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Living A Life Of Purpose

Living A Life Of Purpose

By Brinda Devine

What happens when you discover your purpose?

Yes, each of us are created and designed by God for purpose. In this podcast, we will discuss how we as Believers can connect the dots (emotionally and spiritually) to live a life of purpose as our authentic selves. (Psalms 139:13-16).

In short, let's discus how we can move from pew to purpose.
Sponsored by Purpose8 Institute, sharing the importance of purpose in our everyday lives.
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Aim Higher

Living A Life Of PurposeMay 28, 2023

Aim Higher
May 28, 202326:42
The Fallacy of Our Thinking

The Fallacy of Our Thinking

We think we are in control, that we have time to do what we want first and then pick up our purpose. All not true. Let’s talk about it!
May 07, 202326:49
Sin At Work

Sin At Work

Some people put down their faith at work and never consider how their words and actions hurt their employees, business or organization. Let’s talk about this!
Apr 29, 202325:54
A Made Up Mind

A Made Up Mind

We carry a lot of baggage- current and past. We can empower ourselves by finally making the hard decisions and freeing up some mental space for purpose. Let’s talk about it!
Apr 29, 202309:39
Fighting Your Purpose

Fighting Your Purpose

The providence of God is really not interested in your opinion. Ouch! Even when we are frustrated and look at the success of the wicked. Let’s talk about it!
Apr 29, 202321:28
Letting Go
Apr 02, 202308:48
Out Of My Comfort Zone

Out Of My Comfort Zone

As Believers we are to be faithful and obedient to God and his purpose for our lives. But what if God has given you an assignment totally out if your comfort zone? What do you do? Let’s talk about it ! #purpose #walkingbyfaith #resilient #Godspurpose #yourcalling
Mar 26, 202325:38
When You Do Good

When You Do Good

There’s an expectation that when you are doing “good” that others will rally to help you. We would like to think that those closest to us will help the most, but that’s not always the case. Let’s talk about it. #purpose #walkingbyfaith #resilient #Godspurpose #yourcalling #purposedriven #goodcause
Feb 05, 202321:15
Pressing Faith

Pressing Faith

Faith and humility. The Canannite woman teaches us a life lesson in how faith and humility work together for our good. #purpose #walkingbyfaith #resilient #Godspurpose #yourcalling #purposedriven #goodcause #pressingfaith
Feb 05, 202313:59
Residual Thoughts -What Are You Thinking

Residual Thoughts -What Are You Thinking

You are now in Canaan, you are free, but you still have these residual thoughts. What should we do? Let’s talk about it. #purpose #walkingbyfaith #resilient #Godspurpose #yourcalling #purposedriven #goodcause #goodthoughs
Feb 05, 202313:07
Discrimination vs Your Purpose

Discrimination vs Your Purpose

Discrimination has a weight of its own. Will you let discrimination deter you from your purpose, let’s talk about it. #purpose #walkingbyfaith #resilient #Godspurpose #yourcalling #purposedriven #goodcause #goodthoughs #discrimination #workplace
Feb 05, 202318:22
Your Battle Is Not Just About You!

Your Battle Is Not Just About You!

God fights our battles and he is to have the glory, not us. Let’s talk about what happens when we don’t forgive and press towards our purpose. #purpose #walkingbyfaith #resilient #Godspurpose #yourcalling #purposedriven #goodcause #goodthoughs #thebattleisnotyours
Feb 05, 202318:42
You Really Need to Know Who You Are
Dec 22, 202231:00
Dec 22, 202219:16
Expectations and Your Purpose

Expectations and Your Purpose

Our expectations can never compete with God’s plans. #purpose #walkingbyfaith #resilient #Godspurpose #yourcalling #purposedriven #goodcause #goodthoughs #identity #expectations
Dec 01, 202216:22
Your Purpose Is Your Purpose
Nov 20, 202225:09
Looking Back
Nov 20, 202217:12
Probability of Purpose
Oct 25, 202210:39
Passed My Test - Free From Dry Places

Passed My Test - Free From Dry Places

God was preparing me for my Next,but to past this test, I need to first accommodate myself to God’s providence and not my emotions. Sharing my experience of - letting go of what I wanted and trusting God accommodating myself to God to lead me out of my dry place.
Oct 15, 202224:52
You Are Well Able to Overcome “It”
Aug 14, 202231:11
All Kinds of People - Watch and Discern
Jul 31, 202225:14
Your Distractions Are Killing Your Purpose
Jul 10, 202213:56
Waiting for Your Next
Jul 04, 202223:03
What If You Are Wrong?
Jun 26, 202221:59
What Is Your Next?
Jun 19, 202214:20
Everything Begins With God and Knowing Who You Are
Jun 12, 202220:32
What’s Making You Cry Will Teach You A Lesson
Jun 05, 202217:34
A Servant/A Resource/An Opportunity
May 29, 202218:01
Valley Walking
May 29, 202221:44
The Marginal Life
May 15, 202212:07
Victim Talk 2
Apr 30, 202219:10
Accommodating Yourself to the Condition and God’s Providence
Apr 30, 202230:29
God’s Business Is Not My Business
Apr 19, 202211:23
Apr 10, 202219:56
Standing On Your Square - You Shall Not Be Moved!
Mar 28, 202208:60
What If Your Fake You, Was the Real You?
Mar 20, 202215:32
Unpacking Your Fear
Mar 13, 202222:55
You and Your Purpose - What’s Going On?
Mar 13, 202209:58
Self Sabotaging Your Life - Coveting, Rejection, Procrastination
Mar 06, 202219:48
Realization of God’s Grace - Gratitude
Feb 27, 202217:20
Contentment - Do We Really Trust God?
Feb 20, 202220:50
Freedom Comes Through Being Transparent and Authentic
Feb 15, 202220:54
When My Momma Told Me I Was Black - The Weight of Discrimination
Feb 06, 202222:09
Go Away Little Girl
Jan 30, 202228:12
Fairytales and White Picket Fences Tell Lies
Jan 23, 202222:50
Learn Your Lessons
Jan 16, 202213:18
Carry Your Cross
Jan 10, 202219:58
Letting Go
Jan 05, 202211:10
When The Answer Is No
Dec 26, 202114:47
Stop Going To Wells With No Water
Dec 19, 202116:39
Broken Leadership
Dec 12, 202124:52
Work - The Devil Comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy Purpose
Dec 06, 202131:16
Reframing Our Relationships
Nov 29, 202125:10
Humility - It’s Really Hard When Some People Just Get On Your Nerves
Nov 23, 202116:27
What’s Next? - Now that God has answered your prayers

What’s Next? - Now that God has answered your prayers

You have been praying and preparing for the vision. God by his grace has answered your prayers and given you a piece of the vision. What should you do with this new reality? Let’s talk about it!
Nov 15, 202115:33
Identity and Purpose - See and Believe
Nov 09, 202121:40
Dissapointments - A Subtle Pathway to Pride
Nov 01, 202118:04
Reaching for a Lie - Imposter Syndrome
Oct 25, 202117:42
Settling - When There Is Better
Oct 19, 202114:13
Who Is Talking In Your Head?
Oct 11, 202122:24
Oct 04, 202115:24
Fear - and how it impacts purpose
Sep 27, 202125:37
Being Accountable - Submission and Obedience
Sep 14, 202121:36
What is your drug?

What is your drug?

My opinion - bad behaviors and sin are distractions that keep us from what we really want - love and acceptance. Let’s talk about it!
Sep 08, 202121:59
What fruit do you bear?

What fruit do you bear?

Our responses (fruit) to life are a reflection of our faith. As Believers, God’s Word (Galatians 5) tells us what good fruit we are to bear in step with the Holy Spirit. Good fruit in our lives is evidence of our faith and shows God’s glory in our lives. Good fruit prepares us to live a life of purpose. Let’s talk about it!
Aug 31, 202127:45
What Are You Mourning?
Aug 24, 202120:08
Wavering Purpose
Aug 16, 202119:28
Talent, Skills and Spiritual Gifts
Aug 09, 202121:55
Servant Mindset
Aug 04, 202119:06
Pride and Humility
Aug 01, 202117:13
Urgency in Purpose
Jul 27, 202119:49
Victim Talk
Jul 24, 202118:12
It’s Not About You
Jul 21, 202123:20
What’s Are You Really Responding To?
Jul 17, 202117:49
Your Response Matters
Jul 12, 202122:50
Weakness and Triggers - Part 2
Jul 07, 202124:34
Listener’s Reviews
Jul 04, 202101:09
Weakness and Triggers -Part 1
Jul 02, 202123:14
Pride, Humble, Submit, Obedience
Jun 26, 202122:22
Question - God What Is My Purpose?
Jun 25, 202122:22
Do the Work - Be Honest With Yourself -Part 2
Jun 23, 202124:46
Do the Work - Be Honest With Yourself - Part 1
Jun 19, 202121:00
Me - Birth Of A Renewed Mind - Part 3
Jun 12, 202121:16
Me - Birth Of A Renewed Mind, Part 2
Jun 08, 202121:48
Me - Birth Of A Renewed Mind, Part 1
Jun 05, 202124:48
Changing Your Perspective
May 29, 202124:56
About Me, About You, Distractions - Part 2
May 19, 202109:25
About Me, About You, Distractions -Part 1
May 19, 202124:18
Welcome - What is purpose?
May 16, 202112:06