emotional Eating

On today's episode, Erin Wathen (Holistic Health Coach, Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, Food Addiction Counselor) chats with us about her journey of realizing she had an issue when it came to emotional eating and a few tips on how to go about changing it. She mentions how sugar heightens our anxiety and mood swings, shedding light to the self defeating cycle! 

This episode is full of SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE and will inspire you to really put your health first!

Stay connected with Erin:


Sep 10, 201936:08
Ep 31 Debunking Weightlifting Myths
Sep 03, 201919:13