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By Podcasters, For Podcasters

By Podcasters, For Podcasters

By Michael Fritzius

Been meeting a lot of fellow podcast hosts lately so this show was created to come on and talk some shop! Discussing how they got started, what their process is, their topics and target audience. Goal is draw in listenership for them while also giving tips on how other podcasters can up their game.
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Dan Toler - Relevant History

By Podcasters, For PodcastersApr 01, 2021

Rebecca Potts - The Teaching Artist Podcast
Aug 13, 202129:47
Adam Gamwell - This Anthro Life

Adam Gamwell - This Anthro Life

Guest Adam Gamwell has a background in anthropology, and used podcasting as an engine to have some really awesome conversations with people at scale. He and his guests have Roundtable Discussions about a particular topic, and the whole show's evolved to be guest-focused. Find 'This Anthro Life' everywhere you listen online. It was hard not to geek out during this episode, so let's jump in and you can geek out with us. 

Jul 19, 202129:34
Scot Combs - This Is True, Really

Scot Combs - This Is True, Really

Scot Combs and his cohost Tony met up at a radio station in Minnesota. The director actually let them do a radio that had the absolute dryest humor. Later he went on to build Net Radio, by automating and scaling online radio stations. Today's episode includes cool tips on what to consider as you build out your podcast process, and how to help listeners feel special. The 'This Is True, Really' News Podcast is everywhere you listen to podcasts. Really. Check them out and feel special :) 

Jul 19, 202139:48
Kristy Yoder - Delegate Your Way to Success

Kristy Yoder - Delegate Your Way to Success

Today's guest is yet another example of how networking works as it relates to podcasting. A former guest on a totally different show introduced me to Kristy Yoder, founder of Smart Virtual Assistants, to talk about her show called Delegate Your Way to Success. Straight from the Phillipines to the US, she started her show interviewing entrepreneurs, but pivoted her focus to now give them a platform for sharing their story, product or service. We talked today about building a community around podcast guests, tips for growing a show, how to find ideal guests and even how to monetize our shows. I learned some cool stuff, but the episode isn't about me, it's about her! After listening, find her show by searching for 'Delegate Your Way to Success' anywhere you listen to podcasts. Enjoy the listen. 

Jun 09, 202132:37
Kevin Gootee - Gutting the Sacred Cow
May 26, 202140:01
Keaton Leikam - You Don't Fight Alone
May 20, 202124:44
Noah Overton - How We Seeez It

Noah Overton - How We Seeez It

Noah Overton and his best friend Steve decided to start up their podcast after noticing a pattern of really enjoying hanging out, partying and having discussions. Prior to the pandemic, their approach was to watch a new movie, head to a brewery later and talk about it, recording the conversation. Post pandemic, now a lot of that's not really kosher, so they've had to adapt. Listen in to find out how they've pivoted and what their show's like now, and search for How We Seeez It to listen anywhere you get your podcast fix online. 

May 20, 202126:08
John Krikorian - Trek Profiles
May 20, 202133:07
Zach Bailey - Bailed Out

Zach Bailey - Bailed Out

Met another podcaster who does shows in his vehicle too! Zach Bailey's show called 'Bailed Out - A Podcast of Musical Missteps' is centered first of all on having a good time talking about the bad side of music. The terrible songs, poor performances, and everthing that makes some songs give you The Cringe in a hurry. But also ones they recommend just to help cleanse the palate. It's a blend of music, comedy and friendship, all in a nice package. Find the Bailed Out podcast anywhere you listen online. 

May 19, 202125:03
Dustin Eiler - Toon In For What?

Dustin Eiler - Toon In For What?

This guest loves talking with people and getting to know their backstory. Which, that's great, because I do too! Late one night, he and his future cohost decided to start a podcast, where thye break down old cartoons and explain the weird history of why they were made. And yeah there might have been a little bit of drinking involved lol. The show Toon In For What? is found everywhere you listen online. 

May 19, 202125:57
Gabriel Berezin - Fugues
May 18, 202132:46
William Mankelow - The People's Countryside
May 18, 202134:00
Darren Saunders - Sixty Thousand

Darren Saunders - Sixty Thousand

In 2007 today's guest had a big life change. He started off by getting into welding and then later, radio. Obvious pivot there. But, he later pivoted into podcasting, which definitely is more common. Sticking with his show being hosted on a table or a phone, his low-tech approach and intimate studio setup brings a nice, relaxing experience, designed to talk about simple subjects that he had deep appreciation of. The name of the show is 'Sixty Thousand', because that's how many neurons are devoted to mapping your ears to your brain. This unique, niche show focuses on passion and purity, dips into philosophy and the 'negative space' of podcasting, talking about what everybody else isn't bringing up. Find 60kpod on twitter, and the podcast everywhere you listen online. Listen in at the end for a sample trailer. 

May 18, 202152:52
Wicli Gnic - The Wicli Gnic Podcast

Wicli Gnic - The Wicli Gnic Podcast

Today's guest and I met on Reddit--which is getting to be a pretty recurrent theme--and hit it off right away. His Italian-based show called 'Wicli Gnic' combines two Italian words--Wicli for 'weekly' and Gnic, which is the squeaky sound that his bike makes. And actually, that bike is what started the show. Today he does the intro for his show by riding around between home and work, and talking about the guest and topic. Once he's settled in at home though, that's the actual interview. His show centers on dark humor 

May 18, 202125:26
Chicago Tony V - Livestreaming to Beat Loneliness

Chicago Tony V - Livestreaming to Beat Loneliness

While today's guest hasn't been a guest himself very much, the guy's got an incredible story. And wouldn't you know it, my laptop ran out of space for the recording! But we got the gist of it. Chicago's own Tony V. got his start in podcasting as a direct result of the pandemic. In his words, 'sheer desperation and loneliness' led him to start his show, and then sheer luck led him to Reddit where he uses livestreaming as a unique way to broadcast. Plus, his hat game is on POINT, son! Find him on Reddit, Monday through Friday at 7am as user libbynator and listen in to what he's got cookin'. 

May 03, 202124:25
Zach Beach - Learn to Love

Zach Beach - Learn to Love

I'm here today with Zach Beach, host of the Learn to Love podcast, and what he's got going on is something that could benefit a lot of people. Many of us, myself included, aren't masters at building relationships and communicating love. We all have different degrees of experience and different levels of understanding all the categories of love and relationships. But Zach's mission in life is sharing that knowledge. And one of the ways he does it is through his podcast. On this episode we talk about how he finds guests, who the perfect listener is, a bit about the process and the motivation behind why he got started. It's been a wild time since the pandemic started, but it's turned up some interesting trends that we talk about here, regarding how people really view relationships. There are things we all do that indicate we hold it in much higher regard than we let on. Find his show by searching for 'Learn to Love Podcast' anywhere you consume the medium, for his work, or zachbeachlove anywhere on social media.

Apr 08, 202130:51
Veronica Kirin - Stories of COVID
Apr 01, 202133:48
Dan Toler - Relevant History
Apr 01, 202125:42
David Weinberger - When Anime Flops (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Apr 01, 202123:19
Ben Fogt - What Day Is It?
Apr 01, 202134:39
Kyle Highfield - The 'I Know You' Podcast
Apr 01, 202134:15
Julie Laurin - Interviewing for Curiosity
Apr 01, 202124:04
Les Zaldor - In It From The Beginning
Apr 01, 202123:16
Connor of Scarecasters - What Am I Getting Myself Into Here?
Apr 01, 202119:17
Jason Portizo - On Beers and d20s
Apr 01, 202134:31
Rocky Powell - Wild Nights with Rocky Powell

Rocky Powell - Wild Nights with Rocky Powell

Fellow Redditor Rocky Powell and I got the chance to talk about her show, and it's really unique. She shared how her background as an actress and in improv, combined with everything that happened due to the pandemic, led to her starting up her show. She'd sat on the idea for two whole years before pulling the trigger and becoming a full fledged podcaster. She hasn't left her comedy roots though, and bring humor and sharp wit to her shows, along with helping her guests feel comfy sharing their stories. And, it's helped her boost her network in the comedy space, all without leaving home. The Podcast: Wild Nights with Rocky Powell. The location: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Youtube and anywhere else you listen. The goal: Have guests on to share wild stories that happened to them. Got a wild story to share? Get with Rocky and she may invite you on. Let's jump in now. 

Apr 01, 202118:49
Kris Ball - Think About Eurovision
Apr 01, 202125:00
Chloe and Monica - The Podcasting Odd Couple

Chloe and Monica - The Podcasting Odd Couple

Brand new hosts and first time guests Chloe and Monica decided to take a HUGE risk and come on the show to talk to me about their show. And apparently the risk paid off. They got a wild hair to start up their podcast when they realized they could be sharing their conversations with the world. I mean, they think they're both interesting, so maybe the rest of the world would too! It's become a podcast containing a blend of deep topics and a little bit of wild and crazy subjects once in awhile. They're polar opposites--one does editing and one does design. One's an introvert and one's an extrovert. One's into conspiracy theories and taboo topics and the other... is growing into it :) But overall, their goal is to affect the lives of people when things are still largely shut down and people aren't able to meet like they used to. It's surprising the power a podcast has to foster relationships, and these two podcast hostesses have just dipped their toes into the power they have at their fingertips. And I don't think they quite realize it yet. The Podcast: Call Her Average. The location: almost everywhere you listen, including Spotify and iTunes. The goal: Share messages with basically their past selves, about what young girls go through, and build a deeper friendship with each other in the process. Let's listen in now. 

Apr 01, 202126:30
Robby Slaughter - Got Three Minutes? You've Got Time for a Podcast
Apr 01, 202114:47
Anthony Milan - How 'How I Built This' Led to 'Art We Like'
Apr 01, 202124:58
George Faulkner - Podcasting Before It Was Cool

George Faulkner - Podcasting Before It Was Cool

Rocking his Shure SM-7 mic, today's guest showed up with a lot of cool stories about his background and how he got started. George Faulkner is a musician who has an Audio Engineering degree, and working at IBM's corporate communication team blended together to drop him into the deep end of the podcasting world. Bring all his experience together to bang out a podcast for his boss over a weekend led him to become the person in charge of all podcasting for IBM. Now, when he's not busy as a marketing consultant he's the host of his own music-focused podcast. His secret: The heart behind making a great podcast is a requirement, not a nice-to-have. Lots of great wisdom packed up in here about finding guests, crafting awesome shows, keeping production time low and building listenership, all of which brand new or seasoned veterans can learn from. The Podcast: 421. The location: Everywhere you listen. Look for the one with the GOOD graphic. The goal: share the passion of music with the world at large, through a medium that's gaining more traction every day. Enjoy the listen. 

Apr 01, 202132:21
Jeremy Cline - Ex Nihilo Podcasting and Career Transitions
Mar 01, 202132:07
Daniel King - Snippets of Different Lives Lived

Daniel King - Snippets of Different Lives Lived

Daniel King has really hit on something big with podcasting. Too often we amble through life not really being aware that people around us have deep experience. It's almost like everybody else is an extra in a movie starring Us. But everybody's got a story. While studying abroad, Daniel used to listen to podcasts while traveling to and from his destinations, but when coming back to the States, fell out of the habit. Getting a job at Amazon delivering packages reintroduced the passion he had for listening. A fellow redditor inspired him with a podcast format of simply inviting people on to share their story, or something that really interested them. The result is his podcast. Each episode features an hour long conversation with a complete stranger, about what interests them and their experience in life. In a way, it's like living another life an hour at a time, which to be honest, sounds pretty frickin cool. The podcast: Across the Pond. The location: Spotify, Anchor and iTunes. Just look for the lilypad icon. The goal: Give guests a chance to share an hour's worth of their life and experience, and the the things that excite them the most. Is that you? Listen in or get with him to guest on the show. Let's get started.

Mar 01, 202134:14
Maximilian Clark - Comic Nerds, Get Ready to Geek Out!
Mar 01, 202139:43
Stevie Din - Howfur Much Tae Let Mike Tyson Chap Ye Oot?

Stevie Din - Howfur Much Tae Let Mike Tyson Chap Ye Oot?

What a unique podcast and what a unique guest. I think Stevie Din is the first guest I've ever had from Scotland, and hearing how his podcast came about had me smiling the whole time. Starting from three guys sitting around the TV watching football, during commercials they'd ask each other ridiculous questions. Questions like: 'hey if you could blow up the stadium, and nobody would know... 2 million pounds? Would you do it?' And I'm sitting here going 'whaaaaaaat?' the entire time I'm hearing this! Like, what the heck kind of question is that? But it's resulted in a really cool podcast that gets people working their imagination and being crazily entertaining. One question they've asked a guest is: If you could get one million pounds, but every day when you wake up, Mike Tyson had 30 seconds to try and knock you out, would you do it?' Well, would you? I personally wouldn't, I need my face for work, but maybe you'd take the challenge. It's a hiliarious podcast that will keep you hooked. The Podcast: Extreme Polls. The location: available anywhere you listen. The goal: ask interesting 'what if' questions about what you would do for a certain amount of money. Also: If you're listening to this and you happen to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, lemme know, this guest wants to talk to you. 

Mar 01, 202125:03
Kon Krell - The Pixelburg Podcast

Kon Krell - The Pixelburg Podcast

Kon Krell's been inspired by video games and podcasting for a long time, and his podcasting journey started 10 years ago. While working at GameStop a friend approached him about co-hosting on his show. At a time when not many people in Germany knew what podcasts even were, it was a wild decision to join up. But the rest is history. On their show, they run with particular themes found in video games, news about the industry, and anything else that comes to mind with these guys. Deep down, it's a podcast about what's interesting to them, and things that matter to the world. And it's resulted in a lot of spinoff podcasts. It's a great way to podcast-ify normal conversations that they have amongst themselves. The Podcast: The Pixelburg Podcast. The location: Found everywhere you listen online. The goal: Just having conversations with friends about what's going on in their world, and give you a peek into their lives. Enjoy the listen. 

Mar 01, 202130:06
August Acker - Let's Get That Bread, Son!
Mar 01, 202129:21