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Brits in the Big Apple

Brits in the Big Apple

By British Consulate General (New York)

A weekly podcast celebrating the contemporary cultural connections of Brits in and around New York City.
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Dr. Dev Pragad, CEO of Newsweek

Brits in the Big AppleOct 14, 2021

Anoushka Healy and the Art of Media Diplomacy

Anoushka Healy and the Art of Media Diplomacy

Embark on a journey to discover how Healy, a luminary in the world of global media, leverages her expertise to enhance the British Consulate's outreach and engagement strategies. Learn about her dynamic approach in managing a diverse media portfolio, encompassing news services, book publishing, and digital real estate, all while aligning with diplomatic objectives.

Rewind to her transformative years at The Times and The Sunday Times of London. As Group Managing Editor, Healy not only redefined these publications but also integrated elements of cultural diplomacy, thereby amplifying the British voice in global media. Her leadership in launching innovative products and the strategic redesign of The Times, crowned as "Newspaper of the Year" in 2009, highlights her diplomatic acumen.

Trace her career back to the Financial Times, where as Head of Corporate Communications, Healy spearheaded major initiatives like the launch of the Weekend FT, the FT’s US edition, and, significantly expanding the UK’s media influence abroad.

With a rich background in Modern Languages, Healy brings a unique blend of cultural understanding and media savvy to the forefront of international relations. This episode is a must-listen for those intrigued by the power of media in diplomacy, the strategy behind global news dissemination, and the role of communication in fostering international relationships.

Dec 07, 202324:51
Breaking Boundaries with Award Winning Author: Mohsin Zaidi

Breaking Boundaries with Award Winning Author: Mohsin Zaidi

Join award-winning author, commentator, and lawyer Mohsin Zaidi on a journey of exploration and empowerment in "Breaking Boundaries with Mohsin Zaidi". This episode delves into the heart of diversity, inclusion, mental health, and justice, mirroring the themes of his critically acclaimed memoir, "A Dutiful Boy". As the first in his school to attend Oxford University and a trailblazing figure in the legal world, Mohsin brings unique insights from his experiences at top law firms, the UN War Crimes tribunal, and the UK's Supreme Court.

A passionate advocate for LGBT rights, BAME representation, and social mobility, Mohsin shares his thoughts on how we can transcend cultural contradictions and foster acceptance in our multicultural society. The podcast also features his views on current global issues, reflecting his work as a commentator for major outlets like Sky News, The New York Times, and CNN Style.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, looking to understand the complexities of our world, or just curious about the intersection of law, culture, and identity, "Breaking Boundaries with Mohsin Zaidi" offers thought-provoking conversations and a lesson in acceptance for everyone. Tune in to join Mohsin, hailed as a future leader and a world-changing trailblazer, on this enlightening journey.

Find him on Twitter and Instagram @mohsinzaidi_ldn for more updates.

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Nov 30, 202337:31
British Footprints in New York: A Historical Odyssey with Dr. Amanda Foreman

British Footprints in New York: A Historical Odyssey with Dr. Amanda Foreman

Join the renowned historian and author Dr. Amanda Foreman on an enthralling exploration of British influences in New York City in her latest podcast, "Brits in the Big Apple." Known for her award-winning bestsellers like ‘Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire’ and 'A World on Fire: An Epic History of Two Nations Divided', Dr. Foreman brings her unique blend of insightful historical analysis and engaging storytelling to this captivating series.

Each episode of "Brits in the Big Apple" delves into the rich tapestry of historical events and personalities that have shaped the unique relationship between the UK and New York. From the colonial era to modern times, Dr. Foreman sheds light on how British culture, politics, and people have left an indelible mark on the city's development.

Listeners will also enjoy exclusive insights into Dr. Foreman’s illustrious career, including her role as the 2016 chair of The Man Booker Prize, her acclaimed BBC documentary series 'The Ascent of Woman', and her work curating a special exhibition for Buckingham Palace. As a columnist for The Sunday Times, the Smithsonian Magazine, and her bi-weekly contributions to The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Historically Speaking’, Dr. Foreman has established herself as a leading voice in historical discourse.

Upcoming episodes will feature sneak peeks into her highly anticipated book, ‘The World Made by Women: A New History of Humanity’, set for publication in 2025 by Penguin Random House. As a CBS News royal contributor and a prominent figure in various historical and cultural boards, including the Feminist Institute and the Society of American Historians, Dr. Foreman offers a perspective that is both deeply informed and refreshingly approachable.

Recorded in the heart of New York, where Dr. Foreman resides with her family, this podcast is a must-listen for history buffs, Anglophiles, and anyone interested in the fascinating interplay of British and American cultures. Follow Dr. Amanda Foreman on Instagram and Threads @dramandaforeman, and on Twitter @DrAmandaForeman, for more updates and insights.

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Nov 18, 202334:21
Redefining Women's Success in Leadership and Innovation with Dee Poku | Brits in the Big Apple
Nov 09, 202332:16
En Pointe Excellence: Conversations with Tzu-Chao Chou & Brandon Lawrence

En Pointe Excellence: Conversations with Tzu-Chao Chou & Brandon Lawrence

Step into the world of ballet with two extraordinary talents, Tzu-Chao Chou and Brandon Lawrence, in our latest Spotify podcast episode "En Pointe Excellence: Conversations with Tzu-Chao Chou & Brandon Lawrence." Explore the captivating journeys of these esteemed dancers from their early days to becoming principal dancers at the prestigious Birmingham Royal Ballet and beyond.

From Taiwan to the global stage, Tzu-Chao Chou's artistic journey is nothing short of inspiring. Trained at the Australian Ballet School and shining in various international performances, Tzu-Chao has mesmerized audiences across the world. Discover his path to success, his experiences dancing celebrated roles from Ashton’s "The Dream" to Wright’s "Swan Lake," and his creative ventures into new roles with leading choreographers.

Joining him is the equally talented Brandon Lawrence, whose dedication and passion for ballet have seen him rise through the ranks from the Royal Ballet School to principal dancer. Delve into Brandon's profound interpretations of classical roles like Prince Siegfried in "Swan Lake" and Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet," his experience in creating new characters, and his remarkable contributions beyond the stage, including his role as a board governor at Elmhurst Ballet School and as Patron of NEBT and bbodance.

In August 2023, witness a significant transition as Brandon steps into a new role as 1. Solist with Ballett Zürich. This podcast offers an intimate look into their lives, exploring their artistic processes, the challenges and triumphs of a dancer’s life, and their inspiring evolution in the world of ballet.

Follow these captivating dancers on their social platforms at @tzuchaochou and @blawrencedancer for more behind-the-scenes and personal updates. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive deep into the hearts and minds of two of ballet's most luminous stars, only on Spotify. Tune in to "En Pointe Excellence" and be transported into the elegance and discipline of professional ballet!

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Nov 02, 202342:28
Anthro-Vision with Gillian Tett: Brits in the Big Apple

Anthro-Vision with Gillian Tett: Brits in the Big Apple

Dive into the dynamic world of economics, finance, and anthropology with Gillian Tett, a distinguished Brit in the Big Apple on this episode of "Brits in the Big Apple." As the influential chair of the Financial Times' editorial board and editor-at-large in the US, Gillian shares her profound insights into the pressing economic, financial, and social issues that shape our world.

Discover the journey behind FT Moral Money, the award-winning newsletter co-founded by Gillian, heralded for its incisive coverage of the ever-evolving ESG landscape in business and finance. Revel in the success stories and challenges from 2013 to 2019, when she steered the ship as the FT's US managing editor, alongside her diverse experiences spanning markets coverage, capital markets editing, Lex column stewardship, and her time as Tokyo bureau chief.

We'll also explore "Anthro-Vision," her groundbreaking book released in June 2021, offering a unique anthropological lens on life and business. Before her illustrious career at the Financial Times, beginning in 1993, Gillian earned her PhD in social anthropology from Cambridge University, with her fieldwork taking her deep into the complexities of the former Soviet Union. This episode delves into her early contributions to the FT and BBC and celebrates her upcoming role as Provost to King's College Cambridge in Fall 2023.

Join us for this enlightening conversation, where finance meets anthropology, only on "Brits in the Big Apple." Get ready to be inspired by a trailblazer who's not just reporting on the financial world but also shaping it through her insightful perspectives and relentless curiosity. Don't miss this deep dive into the mind of one of the financial world's leading figures!

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Oct 26, 202332:02
Brits in The Big Apple: Ben Foden - A Rugby Legacy Across Continents

Brits in The Big Apple: Ben Foden - A Rugby Legacy Across Continents

In our latest episode of "Brits in The Big Apple," we uncover the illustrious rugby career of Ben Foden, an exceptional athlete with an international pedigree, known for his significant contributions to the sport both in the UK and the US.

Ben's rugby journey is a testament to dedication and high-level performance, having represented England in 34 remarkable fixtures, including a memorable run in the 2011 Rugby World Cup that saw the team advance to the quarter-finals. His national allegiance wasn't just a one-time affair; Ben's commitment to the sport was evident from his youth, proudly wearing the England jersey for Under 16s, U18s, U19s, U21s, and England A teams, and showcasing leadership as the captain of the England 7s.

Foden's club career is nothing short of impressive, boasting over a decade of professional play in the UK. He became a cornerstone player for Northampton Saints, participating in 250 matches and racking up 290 points during his tenure from 2008 to 2018. Before his significant stint with the Saints, Ben made waves with the Sale Sharks, contributing to 50 games and achieving premiership glory. His accolades include prestigious European titles, highlighting his influence and skill on the field.

As Ben transitioned to the next phase of his career, he brought his expertise to the US, joining Rugby United New York and contributing to 35 games, embracing the city he now considers his second home.

This episode not only explores Foden's rugby prowess but also illuminates how he's transitioned his life from the pitches of England to the bustling streets of New York. Join us as we delve deep into Ben's sporting legacy, his impact on rugby on both sides of the Atlantic, and his life in the Big Apple post-rugby.

Ben Foden's Instagram and Twitter can be found here!

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Oct 19, 202333:09
Gemma Cairney: BBC Radio Host & DJ

Gemma Cairney: BBC Radio Host & DJ

Gemma Cairney is an award-winning broadcaster and author who is passionate about empowering young women.

After attending The Brit School and a brief stint in fashion during her early 20s, Gemma’s unique, infectious broadcasting style was swiftly spotted by the BBC. She graduated from BBC’s 1Xtra to BBC Radio 1 where she hosted the early Breakfast Show and Weekend Breakfast Show. She then went on to present the station’s social action show The Surgery for two years.

Gemma’s radio documentaries include: Dolly, Dylan or Daft Punk (BBC6 Music), What the F: the Story of Feminism; Never Mind The Cobblers: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Cobbler, and Mali Music, which saw her travel to Mali to discuss the country’s music ban and interview its emerging stars. Tempted by Teacher and Bruising Silence (BBC Radio 1) have seen her awarded two Sony Golds. Her interview of Grace Jones for Amazing Grace (BBC 6 Music) won the Best Music Show Rose d’Or.

Her acclaimed television documentaries include: The History of Feminism (BBC2, BBC Learning), Riots: The Aftershock and Dying for Clear Skin (BBC3). Gemma has presented the BBC’s Glastonbury Festival coverage and co-hosted BBC1’s New Year’s Eve coverage which had more than 12 million viewers.  In 2016 Gemma co-hosted the BBC Music Awards on BBC1 alongside Claudia Winkleman and Fearne Cotton.

Gemma’s debut book, OPEN: A Toolkit for How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be was published in 2017.  With her natural flair, Gemma launched the book by touring the UK on an open-top bus, which she painted yellow and named Dandelion; recording podcasts and hosting parties on board as she went!

In 2014 she made royal history by hosting a live Google hangout from Buckingham Palace for The Queen’s Young Leader project alongside HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry. She also co-produced internet entertainment show, The Fox Problem.

As an ambassador for Oxfam for five years , Gemma ran Rumble in the Jumble celebrity jumble sale which raised more than £60,000. She also lends her support to Women’s Aid.

Twitter @gemcairn and Instagram @gemagain

Gemma’s biography taken from

Jan 19, 202326:12
Jonathan Lynn: Writer and Director of Clue, YES, & Prime Minister

Jonathan Lynn: Writer and Director of Clue, YES, & Prime Minister

Jonathan Lynn co‐created and co‐wrote the entire series Yes, Prime Minister, which is listed among the top ten series of all‐time according to the British Film Institute.

He wrote and directed his first feature film Clue (1985) with an all‐star cast, directed his screenplay Nuns on the Run (1990), which starred Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane, and the acerbic comedy My Cousin Vinny (1992), which earned Marisa Tomei an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress.

The Distinguished Gentleman (1992), starring Eddie Murphy, raised the issue of campaign finance reform long before the average American recognized the problem. Other films include The Whole Nine Yards with Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry, which was number 1 at the US

box‐office for three weeks, and The Fighting Temptations (2003) with Beyonce Knowles and Cuba Gooding, an uplifting tour de force of gospel music. The film won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Picture of 2003.

Lynn directed numerous plays in London, beginning in the mid 1970s. They include: The Glass Menagerie (1977); Songbook (1979);  Anna Christie (1979‐80) at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford and the Donmar; A Little Hotel on the Side by Georges Feydeau, adapted by John Mortimer at the National Theatre, and Three Men on a Horse at the National Theatre (Olivier Award, Best Comedy).

He also directed and wrote (with Antony Jay) their stage play Yes Prime Minister, a smash hit in the West End, and in 2016 he wrote and directed The Patriotic Traitor at the Park theatre. His other books include the novels Mayday and Samaritans and a memoir Comedy Rules.

Jan 12, 202320:52
Yosel Tiefenbrun: Founder of Tiefenbrun Tailoring & Rabbi

Yosel Tiefenbrun: Founder of Tiefenbrun Tailoring & Rabbi

TIEFENBRUN founder Yosel Tiefenbrun was raised in London and comes from a long line of tailors, fabric merchants and artists. The love of fine clothes, design and exquisite workmanship runs in his blood and has been his passion from a young age. Growing up, his studies took him to France, New York, Israel and then on to Singapore to become a rabbi. In Singapore he also began to pursue his love of design and clothing, studying design at NAFA while interning at Harper's Bazaar Magazine.

At the age of 21, Yosel moved to London to study at the Savile Row Academy, where he spent two years training in both cutting and tailoring. He was then chosen to apprentice under Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop of Maurice Sedwell. Upon finishing his apprenticeship, Yosel moved back to Singapore to work as both a rabbi for the Jewish community and a tailor at Kevin Seah Bespoke. In his new role, he worked with many Asian and international clients, gaining a broader sartorial mindset for the various cultures, traditions and unique styles of Asia.

Following his dreams, Yosel moved to New York at the age of 28 to open his own tailoring house, TIEFENBRUN, in Brooklyn, New York. He has been credited with making Savile Row tailoring a local option in New York where he has a wide range of clients from celebrity sports players, award winning actors and international royalty.

You can find Yosel on Instagram at @rabbitailor and @tiefenbrunnyc and on Twitter at @Rabbitailor.

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Jan 05, 202320:01
Glenda Bailey: Former Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar

Glenda Bailey: Former Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar

As editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, British-born journalist Glenda Bailey garnered international acclaim for her vision. Combining high fashion with intelligent in-depth features, her editorial approach has marked the magazine as one of the most prominent fashion publications in the world.

Appointed to the role in 2001 — having served as editor-in-chief of the US edition of Marie Claire since 1996 — Bailey’s directional leadership played a pivotal role in steering the magazine through the financial downturn in 2008. She entered into a unique partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue, connecting the worlds of content and commerce and launched an e-commerce site, in collaboration with

A fashion design graduate of Kingston University, Bailey’s final year dissertation on the IPC Magazine publishing group. introduced the young creative to the concept of fashion journalism. Following a brief stint as a design assistant for Guisi Slaverio, she landed her first role as editor for British magazine Honey. Despite having no previous editorial experience, Bailey, through a series of meetings with IPC director Colin Reeves-Smith, followed her appointment at Honey with a role at the publication company’s newly launched Folio magazine and in 1988 played an instrumental role in the launch of the British version of French fashion magazine Marie Claire. By the mid-90s Marie Claire had become one of the most popular publications in Britain, with a circulation of over 450,000.

The established editor has received a number of industry accolades throughout her illustrious career, including several ASME awards and in 2008, an MBE in recognition of her services in journalism and fashion. While serving at the helm of Marie Claire, Bailey was also presented with two successive awards as "Women’s Magazine Editor of the Year" and "Editor’s Editor of the Year," along with several consumer magazine awards and recognition from Amnesty International for her dedicated coverage of human rights affairs.

At the start of 2019, Bailey was made a Dame Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

In January 2020, it was announced that she will step down as editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar, while staying on at Hearst as a full-time global consultant for international editions of the title.

Glenda’s biography was taken from

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Dec 29, 202224:14
Jim Dale: Actor, Comedian, Singer

Jim Dale: Actor, Comedian, Singer

At the age of nine Jim studied tap and ballet dancing for six years. At seventeen he became the youngest professional comedian touring the British Music Halls.

In his 20’s he became a successful pop singer under the wing of legendary Beatles recording manager Sir George Martin.

He became a leading team member of the iconic British Carry On film series, appearing in eleven of them.

In 1969 at the request of Lord Olivier he joined the British National Theatre as a leading actor, appearing in seven productions, including a two-hander play with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

His work on and off Broadway include, Scapino, Barnum, Joe Egg, Candide, Me and My Girl, Privates On Parade, The Music Man, Travels With My Aunt, The Threepenny Opera, Comedians, and The Road to Mecca.

In the category of Best Actor, Jim has won a Tony Award, five Tony Award Nominations, five Drama Desk Awards and five New York Critics Awards, including, “Outstanding Solo Performance” for his most recent one-man show at the Roundabout Theatre, Just Jim Dale.

As a lyricist he won an American Academy Award Nomination for the title song for the film “Georgy Girl,” starring Lynn Redgrave.

As a film actor in the category of  Best Newcomer, he won a British Academy Award Nomination

He narrated of all seven audiobooks in the Harry Potter series, winning a record ten Audie Awards, the Oscars of the American narrating world, two Grammy Awards and seven Grammy Nominations.

He also won ‘Narrator of the Year’ 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2008 plus “Audiobook of the Year 2004”

He holds two Guinness World Records. One for, ‘Creating 147 different voices for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, and a second for, ‘Occupying the First Six Places in the Top Ten Audio Books of America and Canada.’

Over the past few years Jim has been inducted into The American Theatre Hall of Fame, The American Audio Hall of Fame, and, Audible Publishing Hall of Fame.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II recently honoured Jim with the MBE* *Member of the Order of the British Empire.

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Dec 22, 202223:57
Duncan Quinn: Creative Director of Duncan Quinn Bespoke Suits

Duncan Quinn: Creative Director of Duncan Quinn Bespoke Suits

Duncan Quinn has collected special people as clients for his bespoke clothing business for almost 20 years. Suit lovers, Pulitzer prize winners, Oscar winners, self made billionaires, global fashion designers, and entrepreneurs of every flavor. All seeking the curated experiences, and curated life, that start with a visit to consult him in New York City.

Duncan Quinn’s studio opened in NoLita, New York City in 2003 on a mission to better dress the gentlemen and rogues of New York City and beyond. To create a club of characters. And give them reasons to dress up in our bespoke suits. Fortunately for us the world, clients, and the press responded. And still do. Our unique combination of classic bespoke tailoring, irreverent twists, exceptional events and general curation of the good life has led to many fun things. We've dressed the great and the good, and in some cases characters bordering on insane. We've thrown cocktail parties in vintage double decker buses, grand cru wine tastings on 200 foot schooners, legendary dinners in the lobby of Chateau Marmont, Gumballed and Goldrushed and Elephant Charged across continents, raised money for good causes, and generally whooped it up as much as we can adding stories, as well as bespoke suits along the way. We've been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows all over the world including the NYT Magazine, GQ, Esquire, Details, Departures, Town&Country, Forbes, Fortune, Worth, WSJ, FT, Guardian, Le Monde, Corriera Della Serra, EsquireTV and others. Inspired by gentlemen and rogues from Sir Ian Fleming's James Bond to Cary Grant's John "The Cat" Robie.

When DQ was small he always told his parents he wanted to be an architect and a stuntman. He was diverted by mathematics and law. But eventually found he had somewhat of a knack for spacial things. Both human and mechanical. He also has an exceptional eye for color, texture, and character. And so it was that he came to do the architecture for suits for bodies, and get behind the wheel of anything that goes fast. He had also realized when involved with the hospitality business that although people will tell you never to judge a book by its cover, almost everyone does. Which makes for interesting possibilities when manipulating perception. 80% of communication has been shown to be non-verbal. Think about that for a second. Eighty-percent of what you say does not come out of your mouth. And is not enunciated by your thoughts becoming words. It is enunciated by what you wear and how you look.. and act. And so, yet again, although we make suits, we are not your average suit maker. It's not just about taking measurements and you choosing your cloth. It's about achieving a mission. Maximizing "you" for the challenges you will be faced with in life. Whether by dialing up or down the volume of the message the suit speaks. More understated, less understated, more elegant, less elegant, more formal, less formal. Adding or deducting small signals which people will perceive. So while a bespoke DQ suit is still a suit, more than that it is your message to the world. Lets work together to make sure it's the message you want it to be.

Headshot taken by Henry Leutwyler.

Follow Duncan Quinn at @duncan_quinn on Instagram and Twitter

Dec 15, 202231:46
Tina Brown: Journalist, Magazine Editor, Author of the Diana Chronicles
Dec 08, 202227:35
Will Butler-Adams: Chief Executive Officer of Brompton Bicycle Ltd

Will Butler-Adams: Chief Executive Officer of Brompton Bicycle Ltd

Will Butler-Adams is Chief Executive Officer of Brompton Bicycle Ltd., and has worked for Nissan, ICI, DuPont and Brompton; involved in product development, R&D, project management and manufacturing excellence. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University and is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. He joined Brompton in 2002 and also serves as a commissioner on the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

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Dec 01, 202225:09
Jess Gillam, Saxophonist & Radio Host

Jess Gillam, Saxophonist & Radio Host

Hailing from Ulverston in Cumbria, Jess Gillam is animating the music world with her outstanding talent and infectious personality. She has been forging her own adventurous path since she shot to fame becoming the first saxophonist to reach the finals of BBC Young Musician and the youngest ever soloist to perform at the Last Night of the Proms. Passionate about inspiring and bringing joy to people through music, Jess invites audiences on journeys of musical discovery through her electrifying performances and eclectic programming.

As well as performing around the world, Jess is a presenter on TV and Radio. She became the youngest ever presenter for BBC Radio 3 with the launch of her own weekly show, This Classical Life . The show is in its third year now and in 2020 won the prestigious ARIA Award for Best Specialist Music Show. She has also been a guest presenter for BBC Radio 2 and co-hosted a miniseries for BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme. Keen to explore the creative output of her home county, Jess presented a series of Cumbrian Chats on BBC Radio Cumbria. TV presenting includes the BBC Proms and BBC Young Musician.

Jess is the first ever saxophonist to be signed exclusively to Decca Classics and both of her albums shot to No.1 in the UK Classical Music Charts. Her debut album was listed in The Times Top 100 albums of 2019. She has been the recipient of a Classic BRIT Award, has been nominated for The Times Breakthrough Award and was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2021 for Services to Music. A free spirit in style and character, Jess is an advocate for the power of music in society. She is passionate about inspiring and bringing joy to people through music and during lockdown, she formed her ‘Virtual Scratch Orchestra’, inviting musicians of any standard to come together to play music virtually with her. The orchestra played music by David Bowie and The Beatles as well as a Christmas special of Leroy Anderson’s ‘Sleigh Ride’. Over 2,000 people from around 30 different countries took part across the two projects, aged 2- 94, playing a huge range of instruments.

Jess is a patron for Awards for Young Musicians and London Music Fund and enjoys working and performing with young musicians. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for classical and non-classical music lights up every stage and she has performed in prestigious concert halls and with world-class orchestras around the globe including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, NDR Hannover, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Munich Philharmonic, Lahti Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Philharmonic. She also enjoys touring with her newly-formed Jess Gillam Ensemble bringing together a group of brilliant musicians who share her bold, uplifting and open- minded approach. Jess has performed live at the BAFTAs to millions of viewers at home. Jess is an Artist in Association at the Royal Albert Hall, an Artist in Residence at the Wigmore Hall and she continues to promote her own concert series, bringing international talent to her hometown of Ulverston.

Jess is a Vandoren UK Artist and became the youngest ever endorsee for Yanagisawa Saxophones aged just 13.

Nov 17, 202224:38
Joanna Coles, Executive Producer of "The Bold Type"

Joanna Coles, Executive Producer of "The Bold Type"

JOANNA COLES, OBE is the chairwoman and CEO of Northern Star Acquisition Companies II-IV; Northern Star I announced a merger with BARK in December 2020. She is also the Executive Producer of Hulu’s The Bold Type (on Netflix globally), the five season TV drama inspired by her career. She is the former Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines, responsible for 300 magazines globally. Coles sits on the public boards of Snap Inc. (Snapchat) Sonos, and Bark. She is also a director of private tech companies Density, and Grover, Europe’s largest tech-rental platform based in Berlin. And the non-profit Women Entrepreneurs New York City, an initiative to expand female entrepreneurship, with a focus on underserved women and communities.

She advises several companies including Cornell Capital, a private equity company; the Swedish payment disruptor Klarna and Bustle Digital Media. She currently has three TV shows in pre- production with Amazon, ABC and FX.

The British-born editor moved to the U.S. in 1997 as the New York Bureau Chief for The Guardian, before becoming the New York Bureau Chief for The Times of London.  Coles joined Hearst in 2006 as editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, where she co-produced the Style Network’s unscripted show Running in Heels. She was also the on-air mentor for Project Runway AllStars. She was named editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, the world’s largest women’s media brand, in 2012. She was the executive producer of the unscripted series So Cosmo on E! in 2017.

Over the course of her career, Coles has won numerous prestigious awards for journalism and media leadership. She was recently described by The New York Times as “one of the most powerful people in media.”

Coles is the author of Love Rules, published by HarperCollins, about relationships in the digital age, now being made into a TV show for FX. She lives in Manhattan and has two sons, with the author Peter Godwin.

Instagram @JoannaColes

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Nov 10, 202234:08
Alex Halliday, Founding Dean of the Columbia Climate School

Alex Halliday, Founding Dean of the Columbia Climate School

Alex Halliday is the Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Founding Dean of the new Columbia Climate School. He joined Columbia in April 2018, after spending more than a decade at the University of Oxford, during which time he was dean of science and engineering.

With over 400 published research papers, Halliday has been a pioneer in developing mass spectrometry to measure small isotopic variations in everything from meteorites to seawater to living organisms, helping to shed light on the birth and early development of our solar system, the interior workings of the Earth, and the processes that affect Earth’s surface environment.

His scientific achievements have been recognized through numerous awards, including the Murchison Medal of the Geological Society, the Bowen Award and Hess Medal of the American Geophysical Union, the Urey Medal of the European Association of Geochemistry, the Oxburgh Medal of the Institute of Measurement and Control, and a Knighthood for services to science and innovation. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Society and an International Member of the US National Academy of Sciences.

Halliday has helped to lead a variety of distinguished scientific societies and advisory panels. He is the former Vice President of the Royal Society and former President of the Geochemical Society, the European Association of Geochemistry, and the Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology Section of the American Geophysical Union. He has served as an external board member for Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council, the Max Planck Society, London’s Natural History Museum, the American Geophysical Union, and more.

As a professor in Columbia’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Halliday divides his time between Columbia’s Morningside campus and his isotope geochemistry lab at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. The main focus of his current activities is establishing the Columbia Climate School, a major new initiative in transdisciplinary research, education and societal engagement, focused on climate and related sustainability issues.

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Nov 03, 202232:14
Robbie Earle & Robbie Mustoe: Hosts of "The 2 Robbies" Podcast & Former Premiere League Footballers

Robbie Earle & Robbie Mustoe: Hosts of "The 2 Robbies" Podcast & Former Premiere League Footballers

Robbie Earle serves as a studio analyst of NBC Sports Group’s Premier League coverage including Premier League Live, NBC Sports Group’s pre- and post-match show. He is a former Jamaican national team player and Premier League star, playing in more than 600 league games and scoring approximately 150 goals.  He began his professional career with Port Vale (1982-1991) and signed with Wimbledon in 1991. Although born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, England, Earle was eligible to play for the Jamaican National Team (1997-2000) due to his heritage.  He was captain of the squad for two years and in 33 international caps, he scored a total of eight goals, including Jamaica’s first-ever World Cup Finals goal versus Croatia in 1998. Earle was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in 1999. Earle was named Wimbledon Player of the Decade in 2000. He has served as an Honorary Patron of Show Racism the Red Card, the campaign that uses footballers to educate against racism.

Robbie Mustoe is an NBC Sports Soccer Analyst. He is a former professional player in England, starting at hometown club Oxford United before moving to Middlesbrough for 12 years, then completing short stints at Charlton Athletic and Sheffield Wednesday. He saw 3 promotions to the Premier League and appeared in 3 Wembley Cup Finals with Middlesbrough. Robbie Mustoe played an impressive 600 professional games in his 18 year career. He then moved to the US in 2006 to coach at Bentley College and then Boston College, before starting a broadcast career with ESPN in 2008. There, he worked on the 2010 World Cup, the 2012 European Championships in Poland and Ukraine and several Champion’s League Finals before moving to NBC to cover the Premier League in 2013.

Together, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe co-host The 2 Robbies podcast.

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Luke Parker Bowles, CEO of Cinema Lab

Luke Parker Bowles, CEO of Cinema Lab

Luke Parker Bowles is CEO of Cinema Lab; a movie theatre development and management  company, who believes the theatrical experience is important, purely because it is the best  way to share movies and creates a sense of community and empathy. They are opening  community-based, technology-forward, ecologically-conscious movie theatres that lead the  way in hospitality, programming, presentation, design and cater our guests with expanded  hot and cold menu options and adult beverages.

Additionally, Luke serves as CEO of Odd Sausage LLC – an East Coast -based Film,  Television and Video production company committed to acquiring, developing, and  producing multi-platform premium content through unique access to quality material. Odd  Sausage combines strong creative relationships and an executive team that has produced  award winning and commercially successful films.

Productions include Starz’s OUTLANDER and Focus Features EVENING and the recent  FEATURE thriller EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE. On the Video side, clients include TED, UPS, UBS, Logitech, British Airways, Transferwise and many others.

Parker Bowles previously served as Executive Vice President of Production for Open Road  Integrated Media, a digital publisher and multimedia content company. Open Road  publishes and markets eBooks from authors including Pat Conroy, William Styron, Alice Walker, James Jones, and Pearl S. Buck. At Open Road, he created and oversaw the Digital  Entertainment division, which created short documentary film pieces about its authors in  order to market their eBooks. He managed a worldwide team of filmmakers who  interviewed Open Road authors and their families, colleagues, and friends.

Hailing from London, Parker Bowles began his film-industry career at International Creative  Management (ICM) London in 1999 after obtaining his degree from the University of  London. An established film industry executive in both the United Kingdom and the United  States, Parker Bowles has developed and managed a diverse slate of films for both major studios and independent film companies, including Working Title Films, Hart Sharp  Entertainment, and Sharp Independent at HarperCollins.

Parker Bowles joined Working Title Films’ creative department in 2001. There, he was  involved in the development of hit films such as Chris and Paul Weitz’s About a Boy, Beeban  Kidron’s Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice and Atonement, Shekhar Kapur’s Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Richard Curtis’s Love Actually. In the fall of 2003, Parker Bowles moved to New York and began working in the  independent film world at Hart Sharp Entertainment.

Parker Bowles served as Chairman of BAFTA in New York and is a Director and Founder of the Queen Elizabeth II Garden in New York and The Montclair Film Festival. He is also a  member of both the Pilgrims Society and the St. George’s Society. He was awarded the  inaugural Leadership Award by the St. George’s Society in 2017 for his work in bringing Britains and Americans closer together and for his work with non-profits, including Comic Relief, of which he is a Senior Ambassador and has raised more money than any other single  individual in America for the charity.

In addition to attending the University of London, Parker Bowles studied at Yale University  and Carnegie Mellon University.

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Zain Ejiofor Asher, News Anchor at CNN International

Zain Ejiofor Asher, News Anchor at CNN International

Zain Ejiofor Asher was born to first-generation Nigerian parents in South London. A graduate of Oxford University and Columbia University, she is currently an anchor for CNN International. She anchors One World with Zain Asher, her own global news program on the network. Ejiofor Asher’s brothers are Oscar-nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave), successful entrepreneur Obinze, and medical doctor Kandibe. She lives in the New York area with her husband and two sons.

Twitter @zainasher

IG: @zainashercnn

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Vanessa O'Brien, British-American Mountaineer, Extreme Explorer, Mission Specialist, and Author
Mar 31, 202229:41
Nadiya Hussain, Chef/Baker, Television Personality & Author
Mar 03, 202230:22
William Beckett, Co-Founder and CEO of Hawksmoor

William Beckett, Co-Founder and CEO of Hawksmoor

Will Beckett is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hawksmoor.  Having set up the first restaurant in 2006 with best friend Huw Gott, the pair have grown the business into one of the most admired restaurant brands in the UK.  With restaurants in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and New York, Hawksmoor has a reputation as one of the best steak restaurants in the world.  Hawksmoor has been ranked amongst the best companies to work for by Best Companies for 10 years in a row, and amongst the most sustainable restaurant groups by the Sustainable Restaurant Association for 12 years in a row.  As of late 2021 Hawksmoor is a carbon neutral company.

Will is also Chairman of Rockfish, another sustainability-focussed restaurant group in the South West of England, is on the City Harvest Food Council, and is a founding trustee of A Good Dinner, a charity he helped set up to connect charities working to alleviate food and water poverty in the UK and abroad with potential fundraisers and donors in the Hospitality Industry.

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Spencer Matthews, Founder of CleanCo.

Spencer Matthews, Founder of CleanCo.

Spencer Matthews is a British entrepreneur and founder of the premium no-and-low (No/Low) adult beverage company, CleanCo.

With a desire to moderate his alcohol intake in 2018, Matthews discovered there were no options in the market that could match the taste and mouthfeel of full-strength spirits in a mixed drink. For many years, there had been two main options - full-strength alcohol or soft drinks - and little in-between. He discovered that a great tasting like-for-like alternative simply didn’t exist.

This was the catalyst that spurred him to found CleanCo and create a product that filled the gap in the market for a comparable and enjoyable experience to real spirits. CleanCo launched in the UK in late 2019 with gin alternative Clean G, followed by rum replacement Clean R in May 2020.

Offering finely crafted alternatives to some of our favourite tipples, the CleanCo range offers award winning Clean G, Clean R and Clean G Rhubarb.

Furthermore, vodka replacement; Clean V Spiced Apple Spirit was introduced in March 2021 - shortly followed by a non-alcoholic Tequila replacement; Clean T, in May 2021. The range also includes Individual cans of ready mixed Clean G & Tonic and Clean Cuba Libre at ABV 0.5%.

Matthew’s aim from the beginning was to give cocktail lovers a choice. A choice that will empower consumers to find a balance in order to live life to its full potential. By drinking ‘clean’ during the week, or by interspersing your favourite full-strength cocktail with a Clean replacement when socializing, you can moderate your alcohol intake without feeling like you are missing out.

Finding there was an insatiable thirst for moderation among cocktail drinkers, and with ambitions to become the biggest player in the No/Low sector globally, CleanCo initially secured £2.1 million before raising a further £7m from backers including Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox and board member of Uber, as well as Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Providing consumers with an alternative to traditional cocktails, CleanCo has cultivated a loyal ‘sober-curious’ following since its inception in 2019.

CleanCo made its debut in the US market in September 2021, entering with Clean T, a Tequila alternative. Spurred by the seismic surge in demand for quality alcohol-free alternatives and inspired by the accelerating Tequila category in the United States - Clean T offers an agave forward take on Tequila Blanco. Complementing Clean T, will be an array of No/Low spirit alternatives, Clean G (Gin), Clean R (Dark Rum), and Clean V Spiced Apple (Flavoured Vodka).

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Clare Reichenbach, CEO James Beard Foundation (JBF)

Clare Reichenbach, CEO James Beard Foundation (JBF)

Clare Reichenbach is the chief executive officer of the James Beard Foundation (JBF), the country's preeminent culinary arts organization dedicated to celebrating, nurturing, and honoring chefs and other leaders making America's food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone. In her role as CEO, Clare works with the JBF staff and board of trustees in directing the strategic, programmatic, financial, and management operations of the James Beard Foundation.

Clare’s responsibilities include overseeing a wide range of the JBF programs such as the James Beard Foundation Awards; the JBF Women’s Leadership Programs; the James Beard House dinners and events around the United States; the non-profit’s scholarship programs; and the JBF Impact Programs, all in pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable food system.

Before joining the James Beard Foundation, Reichenbach founded CJJR Consulting, where her clients included New York Public Radio, NBCU, and Samsung. Prior to that, Clare worked at the BBC for over 10 years, both in the U.K. and the U.S. where she was executive vice president of strategy and business development, a position she also held at AMC Networks. Her accolades include being named one of CableFAX’s “Most Powerful Women in Cable,” Multichannel News’s “Women to Watch,” and Management Today’s “35 Women Under 35.”

Reichenbach has a bachelor's degree from Oxford University and completed the advanced management program from Harvard Business School. Clare lives in Manhattan with her young daughter.

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Andrew Staples, Opera Singer and Director

Andrew Staples, Opera Singer and Director

A prolific concert performer, Andrew has appeared with the Berliner and Wiener Philharmoniker, the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment with Sir Simon Rattle; the Orchestre de Paris, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra with Daniel Harding; the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin and the ScottishChamber Orchestra with Robin Ticciati; the Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest, the Orcherstre Métropolitain and the Philadelphia Orchestra with Yannick Nézet-Séguin; the Accademia Santa Cecilia with Semyon Bychkov; and the Staatskapelle Berlin with Daniel Barenboim.

Andrew made his debut at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden as Jacquino Fidelio, returning for Flamand Capriccio, Tamino Die Zauberflöte, Tichon Katya Kabanova and Narraboth Salome. He has also appeared at the Metropolitan Opera, the National Theatre Prague; La Monnaie  Brussels; the Salzburger Festspiele; Hamburgische Staatsoper, Theater an der Wien, the Lucerne Festival and the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Staples has staged Le nozze di Figaro, Così fan tutte, Cenerentola and La bohème in London, at the Jordan Music Festiavl, Musique Cordiale in Provence and the Menton Festival.  His celebrated semi-staging of Die Zauberflöte for the Lucerne Festival, conducted by Daniel Harding culminated in a full staging in Stockholm’s Drottningholm Palace Theatre with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Andrew believes firmly in the evolution of cultural content for screen.  Bringing his experience on stage both as a performer and director, he has made a series of music films.  Aiming to bring cinematic techniques and rigour to the pre- and post-production phase of his projects, his films aim to capture the thrill of live performance and present it to an audience on screen who desire something more than an archive or stream of the event.  The potential to create and evolve in this space is huge and he enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with artists, organisations and cultural broadcasters. In 2021 he received the
Royal Philharmonic Society Enterprise Fund Trailblazer Grant, presented in association with Harriet’s Trust, in order to support and advance the making of such music films.

As a  photographer, Staples’ work has been featured in the Times, The Evening Standard, Lawyer Magazine, the front cover of The Strad, the BBC Music Magazine, various CD cover images, The National Portrait Gallery's magazine and a number of artist's and ensembles photographs including Tim Mead, Mary Bevan, the Borodin Quartet, The King’s Singers, The Gabrieli Consort and Players and Voces8.

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Xavier F. Salomon, Frick’s Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator

Xavier F. Salomon, Frick’s Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator

Xavier F. Salomon is the Frick’s Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator. A noted scholar of Paolo Veronese, he curated the monographic exhibition on the artist at the National Gallery, London (2014). Previously, Salomon was Curator in the Department of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and, before that, the Arturo and Holly Melosi Chief Curator at Dulwich Picture Gallery, where he curated Van Dyck in Sicily, 1624–25: Painting and the Plague (2012) and collaborated with Nicholas Cullinan on Twombly and Poussin: Arcadian Painters (2011). As an Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow at the Frick (2004–6), he curated Veronese's Allegories: Virtue, Love, and Exploration in Renaissance Venice (2006). Salomon’s other exhibitions for the Frick include Cagnacci’s Repentant Magdalene: An Italian Baroque Masterpiece from the Norton Simon Museum (2016–17), Veronese in Murano: Two Venetian Renaissance Masterpieces Restored (2017–18), Murillo: The Self-Portraits (2017–18), Canova’s George Washington (2018), Tiepolo in Milan: The Lost Frescoes of Palazzo Archinto (2019), and (with Aimee Ng and Alexander Noelle) Bertoldo di Giovanni: The Renaissance of Sculpture in Medici Florence (2019–20). Salomon received his Ph.D. on the patronage of Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini from the Courtauld Institute of Art. He has published in Apollo, The Burlington Magazine, Master Drawings, The Medal, The Art Newspaper, Journal of the History of Collections, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Journal. Salomon also wrote (with Maira Kalman) the latest volume in the Frick Diptych series, Rembrandt’s Polish Rider (2019). He is a trustee and a member of the Projects Committee of Save Venice. In 2018, Italy named Salomon Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia.

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Rebecca Lowe, Anchor @ NBC Sports
Jan 13, 202232:15
Oliver St. Clair Franklin, Honorary British Consul for Greater Philadelphia

Oliver St. Clair Franklin, Honorary British Consul for Greater Philadelphia

Oliver Franklin is Her Majesty's Government's Honorary Consul to Greater Philadelphia and he is a board member at NatWest. He is a former Senior Vice President of Dreyfus and Fidelity Investment and a founding Partner of RISA Investment Advisers, the first US mutual fund to invest in the Johannesburg stock exchanges. As the Vice Chairman of Electrоnic Ink, a digital design firm, he led the firm’s effort with UK investment banks and is now a senior adviser to Liminal Capital a west coast hedge fund that uses machine learning in the investment process and The Satell Institute, a think tank on Corporate Social Responsibility. Mr. Franklin has served as Chairman of Academy Funds Trust-a complex of traditional mutual and exchange traded funds, corporate director of Right Management (NYSE), and the regional Advisory Board of Bank of America. He is presently a board director of Dynamis Pharmaceuticals, a bio-science company. He co-founded with Lord Peter Walker the City Fellows Program to bridge the opportunity gap with US minority professionals by providing a global work experience with British investment banks. Mr. Franklin has facilitated business between the US and UK by leading senior level conferences.

His non-profit interest includes serving as Chair of The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia, Chair of the Investment Committee of The Philadelphia Foundation, CEO of International House and sponsoring a program to send inner city high school students for one week summer tours to London. Educated at Lincoln University (PA) Mr. Franklin was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Oxford University where he recently received The Distinguished Alumni Award and was elected an Hon. Fellow of Balliol College. In 1998 he was appointed the Honorary British Consul in Philadelphia and in 2002 was bestowed the Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for services to British business. Mr. Franklin lives in Philadelphia, PA. USA
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Rachel Lloyd, Founder of GEMS

Rachel Lloyd, Founder of GEMS

In 1998, with only a computer and $30, Ashoka Fellow, Reebok Human Rights Award-winner and leading child sex trafficking advocate Rachel Lloyd established Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) to support American girls and young women survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.

Since its inception as a one-woman outreach program in 1998, GEMS has grown steadily, building its services and programs and garnering increased visibility and recognition under Lloyd's leadership. Now the nation's largest organization offering direct services to American victims of child sex trafficking, GEMS' empowers girls and young women, ages 12-24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the sex industry and develop to their full potential.

Lloyd is a nationally recognized expert on the issue of child sex trafficking in the United States and played a key role in the successful passage of New York State's groundbreaking Safe Harbor Act for Sexually Exploited Youth, the first law in the country to end the prosecution of child victims of sex trafficking. Her trailblazing advocacy is the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary Very Young Girls (Showtime, 2007) and her memoir Girls Like Us (Harper Collins, 2011).

Lloyd's passion and achievements have made her a popular focus of national and international news coverage, with profiles and interviews on CNN Anderson Cooper 360, ABC News, NBC News, NPR, National Geographic Channel, Access Hollywood, and in the New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Variety, Essence Magazine, Glamour Magazine, New York Magazine, Village Voice, Marie Claire, and other leading outlets. Lloyd was named one of the "50 Women Who Change the World" by Ms Magazine, one of the "100 Women Who Shape New York" by the New York Daily News, "New Yorker of the Week" by NY1, and a "Notable New Yorker" by CBS TV.

Lloyd has a profoundly personal understanding of her work. A survivor of commercial sexual exploitation as a teen, Lloyd knows all too well the hidden, emotional scars such exploitation can leave on children and youth. "There have been experiences I would rather not have had and pain I wish I hadn't felt-but every experience, every tear, every hardship has equipped me for the work I do now," Lloyd says. "I get such deep satisfaction from knowing I'm fulfilling my purpose, that my life is counting for something. It puts all the past hurts into perspective."

In addition to being awarded a 2009 Ashoka Fellowship, Lloyd has been honored and recognized with a Reebok Human Rights Award, Child Advocacy Award-The Administration for Children's Services (ACS), the Community Service Award from the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Frederick Douglass Award from the North Star Fund, Susan B. Anthony Award from the National Organization for Women, the Community Service Award from Soroptimist International NY, Prime Movers Fellowship, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Award,'s Changemakers Network, Heroes for Youth Award-National Safe Place, and the Social Entrepreneurship Award from the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

Rachel received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Marymount Manhattan College and her Masters in Applied Urban Anthropology from the City College of New York.

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Fiona Bloom, Founder and CEO of The Bloom Effect

Fiona Bloom, Founder and CEO of The Bloom Effect

The Bloom Effect, founded in 2007, is a unique, full service boutique that specializes in branding for artists, personalities, music labels and lifestyle companies.  The firm offers its clients a wealth of insight/knowledge and expertise as well as the benefits of a huge rolodex of premium, global contacts – everything it takes to make sure a brand or project is recognized or discovered by the right people. As well as handling branding, publicity, digital marketing, A&R consulting and promotion services, The Bloom Effect produces a range of events, parties and live shows.  Having produced over 2000 music showcases and consulted on hundreds of album projects, the company has played a significant role in the careers of over 300 artists.  Renowned for having its finger on the pulse and always being ahead of the curve, The Bloom Effect understands and appreciates raw, real and innovative talent without compromise.  No matter how large or small your needs (consulting, PR, social media strategy, listening parties, overseas direction) — The Bloom Effect is at your service.

Creating The Buzz,  Spreading The Bloom. Fiona Bloom

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Henry Timms, CEO of Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

Henry Timms, CEO of Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

Prior to his current position, Henry Timms served as Executive Director of the 92nd Street Y for more than 12 years where he created programs and movements that foster learning, civic responsibility, culture and innovation, both in New York City and around the world. In 2012, Timms founded GivingTuesday, which engages more than 27,000 partners in a global day of giving that was honored with a Cannes Lion at the International Festival of Creativity; the PRWeek Global Award for Nonprofit Campaign of the Year; and the inaugural UJA-Federation Riklis Prize in Agency Entrepreneurship. Timms also co-founded the annual Social Good Summit which pioneered a new, inclusive summit model that opened up the critical discussions held during UN week to a much wider audience and led to concurrent gatherings around the world. As an extension of the Social Good Summit, Timms partnered with Wesleyan University to develop a MOOC (massive open online course) called “How to Change the World” and 51,000 students participated in its first year. Timms co-authored the “Big Idea” in the December 2014 edition of the Harvard Business Review on New Power – How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World and How to Make it Work For You, which was named one of the ten “Ideas of the Year” by CNN. He is a practitioner in residence at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS) and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Network of Global Agenda Councils. In 2014, Timms was named The NonProfit Times Influencer of the Year. Timms is a member of several philanthropic committees, including the Lipman Prize Committee at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He serves on the board of the Nightingale-Bamford School in New York and is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA), where he is chair of the nominating committee for the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin Medal.

Nov 11, 202131:59
Aaron Edwards, CEO of The Charles Group

Aaron Edwards, CEO of The Charles Group

Originally hailing from Manchester, England - Aaron worked as a financial analyst at Barclays Capital, London, before moving to New York in 2010. Working as an agency account manager for clients that included Ferrari North America, Diageo and Pepsico, Aaron invested a large portion of his time learning about brand strategy, data driven marketing campaigns and digital technology. Transitioning from finance to creative came naturally to Aaron, due in part to his desire to provide data driven design insights and business strategy to the creative and digital industry.

"As kid I was always trying to figure out how to beat the AI in video games. I grew up playing donkey kong on my Atari and I'm still an avid gamer. I have always challenged myself to beat gaming algorithms and I guess that's why I love digital so much because there is no set formula for success, it's trial and error, it's iterative and it's unforgiving."

Partnering with his sister, Aaron wanted to create more than an agency, he wanted to create a brand and a work environment that never felt like work. This ethos lead to the creation of The Charles (a business name carried by all men in their family and rooted in a founding mission - ‘To Honor. To Inspire’. To Honor - their clients and do business with integrity. To Inspire - with the work created.

Aaron’s deep understanding of the relationship between creativity and commerce and attuned business strategy skill set has helped to solidify The Charles as one of the go-to boutique creative digital agencies in New York. Aaron is also an angel investor in a new start up named Pedul (a recruitment platform creating equitable representation for large multinational companies).

Nov 03, 202130:27
Sir Colin Callender CBE, Chairman of Playground LLC

Sir Colin Callender CBE, Chairman of Playground LLC

Sir Colin Callender CBE is Chairman of Playground LLC, a theatre and television production  company he founded in 2012 based in New York and London.

As a pioneering Emmy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Olivier and Tony award-winning producer,  Callender was one of the leading forces behind the new British independent production sector  at the birth of Channel 4, and played a central role in HBO’s unprecedented commercial and  critical success that helped transform the entertainment landscape, setting new benchmarks for quality film and television production.

Since its launch in 2012, Playground has produced more than 90 hours of prime-time television drama garnering 16 Emmy nominations, 26 BAFTA nominations, 10 RTS  nominations and 12 Golden Globe nominations, including a Golden Globe and BAFTA win for  Best Miniseries.

Playground’s television productions include WOLF HALL, the BAFTA and Golden Globe  Award-winning miniseries starring Mark Rylance, Damian Lewis and Claire Foy for BBC and  Masterpiece on PBS, THE DRESSER, the RTS winning television adaptation of Ronald  Harwood’s acclaimed play starring Ian McKellen and Anthony Hopkins and directed by  Richard Eyre for BBC and Starz, HOWARDS END, Academy Award winner Kenneth  Lonergan’s adaptation of EM Forster’s classic novel starring Hayley Atwell, Matthew  Macfadyen and Tracey Ullman for BBC and Starz, LITTLE WOMEN, adapted by Heidi  Thomas and starring Emily Watson, Michael Gambon and Angela Lansbury for BBC and  Masterpiece on PBS, KING LEAR, starring Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson and Florence  Pugh and directed by Richard Eyre for BBC and Amazon.

Most recently Playground produced the hit adaptation of ALL CREATURES GREAT AND  SMALL, based on the beloved novels by James Herriot for Channel 5 and Masterpiece on  PBS.

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Errol Barnett, CBS News Correspondent

Errol Barnett, CBS News Correspondent

Errol Barnett is CBS News' transportation correspondent based in New York and Washington, D.C., reporting for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms  including "CBS Mornings," the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell," and CBSN, CBS News' 24/7 digital streaming news service.

Barnett has also served as a fill-in anchor on the "CBS Weekend News," "CBS This Morning: Saturday" and on CBSN.

At CBS News, Barnett's intrepid reporting has covered a wide variety of national and international events. In the thick of the 2020 presidential campaign, his interview with then-candidate Joe Biden was widely cited for the news it uncovered and at the end of 2020 he was the first to report extra doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine were being discovered in vials by hospital staff across the country. Barnett was the only network journalist to fly through Hurricane Dorian when it stalled over the Bahamas as the most powerful storm to ever hit the country and reported extensively from Grand Bahama island documenting its aftermath. He has secured several exclusive interviews, including with the creator of the controversial facial recognition app Clearview AI, with the mother of a 9-year-old Illinois boy charged with murdering five relatives and with an Arizona woman attacked by a jaguar at a Phoenix Zoo.

Barnett joined CBS News in 2016 as a Washington-based correspondent, covering the White House beat on weekends. He was with President Barack Obama during his final overseas trip in office and questioned President Donald Trump several times at the White House and aboard Air Force One about threats against journalists and other major issues.

Before joining CBS News, Barnett spent almost a decade at CNN with his most recent role as anchor of weekday editions of "CNN Newsroom" airing on CNN and CNN International. Prior to anchoring from CNN's Atlanta headquarters, the network deployed Barnett as a general assignment correspondent to Johannesburg, South Africa and to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E as a midday anchor. While anchoring from the Middle East, Barnett was part of CNN's 2011 Peabody Award winning coverage of the "Arab Spring."

He also hosted CNNI's weekly series "Inside Africa" for which he reported from 22 countries on the continent in 24 months including Madagascar, Senegal and Tunisia. His work earned the program a Salute to Excellence award from the National Association of Black Journalists.

His journalism career began in 2001 at Channel One News, where, at age 18, he was the Los Angeles-based network's youngest anchor and reporter. Barnett covered the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, then-Senator Barack Obama's first national speech, and the New England heroin epidemic.

Barnett earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science with a focus on international relations from the University of California, Los Angeles. A native of England, Barnett is a member of the Investigative Reporters and Editors, SAG/AFTRA, the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists. He lives with his wife and dog.

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Oct 20, 202136:18
Dr. Dev Pragad, CEO of Newsweek
Oct 14, 202132:34
Alan Linn, Founder @ Norwood Club

Alan Linn, Founder @ Norwood Club

After years of working within the members-only club scene in London, Alan Linn saw a space in the market for a club that catered specifically to New York City's abundant creative community.

In 2007 he came to the US and opened Norwood, a now-bustling five-story club with more than 1,000 members ranging from 21 to 80 years old. Its ranks include architects, fashion designers, musicians, media moguls, and art collectors.

Linn's number-one tip for making it through the selection process is simple: "Be curious." - Insider

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Oct 07, 202132:38
Steve Ellis, EVP of ViacomCBS
Sep 27, 202132:06
Shantell Martin, Visual Artist

Shantell Martin, Visual Artist

Below the surface of Shantell Martin’s signature black and white drawings is an artists’ inquiry into the role of artist and viewer, where a work of art is more than an object of admiration disconnected from its inception. With a meditative process defined by an uninhibited flow, her compositions embody her internal state and the impermanence of the world around her. Exploring themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play, Martin is a cultural facilitator, forging new connections between fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology.

In addition to prestigious solo shows at some of the most renowned art institutions including the 92Y Gallery in New York City, the iconic Albright Knox Gallery, and the MoCADA Museum, Martin has carved a path for herself that is as much intellectual as a producer and visual artist. During her two year tenure as an MIT Media Lab Visiting Scholar, Martin collaborated with the social computing group to use drawing as a medium to explore the interaction of social processes with physical spaces.

At the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Martin created a large-scale wall installation and worked with the Institute’s research group to explore how visual and computerized storytelling might influence media and technology innovation.

A fashion and design icon in her own right, Martin has collaborated with iconic brands such as Nike, Vitra, Max Mara, Tiffany & Co., and in 2018, Puma launched a global capsule collection featuring her drawings. Martin has collaborated with legendary artists such as Pulitzer Prize-winning performance artist Kendrick Lamar and acclaimed designer Kelly Wearstler. In late 2018, she was asked to collaborate with the prestigious New York City Ballet, where she created large-scale drawings in the performance hall and foyer of the Lincoln Center for the company’s celebrated Art Series. She continues to teach as an adjunct professor at NYU Tisch ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program), where she works with her students to push the boundaries of storytelling, visual art, and technology.

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Sep 19, 202139:27
Clive Gillinson, Executive & Artistic Director, Carnegie Hall

Clive Gillinson, Executive & Artistic Director, Carnegie Hall

Clive Gillinson became Executive and Artistic Director of Carnegie Hall in July 2005, having been appointed the previous season. He is responsible for developing the artistic concepts for  Carnegie Hall presentations in its three halls—the celebrated Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage (cap. 2804), innovative Zankel Hall (cap. 600), and intimate Weill Recital Hall (cap. 268)— representing up to 170 performances each season, ranging from orchestral concerts, chamber music, solo recitals, to jazz, world, and popular music. He oversees the management of all aspects of the world-renowned venue, including strategic and artistic planning, resource development, education, finance, and administration and operations for the Weill Music Institute, which taps the resources of Carnegie Hall to bring music education and social impact programs to more than 800,000 people in the New York City metropolitan region, across the United  States, and around the world each year.

Since his arrival in New York, Mr. Gillinson has worked to build upon the quality, creativity,  diversity, and extraordinary history for which Carnegie Hall is known worldwide. Under his leadership, Carnegie Hall has embarked upon many bold new directions in its concert and education programming, including augmenting and integrating current offerings to create large-scale multi-cultural citywide festivals. Partnering with many of the greatest cultural institutions in the City, the festivals use the full range of Hall’s artistic and educational resources to take audiences on journeys of discovery that extend beyond single performances and concert series to encompass theater, literature, dance, the visual arts, talks, and film. Carnegie Hall’s first major international festival, Berlin in Lights, was presented in November 2007, exploring the vibrant city that is Berlin today. It was followed by two city-wide festivals examining the dynamic culture and distinctive history of American culture—Bernstein: The Best of All Possible Worlds in fall 2008 and Honor! A Celebration of the African American Cultural Legacy in spring 2009.  Ancient Paths, Modern Voices, exploring Chinese music and culture took place in fall 2009.  These were followed by JapanNYC, an ambitious two-part festival in December 2010 and spring  2011; Voices from Latin America in November/December 2012; Vienna: City of Dreams featuring the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Vienna State Opera in February/March 2014; Ubuntu: Music and Arts of South Africa in October/November 2014; La Serenissima: Music and  Arts from the Venetian Republic in February 2017; The 60’s: The Years that Changed America in January-March 2018; and Migrations: The Making of America in March-April 2019. Voices of  Hope, Carnegie Hall’s first-ever digital festival, will take place in April 2021.

Mr. Gillinson served as Chairman of the Association of British Orchestras; was one of the founding Trustees of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts; and was founding Chairman of the Management Committee of the Clore Leadership Programme. He was awarded the CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in the 1999 New Year Honours List and received the 2004 Making Music Sir Charles Grove Prize for his outstanding contribution to  British music. Mr. Gillinson was appointed Knight Bachelor in the Queen's Birthday Honours  List 2005, the only orchestra manager ever to be honored with a Knighthood.

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Colin Blunstone, The Zombies Vocalist

Colin Blunstone, The Zombies Vocalist

Iconic British psychedelic pop legends The Zombies have returned to celebrate their long-awaited Induction into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  After receiving their 4th nomination in 5 years, the support for The Zombies’ induction among the public and their peers was undeniable - the band placed 4th in the public online poll with over 330,000 votes, while even fellow nominee John Prine called for their induction before his own in a Billboard interview.  On March 29, 2019 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, The Zombies joined Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, and Roxy Music as the 2019 Class of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Fittingly, the Induction Ceremony took place exactly 50 years to-the-day after The Zombies’ classic “Time of the Season” first hit #1 on the charts in America.

Never content to only look back, and despite a busy touring schedule, The Zombies are also in the studio recording the follow-up to their 2015 Billboard-charting album, Still Got That Hunger. Led by founding members, vocalist Colin Blunstone and keyboardist Rod Argent, The Zombies’ 21st-Century line-up features Steve Rodford on drums, renowned session guitarist Tom Toomey, and the newest member, Søren Koch, who joined the band following the untimely passing of their beloved bassist Jim Rodford (formerly of ARGENT and The Kinks) in early 2018.

The second U.K. band following the Beatles to score a #1 hit in America, The Zombies infiltrated the airwaves with the sophisticated melodies, breathy vocals, choral back-up harmonies and jazzy keyboard riffs of their 1960’s hit singles “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No.” Ironically, the group broke-up just prior to achieving their greatest success – the worldwide chart-topping single “Time of the Season,” from their swan-song album  Odessey & Oracle, ranked #100 in Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time.’  To this day, generations of new bands have cited The Zombies’ work as pop touchstones, and the band continues to be embraced by new generations of fans.

Following the break-up of the original band, lead vocalist Colin Blunstone went on to develop an acclaimed solo career (with hits including "Say You Don't Mind," "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted", and “Old & Wise” with Alan Parsons Project) and keyboardist/songwriter Rod Argent rocked ‘70’s arenas with his eponymous band ARGENT (“Hold Your Head Up,” “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You”), but the legend of The Zombies continued to take on a life of its own.  By the start of the new Millennium, Blunstone and Argent were inspired to resurrect The Zombies.

Make sure to check out the
Livestream from Abbey Road Studios on September, 18th, 2021.

Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify

Jul 22, 202126:10
Andrew Bolton, Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Andrew Bolton, Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Andrew Bolton joined The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan  Museum of Art in 2002, as Associate Curator, was named Curator in  2006, and become Curator in Charge in January 2016 upon the retirement of his predecessor, Harold Koda. Mr. Bolton was named the  Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute in March 2018,  when the position was endowed.

Mr. Bolton worked alongside Mr. Koda on exhibitions including  Dangerous Liaisons (2004), Chanel (2005), Poiret (2007), and  Schiaparelli and Prada (2012). In addition, he has curated AngloMania  (2006), Superheroes (2008), American Woman (2010), Alexander  McQueen: Savage Beauty (2011), Punk (2013), China: Through the  Looking Glass (2015), Manus x Machina (2016), Rei Kawakubo /Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between (2017), Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination (2018), Camp: Notes on Fashion (2019),  and About Time: Fashion and Duration (2020).

Heavenly Bodies attracted more than 1.65 million visitors to The Met  Fifth Avenue and The Met Cloisters, making it The Met’s most visited exhibition. Previous exhibitions Bolton curated are also among The  Met’s most attended, including China, which had 815,992 visitors; Manus x Machina, with 752,995 visitors; and Alexander McQueen with 661,509  visitors.

Bolton has authored and co-authored more than 17 books. He lectures and contributes scholarly articles to various publications.

Prior to joining the Metropolitan, Mr. Bolton worked at the Victoria &  Albert Museum in London for nine years, as Senior Research Fellow in  Contemporary Fashion, and prior to that as Curatorial Assistant in the  Far Eastern Department. During this period, he also curated exhibitions at the London College of Fashion.

Born in Great Britain, Mr. Bolton earned a B.A. in social anthropology and an M.A. in Non-Western Art from the University of East Anglia. He became a Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts in London in 2007 and received an Honorary Fellowship in 2016. In 2017, he received an Honorary  Fellowship from the Royal College of Art.

Mr. Bolton has received several awards, including the Fashion Group International Oracle  Award in 2016, the Vilcek Prize in Fashion in 2015, the Best Monographic Exhibition from the Association of Art Museum Curators for Alexander McQueen in 2011, and the Richard  Martin Award for Excellence from The Costume Society of America for American Woman in 2010 and also for Poiret (with Harold Koda) in 2007.

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Jul 14, 202130:22
Sharon Carpenter, Broadcast Journalist/TV Presenter/Producer

Sharon Carpenter, Broadcast Journalist/TV Presenter/Producer

Sharon Carpenter is an award-winning broadcast journalist, TV presenter and producer. She was recently announced as the new co-host of the top-rated entertainment podcast, Loose Lips, alongside Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter.

Hailing from Watford, England, Sharon moved to New York City to attend Pace University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BBA degree in business management. From hard news to pop culture, she has worked on-air for some of the best-known networks in the U.S. including BBC America, CBS, BET, VH1 and Sean “Diddy” Combs’ REVOLT TV.

Sharon was also a presenter on HQ Trivia, the viral quiz-show app, where she hosted games for as many as 2 million concurrent live players. She quickly became a fan favourite when she joined HQ U.S. in 2017 and later went on to launch the U.K. version as the ‘face’ of the show.

Affectionately dubbed ‘Shazza’ by audience members, she has been lauded by the British press as an ‘icon’ and ‘cult figure.’ Recently, Sharon was named one of the ‘most influential’ people in London by the Evening Standard on its ‘Progress 1000’ list.

In addition to hosting Loose Lips, she can currently be seen sharing her strong opinions on hot topics as a frequent contributor on The Wendy Williams Show and, pre-Covid, covering star-studded red carpets for BBC America.

Sharon has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities in the world including Beyonce, Jay Z, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Pattinson, Emma Stone, Will Smith, Madonna, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Meryl Streep.

In 2016, Sharon made her acting debut, appearing as herself on the FOX prime-time smash Empire and quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. She has also worked as a guest correspondent for America’s highest-rated pop culture news show, Entertainment Tonight and, more recently, as the anchor of People Magazine’s weekly series The Royal Report -- covering the latest scoop on the British royal family.

Behind-the-scenes, Sharon works as a media entrepreneur, creating and developing her own show concepts, including VH1’s hit docu-series, The Gossip Game. In 2018, she ventured into the business of fashion for the first time, launching her own collection with women’s contemporary-wear brand, Ego Soleil - Sharon Carpenter x Ego Soleil: Day to Play. Within the first few months of release, the line was sold out.

Sharon is a philanthropist and ambassador for two non-profit organizations - Oxfam America and St. George’s Society of New York.

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Jul 01, 202140:50
Conor Jordan, Deputy Chairman, Christie's

Conor Jordan, Deputy Chairman, Christie's

Conor Jordan is Deputy Chairman of the Impressionist and Modern Department. Conor joined Christie's in London in 1996 in the Modern British and Heritage & Taxation departments, where he was instrumental in the sale to the Tate gallery of a major Mondrian. This led to a specialist role in the Impressionist & Modern art department in 1998. Appointed a Director of Christie's London in 2002, Conor was responsible for twice-yearly major sales of paintings and sculpture ranging from Corot to Picasso. In May 2006, he joined the New York team as a Senior Specialist supporting all areas of the team's business getting activities and in 2009 was appointed Head of the department, a role he fulfilled through 2011. Conor graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Medieval and Modern History.

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Jun 24, 202127:02
Andrew Whalley, Chairman, Grimshaw

Andrew Whalley, Chairman, Grimshaw

Andrew Whalley, has been an instrumental part of Grimshaw since the earliest days of the practice and has been Partner in Charge of projects in diverse sectors including education, performing arts, transportation and workplace. His award-winning projects include the International Terminal at Waterloo, the Eden Project in Cornwall, the redevelopment of the historic Paddington Station in London and the Experimental and Performing Arts Building in Troy, New York. In 2001 Andrew established the Grimshaw New York studio. He was Partner in Charge of Grimshaw’s New York office during its first ten years. During this time Grimshaw in New York was one of eight architectural practices selected for major public projects under Mayor Bloomberg’s design excellence program.

In the education and cultural arts sector, Andrew has been involved in a range of projects including - state of the art science facilities for the Danforth Science Center; the strategic plan for the Royal College of Art in London. He is currently overseeing The Sustainability Pavilion for the Dubai World Expo 2020. An ambitious project to create a totally net zero building as a centre piece for the Expo.

Andrew has been involved with academia for many years. In the UK this has included several years teaching at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College’s Industrial Design Department. In addition, Andrew ran a unit at the Architectural Association for three years and lectured at University College London for over five years. In the US, he has been a visiting Professor at Washington University and regularly lectures at UPenn. Andrew recently completed his appointment as Adjunct Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Politecnico Milano.

Andrew was appointed as Deputy Chairman in 2011 and succeeded Sir Nicholas Grimshaw as Chairman in June 2019; the Chairman’s Office is responsible for managing the practices core design ethos, brand identity and working to build relationships and to strengthen the profile of around the world.

Andrew is a registered member of the AIA and RIBA and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2006. In April 2019 he was elected to the board of the British Architectural Library Trust.

He was elected to the AIA College of Fellows for Design in 2019 and awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from his alma mater, The Glasgow School of Art. The Consortium for Sustainable Urbanizatiion honored Andrew with their 2021 Champion Award He is qualified as an architect in the UK and USA and has been with Grimshaw since 1986.

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Jun 17, 202128:52
Lola Adesioye, Writer/Commentator/Broad Caster/Singer-Songwriter

Lola Adesioye, Writer/Commentator/Broad Caster/Singer-Songwriter

Lola Adesioye is a social and political writer, commentator and broadcaster, having spent her career at the intersection of culture, society and politics, with the aim of advancing newer, broader, diverse perspectives and using the media, culture and creativity as tools for social good and social change.

Born and raised in London, England, the daughter of parents from Nigeria, Lola has lived in New York City since 2007. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, holding undergraduate (Bachelor of Arts) and postgraduate (Masters) degrees in Social and Political Science (with Italian and Spanish). She has travelled extensively, and has lived in post-apartheid South Africa.

For the past 14 years, she has been a vocal and active participant-observer of American society and politics. Lola's opinion, commentary and analysis of American race relations, current affairs, society, politics and culture have been published in a number of international publications including The Guardian, the Economist,, The New Statesman, the Huffington Post, the Sunday Times, Forbes Africa, The Independent, The Atlantic and many others.

She provides opinion and commentary for American and international TV and Radio networks such as the BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post Live, CNN, BET and MSNBC. Lola is also a regular participant on the weekly Sunday Open Line current affairs, news and politics show on WBLS1075 Radio in New York.

In addition to the importance of activism and advocacy for legislative and policy changes, Lola strongly believes in the power of education, the arts and entrepreneurship as vehicles for social, political and cultural change.

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Jun 10, 202131:25
Sheena Wagstaff, Leonard A Lauder Chairman, Modern and Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum

Sheena Wagstaff, Leonard A Lauder Chairman, Modern and Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum

Sheena Wagstaff leads the Met’s commitment to modern and contemporary art, including the design of the international exhibition program at The Met Breuer (2016-20), artist commissions, and collection displays. She has also curated numerous shows at the Met, amongst which are Gerhard Richter: Painting After All (2020);  Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and The Body (1300-Now) (2018); and Nasreen Mohamedi (2016), and oversaw the David Hockney exhibition (2017). Significant acquisitions have been brought into the collection under her leadership, including works by Pablo Bronstein, Cecily Brown, Phil Collins, Tacita Dean, Peter Doig, Nick Goss, Chantal Joffe, Hew Locke, Sarah Lucas, Adam McEwen, Steve McQueen, Lucy McKenzie, Cornelia Parker (who was also featured as The Met’s 2016 Roof Garden Commission artist), Bridget Riley, Rachel Whiteread, as well as Vanessa Bell, Lucian Freud, Roger Fry, and Barbara Hepworth.  A new Met Façade commission, and an exhibition, each by British artists, are planned in the coming years. With a curatorial team representing expertise from across the globe, she is building a distinctive collection for the Met, both culturally and geographically, to reflect the historic depth of its global collections.

Before joining the Met, Wagstaff was Chief Curator of Tate Modern, London, where, for 11 years, she was responsible for initiating the exhibition program, the Turbine Hall artist commissions, and contributing to the conceptual framework of collection displays. With the Tate Director, she worked with architects Herzog & de Meuron on the design for the Tate Modern Switch House building. She curated noteworthy exhibitions such as Roy Lichtenstein; John Burke + Simon Norfolk: Photographs from the War in Afghanistan; Jeff Wall Photographs 1978-2004; Darren Almond: Night as Day; and Mona Hatoum: The Entire World as a Foreign Land. Over the course of her career, Wagstaff has worked for the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London; The Frick Art Museum, Pittsburgh; and Tate Britain, London, where she played a seminal role in its transformation from the former Tate Gallery. She is a member of the Foundation for the Preservation of Art in Embassies (FAPE), and from 2013-2019, she was a United States Nominating Committee Member for Praemium Imperiale. She has written and edited many publications, and lectured widely.

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Jun 03, 202148:25
Ian Rivers of Row Sentinel

Ian Rivers of Row Sentinel

Ian Rivers – Row Sentinel Atlantic Challenge – One man rowing a small boat 3100 miles across the Atlantic with only the stars to guide him home. On Memorial Day 2021, former SAS soldier Ian Rivers will leave New York Harbour and row the 3100 plus nautical miles to the Isles of Scilly. Ian will be unsupported and will be using only the sun, the stars and a sextant to guide him.  He will not have access to GPS. This crossing will test human endurance, navigation and seamanship to the absolute limit. Nobody has ever managed to complete an unsupported solo row of the Atlantic using the Northern Route. He will be rowing for between 9 and 12 hours per day and estimates that the crossing will take him between 60 and 90 days.

Ian, 55 from Hereford, has led a life of adventure.  He joined the army after becoming inspired by the Falklands War. He fought in theatres across the world and was a member of 22 Special Air Service regiment for more than a decade. In December 2012, whilst working for an American news network, he was kidnapped in Syria.  He escaped his captors and managed to find his way to safety using only natural indicators. Ian, who’s just become a grandfather, is a qualified mountain guide and was part of the British Army West Ridge Everest challenge in 2005. He is a qualified ocean yacht master and has represented Britain in the age group European and World championships. 

“I’d describe myself as an adventurer,” he said.  “I’ve always been drawn to the ocean, ever since I was a kid. It frees you up. I’ve wanted to attempt this challenge since I was in my 20s.” 

“I’m looking forward to the calmness, the equilibrium of being alone for a long time.  If I’m honest, I don’t really like my own company so it’s the ultimate challenge for me to be on my own for that long.”

Ian is raising money for two charities; the SAS Regimental Association’s Sentinels programme and St Michael’s Hospice in Herefordshire.  He is aiming to raise more than half a million pounds for the charities.

The Row Sentinel Atlantic crossing has only been possible thanks to the support Ian has received from his sponsors. His platinum sponsors Grenade are the market-leading sports performance and active nutrition brand.  The Spectra Group is a leading global provider of Cyber Services and Satellite communication, Hexegic are leading cyber security consultants and Valbruna is a leader in the production of rustproof construction steel and metal alloys.

For more information please contact or phone +44 (0)7966 546068

You can support Ian by donating -

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May 31, 202124:57
Rob Stringer, Chairman of Sony Music Entertainment

Rob Stringer, Chairman of Sony Music Entertainment

Rob Stringer is Chairman, Sony Music Group. In this role, he is responsible for leading the overall global activities of the world’s largest music publishing company and second largest recorded music company which is home to many of the world’s most accomplished international superstars and local artists, as well as a vast catalog of some of the most popular and important recordings in history.

Sony Music Entertainment’s iconic record labels include Arista Records, Columbia Records, Epic Records, Legacy Recordings, Masterworks, RCA Records, Sony Music Latin and Sony Music Nashville, representing music from virtually every genre around the globe. Sony Music Publishing has a catalog of more than three million copyrights from some of the world’s greatest songwriters.

Over the course of a more than three-decade career with Sony Music, Stringer has worked with a broad array of global superstars including AC/DC, Adele, Barbra Streisand, Beyoncé, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, The Clash, Daft Punk, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Dixie Chicks, George Michael, Harry Styles, Jack White, John Legend, John Mayer, Pharrell Williams, Pink, Sade, Tony Bennett and Travis Scott. During that time, he has also been at the forefront of growth and innovation in the recording industry, expanding and evolving the company’s approach to both artist development and breaking hits. In addition, he has led hugely successful collaborations between the worlds of music, television and film, and drives the continued development of digital and interactive content strategies and platforms.

Before becoming CEO of Sony Music Entertainment in April 2017, Stringer was Chairman and CEO of Columbia Records, one of the world’s leading record labels. Under Stringer’s successful leadership, Columbia ranked among the industry’s top labels by market share, with a roster including many of the most successful artists in the world.

Over the course of his leadership, Columbia was home to some of the most groundbreaking releases and biggest commercial and critical hits of the last decade, including the record-breaking album “21” by Adele, the groundbreaking visual album “Lemonade” by Beyoncé and the final studio album by David Bowie, “Blackstar.”

The label’s artists were awarded numerous Grammys, among them six wins for Adele in 2012, including Album of the Year for “21” and eight wins for Adele in 2017, including Album of the Year for “25.”

Stringer started his career at CBS Records (later to become Sony Music) as a graduate marketing trainee in 1985. Rising through various A&R and marketing positions in the company, he became Managing Director of Epic Records in 1992, and Chairman of Sony Music UK in 2001. During this time, he worked with multiple successful UK artists including The Clash, George Michael, Jamiroquai, Sade, and Lightning Seeds, as well as Manic Street Preachers, who were his first signing in an A&R role.

Stringer attended Goldsmiths College, University of London where he gained a BA Honours in Sociology in 1984 and was awarded an honorary fellowship in 2010. He currently resides in New York with his wife and two children, and, during non-COVID-19 times, regularly returns to the UK to watch his beloved Luton Town Football Club where he is a director and shareholder.

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May 27, 202130:08