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The Bogcast

The Bogcast

By Bog Cast

Bogs they are incredible landscapes, but their many values are often not visible or well known.
From bog breathing to bog butter, the carnivorous plant sundew and now-rare Curlew, turf cutting and bog bodies, flora and fauna, history and heritage, this podcast dives into the depths of the bog to discover more about the fascinating world of peatlands. People from all walks of life who share the same passion for our beautiful bogs should tune in to the Bogcast for more!
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01: Bog Books Gathering

The Bogcast Oct 14, 2021

01: Bog Books Gathering

01: Bog Books Gathering

Welcome to the pilot episode of Bogcast. This is a special episode for Peatlands Gathering 2021 in Ireland. 

This podcast was created by PhD researcher students Elena Aitova (NUIG), Kate Flood (NUIG), Hannah Mealy (UCC), Jamie Rohu (TCD) and Marine Valmier (TCD).

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[01:01] Ben Geary recommends North by Seamus Heaney, this book is a current publication and is widely available in most bookshops and from online bookshops 

[02:44] Jules Michel recommends Connemara Listening to the wind by Tim Robinson this is a current publication, and it is available in most book shops and online 

[07:25] Emily Toner recommends Minor Monuments by Ian Melaney, this book is a recent publication and is available from most bookshops and from online bookshops 

[11:33] Nuala Madigan recommends Rua the Red Grouse by Patrick Devaney this book is out of print now but is available in most local libraries and may be available online 

[16:19] Ray Stapleton recommends Bellamy's Ireland: The Wild Boglands by David Bellamy, an older publication this book is no longer in print but widely available online and possibly some libraries

[20:44] Tina Claffey recommends The wildflowers of Offaly by John Feehan this book is still available to buy from the Offaly county council and most libraries across Ireland

[23:45] John Feehan recommends The Irish Landscape by Frank Mitchell, this book is an old publication, but it is available to buy online and may be found in some libraries across Ireland 

[26:52] Florence Renou-Wilson recommends The Bogs of Ireland, Feehan and O’Donovan, unfortunately this book is no longer in print, but there is now a second edition available that Florence has been involved with herself

[31:38] David Wilson recommends Peatlands and Environmental Change by Dan Charman an earlier publication but still available from certain online bookstores

[34:51] & [55:41] Matthew Saunders and Fernando Fernandez recommend Conservation and restoration of raised bogs: geological, hydrological, and ecological studies by M.G.C. Schouten, unfortunately this book is out of print but may be found in certain libraries in Ireland or online 

[39:36] Catherine Farrell recommends Sphagnum Mosses The Stars of European Mires by Harri Vasander, unfortunately this book is not widely available on Irish online bookshops but can be found online from Finland or Britain websites 

[43:45] Mark McCorry recommends Wilding by Isabella Tree, this is a recent publication and is widely available in most bookshops and from online bookshops 

 [47:37] Maurice Eakin recommends The Moss flora of Britain and Ireland by A.J.E. Smith, this book is an older publication originally, however the second edition is still available on certain online bookstores  

[50:58] Jim Ryan recommends The Raised bogs of Ireland: their ecology state and conservation by John Cross, this book is freely available to read online 

The soundtrack credit: 

Title: “Countryside” 

Author: “Balkan Jingles“— 

Source: ““ 

License: Countryside by Balkan Jingles is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License from the website 

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