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Brilliant Staging

Brilliant Staging

By Tanya Nazariya

Whether you are in the Real Estate Profession, Interior Design, or Event Decorating, Brilliant Staging can help you grow and excel. Tanya Nazariya's passion for harnessing the power of forward-thinking and trend-casting in the staging industry is cutting edge. Designed for the Modern Time, this is the Brilliant Staging Podcast.
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S1E7 Marketing Real Estate To Sell

Brilliant StagingDec 31, 2019

S1E7 Marketing Real Estate To Sell
Dec 31, 201919:58
S1E6 Real Estate Photography
Dec 31, 201924:30
S1E5 Preparing The Home For Quick and Profitable Sale
Dec 31, 201922:45
S1E4 The Real Estate Client Consultation Part II
Dec 19, 201923:07
S1E3 Selling Homes Faster and At a Higher Price With A Great Staging Consultation
Dec 19, 201929:39
S1E2 Winning More Real Estate Clients with Brilliant Staging
Dec 19, 201911:41
S1E1 Introduction to the Brilliant Staging Podcast
Dec 19, 201905:57