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Our Voices--Amplified

Our Voices--Amplified

By CONA Media

The official podcast of the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs. Our goal is to unite the conference and give a look into all aspects of life as a CONA delegate.
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Season 3, Episode 4-Shout Outs, Pride, Media and FOOD!

Our Voices--AmplifiedJul 13, 2022

Season 3, Episode 4-Shout Outs, Pride, Media and FOOD!
Jul 13, 202214:28
Porch Ponderings, Episode 2 talking about Values in Action with Susanna Johnson
Jul 07, 202207:02
Season 3, Episode 3-Passionate Ambition and Shout Outs!
Jul 07, 202213:17
A Special Project of Our Voices Amplified: Porch Ponderings pt. 1
Jul 06, 202206:18
Season 3, Episode 2-Preparation, Proposals, and Poultry! Enjoy while you travel!
Jul 03, 202221:08
Season 3, Episode 1 Are you ready for the Mountain? Packing tips and Q and A!
Jun 26, 202216:51
Episode 5-Good-bye until next year!

Episode 5-Good-bye until next year!

Here's another episode to help out with any post-CONA depression you might feel!

Sindyha Atturu of OK is your host today and we'll hear from Riley Potter of VA as she talks with MN State Director Orville Lindquist and Kaylynne Keyrouze of PA to find out if it even matters if you're YIG or YAG. We'll also hear from WA's Ann Duan who interviewed YUSA's Derek Summerville and Devontae Lacasse about how you can take your YAG/YIG/CONA experience into your community to create a better world.

We've loved serving the conference this year and want to thank you for listening! As always, remember to head over to our website at and click the media tab to look at our fabulous blog, read our amazing articles, witness some crazy good graphics, catch our mind boggling videos, and of course never miss an episode of the Blue Ridge Journal’s official podcast, Our Voices - Amplified. Thank you so much for listening and keep raising those voices CONA delegates!

Jul 06, 202119:45
Episode 4-Pickle Ice Cream and Love Knows No Limits
Jun 29, 202112:06
Episode 3-Civility and Division in the Social Media Era and a little Alumni Love!
Jun 27, 202140:01
Episode 2-Some Pre-Conference Encouragement
Jun 25, 202127:19
Kicking Off Our New Season!
Jun 19, 202120:22
Episode 5 is a MEGA-sode!

Episode 5 is a MEGA-sode!

First off-We apologize for some distortion in the Senior interviews and the Virtual conference segment. We doctored the audio a bit, but there are still some pretty prominent crackles. However, both are great segments that we want you to enjoy!

Go back to the Virtual Mountain with us as we wrap up the 2020 season of Our Voices Amplified! We'll reflect on how our different time zones played a part in our conference experience, visit with some outstanding Seniors who will share some secrets of leadership and how CONA has impacted their lives and future plans, talk to some virtual conference pioneers who attended their State conferences online, and dive into one last segment of Dear White America.

We hope you've enjoyed this new product as a part of the Blue Ridge Journal family of media! We look forward to hearing your voices--and hopefully seeing your ACTUAL FACES at future conferences!

Jul 08, 202001:02:31
Episode 4-Keeping up with Committees and Dear White America Crosses the Aisle

Episode 4-Keeping up with Committees and Dear White America Crosses the Aisle

In this episode, we'll hear voice messages from delegates who want to recognize some great proposals, and we'll get perspective on both sides of First Committee as we talk with Chair Josh Burns of New Mexico and delegate Pavel Shirley of Alabama. We'll celebrate the announcement of General Assembly and Plenary proposals as we talk with New York's Zarib Alam, who'll be presenting in GA and Amy Yang of Kentucky who is going all the way to Plenary. In today's Dear White America, we'll hear the perspective of race from a Korean American woman and we'll talk about being a white ally.
Thank you so much for listening! We can't do this alone, let us hear from you! If you're missing the Blue Ridge Cafeteria, send us a voice message and take a shot at your state chant. If you stir up some blue kool aid and play the chants really loud, it'll feel like home!
Jul 05, 202033:38
Episode 3-Misconceptions about Home States, Media, PO Prep and a look at Just Mercy
Jun 28, 202036:32
Episode 2-Shoutouts, Talking with POs, and The Importance of Background
Jun 26, 202038:53
Episode 1-Alumni Best Wishes and Dear White America
Jun 21, 202028:27