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Boman MR Modine

Boman MR Modine

By Boman Modine

A regular podcast where we discuss topics of interest and how they pertain to the everyday.
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Episode 9: Stephen Boyer

Boman MR ModineAug 06, 2020

Episode 9: Stephen Boyer

Episode 9: Stephen Boyer

A long time friend of mine and my former 2nd 2nd Assistant Director. Stephen is now an editor and filmmaker who's worked for clients like HBO and TikTok. We sat in the dark a few months ago and it's only been now that I've managed to get the time to edit this.

Enjoy, subscribe, share, reach out if you have any thoughts or ideas or if you would like to be a guest.

Aug 06, 202001:09:11
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Episode 1: Introductions

My first episode of Enclave as I try to iron out any kinks. Learn a little about me, and what Enclave is all about.

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