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Building the Future Podcast

Building the Future Podcast

By Brett Thorne

The Building the Future podcast is your direct link to the pulse of the construction market. The podcast will cover topics such as residential and commercial construction, the housing market, real estate, remodeling, technology, products, and much more.

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Remodeling is the New Black

Building the Future PodcastAug 18, 2021

The Great Retirement

The Great Retirement

The LBM and Construction industry has faced a lot of challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining personnel. Unfortunately, the largest challenge is still in front of us, The Great Retirement. On this episode, Rikka breaks down her 3-S cycle to improve recruiting, hiring, and retaining. Furthermore, she gives tips to overcome the hiring challenges of scarcity, settling, and setbacks.  

Guest: Rikka Brandon  

Learn more about Rikka Brandon, Building Gurus, and her new book at

Feb 15, 202334:22


Thank you.

Nov 23, 202201:60
Strengths & Weaknesses of Technology
Sep 28, 202230:58
The Superforce Multiplier
Jul 27, 202255:57
Wood Gone Wild

Wood Gone Wild

In Ep 52 "Wood Gone Wild", Brett connects with Senior Wood Economist Dustin Jalbert from Fastmarkets to explore the current lumber market and other complimentary markets. They discuss why the LBM Industry has had unprecedented lumber prices in recent years.  Lastly, they identify some key indicators to watch to better understand and take advantage of when forecasting the future of the lumber and building materials markets.    

Guest: Dustin Jalbert  

Twitter: @2x5caster  

Learn More at

Jun 29, 202244:15
Not-So-Standard Operating Procedures
May 18, 202209:21
Employ Better
Apr 13, 202240:44
Bring Back The Trades

Bring Back The Trades

Trades are one of the foundational building blocks of the LBM and Construction Industry. We all need trades like welding, tool & die, electrical, and masonry - and the trades need all of us. Many tradesmen will be retiring in the next several years without a back flow of younger generations to take their place. In this episode, Brett sits down with Steve Turner to discuss how the trades are struggling and how Bring Back The Trades, Inc, a not-for-profit organization, is helping change the attitude on trades and reinvigorate our industry one future tradesman or tradeswoman at a time.

For more information about Steve Turner and Bring Back The Trades visit

Feb 23, 202237:00
Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believing

Have you ever fully experienced a new construction project before you ever broke ground? In this episode, Brett meets with Kevin J. Hart from Aireal as they discuss how utilizing modern technology like Augmented Reality (AR) is completely disrupting the construction process for the better and for the future of the LBM and Construction industry.

Guest: Kevin J. Hart

For more information about Kevin Hart and Aireal visit

Feb 16, 202232:17
Tech Talk
Jan 26, 202237:34
The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation

Is your organization short-staffed? You’re not alone. As 2021 compounded a pre-existing problem that our industry has been struggling with since the Great Recession. Tune in to The Great Resignation as Tony Misura & Brett discuss the staffing issues many are facing today and the changes needed to secure the foundation of the industry. Because together, we are Building the Future.

Guest: Tony Misura

For more information about Tony & the Misura Group:

Jan 12, 202253:02
Ep. 45: For Sale By Owner

Ep. 45: For Sale By Owner

2021 was another year of M&A in the LBM Industry. These mergers and acquisitions will forever change the structure of the market and our industry, and as the industry continues to change, we will continue to see more of them. Dive in deep with Brett as he analyzes these critical topics with Ruth Kellick-Grubbs & Greg McCarthy from Kellick & Associates in Ep 45: For Sale By Owner, and discuss why business owners are buying or selling and what you need to do to prepare for whatever 2022 could bring.

Guests: Ruth Kellick-Grubbs & Greg McCarthy

For more information about Ruth, Greg & Kellick & Associates visit 

Dec 29, 202142:28
The House That She Built
Dec 15, 202140:37
Talk The Talk
Nov 17, 202107:37
All In The Family

All In The Family

Throughout all the channels of this great industry the vast majority of businesses are independently owned and many of those are family-owned businesses. In the coming years, we are going to see a mass retirement in the LBM industry. If you’re looking to sell or step away from your business, or on the other hand, inheriting or purchasing a business then check out Ep 42: All In The Family with Kyle Danner from Kyle Danner Solutions for Family Businesses.

Guest: Kyle Danner

Oct 13, 202143:56
Creativity Before Capital

Creativity Before Capital

Standard Operating Procedures have become obsolete in the last 18 months due to the ever-changing market. Tune in to Ep 41. Creativity Before Capital with Brett & Ruth Kellick-Grubbs of Kellick & Associates discuss the changes and creativity it took to navigate these unprecedented times, and more importantly, how we use that information and creativity moving forward into the future.

Guest: Ruth Kellick-Grubbs

Oct 06, 202136:56
More Cocktails with the Queens of the LBM
Sep 15, 202101:16:18
No 'I' In Sales Team
Aug 25, 202107:28
Remodeling is the New Black
Aug 18, 202147:10
Lead, Follow, Or Get The Jeff Out Of The Way
Aug 04, 202113:28
Extra! Extra! Hear All About It
Jul 21, 202124:51
The Man of Mystery

The Man of Mystery

After over a year of hosting this podcast, it was brought to my attention that very little is known about me, which is the way I like it. Ryan Brown, who was a guest and a listener of this show, requested this episode and put me in the hot seat. I decided that so many have been willing to share to make this show a success that it is now my turn to do the same. A very special thank you to Ryan for making this happen and for hosting this episode.

Guest: Brett Thorne
Guest Host: Ryan Brown

Jun 30, 202124:06
Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day! The LBM industry is full of fathers that have been teaching and guiding, both professionally and personally. It’s an honor to have my father and mentor, Pat Thorne, as this episode’s guest. In this episode, we discuss his time and over 50 years of experience in the Lumber and Building Materials industry. To better understand the current market position, you often need to look at the foundation and history. We look at how the industry has evolved over the past 50 years and further discuss how some of these changes can influence the future of the industry.

Guest: Pat Thorne

Jun 23, 202149:04
The Perfect Storm
Jun 09, 202109:09
You're Ready To Sell, But Is Your Business?
May 26, 202118:18
Cocktails with the Queens of the LBM

Cocktails with the Queens of the LBM

This episode is a perfect model of this amazing industry. The Lumber/Building Materials industry is an essential industry that has space and freedom to have some fun and this show is nothing short of that. This episode was actually recorded as a happy hour with some of the leading female leaders in our industry. We have some cocktails, share some laughs, and talk a little shop. I must, first, warn you that this show has some coarse language that may not be appropriate for children or those that dislike profanity. For the rest of you, pour yourself a drink and join us for Happy Hour.

May 19, 202101:16:28
The Customer is NOT Always Right...For Your Business

The Customer is NOT Always Right...For Your Business

The customer is not always right for your business, but knowing and understanding customer profitability can help you determine which ones are and provide actions to correct course for those that are not. In Episode 30, Brett breaks down customer profitability; what it is, why it is important, and how to utilize customer profitability to improve and grow your business. Learn how to effectively rank your customers, review your pricing system, and increase your customer profitability.

Watch the video version of this podcast at 

Apr 14, 202115:04
The Eye of the Beholder
Mar 10, 202132:56
Don't Sell Yourself Short...ages
Feb 24, 202125:38
You Don't Need The Practice, You Need To Get Paid

You Don't Need The Practice, You Need To Get Paid

At the end of the day, what matters is getting paid. This does not belittle quality, service, or customer satisfaction, but it does signify job completion. Unfortunately, the final step can sometimes be the most challenging. In this episode, we discuss everything you need to know about liens, lien rights, and filing liens. We provide a resource to protect your assets and business by giving credit managers the tools necessary for successful collections of past-due accounts receivable. Sit down with Brett, Thea, and Martin as they discuss the challenges as a small business or contractor and what you should do to protect your assets and get paid.

Feb 10, 202140:43
New Year, New Career

New Year, New Career

Is your New Year’s Resolution a new job or career change? Tune into this episode with James Aiken with Legacy Search. We breakdown his Talent Marketing Guide and provide listeners with all of the necessary steps and tools to best position themselves for achieving their new career goals. These job search tips and tactics are universal for achieving new careers across all industries and everlasting advice for any job change.

Jan 27, 202142:33
2021 Has Begun

2021 Has Begun

It's time to celebrate as the Building The Future Podcast turns 1 year old! On this first episode of this new year, I reflect back on the beginning of the re-roaring 20's as well as provide some goals for 2021. 

Jan 13, 202105:15
Reflections & Forecasts with the NAHB
Dec 23, 202035:46
Construction Technology is Here to Stay
Dec 09, 202033:54
Happy Birthday Buddy
Nov 25, 202041:26
Winning at Company Culture Part #2
Nov 04, 202033:14
Teaching an old dog a new trick
Oct 21, 202001:01:49
To be, or not to be….efficient
Oct 07, 202027:28
Halftime of the Re-Roaring 20's Part II
Sep 16, 202050:28
Halftime of the Re-Roaring 20's Part 1
Sep 02, 202001:03:02
Let Your Voice Be Heard
Aug 19, 202018:40
Failure to Launch...Successfully
Aug 05, 202030:01
Finding the Power In You
Jul 15, 202041:20
If We Don't Build It Up, They Won't Come
Jul 01, 202054:20
The Credit Overlord
Jun 17, 202001:00:30
The Year of the Corona
Jun 03, 202042:41
Memoirs of a Headhunter
May 20, 202045:17
The Lumberyard Whisperer
May 06, 202035:39
DIY with Strong-Tie
Apr 15, 202015:02
Winning at Company Culture Part #1
Apr 01, 202048:17