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Brian's BRIght Ideas

Brian's BRIght Ideas

By Voxpopme

Brian Monschein is vice president of research at Voxpopme and shares quick tips on this podcast to help market researchers, marketers, and product teams to understand their consumers better.

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7: What to include in a research project brief

Brian's BRIght IdeasJun 01, 2022

22: How to be creative in research
Jan 13, 202305:39
23: What makes a good discussion guide?
Dec 01, 202207:08
22: What is an insight?
Nov 09, 202208:47
21: How to write good screener questions
Oct 14, 202207:23
20: How to present data in an engaging way
Sep 29, 202207:28
19: What Gen Z expects from brands
Sep 13, 202209:53
18: What's a feedback loop and how does it work to connect with customers?
Aug 30, 202206:24
17: How to increase survey response rates
Aug 17, 202209:21
16: How to create your career business plan
Aug 03, 202209:29
15: How to find your next market research job
Jul 13, 202210:00
14: What are the methodologies of primary research?

14: What are the methodologies of primary research?

Voxpopme VP of Research Brian Monschein discusses specific methodologies of primary research and how they work in this episode of "BRIght Ideas." Let's find out how we can use them to understand our customers better. 

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Jun 24, 202209:60
13: How to explain what you do as a market researcher
Jun 13, 202209:06
12: Building stronger relationships with external partners
Jun 06, 202209:50
11: What makes good advertising?
Jun 05, 202202:47
10: How to write better questions for your surveys
Jun 04, 202203:10
9: How to measure product taste tests
Jun 03, 202202:07
8: How to use user personas in your research
Jun 02, 202203:13
7: What to include in a research project brief
Jun 01, 202203:09
6: How to create a customer-centric culture
May 31, 202203:08
5: 3 research hacks, 1 life hack
May 30, 202203:03
4: Consider these steps for product launches
May 29, 202203:43
3: Is it possible to multitask?
May 28, 202204:20
2: Acing the elevator speech
May 27, 202203:56
1: The key components for writing concepts
May 26, 202204:30