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Brutally Yours with Perstephone

Brutally Yours with Perstephone

By Stephanie Mier

Let’s talk astrology, psychology, spirituality, and witchcraft with Persephone’s Sanctuary.
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Your intuition is your superpower!

Brutally Yours with PerstephoneNov 10, 2023

Your intuition is your superpower!
Nov 10, 202323:36
The Magical Days Of The Week & Meditation hacks
Oct 26, 202326:24
Solid Self Care Equals Good Mental Health
Oct 05, 202318:49
Deity and Devotee relationship + how to work with a deity

Deity and Devotee relationship + how to work with a deity

We're talking about the relationship between deity and devotee...

How did you approach working with your first deity?

Today's card of the day is from "The Wild Unknown" by Kim Krans

We pulled The Star which represents hope + peace of mind

Aug 10, 202320:54
Astrology comes with a lot of cosmic jokes. You either get it or you don't.

Astrology comes with a lot of cosmic jokes. You either get it or you don't.

Today's episode was brought to you by a lot of caffeine and AHA moments!

No, forreal... I had so many epiphanies during this one. lol

We're briefly touching on the astrology we're currently working through and some of my personal juicy history with the nodes in ARIES/LIBRA!

Yes bitch we got the tea!

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Jul 27, 202328:47
Self Love Is Fucking Sacred.

Self Love Is Fucking Sacred.

Self love is sacred and can pull you out of the dark places you put yourself in.
I GAURANTEE That when you start loving yourself, setting healthy boundaries, and doing things that make YOU happy, you become fucking magnetic!
-and when that happens you need to be ready with some mother fucking DISCERNMENT.
Never in the history of Bitchcraft have I EVER seen that advice go wrong for anyone.

Jul 13, 202316:43
Full Moon Rituals 101
Jun 29, 202314:14
Affirmations. WTF are they anyway?
Jun 15, 202322:17
The Truth About How I Finally Escaped The Matrix
Jun 01, 202321:08
Don't be nasty... Spiritual hygiene is important AF

Don't be nasty... Spiritual hygiene is important AF

On this week's episode we're discussing Spiritual hygiene and why it's important to maintain it.
It's really easy to get sucked into the the day to day bullshit but you have got to make time to CLEANSE!!!
A little bit of residual caca energy is normal but when it's given time to accumulate it can really begin to drag you down.

Todays tarot cards are the 4 of cups and The spirit of pentacles and they definitely resonate.

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May 25, 202324:49
New Moon Rituals 101

New Moon Rituals 101

Does the thought of cultivating a New Moon Ritual intimidate or confuse you? If so, check out this episode. I break it down and simplify the process for you... Tomorrow, 5/19 is a POWERFUL New Moon in Taurus and would be a great time for you to give it a shot. I mean, come on! You know you wanna harness some of that new moon in Taurus energy, babe! Don't forget to follow, like, review, share and rate this podcast so that it can continue to grow. It helps tremendously! If you're in a pinch and need something fast for your rituals, You can find most of my best selling candles at Yarrow & sage in Austin and Thorn & Moon and Indigo Moons in Houston. P.S) There's Free Shipping on All orders over at when you use the code: freeshipping
May 18, 202319:46
Identifying Your Shadow For Beginners
May 11, 202318:06
Let's Talk Retrogrades, Trend or Truth?
May 03, 202313:42
Prosperity Magick 101

Prosperity Magick 101

This one's coming out early but don't get used to it!

You can find the prosperity products listed in this episode and more on my website
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Apr 26, 202319:54
Manifestation is cringe AF

Manifestation is cringe AF

This one is out early for the eclipse!Episodes will drop every other Thursday :)
Apr 19, 202314:17
What to expect

What to expect

Welcome to my first ever podcast! Here’s a brief introduction… you can find me and my products on ig @persephones.sanctuary
Apr 12, 202302:22