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Blockchain for Beginners

Blockchain for Beginners

By Carlee

Documenting my journey of learning about blockchain technology and web3. Not an expert. Not financial advice.

All things tech, blockchain, and web3.

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The Bitcoin White Paper (an audio reading)

Blockchain for BeginnersApr 17, 2023

The Bitcoin White Paper (an audio reading)
Apr 17, 202321:46
What is Web3? Web3 Explained
Apr 13, 202312:09
Blockchain decentralization with Elena Obukhova, Founder of Supermoon Camp
Apr 12, 202344:16
what is a DAO? with Rami Al-Sabeq of Dream Conduit
Apr 11, 202329:31
Web3 Ethics with Aleyna Dogan, COO of Goina
Apr 11, 202357:30