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BookBaby Spotlight

BookBaby Spotlight

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Interviews with authors, illustrators, editors, and self-publishing industry-insiders, presented by BookBaby!
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Why You Should Participate in NaPoWriMo

BookBaby SpotlightApr 27, 2023

Why You Should Participate in NaPoWriMo

Why You Should Participate in NaPoWriMo

On this episode of the BookBaby Spotlight, BookBaby poet, Geli Santarsiero releases her new poetry collection "Remembering You Like Deja Vu." In honor of NaPoWriMo, she speaks to us about poetry, writing routine, and creativity. Become immersed in Santarsiero's vulnerability and poignancy. Tune in if you are looking for NaPoWriMo prompts and learn about how to write poetry that sings. If you enjoyed Santarsiero's poems, support her endeavors here:

Follow Geli Santarsiero on Instagram: @alliestamp

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Call one of our self-publishing specialists at: 877-961-6878

Apr 27, 202323:00
Why Children Need Self-Published Books (Women’s History Month with Angel Trazo)
Mar 30, 202320:52
How Black History Is Important for Independent Bookstores & Publishing
Feb 23, 202301:07:26
How to Use Analytics for Marketing your Self-Published Book

How to Use Analytics for Marketing your Self-Published Book

The BookBaby Spotlight is back for season 4! 

We take a look this month at how Bookshop Analytics can be used in your marketing efforts and talk to Lee Lawrence and Marco Mares about their collaboration on a viral new children’s book! Check out their work at @wutangisforthechildren on Instagram!

For more on self-publishing with BookBaby, click here:

To browse thousands of independently-published titles, click here:

#marketingchildrensbooks #howtoselfpublishabook #selfpublishingfordummies

Jan 26, 202325:44
Getting Clicks Today
Nov 09, 202235:50
Trade Shows & Speaking Opportunities

Trade Shows & Speaking Opportunities

Two great friends of BookBaby join the podcast this month! First we talk to Kelly Peterson, Director of Digital Strategy at Independent Publishers Group (IPG), then Jackie Lapin, founder of Speakertunity.

Check out the exclusive offer for BookBaby-ers:
If you're interested in publishing with BookBaby:

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Sep 29, 202244:39
Professional Self-Publishing with the Six Figure Storyteller
Aug 25, 202228:05
Travel For Good
Jul 28, 202248:50
Bring Your Audience With You
Jun 30, 202229:47
You Can't Process Alone
May 26, 202229:35
The Creative Skill w/ Rae Ripple
Apr 28, 202227:47
From Tehran to BookBaby
Mar 31, 202229:54
Awards & Lectures
Feb 24, 202230:03
The Greatest Thing Steph Curry Has Ever Seen
Jan 27, 202235:01
JS Nelson & Nati del Paso
Oct 28, 202134:17
Back to School with Analee Carlin Wiser Brown
Sep 30, 202115:17
Coffee: The Magical Elixir
Aug 26, 202123:38
Christmas (Marketing) in July
Jul 27, 202130:07
An Old School Comic
Jun 25, 202133:40
A Real Honest Accounting - Crowdfunding and Self-Publishing
May 27, 202111:40
Poetry, a real way to connect
Apr 29, 202119:13
People Want to Look at Beautiful Food
Mar 25, 202114:04
Meaningful Consultation w/ Renee Berry & Steven Rowley
Feb 25, 202124:01
Self-Publishing in the Time of Covid
Jan 28, 202126:21
Christina M. Frey
Nov 19, 202022:58
Pendleton Weiss
Oct 22, 202014:43
Susan Soares
Oct 08, 202014:42
Karen Jeffries & Steven Spatz
Sep 22, 202028:15
BookBaby Spotlight - Eric Trueheart
Aug 11, 202026:23
BookBaby Spotlight - Dr. Cleophas Jones

BookBaby Spotlight - Dr. Cleophas Jones

Prolific writer of 20+ children's books with BookBaby, Dr. Cleophas Jones skypes with us to discuss his URead ULead program and explains why he keeps coming back to BookBaby!

For find his books, and thousands of other indie authors:
For more info on BookBaby:

Jul 16, 202016:12
BookBaby Spotlight - Inkwood Books NJ
Jun 11, 202020:46
BookBaby Spotlight - Andy Kahan
Apr 17, 202022:50
BookBaby Spotlight - Lee Wind
Apr 06, 202045:38
BookBaby Spotlight - Beat Barblan

BookBaby Spotlight - Beat Barblan

Beat Barblan, the VP of Publishing & Data Services at Bowker, takes some time to discuss ISBNs and the publishing industry on this week's podcast! Check out for info about his organization.

For more about BookBaby:
For our thousands of independently published books:

Mar 19, 202041:01
BookBaby Spotlight - James Azrael
Mar 05, 202019:31
BookBaby Spotlight - Andrea Fowler

BookBaby Spotlight - Andrea Fowler

Andrea Folwer discusses financial literacy and more in this episode of the BookBaby Spotlight podcast! Her debut book, Credit & Me, is available on BookShop now!

To learn more about BookBaby:
To find Andrea's book and thousands of other independently published books:

Feb 20, 202022:35
BookBaby Spotlight - Taz Wallace

BookBaby Spotlight - Taz Wallace

A prolific NCAA football player and published author, Tavarski "Taz" Wallace, joins the BookBaby Spotlight podcast to tell us about his incredible journey to the brink of the NFL! Taz's memoir, The Game That Almost Broke Me, is available on BookShop now!

To learn more about BookBaby:
To find Taz's book and thousands of other independently published books:

Jan 31, 202017:20
BookBaby Spotlight - Smith Publicity
Jan 24, 202051:50
BookBaby Spotlight - Gina Stewart
Jan 15, 202020:14
BookBaby Spotlight - Les Carter
Nov 14, 201922:37
BookBaby Spotlight - Michel Rubini
Nov 07, 201922:49