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Wine After Work

Wine After Work

By Bryce Batts

Wine after work is a podcast for women to learn from one another, celebrate each other's successes and dish about all things work-related over after-work drinks. Women are still underrepresented in many industries and I'm here to change that! You'll hear from female founders, CEO's, entrepreneurs, creatives and so many other total boss babes. This podcast is meant to inspire, inform and empower so listen up! Hosted by Bryce Batts, Career Coach, this is the show for you if you're looking for joy, hope, and inspiration.
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Curating Purposeful Goods and Inspiring Change with Kelsey Carlson Settle

Wine After WorkNov 29, 2023

Curating Purposeful Goods and Inspiring Change with Kelsey Carlson Settle

Curating Purposeful Goods and Inspiring Change with Kelsey Carlson Settle

Kelsey Carlson Settle is the driving force behind Green Roost, a Virginia boutique with a heartfelt mission to curate purposeful goods. She embodies the boutique's inspiring tagline - "a boutique featuring goods that are curated with our customers in mind. We aim to keep our boutique unique, eco-conscious, and socially responsible. Around here, we believe in gifting with purpose."


At 37 years young and a dedicated mom, Kelsey brings a uniquely passionate perspective to the entrepreneurial landscape. She's more than a boutique owner; she's a gifted storyteller, an advocate for body positivity, and a champion of positive self-worth. What truly sets Kelsey apart is her unwavering commitment to her community. She has dedicated her time and energy to various local organizations, serving as the President of Culpeper Renaissance, Inc, the Vice Chairman of the Culpeper Wellness Foundation, and an Advisory Board member for the Free Clinic of Culpeper, among other roles. Kelsey's passion for volunteering reflects her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those around her.


With a customer base primarily comprised of women, many of whom share the journey of parenthood, Kelsey has mastered the art of reaching this diverse audience in an authentically relatable way. She understands their daily trials, triumphs, and dreams and strives to connect on a deep level.


In the background of Kelsey's incredible journey is her husband, a lifelong Police Officer who now serves as the Chief of Police. Together, they embody a commitment to both their community and their family, inspiring others to follow their passions and make a difference in the world.


Through her entrepreneurial voyage, Kelsey has become a true inspiration, showcasing how a boutique can be a catalyst for positive change and self-expression. She'll share her invaluable insights on building a socially responsible business, fostering connections, and infusing gifting with a profound sense of purpose.

Nov 29, 202334:40
 Get Ready to Geek Out with Energy Enthusiast Amy Simpkins

Get Ready to Geek Out with Energy Enthusiast Amy Simpkins

We are over the moon to bring you the latest episode of our electrifying podcast, where we have the privilege of having none other than the brilliant Amy Simpkins on board! 🎙️💡

🔬📊 Amy, as the co-founder and CEO of muGrid Analytics, tackles those head-scratching challenges at the thrilling intersection of energy technology and economics. Armed with her trusty math and modeling skills, she fearlessly dives into the abyss of wicked problems and emerges with groundbreaking solutions. 💥💡

At muGrid, her exceptional team specializes in providing bankable techno-economic analysis, optimized control strategies, and project development for renewable energy, energy storage, and microgrids. Talk about a powerhouse of expertise! 💪🌿

📘 And there's more! Amy is the mastermind behind the bestselling book, "Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion," which is essentially a roadmap to unlocking your inner genius and unleashing innovation like a boss! 🚀📚✨

But hold on to your hats because that's not all. Amy spreads her superpowers even further as the captivating host of the Power Flow Podcast. 🎙️💫 This podcast is not your ordinary podcast. Oh no! It's a celebration of diverse voices in the clean energy revolution 🌱💚, giving you an earful of inspiration and ideas that will blow your mind!

🎓🌠 With a Master's in Astronautical Engineering from the prestigious University of Southern California and a Bachelor's in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the illustrious MIT, Amy is the definition of a true trailblazer in her field. She's out there, taking us to new frontiers of innovation and commanding the spaceship of change! 🚀🌌

So, buckle up and get ready to have your mind expanded, your curiosity fueled, and your passion for clean energy ignited. Tune in to our podcast featuring the awe-inspiring Amy Simpkins, and prepare to geek out like never before! 🎧🌟

Stay charged, my friends, and let's make the world a brighter, greener place together! 💚🔌🌍

Nov 22, 202337:09
Empowering Women to Take the Leap into Entrepreneurship with Andrea

Empowering Women to Take the Leap into Entrepreneurship with Andrea

Empowering Women to Take the Leap into Entrepreneurship with Andrea


In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Andrea, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. With a background in teaching high school math for 12 years, she took a leap of faith to become a business owner. Currently, she owns a boutique, is a landlord of four apartments in a historic building that she gutted herself, and also runs a coaching business to empower other women to follow their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Key Points:

  1. From Teaching to Entrepreneurship: After dedicating over a decade to teaching high school math, Andrea felt a strong calling to explore entrepreneurship. Despite the risks, she decided to follow her instincts and embrace a new path.

  2. Multi-Business Ventures: Andrea's entrepreneurial journey led her to own a boutique and become a landlord. She shares the challenges and triumphs of establishing and managing these ventures, including the process of gutting a historic building to create four unique apartments.

  3. Empowering Women in Business: Through her coaching business, Andrea focuses on empowering women to take their own leaps of faith and pursue entrepreneurship. She believes that following a nudge towards entrepreneurship is not only possible but essential for personal and professional growth.

  4. Overcoming Doubt: Andrea discusses the common doubts and fears that women face when considering entrepreneurship. She provides practical advice and strategies for overcoming these challenges, encouraging listeners to embrace their own unique strengths and talents.

  5. The Importance of Community: Andrea emphasizes the power of finding a supportive community, both online and offline, to nurture and grow as an entrepreneur. She shares her own experiences and the role that networking and mentorship have played in her journey.

  6. Inspiring 9-5ers: Andrea is passionate about showing individuals in traditional 9-5 jobs that pursuing entrepreneurship is not only viable but can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. She shares inspiring stories of individuals who have successfully transitioned from corporate to entrepreneurial careers.


Andrea's story is a fascinating example of the transformative power of following one's instincts and embracing entrepreneurship. From teaching high school math to owning a boutique, becoming a landlord, and empowering other women through coaching, she exemplifies the endless possibilities that entrepreneurship offers. Her passion for showing 9-5ers how to take leaps of faith is both inspiring and motivating. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey.

Connect with Andrea:

IG: @andrea.hanson.82

Nov 15, 202332:47
Transformative Leadership with Jim Bishop

Transformative Leadership with Jim Bishop

Episode Summary: Our guest on today's podcast is Jim Bishop, the founder of Conjunction Leadership, an acclaimed business specializing in executive development, corporate leadership, and human performance. With over two decades of immersive experience, Jim has coached executives, nurtured diverse teams, and spearheaded the modernization of leadership systems in various business units worldwide. In this episode, we delve into Jim's journey, his collaborative ventures with industry titans, and the evolution of his transformative leadership approach.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jim Bishop's immersive journey in executive development, corporate leadership, and human performance spans over two decades.
  • With a global presence, Jim has provided executive coaching and team development solutions to renowned organizations, including Eli Lilly, Roche, and Elanco.
  • The birth of Conjunction Leadership in 2020 was catalyzed by Jim's realization of the critical role played by visionary leaders who prioritize personal growth and subsequently revitalize organizational culture.
  • Jim is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Certified Leadership Facilitator with Blanchard, infusing science and art into his methodology.
  • At Conjunction Leadership, their holistic approach empowers executives through executive coaching, corporate culture consulting, and team effectiveness programs designed for personal and professional development within volatile contexts.
  • The exclusive DISRUPT, BRIDGE, and GROW process, pioneered by Conjunction Leadership, guides leaders on a transformative journey of self-discovery, mindset shifts, and measurable growth.

Join us as we gain valuable insights from Jim Bishop's wealth of experience in transformative leadership and explore how Conjunction Leadership is revolutionizing executive development and leadership effectiveness.


Nov 08, 202333:42
Lead Confidently. Break Free from perfectionism. Find Alignment. With Dr. Anne Welsh

Lead Confidently. Break Free from perfectionism. Find Alignment. With Dr. Anne Welsh

Wine After Podcast: Guest Show Notes

Guest: Dr. Anne Welsh


  • Clinical psychologist, executive coach, and consultant
  • Started career at Harvard
  • Established her own practice
  • Specializes in supporting women in leadership and working parents across career sectors

Topic of Expertise:

  • Leadership development
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Work-life integration

Key Points:

  • Dr. Welsh's coaching approach combines research and real-life experiences to enhance leadership skills and emotional intelligence.
  • She has a particular focus on supporting women in leadership roles and working parents, recognizing the unique challenges they face in achieving work-life balance.
  • Dr. Welsh's expertise lies in helping individuals integrate their personal and professional lives, enabling them to thrive in both domains.
  • Her coaching techniques empower clients to develop effective strategies for managing their careers while fostering a fulfilling personal life.
  • She aims to break gender barriers by supporting women in their pursuit of leadership positions and providing guidance on navigating the complexities of the workplace.
  • Dr. Welsh's work emphasizes the importance of creating diverse and inclusive environments that enable individuals to reach their full potential.
  • Her comprehensive approach incorporates evidence-based practices and tailored strategies to help clients achieve their goals.


  • Dr. Anne Welsh is a clinical psychologist and executive coach who specializes in supporting women in leadership roles and working parents across various career sectors.
  • Her coaching methodology integrates research and personal experiences to enhance leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and achieve work-life integration.
  • Dr. Welsh's expertise benefits individuals by helping them thrive in both their personal and professional lives, breaking gender barriers, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Nov 01, 202329:24
The Moss Boss - Lindsay Scherr Burgess

The Moss Boss - Lindsay Scherr Burgess

Lindsay Scherr Burgess is the Founder and Moss Boss of Green Wallscapes, a company that brings spaces to life with no-hassle preserved moss, walls, logos, lettering and art. She has done projects in over 35 states, Canada, and the Caribbean and employs a team of mostly female artists in her West Palm Beach studio. Her company’s work has been called “a lavish expression of botanical joy” and has been featured in Architectural Digest, Veranda Magazine, Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Daily News, and more. Green Wallscapes was selected to participate in the prestigious Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in 2019. Green Wallscapes' client list includes major developers like Amli Residential, Aimco, Greystone, and Zom and major brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Autonation, Stella Artois, Garden of Life, Hilton, and more. In 2023, Green Wallscapes was awarded in the top 100 Women Led Businesses in Florida by the Women's Edge. Lindsay’s background is diverse, she has worked in organic produce, construction, commercial real estate, and book publishing in a sales and marketing role. She loves to travel, speaks fluent Italian, and can be found painting, doing yoga, and jet-skiing on the weekends. She graduated from Northwestern University, and lives in Grandview Heights with her entrepreneurial husband, Jon and their Daughter, Skylar. Specialties: Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Event Planning, Public Relations, Moss Art, Green Walls, Moss Walls, Moss Logos, Moss Lettering, Plant Walls, Living Walls CONNECT







Oct 25, 202336:14
Gather the Scattered with Kasie

Gather the Scattered with Kasie

In this episode of Wine After Work we have the pleasure of sitting down with a remarkable individual, Kasie Purvis. A mother, military spouse, podcaster, and speaker, Kasie's life journey is an inspiring testament to resilience, faith, and service.

Meet Kasie Purvis:

Kasie introduces herself as a mom to two delightful boys who bring constant laughter and joy to her life. She proudly carries the title of a military spouse, supporting her amazing husband as he serves our country. Originally hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Kasie's life has taken her on a whirlwind adventure through four states in the last decade due to the demands of military life.

But Kasie's story goes beyond her roles as a mother and military spouse. Her faith is an unwavering pillar in her life, guiding her path and calling her to a life of service to others. With 10 years of experience working in government service and an additional 6 years in the Army National Guard, she embodies the values of commitment, dedication, and selflessness.

Kasie's educational journey led her to graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, further shaping her dedication to serving her community and her country.

Finding Purpose in Service:

One of the key highlights of Kasie's journey is her dedication to helping families navigate the challenges of transitioning into new communities. She knows all too well the complexities and uncertainties that come with military life, and she's made it her mission to assist others in finding their place and "their people" in the process.

As the host of the "Gather The Scattered" podcast, Kasie shares stories, insights, and advice on building a sense of community, support, and belonging, especially during transitions.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Military Life and Resilience: Kasie sheds light on the realities of being a military spouse and how her faith and experiences have helped her build resilience and adaptability.

  • Educational and Professional Journey: We explore Kasie's academic and professional background and how it has shaped her commitment to public service.

  • Faith and Service: Kasie shares how her faith has been a guiding force in her life and her journey towards serving others.

  • Gather The Scattered Podcast: Learn more about the inspiration behind the podcast and the valuable insights it offers for families navigating transitions.

  • Community Building: Kasie provides advice and strategies for finding and building a sense of community, no matter where life takes you.

Join us for a heartwarming and enlightening conversation with Kasie Purvis, a woman whose faith, resilience, and dedication to service serve as an inspiration to all. To connect with Kasie and explore her work, be sure to check out her "Gather The Scattered" podcast and follow her journey.

Oct 18, 202320:43
Mastering Communication: Insights from the Newsroom to the Boardroom

Mastering Communication: Insights from the Newsroom to the Boardroom

Welcome back to another episode of Wine After Work. Today, we have a very special guest with us, someone who has a wealth of experience in the world of communication, from corporate boardrooms to the bright lights of broadcast journalism. Join us in welcoming Gary Ross.

Gary is a communication expert who works with individuals at every level of organizations to help them become better communicators. With a background that spans the corporate world, journalism, and even the role of a stadium and arena public address announcer, Gary understands that effective communication is a key driver of success.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. From Newsroom to Boardroom: Gary shares his journey from being an Emmy-nominated broadcast journalist to a corporate communications executive. How did his journalism background influence his approach to corporate communication?

  2. The Power of Effective Communication: We dive deep into the importance of communication in today's fast-paced, interconnected world. Gary provides insights into how improving communication can enhance careers, build credibility, and increase influence.

  3. Actionable Communication Tips: Gary offers practical advice and actionable tips for our listeners to become better communicators. Whether you're in the C-suite or on the production line, these insights can benefit everyone.

  4. Lessons from the Corporate World: What were Gary's experiences like leading communications departments at companies like CDW, Hyatt Hotels, and Fortune Brands? How did these roles shape his perspective on communication?

  5. Journalism Adventures: We hear some fascinating stories from Gary's time as a reporter and anchor, including traveling with the U.S. military and reporting from the eye of Category Four Hurricane Hugo.

  6. Navigating Change: Gary discusses the role of communication in managing change within organizations. How can effective communication ease transitions and drive positive outcomes?

  7. Professional Organizations: Gary is an active member of the Public Relations Society of America and the National Speakers Association (Illinois Chapter). He shares the value of these organizations in his career.

  8. Advice for Aspiring Communicators: For those looking to excel in the field of communication, Gary provides valuable advice and recommends strategies to continuously improve your communication skills.

Join us for an enlightening and informative conversation with Gary Ross, a true expert in the field of communication. Whether you're seeking to enhance your career, build credibility, or simply become a better communicator in your daily life, Gary's insights are sure to leave a lasting impact.

Connect with Gary Ross:

Gary’s Website:

Linkedin Profile:

Don't forget to subscribe to [Your Podcast Name] and share this episode with your friends and colleagues. We'll be back with more inspiring conversations in the future. Thanks for tuning in!

Oct 11, 202328:48
Engineering Excellence: Navigating Complex Projects and Entrepreneurship
Oct 04, 202327:02
On the Exhale

On the Exhale

Staci Berkovitz is the founder of On the Exhale, a Holistic Wellness Company. Her coaching uses the Calm Code Method which focuses on breathwork, guided meditation, mindset, movement, stretching, and nervous system regulation tools to help equip people to feel their best. In her spare time, she teaches Zumba and yoga, travels around the globe, organizes retreats, leads corporate wellness, workshops, and spends time with family and friends.

You can find her on the cheese aisle at the grocery store scoping out her next addition for a charcuterie board. 

Social Media:

Facebook: On the Exhale Community

Instagram: Living on the Exhale

Podcast: Living on the Exhale

Sep 27, 202325:12
Move into your "Zone of Influence" with Dee Williams

Move into your "Zone of Influence" with Dee Williams

Dee Williams, Audacionaire is on a mission to move unconventional leaders into the center of their “zone of influence” by using hardships as fuel to empower, inspire, overcome, create, and transform. As a Resilience Expert, she is dedicated to helping the slept-on, underrated, underrepresented, and underestimated individuals of the world become CEOs of their own careers, and companies, while mastering their lives through the power of Individual Audacity. Dee, The Audacionaire is a sought-after speaker, branding expert, and tech entrepreneur, empowering audiences to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

Dee Williams, Audacionaire, is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a passion for empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. In addition to coining the word "Staffingpreneur" and "Audacionaire," she is also the author of the book "Individual Audacity," which is a powerful guide to tapping into one's inner audacity and achieving greatness. In this book, Dee shares personal stories and a step-by-step system to help readers challenge the status quo and overcome even the toughest obstacles in their career and personal lives.

As the founder of Staffingpreneurs Academy, Dee has empowered countless entrepreneurs to build and scale their own successful staffing businesses. She is also the founder of Reskillify, a tech platform that offers training and development resources to help individuals and organizations stay competitive in today's rapidly changing job market.

Through Reskillify, Dee is helping to bridge the skills gap and create opportunities for people to acquire the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed in their careers. Her innovative spirit has led her to venture into various industries, including the rapidly growing cannabis industry. She is the founder of The Cannabis Job Board, a platform that connects job seekers with opportunities in the cannabis industry.

"Dee Williams' book, 'Individual Audacity,' is a powerful guide to tapping into your own inner audacity and achieving greatness. Through personal stories and a step-by-step system, Williams shows readers how to use 'The Individual Audacity Audacionaire Blueprint' to challenge the status quo and overcome even the toughest obstacles. Whether you're looking to start a business, advance your career, or simply make positive changes in your life, 'Individual Audacity' offers the inspiration and tools you need to succeed. Learn how to become an Audacionaire and harness the power of your individual audacity to achieve your dreams." With her upcoming book, "Faith and Finance: Unlocking the Power of Churches for Lasting Impact," Dee Williams is poised to make an even greater impact on the world. In this book, she will uncover the ultimate strategy for funding faith-based initiatives, building funds, and community efforts.

Overall, Dee Williams, Audacionaire, is a trailblazer who has made significant contributions to multiple industries through her unique blend of expertise in staffing, entrepreneurship, technology, and community building. Her passion for empowering others to achieve their goals and make a positive impact in the world is truly inspiring. Resilience Expert ✦ Tech Entrepreneur ✦ Branding Strategist ✦ Business Startup Advisor ✦ Empowering you to defy the odds and achieve your dreams.

May 31, 202327:02
Do Less Be More with Janifer Wheeler

Do Less Be More with Janifer Wheeler

 Janifer Wheeler is a rule-breaking entrepreneur on fire. After 25 years of assisting schools and small businesses with process design, internal structure, education, and workplace culture, she founded The JOYFully BadAss Business App™ to help side hustlers & solopreneurs break away from society's BS so they can be more effective in their DO LESS BE MORE productivity mindset.  Her international speaking gigs focus on advocacy, empowerment, AND joy - making it easier for introverted entrepreneurs to succeed! #JOYFullProductivity

May 24, 202332:05
Healing and Hope with Dr. Lauren D. Pitts

Healing and Hope with Dr. Lauren D. Pitts

Dr. Lauren D. Pitts is a passionate and dedicated Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sports Family Therapist, and Life Coach providing services to individuals, couples, families, and groups including scholar-athletes and professional athletes; Dr. Pitts strives to be an integral part of the healing and hope trajectory providing a Solution-Focused approach to individual and relationship wellness while demonstrating clinical excellence via a systemic, strength-based, and holistic lens. Dr. Pitts’ approach underpins her coordination of services related to mental and behavioral health, healthier relationships, improved performance, professional development, and consultation. Dr. Pitts’ work strategically positions her to be a benefactor to her clients and a greater asset in every facet of her work using an interdisciplinary, multi-specialist, biopsychosocial approach concerning wellness. 


All social media platforms are under my name @drlaurenpitts or @drlaurendpitts

May 17, 202328:56
Secure your financial legacy with Amy

Secure your financial legacy with Amy

Amy is changing the way people think about money and their approach to building wealth.  She’s on a mission to help professionals and growth-minded business owners raise the bar on their financial potential, versus struggling with the mainstream “shrink your way to wealth” advice. 

As a professional wealth coach and founder of The Capital Life, Amy empowers financial freedom seekers to confidently earn, manage and grow their wealth to new levels.  She’ll help you discover your money blind spots, fast-track your success and manifest greater time, energy, and money without sacrificing yourself in the process.  Start now to elevate your influence and secure your financial legacy!


Special Link for guests:

May 10, 202326:39
Break all the Career Rules with Tammy Alvarez

Break all the Career Rules with Tammy Alvarez

Meet Tammy Alvarez, CEO, and founder of Career Winners Circle. A comprehensive collection of coaching and training programs designed to strengthen leaders to grow their careers quickly and sustainably. Her spirited “Break all the Rules” approach blends decades of C-Suite experience on Wall Street with a pragmatic, results-based coaching style. She helps business professionals like you create impact so you can love every Monday morning again!

She is an inspirational coach, trainer, and epic storyteller who delivers transformative learning experiences for her global client base. She believes the heart of every successful business is leaders who inspire courage.




May 03, 202327:46
Get your time back by leveraging systems and automation
Apr 12, 202329:28
The Journey to Fulfillment with the Hammonds
Apr 05, 202331:53
How Ambitious Women Can Have It All Without Doing It All
Mar 29, 202329:21
Conscious Leadership - Create a conscious world with conscious individuals

Conscious Leadership - Create a conscious world with conscious individuals

Marika Messager is a Conscious Leader, visionary, teacher, and researcher in consciousness, elevating individuals, businesses, and the global community into a new paradigm of positive and purposeful impact. We cannot create a conscious world without conscious individuals. is both a movement and a community; a way of bringing together global leaders to mobilize collective power for greater transformation. exists to equip individuals with the systems and practices needed in order to create a conscious culture in businesses and the wider world.  We teach, research, and demonstrate what Conscious Leadership looks like on an individual, organizational, and collective level. holds the system to create a new way of conscious. 

Mar 15, 202331:18
How to Bet on Yourself

How to Bet on Yourself

Danny Golovinsky is a bicoastal business professional frequently living between New York and San Francisco. New York is homebase where he currently works at LinkedIn’s Manhattan office as a Senior Account Director. His professional experience varies across Marketing and Sales roles, but his passion lies in mentorship and investing in young talent, college students, and early in career development—for high potential new grads.

Danny’s motto is one that he lives by: “Discomfort is my compass—when you do what you've always done, you get what you've always got.”

Danny describes his ‘key three’ about himself as a compassionate leader, an energetic self-starter, and a collaborative problem-solver.

Mar 08, 202333:46
Helping Leaders build Cultures that Drive Success

Helping Leaders build Cultures that Drive Success

Claire Chandler is an EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ADVISOR and Founder of Talent Boost, Claire Chandler specializes in aligning HR and business leaders so they can deliver strategic outcomes… both today and in the future. She taps into over 25 years of experience in people leadership, human resources, and business ownership to help leadership teams work together more effectively in less time, with less cultural resistance, so they can accelerate their business growth. She has broad-based expertise in management team due diligence, organizational design, acquisition integration and onboarding, strategic planning, executive coaching, and performance acceleration.  Claire gets results because she’s insanely easy to work with, cut through the corporate clutter, and has a simple, proven approach for assessing and accelerating organizations’ growth readiness.  

You can find Claire here:

Mar 01, 202336:15
Being a Creative - Systems and Strategies for Business Growth

Being a Creative - Systems and Strategies for Business Growth

Over the years Revolution Studios has grown into a powerful multi-media creative brand. Their passion at the studio and its continued success lie in their ability to ignite confidence through imagery, content, and creativity. Their team is built of expert artists and storytellers who LOVE capturing the essence of individuals, companies, and brands.

Somer Handley started the business with Photography and says it's been a beautiful ride mastering this artistry, fom Commercial, Headshots and Branding, to Glamour and Boudoir they became the go-to for all photography needs. They have mastered getting people comfortable in front of the lens so they are able to capture their best self. With professional hair and makeup, wardrobe styling, posing guidance, and more they have perfected a step by step process for the perfect photoshoot.

Keeping up with marketing trends in 2015 they began offering professional videography services for commercial clients and it exploded. While static imagery is still very important they were able to incorporate video into marketing offering a HUGE advantage over other forms of content. Video does not just tell visitors about a company, product, or service – it SHOWS them!

In 2019 Somer expanded Revolution’s commercial offerings pushing the studio into a place that had been calling for quite some time. Revolution Studios now offers a variety of marketing and branding services and has brought on top collaborators and creators for the ultimate next-level service. We are now able to take the photos and videos they have created to the next level for their clients in business. Now they keep it all in house, from personal branding, social media creation and management, website development, SEO/SEM and more.

Somer is quick to say it's all about her team, the studio would not be where it is today without its rich team of experts. From photographers and marketing masters to retouching artists and content creators, Each team member whether current or on a new journey has been such a big part of Revolution’s growth.

Feb 22, 202334:21
How to build a leadership and talent pipeline involving more women and women of color

How to build a leadership and talent pipeline involving more women and women of color

Claudia is a sought-after Career Coach for Women In Tech and she's helped her clients land fulfilling jobs at a senior level. She also partners with companies and organizations in identifying rising stars within their organizations and providing strategic insights and support in developing a leadership and talent pipeline with a focus on Women and Women of Color. Due to her efforts, she's worked with Top Fortune 500 Clients + has partnered with World Business Chicago in developing a Workforce Development strategy in coordination with the City of Chicago's efforts in decreasing unemployment rates for persons of color.

Feb 15, 202333:32
A Goals Strategy that really works!
Feb 08, 202336:17
Your Passions and Unique Experiences are what set you apart

Your Passions and Unique Experiences are what set you apart

Kyle is the founder and CEO of Enspire. Enspire is a network for job shadowing opportunities that helps connect students to businesses in a whole new way, helping students discover what they want to do with their lives while helping companies recruit while giving back to their communities. He has always been a big believer in getting out of your comfort zone, whether that be in entrepreneurship, traveling, or anything else!

You can find Kyle here:

You can find Enspire here:

Feb 01, 202329:18
Let's eradicate toxic workplaces
Jan 25, 202336:21
If this is the next 30 yrs of your life, is this enough?

If this is the next 30 yrs of your life, is this enough?

If this is the next 30 yrs of your life, is this enough?  That's what Genevieve Piturro asked herself and then everything changed!

That was the question that started it all for her and it came from her heart. Listen to what she has to say:

Now, everything I do is about empowering you to create a more fulfilling life and be a more purposeful and impactful leader. As I like to say, it starts with FINDING YOUR PAJAMAS!

You see, my life changed forever the day I made it my mission to get children in emergency shelters across New York City a pair of pajamas. Such a simple gesture touched so many hearts big and small, and we expanded across the country! Before I began volunteering to read bedtime stories to these children, I had no idea that tens of thousands of them were going to bed every night without pajamas. You can imagine the trauma, despair, and loneliness I saw in the children’s faces and that broke my heart, over and over again. Once I began my visits with pajamas, my heart seemed to know what to do – I had found my purpose – in PAJAMAS.

Instead of just dreaming about doing something great, I founded Pajama Program, which is changing the lives of children, but also impacting so many of our supporters’ lives too. Learning to listen to the voice in my heart changed my life forever and helped me become the person – and leader - I always wanted to be. And in the middle of it all, I found myself being interviewed by Oprah!

Now, Let’s Talk About YOUR Purpose, Passion, and Leadership!

I have learned that everything begins when we find purpose in our lives. So many of us are re-evaluating our paths because we want more fulfillment. We want the work we do and the people we do it with to make a difference in this world. This kind of thinking can transform how you do your job, how office teams work together, and how leaders at every level lead.

I want to help you listen to your heart voice, honor your purpose and your passion, and FIND YOUR PAJAMAS!

You can find her here:

Jan 18, 202326:13
Happy New Year - I'm back and I'm sober

Happy New Year - I'm back and I'm sober

Hi party people!!  Like many people, I've decided to give dry January a go.  Almost three-quarters — 71% — of people who took part in Dry January said they slept better and 67% had more energy, according to a University of Sussex study. More than half, 58%, lost weight and 54% reported better skin.

All great reasons to give it a try.  I need you all to hold me accountable and I'll let you know how it goes!!  Who's with me for dry January?

Jan 11, 202309:34
How Sports can cause a Negative Body Image
Dec 14, 202228:44
A Divorce Survival Guide with Kathy of "Shorten the Struggle"

A Divorce Survival Guide with Kathy of "Shorten the Struggle"

Kathy has been excited to start her company, shorten the struggle, to help single moms navigate anything from the divorce process to the new norm of single parenthood. She is a single mom of two children and has raised them on her own for 11 years now. She knows the road to raising kids on your own can be quite challenging and she hopes to help as many single moms as she can realize their strength, power and ability to be their best self not only for their children but for themselves.

She can identify with the struggles of a single mom as she herself struggled with navigating the process of divorce, finding work, finances and trying to stay functioning for her children. It took her about 7 years to get back on her feet. She feels if she had known where to find the right support, she could have shortened that struggle.

She is currently working on her divorce coaching certification to help single moms navigate the divorce process as well as provide support, insight and encouragement to help get them back on their feet.

Nov 30, 202232:56
The Power of Story with Sloane Heffernan from Storymore

The Power of Story with Sloane Heffernan from Storymore

Sloane Heffernan is a two-time Emmy award-winning journalist and founder of Storymore, a brand storytelling business that helps organizations clarify their message, connect with their desired audience and bring their unique brand stories to life with click-worthy video content. 

We share laughs, business advise and encouragement for women.

IG @storymoremarketing

Facebook - Storymore

Nov 16, 202235:48
The Key to Making Instant Connections

The Key to Making Instant Connections

How do you feel about networking? A good bit of us absolutely hates it.  Next time you have a networking event ask how you can make it fun. How can you make a game out of it?

I absolutely love Mel Robbins and she shares some tips for instantly connecting with people which I recap in this episode. 

Mel shared her four secrets to creating an instant connection with someone:

1) Proximity. Put yourself directly next to people you’re interested in.

2) Similarities. In conversation, ask questions, find similarities to create instant clicks with people.

3) Physical Touch. Eye contact and friendly touch help you establish a connection with someone.

Nov 09, 202213:10
Life Updates and how I'm Choosing not to Complain

Life Updates and how I'm Choosing not to Complain

Complaining rarely solves anything.

I walk through life with a heart of gratitude. It is an approach that produces more positive results for me. Complaining is destructive and takes my mind off the blessings that surround me.

Things get tough sometimes, but I have the tenacity to deal with them. Instead of moaning about them, I rise above the negative energy.

Complaining robs me of opportunity. It puts my attention on things that offer little positive input. I prefer to spend time figuring out the way forward. When I see an answer ahead of me, I feel good about myself.

Sometimes, things can feel like a burden but whining about it is fruitless. When something is unfulfilling, I take the steps to move away from it.

I know that I deserve a life that lights me up and caters to my passions. Dwelling in the midst of things that make me miserable is self-destructive. I am committed to putting myself in situations where I grow instead of shrinking.

Today, I choose to alter the things that I can instead of complaining about them. It brings me great peace of mind to put myself in a situation that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  1. What types of issues do my friends and family complain to me about?
  2. Which coping mechanism do I use when I am unable to change my situation?
  3. In which situations is it worthwhile to speak up?
Nov 02, 202210:27
Intersections of gender equity and inclusion with Natalie
Oct 26, 202230:30
Perspectives from a female founder and working mom

Perspectives from a female founder and working mom

Laura Meyer has helped over 150 brands build successful Amazon businesses through her agency and consultancy work. In addition to working with consumer product companies, she has a passion for supporting female-founded and mission-driven companies as an angel investor and advisory board member. When she isn't building businesses, she spends time with her husband, one-year-old daughter, and two dogs on their farm in Massachusetts.

Envision Horizons is a leading Amazon Agency named in the top 18 Amazon Advertising Agencies by Business Insider. Their client base is essentially beauty, baby and health, and household brands, but they represent brands from all categories. Envision Horizons offers a full-service agency as well as a software solution for brands wanting to manage their Amazon business internally.

Oct 19, 202230:07
Katie is an Advocate for children and those in need

Katie is an Advocate for children and those in need

Katie is a Child Life Specialist II and a Noonday Collection Senior Manager, supporting patients and families in the hospital and teammates and artisan partners through Noonday. Katie is an enneagram 1w2, originally from Mobile, Al, currently living in Nashville, TN with her husband Aaron. Katie received a degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Life and a minor in Business from The University of Alabama in 2011. Katie has been a child life specialist for 11 years and is passionate about children understanding the complexities of the hospital, having choices about their care, and using play as an essential tool for teaching coping skills. Katie is an experiential traveler, meticulously researching countries and cities, finding local favorites and planning unplanned times to seek out hidden gems, most recently returning from Peru for the second time.

Oct 12, 202230:29
Expert Resume Writer and Job Search Extraordinaire

Expert Resume Writer and Job Search Extraordinaire

Doug Levin is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Career Coach (CPCC) with 10+ years holding those credentials. He is the owner of JobStars USA, a career services practice providing Resume Writing and Career Coaching services for professionals of all industries and experience levels. His background spans 10,000+ hours as a practicing Resume Writer. Doug earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Kansas in 2005 and an MBA from Roosevelt University in 2010. He is a long-standing member of two leading associations in career services (CTL and PARW).

Oct 05, 202229:04
Feed yourself: Healthy Habits for the Mind, Body and Soul

Feed yourself: Healthy Habits for the Mind, Body and Soul

Rachel King is the podcast host of Feed Yourself: Healthy Habits for the Mind, Body, and Soul, a podcast all about learning the key components of overall health based on Biblical principles. Along with her podcast, she started the Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body Wellness group, a place to interact and support each other in our journey to taking better care of our God-given temples.

She is a woman of faith, wife, boy mom, a certified nutrition coach (Pn1), and has personally maintained a 45-pound weight loss.

Her goal is to empower individuals to find their confidence and fulfill their greater purpose by providing the nutrition and mindset education needed to become the highest versions of themselves and pass it on to their families. Her passion is coaching clients to lasting change and food freedom.
Rachel offers 1:1 and group coaching programs.

Sep 28, 202227:06
Secret to Closing Consistently with Clare Cui
Sep 21, 202230:04
Removing fear to lead unapologetically with Alex Pursglove

Removing fear to lead unapologetically with Alex Pursglove

By shifting long-term patterns of people-pleasing, seeking security, and self-criticizing into seeking greatness and living unapologetically, Alex Pursglove 10X'd her business growth in under two years while transforming her confidence, marriage, and personal fulfillment.

From her life experience, Alex is dedicated to helping others create wild success in life and business by releasing the shame and fear that slows them down while cultivating full conviction in their vision and their value.

Deeply committed to practicing what she preaches, Alex has studied with multiple world-class mentors, including David Neagle, one of the architects of the personal development industry, to up-level every area of her life, family, and business. She and her husband Adam value continuously growing in relationship, practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and building a purpose-filled life together with their daughter, Stella Love.

Sep 14, 202231:25
Safer Spaces for Students with Lauren

Safer Spaces for Students with Lauren

Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Spring Arbor University and a master’s degree in Higher Education from Geneva College. She loves working with college students helping them dream big, discover their passions, and create a memorable college experience. She desires to equip students along their journey.

Before coming to Calvin University, Lauren was an Area Director of first-year students at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL, she traveled the world through Adventures in Mission’s World Race, and was the Associate Director of Admissions at Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor, MI.

Lauren loves to travel. Some of her favorite places she has visited include (but are not limited to): Italy, Kenya, Guatemala, Peru, and New Zealand. Her home and office have been curated with treasures from her travels. In September 2020 Lauren gave birth to her son and while she hasn’t done as much traveling since then, she adores being Levi’s mama and spending time with him and her husband in their hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. Lauren also loves a good coffee shop, treasuring hunting at flea markets, and trying her hand at watercolor. 

Sep 07, 202230:14
No Spend September

No Spend September

I would love to say we decided as a family to do this but I decided that this was needed for me and the kids especially.  Instant gratification and impulse spending have gotten the best of us and I'm looking at September as a reset on our spending habits. I have a feeling we'll find half the things we wanted to buy earlier in the month are no longer on our list when October rolls around.  We're also heading off to Florida for fall break and no spend September means we can have even more fun while we're there.  I also want to use the month to shift our focus from what we want to giving to others and plan to bless our local homeless population as well as our church as much as we can. I think it's going to be a great learning lesson all around. 

Here is the checklist for your no-spend month:

1. Set No Spend Rules - you can make this month whatever you want

2. Decide On Your Reason Before You Begin to Keep You Motivated

3. Join A No Spend Community - Join me or other friends to keep you going

4. Be Ready to Face Criticism (But Completely Ignore The Haters!)

5. Allow Yourself An Outlet Or Reward - icecream, please

6. Write A Budget And Meal Plan if you want to save on groceries as well

Aug 31, 202208:20
Powerhouse, Emily Grey of The Flourish Market
Aug 24, 202229:44
Single- working-mom success story! Sandra spills the tea.

Single- working-mom success story! Sandra spills the tea.

Sandra has a well-rounded marketing background and is a highly motivated, positive, and driven marketing professional with over 20 years of experience. Sandra’s acumen for multi-tasking and a tenacious work ethic has proven to contribute to her firm’s growth through the implementation of effective marketing and communication initiatives.  She has been instrumental in connecting people, projects, and services, and enhancing the brand through purposeful messaging that conveys the firm’s benefits to clients, while internally instilling those values to staff.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Sandra Arguello is an integral part of the executive team and oversees all ISG World and RelatedISG Realty’s marketing efforts, including corporate and agent marketing strategies.  She is highly involved in the strategic planning for both companies as well as business development opportunities in the US and emerging markets.

As a Single Mom with a beautiful daughter, Sandra has balanced motherhood while getting her Bachelor's degree in International Business from Florida International University and is a licensed real estate associate. She also runs marathons and continues to climb the ranks in her career.

Aug 17, 202225:56
The Career Lowdown with Mollie Lo
Aug 10, 202230:45
SEASON 2 - Sober up with Stephanie

SEASON 2 - Sober up with Stephanie

Welcome to Season 2!!  Today I'm talking to Stephanie from Vibe with Stephanie! She's a sober coach and all about showing women the secrets to reclaiming their inner glow.  Stephanie has a son and decided enough already and got sober.  She shares tips for moderation, how to stay steady and sober the first 30 days, and what her turning point was. 

You can find her on IG at @vibe_with_stephanie

and here:

Aug 03, 202238:35
TOP EPISODE REPLAY - Don't make me BLUSH, a female founded business - Coworking for Moms

TOP EPISODE REPLAY - Don't make me BLUSH, a female founded business - Coworking for Moms

Blush is a women-focused coworking space with childcare.

Allison and Natasha wanted to create a coworking space with a few key differences and they definitely succeeded!  They are open to all, but want to focus on creating a safe and welcoming space for women to work, collaborate, achieve and flourish. Traditional coworking spaces are generally located in city centers or downtown areas, but they chose to focus on coming to their members and making it easy to drop in, whether it’s just you, your team, or even with children in tow. They believe that childcare should not be a luxury, and realize what a huge factor reliable, safe childcare plays in any parent’s potential to be productive or creative.

This is no We Work!

Blush is a safe, empowering space for women to network, learn, create, and join their community through collaborative coworking and events. Their values are to:

  • Recognize and encourage the work of all women. What you do is valuable, necessary, and amazing.
  • Provide a safe space for you and your work to flourish, and for you to connect with potential collaborators.
  • Treat each member and guest with respect and integrity.
  • Honor your personal and professional values by providing a space free from hate, abuse, and harassment of any kind.
  • Celebrate all of you, including work and life milestones and advancements.

Jul 27, 202232:37
REPLAY - Jenn's Guide, Marketers, Sales Professionals and Business Owners

REPLAY - Jenn's Guide, Marketers, Sales Professionals and Business Owners

REPLAY - Top Episode!!

With a blend of marketing, sales, project management, and communications experience that spans from SaaS product marketing to Fortune 500 corporate communications to eCommerce marketing and sales, Jenn brings over 15 years of experience and knowledge of digital marketing, the power of networking, and evolving beyond trends to grow your business.

During the day she is working hard as a Director of Sales & Marketing, but in her spare time she is quietly building Jenn's Guide [] for marketers, sales professionals, and business owners looking for strategic, streamlined suggestions on the best digital marketing tools, sales strategies, and guides to scale the right way.

When she's not working or traveling the world, you can catch her spending quality time with her husband and two girls in North Carolina going on sports trips, family adventures, and making memories together.

Connect with Jenn on LinkedIn [link:] or on her other website [link:]

Jul 20, 202242:40
TOP EPISODE REPLAY: Juggling kids, jobs and a personal life or trying to...

TOP EPISODE REPLAY: Juggling kids, jobs and a personal life or trying to...

"REPLAY" Kristen Lawlor is a veteran of the AEC industry with over 18 years of experience in land development. She is the Director of Marketing for a large South Florida based multi-disciplinary firm, overseeing the strategic marketing and business development efforts for both public and private sector development throughout the State and the Caribbean. Kristen is also a single-mom of three, twin 8 year olds and an eleven year old, and finds her balance somewhere between a 30-minute Cody ride on her Peloton and an extra large glass of wine.  We talk work-life balance, juggling kids and jobs while feeling like you're disappointing everyone.

Jul 13, 202233:33
Less than 6 months until 2023, Set SMART Goals now

Less than 6 months until 2023, Set SMART Goals now

In July I'll be doing some short solo episodes as I prep for Season 2!!  Today's episode is all about SMART Goals. One of the best ways to guarantee goal-setting success is to ensure that each of your goals fits the SMART formula. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. When your goals have these characteristics, you are much likelier to achieve them. Bottom Line, setting SMART goals is the best way to guarantee success at setting and achieving goals for what you want in life. Which goals are you setting for the 2nd half of the year?  The goals you set and achieve now will set you up for 2023. 

Jul 06, 202204:52