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Brand Ya Flava

Brand Ya Flava

By Lauren Varlack

Welcome to the Brand Ya Flava Podclass edupreneurs who are ready to authentically and culturally be themselves, educate with their "flava" and change the world. I'm your host Lauren Varlack, the Edupreneur's Educator, let's go; class is in session!
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S1E5: What is Brand Ya Flava?

Brand Ya FlavaJul 13, 2018

S3E47: Introducing The Flava Podclass!
Feb 20, 202115:04
S3E46 | How to Brand Your Business for the Long Game

S3E46 | How to Brand Your Business for the Long Game

Welcome back Flavas! It's 2020, (yes it is February, but I officially start my year on my there's that). And, boy have I learned some things in life and business. I share my 2020 year and the lessons I learned in life, business and every-damn-thing in this season 3 new episode of the The Flava Podclass.  

Feb 12, 202116:09
S2E45 | 3 Languages You Must Speak in Your Personal Brand!
Sep 27, 201924:14
S2E43 | How to Get Out from 'Oversaturation' or the Sea of Sameness!
Aug 02, 201927:09
S2E44 | How to Curb the Frequency Illusion to Build Your Brand (instead of someone else's)!
Jul 19, 201923:59
S2E42 | 3 Big Mistakes I Made Building My Brand (And How You Can Avoid Them)
Jul 12, 201930:13
S2E41 | What You Can Learn About Branding From Disney Choosing a Black Ariel!
Jul 05, 201916:51
S1E40 | The Most Important Part of Building a Brand!
Jun 28, 201930:40
S1E39 | How to Get an Eye-Poppin, Jaw Droppin' Brand Style!

S1E39 | How to Get an Eye-Poppin, Jaw Droppin' Brand Style!

You've probably scrolled through Instagram or Facebook and saw ads or post of a brand's 'perfect' packaging or attention grabbin' graphics that makes you sit and wonder why your brand's style looking all blah and average. I assure you it's because you didn't do these things I talk about in today's episode, but Brand Ya Flava podcast is here to save the day because I will give you some quick tips on how to get that eye-poppin' brand style you and your audience are looking for.
Jun 07, 201925:08
S1E38 | How to Describe What You Really Do In Your Business!
May 31, 201927:11
S1E37 | 3 Things My Students Taught Me About Branding My Business

S1E37 | 3 Things My Students Taught Me About Branding My Business

It's officially summer! Whoop Whoop and yes it's been quite an interesting ride as a teacher and entrepreneur, but my students taught me some things to that I can definitely take with me as I enter into my summer. Find out how you can use these tools and strategies in your brand to big up yo' brand and make it large and awesome!  What have your kids or just kids in general taught you about growing your business? 

And as always, the best conversations happen in my free Facebook group: Brand Ya Flava.  Let me know your answer in the group! ️😊

May 24, 201939:39
S1E36 | How to take your main hustle to make your side hustle a brand!
May 17, 201923:25
S1E35 | The Biggest Mistake We Make in Building a Brand! (And how to fix it!)

S1E35 | The Biggest Mistake We Make in Building a Brand! (And how to fix it!)

What should you do when life or career gets in the way of building a successful brand??? It’s been happening to me and I’m sure many of you — and we’re gonna tackle how to get our brands back on track in this new episode of the Brand Ya Flava Podcast 😊
May 03, 201929:09
S1E34 | Building a Niche Coaching Brand with Samantha White
Apr 26, 201901:12:00
S1E33 | 3 Ways You Can Niche Your Customer Experience to Expand Your Brand!
Apr 19, 201921:09
S1E32 | How to Use Your Life's Mess to Create a Message or Your Brand!
Apr 12, 201929:31
S1E31 | Is Your Brand Running a Race or Marathon?
Mar 29, 201916:10
S1E30 | 3 Ways on How to Niche Your Brand!

S1E30 | 3 Ways on How to Niche Your Brand!

In the online entrepreneur space, everybody and their mama talks about “the riches is in the niches” but, how to do get the damn niche in the first place? I’ll help you figure out 3 ways on how you can niche your brand! 😉
Mar 15, 201929:39
S1E29 | What You Should Know About the Difference between a Brand Strategist and Branding Designer
Mar 01, 201932:39
S1E28 | Got Passion Burnout? Here's how to get through it!
Feb 22, 201929:45
S1E27 | 3 Ways to Create Systems for Your Business and Give Stress Tha Boot!
Jan 18, 201929:54
S1E26 | 3 Ways to Attract Your Right Audience for Your Brand!
Dec 21, 201835:39
S1E25 | How to Define Your Brand on Your OWN TERMS!
Dec 14, 201801:12:01
S1E24 | 3 Reasons Why You Need To Rebrand Your Business Right Now!
Dec 07, 201824:04
S1E23 | The One Thing Your Brand Should Focus on ASAP!
Nov 30, 201817:31
S1E22 | Why Your T-Shirt Brand is Missing the Mark! (And How You Can Fix It!)
Nov 16, 201801:09:53
S1E21- The Most Effective Strategy for Growing Ya Brand!
Nov 09, 201813:58
S1E20 | How to Grow Ya Brand on Instagram!
Nov 02, 201852:24
S1E19 | You Won't Be Able to Build a Brand Without Doing This!
Oct 26, 201815:28
S1E18 | One Lesson About Business I Learned the Hard Way
Oct 19, 201813:39
S1E17| Why Giving a Good Customer Experience will Change Your Brand Forever!
Oct 12, 201818:33
S1E16- Moving from Overwhelm to Execution
Oct 05, 201815:10
S1E15| How to Get Excited About Building Your Brand!
Sep 28, 201818:25
S1E14 | Biggest Secret to Branding Your Business
Sep 21, 201810:58
S1E13 | Your Logo is the Last Thing You Should Do!
Sep 14, 201815:21
S1E12 | 3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Strategy!
Sep 07, 201814:40
S1E11 - How to Create Your Brand Story!
Aug 31, 201813:41
S1E10 - How To Use Your Senses to Boost Your Branding!
Aug 24, 201822:04
S1E9- The Queen of Soul & Branding
Aug 17, 201812:51
S1E8 | Are You the Face or Heart of Your Brand?
Aug 10, 201812:41
S1E7 | Using Sixth Sense to Boost Your Branding S1E7
Jul 27, 201814:13
S1E6- The Difference between Branding, Marketing & Advertising
Jul 20, 201819:02
S1E5: What is Brand Ya Flava?
Jul 13, 201819:21
S1E4 | Hiding in Our Branding
Jun 22, 201812:27
S1E3 | What a Logo is Really Is!
Jun 15, 201814:27
S1E2 | You'se human before the brand!
Jun 08, 201819:22
S1E1 | Your Logo Ain't That Important!
May 26, 201812:56