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Border Crossings

Border Crossings

By Border Crossings

Podcasts from Border Crossings: the intercultural theatre company.
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Walking Indigenous London

Border CrossingsAug 17, 2022

Performing Across Cultures

Performing Across Cultures

John Martin from Pan Intercultural Arts discusses Intercultural Performance with Border Crossings' Artistic Director Michael Walling. Chaired by James McLaughlin from the University of Greenwich.

Nov 14, 202301:13:43
Mapping Brixton through Music

Mapping Brixton through Music

As part of the 2021-22 ORIGINS Festival, Border Crossings brings Indigenous Australian musician Jessie Lloyd to Brixton.  Famous for her MISSION SONGS project, which gathered the music of Indigenous Elders, Jessie will be applying her unique approach to the Brixton community, as they remember their recent history. This podcast features some of Jessie's music, and a conversation between her and leading Indigenous thinker Prof. Marcia Langton.  From Brixton, Lee Jasper adds his passionate perspective on the project's value.

Originally planned for 2021 but postponed because of Covid, the project will take place from late September to the end of October 2022.

Part of the UK-Australia Season 2021-22.  

Border Crossings ORIGINS Festival is supported by Arts Council England.

Sep 12, 202208:47
Walking Indigenous London

Walking Indigenous London

This podcast is an audio guide for a walking tour of Central London sites associated with Indigenous visitors to London since 1497.  The tour begins at Covent Garden tube station, and ends on Westminster Bridge, lasting around two hours.  The audio guide is narrated by Kahu Burrows (Māori: Ngāti Maru) and Nathan Woodworth (Native American - Karuk). 

The tour was prepared by Prof. David Stirrup from the BEYOND THE SPECTACLE project, and based on Prof. Coll Thrush’s book INDIGENOUS LONDON: NATIVE TRAVELLERS AT THE HEART OF EMPIRE.  We are grateful to both authors.  Supported by the High Commission of Canada and Arts Council England as part of the ORIGINS Festival 2021-22.

The photo shows Warriors of AniKituhwa recreating the Abbey Road EP cover, 2019.  Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the Warriors came to London in 2019 to walk in the Lord Mayor's New Years Day Parade and to retrace the footsteps of their ancestors who came to London in 1762 to reinforce treaty relationships with the British. Image credit: Beyond the Spectacle and the AHRC

Aug 17, 202224:07
Radical Theatre: Peter Sellars

Radical Theatre: Peter Sellars

Border Crossings' Patron Peter Sellars talking at Rich Mix Arts Centre, London.  

May 01, 202201:46:35


Totonac artist Jun Tiburcio explains the symbolism of TOTEM LATAMAT, touring the UK through October and November 2021 as part of ORIGINS.  

Oct 02, 202108:04
Theatre and the Plague by Antonin Artaud

Theatre and the Plague by Antonin Artaud

THEATRE AND THE PLAGUE by Antonin Artaud (1933).

Read by Alaknanda Samarth.  

Music by Dave Carey.

Also featuring Andrew French.

Translated from the French by Mary Caroline Richards (1958)

Artaud image by Nisha Dassyne.

Directed by Michael Walling.

Alaknanda Samarth is an Indo-French actress who works in multi-lingual registers. Solos by Cocteau, Duras, HeinerMuller, Christa Wolf, Aamer Hussein, Hanan Al-Shaykh.

Oct 05, 202048:32
Winona LaDuke - The ORIGINS Lecture 2015

Winona LaDuke - The ORIGINS Lecture 2015

The inspirational Winona LaDuke gives the 2015 ORIGINS Lecture, discussing sustainable development, climate change and environmental justice.  Founder of the Honor the Earth Project at the Ojibwe White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Winona's honours include the Reebok Human Rights Award, the Thomas Merton Award, the Ann Bancroft Award, the Global Green Award, and the prestigious International Slow Food Award for working to protect wild rice and local biodiversity.  She has twice run as the Green candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States.  

The lecture was given at Rich Mix, London, on June 15th 2015, and is introduced by the Festival Director, Michael Walling.  

Sep 23, 202053:51