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Brave Transitions Podcast

Brave Transitions Podcast

By Peggy Titmarsh & Cindy Hurley-Leister

Welcome to the Brave Transitions Podcast. Real stories. With real people - from around the world. On how to move through pivotal moments with bravery. To give your life a new direction and meaning.

Hosted by Peggy Titmarsh and Cindy Hurley Leister, corporate veterans now executive coaches.
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#17 Yes and... with Shannon Hughes

Brave Transitions PodcastDec 16, 2021

#17 Yes and... with Shannon Hughes
Dec 16, 202133:41
#16 Create more, consume less - with Michael Bellmann

#16 Create more, consume less - with Michael Bellmann


Michael Bellmann is a musical theater composer and digital marketing manager at Stay Friends in Berlin who had left his steady corporate career for a year of self improvement in Berlin. He has got that spirit to go against the norm and live a life full of purpose, creativity and positive energy. 


How to find balance between marketing and music

How to find out 'something is wrong' 

How to have this "difficult" discussion with colleagues, bosses, friends and family

How a dating platform can help to find a job 


Michael has a neoclassical/electrochill band called Fred van Bell 


Sep 24, 202145:41
#15 Joy as my Guide - with Deeptha Umapathy

#15 Joy as my Guide - with Deeptha Umapathy


Deeptha Umapathy is a joyful research and strategy consultant at Break Free from Plastic in Cambodia. She believes in keeping people at the center of her work. It shapes how she manages teams, clients and projects - people centered work.

Deeptha is passionate about innovating and improving how data can be used to make decisions. She took a big leap in leaving a secure job in India to start a totally new career in design research, a field she was not formally trained in.


Who do you need to surround yourself with in times of transition? How to find the people who see the world from your angle? 

How to use joy as your guide. 

How to make a transition into a new career without formal training in that field.

How to negotiate with your employer that you need a sabbatical.


Deeptha is the sister of Nirupa whom we interview in episode #14, and they both have a very similar voice, so don't get confused.


Aug 23, 202131:11
#14 Transition with Joy - with Nirupa Umapathy

#14 Transition with Joy - with Nirupa Umapathy


How to move through fragile times when transitioning - still being in touch with old friends and finding new communities and tribes. 

How to study tools and mindsets from books (Design your Life, Strive) AND real life in Nirupa's case traveling. 

How timing - again - is key. Time comes to you. 

How to build a financial bridge - for Nirupa it was two years of financial permission to travel, play around and experiment. 

How to go against the conditioning of the wind/world, move through loneliness and find some like-minded people.

And... how to integrate work and life on your own terms.  


Nirupa's great transition hack was to travel for 180 days with a planned budget directly after leaving corporate. She also created the highest ever-known number of Design Your Life Odyssey plans. 


Jul 02, 202127:24
#13 Passion & Purpose with R. Evon Benson-Idahosa
May 17, 202141:37
#12 Listen & Learn with Dr Ruby Campbell
Apr 16, 202139:24
#11 Your Story with Helen Krug von Nidda
Feb 18, 202122:47
#10 Passion & Hard Work with Kathy Davies
Jan 30, 202127:43
#0x On us revisited - summary of 2020

#0x On us revisited - summary of 2020

It's Peggy and Cindy's personal summary of what they've learned from the Brave Transition Podcast. Happy new year, everyone.  Some reflective questions coming out of this? --> What was in your control in this crazy year 2020?  --> Which mistakes did you make and what did you learn? --> What do you want to look back on next year? Or even the end of life?
Jan 04, 202117:01
#9 Putting things into numbers with Marina Martins Monterosso
Dec 18, 202030:40
#8 Exiting Corporate - Just Do it with Cissy Ma

#8 Exiting Corporate - Just Do it with Cissy Ma

OVERVIEW ➡️ Cissy is an independent M&A engineer, knows all about financials, adventure and connecting women. Her first brave transition was to leave China in 1991 and study in Australia. After a successful corporate career in a major Australian company and a short period in Consulting, she decided it was time not only to think, but to do the transition she has longed for. She also founded APAC Women's Mentoring Circle with over 700 Professionals from 17 countries.    YOU'LL LEARN ✅ What you can gain from a corporate exit ( e.g. choosing clients, fulfilling work, inspiring people) -  and what you give up (comfortable pay check) Why thinking has to evolve into action to make your transition happen How, again, a professional network outside your corporate organization, can be the ultimate kick you need to make it happen.  And why work is not getting less, yet you enjoy it so much more   FUN FACT 🎊 Did you know that female founders only receive 2% of venture capital in the US?* Cissy and Cindy are both so-called activators at SheEO - a community of radically generous women who work on the world's To Do list.   MORE INFOS 💡   #coaching #bravetransitions #corporatedropout #sheeo #womenfounders
Dec 04, 202030:39
#7 next Business Card with Astrid Varchmin
Nov 06, 202030:09
#6 know thyself with Andy Storch
Sep 24, 202035:33
#5 sail into the future with Dr Anke Blomberg

#5 sail into the future with Dr Anke Blomberg

OVERVIEW ➡️ Dr Anke Blomberg, a lawyer, yoga teacher, real estate consultant and soon-to-be Aryurvedic Life Coach, is talking to us about one of her bravest decision: to extend the sabbatical which meant to permanently give up her secure job in the business world. She has been sailing into the future (literally!), reflected what success means.   YOU'LL LEARN ✅ Trust your intuition. We never know what the future brings. It will always unfold. And how likeminded and inspirational people - a like-minded partner and crowd - can give you energy and encouragement during tough decision moments.    FUN FACT 🎊 Anke has taught yoga to lots of different people, including German actors in Berlin.    #coaching #bravetransitions #lifevisions  #trustyourintuition   MORE INFOS 💡 If you're curious about the inner & outer work through yoga and the retreat center where Cindy, Anke and Peggy met in 2010, go here
Aug 31, 202024:00
#4 dignity & respect with Jamie Getgood

#4 dignity & respect with Jamie Getgood

OVERVIEW ➡️ Jamie Getgood is well known down under for having led the redundancy program of GM Holden in Australia shaping the closedown of a whole industry. Now, he is an independent Consultant and international speaker at HR conferences. Given the current times, he recently  made his learnings available to any leader who wants to lead through people changes with dignity and respect through his new program "The people shift".    YOU'LL LEARN ✅ *** how to know when it's over and look into the future *** what support looks like when it gets really rough, even or especially if you're a leader *** how to turn changes into brave transitions with dignity & respect   FUN FACT Jamie has started his professional life as a tradesman in the manufacturing field - a life lesson that made him ready for HR.    MORE INFOS
Jul 28, 202030:07
# 3 yellow brick road with Nicholas Wai
Jun 16, 202024:46
#2: inner spark with Blythe Frank
Jun 16, 202020:47
#1: heart & brain with Dr Miriam Kolter
Jun 16, 202025:31
#0: meet your hosts

#0: meet your hosts

OVERVIEW ➡️ Meet your hosts Peggy Titmarsh & Cindy Hurley Leister. Two corporate dropouts turned Coaches with Australian husbands and colorful lives. Peggy is just transitioning from Hongkong where she lived the past ten years back to her home country Germany. Cindy's bravest transition peaked last year when she left the company she loved to spend more time in Australia and serve a wider community of leaders.  YOU'LL LEARN Background on the hosts, their understanding of transitions, painful endings, messy middles and integrative beginnings.  Their strong belief that transitions are all about long-planted seeds often following an intuition, trying out, pivotal moments and then following through Why making it real through real people stories is the driver for Peggy & Cindy's work. Transition vs Change  MORE Otto Scharmer's Theory U William Bridge's: Transitions and Making Sense of Life's Changes   CONTACT
Jun 16, 202014:38